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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin. russia intensifies attacks on ukrainian cities as the war enters. it's 2nd week. russian forces are now in the strategic port city of class on, but it's not clear of the are in control. despite russian advances, president vladimir zalinski urges ukrainians to keep up their resistance more than a 1000000 people have now fled the war. and the un warns this is just the beginning
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. we report from ukraine's border with romania and the u. n. a $141.00 countries condemned the russian invasion and called for an immediate withdrawal, revealing the prevalence increasing isolation on the world's day. ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. as the more in ukraine enters, it's 2nd week president vladimir zalinski as urging his fellow ukrainians to keep up their resistance even as russia intensifies the attacks on major cities. russian troops are in the black sea port of cas on, but there are conflicting reports about whether they are half complete, controlled, further east. the cities of har. kiff and mario pole are also still under heavy attack. and ukrainian officials say
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a powerful explosion as hit central peeve close to the defense ministry. the satellite images from u. s. company max are appear to show some of the destruction caused by the war so far with bomb craters, destroyed, and damages, damage bridges, factories and homes. the company says the pictures were taken over the past week, and that heavy cloud cover has prevented its satellites from taking new images in the past day. so while ago ukrainian president vladimir zalinski had a defined message for the russian troops, who did will, ne, necessarily should the, wherever they go, they will be destroyed for, they will not have come here. they will not have food and they will not have one quiet moment to willie. the occupiers will receive only one thing from ukrainians, resistance vs resistant gloves. the, the such resistance that they will forever remember that we don't give up what is ours will will need that they will remember what
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a patch or arctic war is the yes for us ukrainians. this is a pat jotting war of each. yeah, we know how patrick it was start which and i and we know how the end the for the invaders, shameful me, the cage. an emotional reunion. this ukrainian man embraces his family for the 1st time since they were separated by a russian missile strike on cave. his wife and children had stepped out of their apartment, moments before the capitals tv tower was hit. but the soldier shouted, ran quickly, which it was very scary. my youngest son ran and shouted faster, faster, were being shot when not going to make it. and we came here to the shelter. now he's afraid to got side and can start crying. my oldest son shouted any sleep, he shouted mom, we have to go to the shelter. people have been sheltering and caves metro stations
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for days. the young and old pets and humans alike. they don't know how long they'll have to spend down here. or what will happen when their food runs out above ground. the invasion continues. shelling and street fighting between ukrainians and russian paratroopers have left hugh crane 2nd largest city park cave in ruins. hundreds of fear dead in the port city of mary paul. after a 15 hour long russian bombardments and russia says it has taken full control of his son in the country south. one resident recorded the moment. he opened his curtains to see a russian tank in the street. they're turning people to stared, sued,
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shooting. you hear the sound mostly bridget, struck recording before some troops room were hand an air raid sirens blair out across cave. the battle for the heart of ukraine continues to w. c. connelly joins me now from louise in the west of ukraine. nick, what can you tell us about the situation this morning? why it seems like that russian attack on care is stuck. huge column of hardware we saw estimated by some to be 6 close, long has not moved. some of that is down to the, the climate the weather seems like a lot for vehicles aren't stuck in mud right now. and also the ukraine. you know me putting out quite a space resistance using those weapons specially and take massage that they've been supplied by the west in recent months, very effectively. big,
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big losses among the russian army in terms of personnel and also hardware. so situation that isn't ending anytime soon. and the ukrainians, coming in for the long putting appears to have changed the strategy to an all out assault on ukrainian cities. the civilian death toll is wising. we're seeing reports of cluster bombs. what can you tell us? that definitely seems to be the case and that down to, as i just mentioned, the feelings of that kind of tank and making the mechanized kind of me that was hoping me to take care of at least in the space a few days. so now to use rushes advantage in the air and the skies with bombing raids and with missiles, things that you can call it counter is easily and that is having a very dark impact on civilians who caught up in all this. and the russian seeming not making much of an effort to reduce the risk to them. we're seeing damage to the infrastructure, to power supplies,
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teaching supplies. and you can imagine it's still pretty chilly here. what that could be like for cities of over a 1000000 people, if they end up being transmitted for weeks at a time without power and without food. an extra conflicting reports about who is in control of class on how difficult is it to get reliable information for you. it is a real issue for all job working here. there are many, if any journalists at the front lines, so you're basically dependent on by the local sending social media videos, or what the military tells you from the russian side of this operation of the russians are not letting any international journalists into their side of the front line and see in more time there is didn't ship. so it's very difficult to actually do the psalms in terms of losses and soldiers live in terms of the hardware. we definitely all seem to for now the mobile phone networks are up and we are still in touch with people in places like multiple in place,
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like just on. so she would still have the chance to talk their relatives, but also the press and give us some kind of idea of what's going on in terms of that. so you just mentioned, yes, there does seem to be russian hardware in the central town. but we have seen that before. that's the, you can, you know, me has allowed russian forces in need to ambush them later. so it's not necessary clear that the ukrainians are out just because the russians are inside. that's us on. so we saw a defiant message from the president lensky saying the occupies will receive only one thing from ukrainians. that is resistance. fierce resistance. are you seeing the same kind of resolve from ukraine, ukrainians to fight back or people starting to give up hope i, i think actually the liberalism that sky has caught me pretty well that this war and the way the russia is fighting. it has basically united large balls and you can start to work united before and even the russian orthodox church. it's local brands
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calling on ukrainians to fight for ukraine. cooling by the future. now saying this is a decrease in russia is committing against you. that's something that would be unthinkable just a month ago that you'd have those kind of bishops thing, that kind of thing towards russia, the home of that russian orthodox church, even media that were previously pretty pro russian and politicians are all shifting their positions very rapidly. so the aggression with which the criminal laid out the demands base, re calling on new crimes capitulate and to make it self, hon to whatever russia with them on the future that really has shocked people here and worked against them in terms of bringing ukrainians together. who are now turning up in sue's numbers to sign up for the army to donate money to donate blood . so for now, there doesn't really seem to be a sense how the gruesome this is getting the ukrainians are going to be willing to draw back and to basic given to these demand for now down it will be in hearing
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reports of low morale inside the russian ranks from equipment breaking down to russian soldiers, many of them actually teenagers, and thought they were just on the military exercise. is that true? what are you hearing? was he, i noted the front lines and it's very difficult to get there. but the stuff you see on social media, somebody see being used by the ukrainian side as propaganda or it's kind of a piano. but as far as you can tell, and you look at these things that don't look to be fake and the journals have checked to make sure the story that we haven't social media, that the, the, the russian business we see are actually people, you know, they all russian soldiers and they have a back story that makes sense. it does seem that a lot of them weren't given any compelling reason why russian need to invade ukraine. right now, the talk of d, no, it's fine. ukraine, whatever that means, or you know, the threat to nature, that's not something that has been effectively communicated to these teenage recruits. and then yes, logistics, where there are lots of videos of russian tanks running out of fuel in the middle. nowhere. so this is increasing difficult, and this is becoming increasing problem for planning to,
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to back home. as the rest of the site, you see the losses and asks why the shopping w correspondence next connelly, they're in love if a for us. thank you. nick b u n. refugee agency says the number of people fleeing ukraine has now passed the 1000000 mark making at the fastest exodus of refugees so far this century. most heading toward poland. but all the neighboring countries like romania, also taking refugees. the sama having to wait longer than others to cross to safety . nasty w correspondent, fun for char, observed it, for women on the border. finally here, thousands are pouring towards the ukrainian border with romania. as word spreads of the tale back of refugees at the polish crossing with harrowing images stealing
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their minds and few items in their hands. they arrive at the last checkpoint to safety. oksana and her kids needed 4 days to get here from keith on her mind. what's ahead, they're going to look for work she car because i need to provide for my children. they and my husband stayed to defend his country. you know men of fighting age between 18 and 60 have to stay there also many none. ukrainians who want to leave students migrant workers. about half a 1000000 according to you and estimates. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing for their lives, heading west for the border. not all these people from across ukraine are running from the same thing. but are they all getting the same treatment? i've met flat from heavily bon keith, a student from egypt. he says he's growing frustrated about being made to wait in freezing temperatures while ukrainians are let through. the they let us only 1st of to like, oh,
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it's hundreds of turns we will was i can say anything or others what still your humans also like visit us any bishop. 2 care more what i've met says he has already been to leave if, but was not let through at the border with pool and there we are far away from other countries as the same situation swore also on us. i don't think we should be for them to live around to live. right. his friend also from egypt disagree on the train. i sheila rhodes as people they have no home to go. and actually we have home we have is are to we can go now like to see, but see don't have any bliss to those officials here. do not want to talk on camera about why there are 2 lines, one for foreigners, one for ukrainians. but they tell us their goal is to maintain con, here. there is concern that the situation might get out of control as more refugees take the alternative route to romania. we are not allowed to firm i've met and his
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friends crossed the border. but after a few hours, they do just like thousands of others finally to safety it was funny for char filed that this report, angie joins me now. funny, you know the border with romania ant, moldova, or what's the situation like where you are right now? it's incredible, really the stories that we hear between our life reports, june chinese c, which is about 50 kilometers from the romanian border. we meet people who say they made a t all the way from keith, or they made it here all the way from her to give a town. it's really heavily shell even right now, but they say there's no way they can move on because their grandmother their grandfather, the relatives are up in the north or elsewhere without heating, without sufficient supplies of medicine. and it just, it breaks their heart actually cross over romania, incredibly heart wrenching stories, while others with the children without their husband. however, because they have to stay man between 18 and 60,
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have to stay and fight. if that's requested. you have the mothers with all the children trying to make it across the board and you have seen them the waiting day in line in freezing temperature. i mean you can see me, i'm really dress warm. i have several layers on me, but even at me, after 10 to 20 minutes, i try to look for a place to, to, to be born. so what about those people who really need our us in those a waiting align strive to cross the border? it's really a difficult situation on many levels, but especially on a very emotional level, because we have to understand the people who arrive here and you may think that they are relieved in one way or the other because they made it so far. but on the other hand that they either have this feeling of guilt of people are left behind. but also this, this feeling of okay, what's next? and which contr i'm headed to and how long am i going to stay there?


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