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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2022 11:15am-11:31am CET

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their husband, however, because they have to stay man between 18 and 60, have to stay and fight. if that's requested. you have the mothers with all the children trying to make it across the board and you have seen them waiting day in line. in freezing temperature, i mean you can see me, i'm really dress warm. i have several layers. so me, but even me, after 10 to 20 minutes, i try to look for a place to, to, to be born. so what about those people who really need our us in those awaiting allies try to cross the border? it's really a difficult situation on many levels, but especially on a very emotional level, because we have to understand the people who arrive here. and you may think that they're relieved in one way or the other because they made it so far. but on the other hand that they either have this feeling of guilt of people are left behind. but also this, this feeling of okay, what's next? and which counter i'm headed to and how long am i going to stay there? it's a very difficult situation for so many ukrainians and non ukrainian. so try to cross
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the border here to romania. fire your report. we saw that there seems to be a 2 tier system in place so that there seems to be, if you will, 1st class refugees that are native ukrainians, and 2nd class refugees that are students from the middle east or for example, also try to flee that war torn country, what's the explanation of countries like romania, poland to treat them differently from native ukrainians? we only have observers happening abs it from here from the ukrainian side. so we do not exactly know what's happening on the other side. also, we are not allowed to phone critical infrastructure that's deemed critical from the ukrainian side, meaning we cannot film the border crossing actually, or talk on camera border guards. but when the camera was off, they told us the reason for having these 2 lines for ukrainians and none ukrainians
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is a reason to maintain calm. insecurity. there was telling us that a couple of days ago, a full, a bus full of foreigners, full of indians. they say something we cannot verify, i have to add add to, we're trying to, i cross through the board in a very violent manner because they were still nervous. so on the edge getting out of had keith. now as i say, i cannot independently verify whether this has been the case, but at least this is the official birding here from the ukrainian side. why they are having a 2 lines in place right now here in a, at the at the romanian border. now when we spoke to foreigners, didn't really different reaction to the situation. so me quite understanding of the fact that ukrainian sort of come 1st because they have no home to go to. after all, they say foreigners have a home their home or they came from. but of course, with the, i mean it is cold temperatures staying there in the cool did not enough clothes on . and even the ones that you have as warm as it gets after an hour or so,
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even you really just want to cross that board as it is also growing frustration among those who really feel treated in a very distress back disrespectful manner and who cited racism as a reason for this to align system. a funny i mentioned earlier the that the uncertainty of these refugees of watson next a weighs heavily on on them. what, what, what other plans you've listened to their stories. what, what, what are the immediate plans to want to stay in romania or in poland? or do they want to travel on further into western europe? i've met so many people who would exceed actually our time to just tell you about all of the stories, but are mainly many ukrainians are trying to get to pool. and because this is where a significant ukrainian minority lives, so therefore people are trying to connect with their relatives in the pool and, and trying to get to pool. and you wonder why don't they actually use the polish
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board and get through to, to get across romania 1st to make it to paul. and the reason for that here are people on the ground. refugees have realized that it is more difficult as, as it was after all, during the past days to cross towards a pool and because it was such an increasing influx of refugees. so now they're trying alternative routes across romania, hungary, moldova, to get to poland. but some of relatives in germany, of course, and try to make you there. so depending on your family relatives, and will you see a chance to live for the next couple of weeks at least, because the so many people here would just like to return as soon as possible and, and return to their homes here in ukraine. the ws funny for child reporting from western ukraine. thank you. funny. the european union is expected to approve new support measures to assess the large numbers of ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. you ministers are meeting in brussels on thursday. they're due to
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discuss a proposal to grant special residents permits, including access to employment well found housing for up to 3 years would apply to ukrainian citizens long term residence and those with refugees status. the proposal would have to be approved by new governments before coming into effect or some residents from ukraine are now starting to arrive in germany operations on the way around the country to open more shelters. us authorities anticipates thousands more arrivals, dw visited one reception center in the capital berlin. they've been on the move for days by car bus and from miles on foot travelling, however, they could to flee the wall. hundreds of people flying ukraine have arrived here in belin already, and many of them are staying with friends, family or volunteers. but others have come here to this refugee center to register and work out that next steps from a person. it's dangerous,
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there. people are shooting. i have a child fighter jets flying around houses. i exploding is terrible, so frightening, which is to rush. we reside next year. we didn't want to leave. it was so painful, but we did it because of the children. i didn't want to leave ukraine. we love our country, we have such a beautiful country. great people. it hurts so much light blue. we've been watching yahoo! where it's so hard. my heart is still there. good group has so hard to see that children are being bombed every day. that we just one piece or the children want he so many children are dying. i don't know how we can stop hazelwood book boot. most people can only stay here for one night than that transferred to other accommodation authorities in berlin. say the city is preparing to host around $20000.00 people fleeing ukraine. for some of those arriving, it's not their 1st time having to flee. this man fled afghanistan 6 years ago with
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his family and had been living in ukraine since the birth thing we thought we had there at 50 that we hung up. i would like this warrior reload up to in the chaos of the journey. he lost his cousin and still hasn't been able to reach him. he's alone he dont have like manny, dont have anything he dont have for anything for i don't have any option to find him. this medical student originally from iran, came all the way from here with his cat. at least it's better than saying milan. we're going to filters. it was like nightmare. he had no idea what his future holds now. but he managed to find some way safe for his cat. a german student offered to look after her, a small relief in the face of the exhaustion so far. and the uncertainty still to come. germany is sending more weapons to ukraine. a government source
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says $2700.00 anti aircraft missiles will be delivered. the weapons are soviet design, stray law missiles from the stalks of the former east german armed forces. germany had already committed to delivering 1000 anti tank weapons and 500 surface to air missiles. berlin recently reversed a longstanding policy of not exporting weapons to conflict sounds. let's get some background her on this from our chief political editor. we should look who's gonna be sheila, these weapons are said to be of soviet production from the former east german army . that's an irony of history, isn't it? i think we're in the process of actually writing a new chapter in history and these are of it made? yes, they were delivered to the former east germany. these are weapons that were also used in russian conflict with afghanistan back then in the days. so the very old
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but they are function initially we heard the defense minister lamp saying, look, we have to look what we even have, what we can give out. well, this now is part of a continuing list because we do expect there to be more that can be given to ukraine, always stressing that there is no direct handover. germany is not delivering these weapons physically. does that make a difference for russia? how is russia view? this is natal weapons being used against them? i'm sure they're going to have something to say about. well, these are specific, not weapons that i am up within nato contingencies. and this actually is a key point. we heard the and deputy foreign minister of russia yesterday stressing that and there's an increasing likelihood of misunderstandings of a direct contact between nato and russia, which fits into a russian narrative of actually nato being an active threat towards russia, which nato denies it's. it's a defense mechanism and clearly or nato countries that are sending weapons are at
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pains to stress and to ensure that there is no direct contact because that's what everybody wants to avoid. and that would be a direct confrontation with russia, which could, and you know, i'm surprised, i'm even saying this, but it, that is well for 3 scenario if that was to happen. so these are the stakes that are on the table at the moment turning stakes. the german government recently set up a special budget of a 100, a 100000000000 euros to ramp up defense to modernize the german army. the bonus with a bait has now flat up and german politics about that. can you bring us up to speed? it's an internal debate. i mean, what we saw happening over the weekend is the chancellor, pretty much acting alone, a turning around german defense and foreign policy of the past decade. and now effectively trembling. the german defense budget overnight,
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which is quite something i was with him as a travel to israel yesterday that was received positively. israel's now offered a new strategic dialogue so far, only has with britain and the us. and it shows that there's a new understanding of what strategic role germany will have also in the future. and that it has to be able to defend itself. because it's simply not able to do that. and this also fits in with the signals we're getting from the french present, a mano my call, whose now stressing self sufficiency is something that's needed in the future and an own strategic outlook. these are words we've heard before, but then now being backed up by money and it looks like infrastructure and hardware in the very near future as well. i think the money is the important sign. i always shows when people are serious do w. c political editor, michelle like huge now there for us. thank you. and the former german chancellor gerhard schroeder, is facing increasing political isolation for his failure to cut ties with the
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russian state. his condemned the war. but he hasn't denounced the man behind it all . his long time friend flooded me. put him there, bro. man's goes back a long way. in 2004, the russian president vladimir putin was a guest at german chancellor, gerhard schroeder, 60th birthday party in hanover with later that year, they were all smiles again. a shrewd a hosted putin at his home. putin showed off a suit case of get hold of it was just the start. i'm so the most of the home see they got my or each other. they got to like each other. they got to trust each other. think moving, see for throw and see. and after leaving office, the friendship really paid off. shrewder landed a job with the controversial north stream pipeline project to bring russian gas
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direct to germany. then in 2014, as russia annexed crimea, shrewder, celebrated his 70th birthday party, and st. petersburg with his friend vladimir, despite growing unease at the former chancellor's behavior, the job offers kept coming a post with russian oil firm. raj net followed shrewder was now leaning into his rushing lobbyist reputation. richard at the time he told d w. the german russian relationship should be one of coin, cooperation instead of confrontation. just last month, shrewd, i was nominated to join the board of kremlin controlled guys prom machine that i sang. his praises would be issued those $2.00 to $2.00 weeks. or no, you rejoice it to me more than a little bit of then protein invaded ukraine. while other pharma european leaders with jobs and russia promptly quit them shrewd. i didn't calling
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only for russia to stop the war. he blamed both site for mistakes made isn't quite old men, and he don't need the money. he is just, i don't know how to describe it and it's shameful for our party. then this, we crude us on team resigned in protest. having failed to persuade him to cut ties with putting no, some of the contract in his own party. and the opposition have had enough. we should also start kicking him out if he doesn't move into next week because i don't see how we can sanction those companies. and we have a former chancellor working actually for them, gets hurt as a total embarrassment for my country, for germany. apart from him, having been the german chairs i before everybody who, who still supports this regime, this dictatorship, this warlord called ruddy me put in, has to face consequences. whatever shrewd i now decide it's their relationship more than anything that will define his legacy. here some moorhead,
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lions from this war. russian troops have tried to reach europe's largest nuclear power plant, but we're apparently stopped by hundreds of ukrainian civilians who blocked the streets. this video on social media shows civilian build road blocks around the plant in this south, east ukrainian town of anna or dark. russia claimed this week to have taken the town ukraine, the nicest place in moscow. i have detained a group of children for laying flowers in the ukraine embassy. that's according to a social media user. somewhere as young as 7 people were also arrested in saint petersburg, monitoring group says more than 8000 anti war protesters have so far been detained . in the past week, more than 40000 people gathered in the german city of munich on wednesday to protest against the war. the crowd was 10 times larger than organizes had expected .


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