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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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summary of the current situation in ukraine president vladimir zalinski is urging people to keep up their resistance even as russia is intensifying its attacks. on major cities, russian troops are in the black sea port of press on, and the regions governor says, rushing forces on control of the administration building for the rece, the city of hockey fund. mario pope, also on the heavy attack and in the capital keith, a large explosion, has hit an area near the southern railway center. meanwhile, a large russian conway of tanks and other vehicles appears to be stoled around 30 kilometers outside keys. us and british defense sources say the convoy has made a little discernible progress over the past 3 days. and the un says the number of people fleeing ukraine has now passed the 1000000 mark, making it to the fastest exodus of refugees. so far this century.
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now let's bring in all the coolies back to for arms control at the institute for peace research and security policy at the university of hamburg. now the mayor of mary paul says, russian troops have been circle the town and i specifically shelling civilian infrastructure. is this strategy? do you think to sort of targeting civilian infrastructure? i think it is part of a deliberate strategy and i would call it the chechen, or perhaps syrian strategy. it basically means you hit civilian interest structures as hard as possible in over at some point to overwhelm the other party. and just to basically make them back into stop to what is your view on how the ukrainian army then is holding up. i think the ukrainian army is really showing that it is giving the russians a very hard time. they are putting up a fight that i think no one in the russian army had really expected. no one has to
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say that so far, particularly the russian advance from the mall was not successful. i'm pretty sure of that. deleting military there has been filed already by the russians. at the same time, the russians are moving into ukraine from the south. and this is going to be a problem for the framing on the end, we will see how that plays out in the next couple of days. but let's face it. russia has more advanced, the bigger of the more modern i'll move and the ukrainians have. could it be that the, the russians for the russ russian strategy, the south of the country, a crimea is a more important than, than the west and the north. that's just speculation at the moment. i mean, let's face it, what are we seeing here? we're seeing a full fledged assault on the entire ukraine. so i think this is not just about crimea. i mean, it would be a hope to think that russians just want to take a crimea and, and, and more of the southern part of your training. but then stuff,
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but i think they're really up to invading the entire country and then occupy it for years to come. so many of you koreans, partners in, in the west, including a germany, are sending a weapons to ukraine. all these weapons arriving and are they actually making a difference? they are arriving. we heard that there for the batch of german anti tank missiles, as well as a sing on miss lyles has already lived in ukraine. so that is if we know a little bit about how german view direct chrissy works and how slow it usually is, that's lava and astonishing facts. do they really make a difference on the ground? perhaps not immediately, but in the long term. i mean, it's important that particularly now that the russian seem to have established our dominance over ukraine, that at least in the lower layer of where soldiers can carry those weapons on their
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shoulders. it's important to have something to fight back against the russian. you mentioned acid theory already, that the cranium government has urged the western force a no fly zone over ukraine. would that be a good idea from nature? would it be fully drawn into that conflict? look, i can understand that from a moral point of view that the ukrainians are asking for, for the west to enforce the no fly zone. but we have to think through what would that actually mean? it would mean that nature would have to go in, probably not just with airplanes, but also the ground forces. it also would mean that nature would have to take out their fund stations that would be based on russian territory. that would mean we would have a full fledged nature rush and conventional war. now please don't tell me that that would not still over into a nuclear war that could either state the entire globe. so i'm sorry to say it. i understand morally, but it's really a terrible idea. ok,
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you mentioned the nuclear fact that we had the russian foreign minister of a playing down the threat of a nuclear escalation. he called it, quote west and his theory ideas see the danger of his voice collating into something even bigger. in general, i think this is all part of the russian playbook. i mean, love roth. i'm sorry to say he was for a long time, a respected diplomats, but i can't take him serious anymore that we have seen clear russian signaling from the russian side, letting the uprooting threatening consequences of his torak dimensions should. the west intervene. dan braising, the alert levels of russia strategic nuclear forces, though the latter, i would say, was a viable symbolic stuff at the moment. i think there is a low risk of this whole war spilling over into a nuclear conflict with nuclear use. but there is a real risk. whatever missile ralph said. so here she,
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i know this all this tune from humbugs, universe, the thank you for joining us here on the w news. plaza. russia's war ukraine has not entered its 2nd week. president vladimir zalinski has urged his people to keep up their resistance even as russia intensifies its attacks on major cities. russian troops are being met with fierce resistance from both ukrainian military and ordinary citizens. ha, go home. these defiant residents of multiple standing up to russian soldiers after their city was taken russia as his troops have also captured the key black sea port of her son, one resident recorded the moment. he opened his curtains to see a russian tank in the street. they're turning people to steer inside. shooting. you hear the sounds.
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i think i should stroke recording before something chewed through my head. he craned 2nd largest city cock eve is still holding out. but rushes. bombardment has left its streets in ruins and dozens of civilians dead. further to the east, the port city of mario paul is surrounded. after hours of shelling, cut off water and power in cave, present zalinski remains defiant. would the will name nancy surely should the wherever they go, they will be destroyed for they will not have com here. they will not have food and they will not have one quiet moment to willie. the occupiers will receive only one thing from ukrainians, resistance vs resistance. loves the such resistance that they will forever remember that we don't give up what is ours. but russia's increasing attacks ascending more
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and more people fleeing for their lives. with the majority arriving here in poland, the un says more than 1000000 refugees have fled ukraine in just a week. back in keith, those who remain have been taking refuge in the cities metro stations for days. they don't know how long they'll have to spend down here, or what will happen when their food finally runs out of a more civilian side of this wall. as go to elaine, our stock horses, a deputy director of ukrainian red cross, and joins me now from keith. welcome, alina. how is the situation in kias to day? well, it situation is horrible, as well as in other parts of ukraine. if we speak about the hottest areas in ukraine, now, this is the east of ukraine. the yes hands are north of ukraine, shouldn't use to match south of ukraine already. and keep, of course, that's the whole spot. nowadays. we have an air raid sirens,
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every 15 minutes are almost all the population of keys has to stay in shelters. so we're in the metro station in our underground. so it's we, we have, we don't worry, are you out with a red cross? and you, of course, are trying to help local people, people who are bombed out people who are displaced. what can you actually do to help? well, here we have several lines of support. and we have a mess, the flow of people to wear the western border of our countries trying to migrate to the western countries. as of today, almost 1000000 of ukrainians have already crossed the border in order to cross the border, they have to stand in long queues for, for a couple of days. that is why me as a red cross organize our emergency response teams to provide the chance essentials
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to these people to provide a safe places for mothers and children equipping equip in them with everything they need to giving them water. food met her hot clothes and also we support to force those people who stay in shelters into even in august are the cities of ukraine because they do not have mortar food medicine, whatever. we are trying to support medical institutions who are cut off from medical supply as well. and we tried to evacuate those people who are under miss heil shelly messiah texts, but it's not always possible for us. that was all in a stock, as deputy director of the ukrainian red cross speaking to us from kia forbid earlier. now the united nations general assembly has adopted a resolution demanding russia immediately stops using force against ukraine and withdraws its military from the country. the historic but non binding resolution was backed by 141 out of 193 members. states with only 5 countries voting
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against before the vote. who france ambassador to the un accused rush of seeking to commit genocide in his country. he called on the well to stand together against moscow's aggression. is un secretary general antonio good terrace. speaking after that vote, the general assembly has spoken a secretary general. it is my duty to stand by this resolution and be guided by its call. the message of the general assembly is loud and clear that handles steel with his new crane now silenced the guns, now opened the door to dialogue and diplomacy. no, the teddy thought of integrity and sovereignty of ukraine must be respected in line with you and chart that we don't have a moment to lose the brutal effects of the conflict airplane to see. but as bad as
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the situation is for the people ukraine, right now, it's threatened to get much, much worse. thinking clock is a time bomb looking at het, i will continue to do everything in my power to contribute to an immediate cessation of hostilities and urgent negotiations for peace. people in ukraine desperately need peace and people around the world demanded the kremlin has long been cracking down on independent media and russia. effectively sensory voice is critical of the government when the war in ukraine started authorities, band media outlets from using terms like attack or invasion to describe what was happening there. now the latest casualty, in the information war is independent russian radio station echo of moscow. it says
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it's shutting down after being taken off here, over its coverage of the war, crackling and hissing. that's all that can be heard on the frequency that radio eco must be used to broadcast on for 30 years. it was the only national radio station, not under the control of the kremlin echoes board of directors voted to liquidate the station after rushes, media watchdog ordered its web site blocked what you mean. yeah, i'm surprised and still surprises. nobody expected this. we still have a few more independent media, but i'm afraid they won't make it much longer. that much don't exist pretty. the another online channel has also been blocked. a radio station decided to close down because they said they don't want to lie. this insanity has to stop. read the headline on some leech, no newspapers until the copies were confiscated. purplish revolutionists will. i
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think it's outrageous. i stopped you. those were the last of the free voices that have now been stifled. marolla forgot the robledo. they probably say more than as wanted that censorship. zora on tuesday, police and moscow detained 2 women and 5 children who wanted to lay flowers at the ukrainian embassy. their posters read no to war. police allegedly threatened to strip the parents of custody camera. citizens are still finding ways to protest. no war is written on houses. bus stops balconies and elevators, but the words are quickly removed. but russia's invasion of the ukraine is being seen as a wake up call by many people in taiwan. china has long laid claim to the our, that nation, and some few that bay jane could launch a similar attack due to abuse. joyce lee reports on the growing concern among
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taiwanese people and how they're preparing for their own worst case scenario. this carp, hawkiss, destiny, touch to be an air raid shouted in the front of an emergency and mid russia ukraine war. the taiwanese government has instructed local police to check or underground spaces. they are more than a 100000 bomb shout, has in taiwan more than enough to house all this 24000000 people. the authorities recently added a new mobile ad feature to how people locate the close a site. ok grandfather, because of the ukraine crisis. more people have watched the promo video of our app and it shows the taiwanese people are concerned about where they can find shelter or yoga and going many in taiwan. see paralyzed with ukraine. china has not rude out a use of force to quote reunify with the south route to island. and for the past few years, beijing has been standing war plays to tie wants, eddie, been sewn on a daily basis. taiwan has been under page rings, thread for 7 decades,
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so it's become a part of daily life. and people even joke about having a wall, just like the ukrainians dead before the invasion. so what happened in ukraine is a wake up call for the taiwanese many see a need for greater self reliance as soon as the war broke out, ukrainians in taiwan were joined by low coast in anti war rallies, mindset of pain, and she didn't thing are unfortunately very similar, if with him can invade ukraine just like this without any reason because there is no reason then of course i on these people. if it also be alert, we're kind of afraid there will be offensive doors and have a higher one room will never know if we were called the the older cra, piley's air growth drill. alden's got applied right despite the worries expo, say across straight war is unlikely for now. it's too risky for beijing to launch a landing operation given the end to ship massage taiwan has precedence seizing,
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being also pirates, this internal stability ahead of a congress later this year. in which his expected to take a historic 3rd term as party. heave none the last, ty wants defense, ministry is on high alert. they are caused for an increase in defense spending, the 30, the global eyes on take israel and singapore, for example, their defense spending accounts for more than 5 percent of their gdp. so you tie one should raise it to at least 3 percent. if we invest more in our military, they chose our determination to defend ourselves. in turn, our allies will be more willing to help oscillate logger, e. and what could call this week u. s. president joe biden, santa delegation of former security of shows to taiwan as a show of support to the island. beijing reacted furiously with state media, calling it an obvious provocation. on the taiwan side, analysts sat. morale has been boosted significantly,
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adding that the taiwanese must be on alert, but not to panic amid the rising tension. so go to the china is setting a trap. they try to make tie when he's people tense all the time, so he get tired and numbed them. they can seize opportunities to launch surprise attacks, cell g white supply a take keep calm and carry on. tony's people have been doing this for 70 years and they're not going to change this mentality for the time being. here some more headlines from her, this was a day rush of foreign minister, sergey love. ross says his country will push on with his mission to quote, demilitarize ukraine and stop at joining nato. speaking on russian television on thursday, lovegrove accused western countries of preparing for a war against russia and raising the prospect of nuclear weapons. some new russian troops have tried to reach europe's largest nuclear power plant, but were apparently stopped by hundreds of ukrainian civilians who blocked the
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streets. this video on social media shows civilian build road blocks around the plant and the south east ukrainian town of anna hora. russia claimed this week to have taken the town ukraine denies this. german comic folks bugs says it will hold the exports to russia and stop producing vehicles. they're joined several other auto companies now boycotting russia over ukraine. some of the world's biggest technology companies, clothing brands, and industrial giants have now cut all ties with russia or various shipping companies have halted deliveries me while protest against the war continues to be held in cities across europe. on wednesday, thousands of people gathered in the german city of munich to show their solidarity with the people of ukraine. a moment of silence for ukraine.
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here, munich, around 45000 people, took to the streets on wednesday to protest for peace in europe and against russia's invasion as best klein's liver, the least i can do to show my face and be one more person in the square in the hope that it gets seen around the world and motivates others to take us down to deviate out of christine. we've all had ideas of what russia could do. and i think seen this happen is just shopped shocked the world. yeah. the one negatively pulse. a little slow. yeah, actually from russia hub in the field of ireland, we have many friends were from ukraine, mclean a's and are very worried about their relatives who had the only earth random things organ law. the phil is organ martin, we can just stand by and watch so. so and for many ukrainians, far from home, the support is heartening, but the feeling of helplessness days for make his brother. it's a very strange world for me right now because my family,
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my home is being bombed and i'm continuing my life here as normal. and i have taken time off work, so i can at least do something, but i find it really crazy how many people are here that gives me strength. this is maria, had many russians who live in other countries have spoken out against the war in ukraine. but some business owners say they're experiencing a backlash just for being russian. the owner of her popular restaurant here in berlin is one of em, berlin's pastor neck restaurant for decades. it served russian specialties to a devoted clientele. but since russia invaded ukraine, there have been canceled bookings despite this sign out. front ogre rehab, a new bill, ebd office. we never thought that there would be any disputes or problems with nationality. also numbered or political statements. probably mucus. well, he, we live in a completely normal democratic country where we are in europe and war is for us for
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so i have no words for it to shop greenwood so owner ilia kaplan is russian born, but has lived in berlin for 30 years in his kitchen. russians and ukrainians works side by side serving up forest herring and other russian specialty. but some of his customers taste have suddenly changed somebody's kritisha hughes. so for example, i have 2 types of beer here, russian and german. notice in the past, people only drank russian beer, but today they only drink german. that's understandable. but i just wanted to say that not all russians have the same opinion as potent nice. i little from crab glacier minute creep, which he feels shame for what his country is doing to its neighbor as thurwood fischer as a russian, if i don't feel like being russian. now, helio hopes that soon people will sit side by side in his restaurant again, ukrainians. russians, and every one else to the international paralympic committee has reversed its decision to allow russian and bella rouge and athletes to compete at the winter
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paralympics in beijing. they have now been both countries a day before the games begin. on tuesday, the i p. c. had said, athletes from the 2 countries could take part as so called neutrals under the paralympic flag. but now the organization as bound to growing pressure to issue a full ban, the $71.00 member russian contingent is already in begging the games begin on friday. and it's time for a quick summary of the situation in ukraine right now. president vladimir zalinski is urging his people to keep up their resistance, even as russia intensifies it's attacks on major cities. russian troops on the black sea port of cas on and the regions governor says, russian forces are now in control of the administration building. further east, the cities of hart, kiff, and maria pull. also under heavy attack, under the capital keith, a large explosion has hit an area near the southern railway center. meanwhile,
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a large rush, a convoy of tanks and other vehicles, appears to be stoled around 30 kilometers outside. give us and british defense sources say the convoy has made a little discernible progress over the past 3 days. and the un says the number of people fling ukraine has now passed the 1000000 mark making at the fastest exodus of refugees. so far this century. little while ago ukrainian president vladimir zalinski had a defined message for russia's troops. would the will name nancy surely should the wherever they go, they will be destroyed for they will not have come here. they will not have food and they will not have one quiet moment. willie, the occupiers will receive only one thing from ukrainians, resistance vs resistant gloves. lead such resistance that they will forever remember that we don't give up what is ours will need that they will remember what
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a patch or arctic war is? yes for us ukrainians. this is a pat jotting war of each. yeah, we know how patrick it was. start what you know, and we know how the end v for the invaders. shibel me the courage. garza, that's it from me on the new scene. amberlynn for they saw there is more news coverage as well as lots of background analysis off the wall and our website that's of course the w dot call. i'll be back in a few minutes, but more live coverage. stay with
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ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. russia intensifies attacks on ukrainian cities as the war enters its 2nd week. russian forces in the port city of car song have taken control of the regional administration building. despite russia's advances, president blossom is lensky justice ukrainians to keep up their resistance more than a 1000000 people have now fled the war and the un vaughn. this is just the beginning . we report from ukraine's border with romania.


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