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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2022 9:30am-10:01am CET

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would have, would be a ban on energy imports from russia, and that's being talked about quite seriously in the united states. interestingly enough, the u. s. itself is a major oil exporter, but it does import oil from russia. 245000000 barrels in 2021. and that was significantly up over the preceding year. that's about 7 percent of overall oil imports into the u. s. so it would have some effect if such a band were to be put in place with the e u. the picture, however, is a lot more problematic. the fact is, as you know, the e. u is dependent on imports of gas from russia for countries like germany, they make up 40 percent of gas imports, which is why germany's economics minister ruled out such a ban for now saying it would be a threat to social cohesion. the e u has said that if there were a cut off in supply from russia, they would be able to get through the next few months because they now have
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significant reserves of liquefied natural gas in place. but anything longer than that, and if, if such an embargo were to be put into place for europe, undoubtedly it could lead russia itself to cut off supplies after that. even if it weren't temporary, even if it were temporary, anything of that nature would lead to hardship in europe. we're talking about factory closures. we're talking about potentially car free days, like the type that we saw after the oil sucks of the 1970 s. so that tool is in the tool box when and if it will be put into place. it's hard to say, it was interesting of the demonstrations here in berlin on sunday, i saw many signs of people saying stop gas imports from russia, but that's a, that's another. another road ahead. melinda, thank you so much. are she political correspondent on the credit?
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well, numerous cities in ukraine are under heavy bombardment by russia, but many still remain under ukrainian control. the black sea port of cas on is the only major urban center to fall since russia began its invasion more than a week ago. ukraine and the u. s. a q is russia of deliberately hitting civilian targets during its attacks. meanwhile, civilians all over the country strength or strengthening their resolve to fight back bali all over ukraine, people are getting ready to fight. let you live eve, those with combat experience. teach those who have never held a gun before. i put them on the billing for loop resolved. so i came here to get some understanding of what to do, how to defend myself, and how to survive. if the enemy comes for war of the nutcracker. and while it still com and live eve devastation elsewhere could give an indication of what could come. this is what the outskirts of keith look like. with russian forces advancing
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in the east and south president vladimir putin claimed that his so called special military operation is going to plan. what is his gazelle that the russian soldiers and officers are acting bravely like true heroes? our troops fight with persistence and full understanding that their cause is right spool and when you minute promote us, we would do all in the south rush and chokes and that tanks and just wanna cut out of our coverage there cuz we want to go straight to brussels, we're a special meeting is happening at nato headquarters, so we got us secretary of state, and he blinking, and nato secretary general young stoughton back. let's listening about our commitment to defend and protect the law, and therefore we have increased the presence of nathan forces in the eastern part of the lions. this is a defensive presence on a well condo, a strong commitment by from united states with more troops. i met men of them on
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that, so always great to meet us troops in europe on the to see their commitment on their professionalism being part of the trans atlantic. your bomb also welcomed out european outlaws on kind of are stepping off with more person. so in these than portal did our alliance on don at c and in the air, or if anything, i think the crisis were faced with not demonstrates the importance of north america standing together in strategic in they so. so once again, so told their welcome and scheduled to get a chance. thank you so much. and i really couldn't say that any better, but simply put in the wake of rushes unprovoked, premeditated aggression against ukraine. this alliance came together with speed, with unity, with determination. immediately launching the rapid response task force putting in place the graduated plants to continue to bolster nato's security. every ally in
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one way or another is coming to your brains assistance, every ally in one way or another is helping to strengthen nato itself. and as the secretary general said, ours is a defensive alliance. we see no conflict, but if conflict comes to us, we're ready for it. and we will defend every inch of nato territory. at the same time, as the secretary general said, we're preparing for ne, those features and the events of the last few weeks. as they continue will further inform that future of particularly going into the nato summit in a few months and the writing of a new strategic concept. all of these things are coming together at a critical time, but the single common denominator that we found, and that is the strength of everything that we do is the unity of this alliance has been on full display in these weeks, it will remain on full display going forward and i look forward to talking with you about steps we're going to take next. thank you.
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and we were just watching a press conference where the tail end of a press conference with us secretary of state antony blinking. and john, speaking just before him, nato secretary general young stoughton bag, both both of them stressing unity within nato and the importance of the nato alliance in dealing with the, with the evolving situation in ukraine. ah, let's see if we have got our corresponded standing by force in brussels, a deep cherished dw terry schoultz. i understand, is there, i'm hoping we can cross to her. now, there she is, terry. good to see you. i, you are there at nato's nato headquarters in brussels. what did you make of what we just saw? and what is what is coming out of that meeting of the, of the nato foreign minister. stay good morning. that's
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right. it's a big day of diplomacy here in brussels. as you saw as secretary of state, tony blink, and heading into a meeting with the rest of the nato foreign ministers. and that's just the 1st of 3 meetings teed up here today. they will move from there into a g 7 meeting with the european union and the you foreign ministers and then japan calling in bye bye a teleconference here. and then move into a meeting with the e u foreign ministers. that point here is to show that the entire world is unified against what russia is doing in ukraine. and you heard, also concerned from the secretary general there about the attack on the nuclear plant overnight, calling it recklessness by moscow. so one more time, a big show of perhaps a last effort at showing vladimir putin that this is the wrong move in ukraine, hoping that he still at this late moment will change course and just touch. it's
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reflecting the dramatic developments of recent years how, how things have split between russia and the west. russia was part of what the use called a g h. now it's back to g, 7 rushes out of that. russia has, has taken all of it's a delegation out of nato headquarters. they were there until just a few months ago. so russia is, is being isolated severely. terry, many people within ukraine and outside of ukraine are calling for a for nato to impose a no fly zone over ukraine to protect ukraine from russian aggression from the skies. any chance of that happening? that's right. relations with russia to address your 1st points are at their lowest level that i've seen in decades. and there did used to be russian diplomats just across the street here from the new nato headquarters they have left in, in, in anger after several of their ranks were declared spies by nato and,
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and belgium revoked their diplomatic credentials as, as for no fly zone. this is something that allies are likely to discuss, simply because it is the fervent plea of ukraine, but every diplomat and secretary general stilton burg, on the record, has said as well as, as national leaders, that this is not really a likelihood for nato. nobody has an appetite for shooting down russian planes or having any nato planes shot down. it's also pointed out that any planes ukraine may be flying in its own defense, would also then be grounded in a no fly zone. this is just not really a realistic possibility, but it's easy to see why ukraine is calling for it under such heavy mo bombardment, ukrainian president terrier laudermill zalinski. he suggested that this conflict and ukraine could spread to surrounding countries. nato countries. lithuania, lot be austonia, poland. he mentioned specifically, but also to non nato countries like georgia and moldova,
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are those concerns being taken seriously at nato. those are the tip being taken seriously. and in fact, when you speak to diplomat off the record, they will mentioned that they are concerned about other worst case scenario. you know, there are russian troops in parts of moldova, in parts of georgia, much like they were in eastern ukraine. and these rebel held areas. so there is a lot of concern that russia would push even further beyond ukraine, as you say, not into nato territories, but nato. it consistently reminds everyone that its duty is to protect those countries that our nato allies, the baltic states and poland. we've just seen the alliance activate for the 1st time ever in collective defense. it's rapid reaction for sending several 100 troops to romania. so nato's job is to defend its own territory. at the same time, everyone is watching what's happening in ukraine with extreme concern, and especially when it comes to nuclear safety. this certainly is not limited to
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national borders, and i think that's going to be something that is discussed at a very high level today at the foreign ministers meeting. and also at the meetings with the g 7 and the european union. terry, thank you so much as always our course monetary sholtes there at nato headquarters in brussels. all over ukraine, civilians are bearing the brunt of this military assault. and for those in frontline cities like mario pole, the situation is worsening. a warning, this report contains disturbing images. another show hits murray. you pull as medics wait for their next call. but with phone services knocked out in parts of the city. they don't always know where to go. often they go door to door searching for anyone injured and in need of treatment. here they find an elderly woman. her house was hit by
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a show. she's still in shock as she's taken by ambulance to a makeshift hospital. but sometimes help comes to late doctors. we're unable to save a 16 year old boy, struck by a bomb that exploded on a football field. far away from the fighting, a plane carrying medical supplies has arrived in the polish capital. warsaw. the world health organization has sent 36 tons of aid, including surgical materials to treat a 1000 people. if the military go pick escalates it, going to see many, many more really vulnerable people already late. who would need a lot of what? but 1st, the cargo will have to be transported by road to places where the 8 is for gently needed. so i think i'll go back to go with this applies will be move in to talk to the boy that will be great. and then further this before they affected our system,
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that means it will likely be days before the medical shipments reach frontline cities in murray, you, paul, which is under siege by russian forces and cut off. it's already too late. i'm joined now by our correspond mathias billing a. he's in leave in western ukraine. our 1st of all a t, as there was a fire at the ukrainian at ukraine's biggest nuclear power plant and was struck by russian shelling. it's now under russian control. how much of a concern is that for people in ukraine? well, to be sure to be clear there of country, the plant is not under russian control, but the territory is. but the plant is, of course, run by engineers, and that these are the engineers that have been working there for some day. there we have not heard any information of soldiers taking over the planned and hopefully they will never do. but this is, of course, a big concern the fighting around a nuclear power plant is of course, a very dangerous thing and are the ukranian government has warned of consequences
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that might be worse than chin or bill. the plant is bigger than that should not be in one arm. we have just heard an expert on the security of these plans. they are cause more secure that they do there wouldn't be said to live by a tank, but we've, he seen a fire, they're not in the react to block or not in the control center, but in some other facility. but still like this is a very dangerous situation. people in the area have been aware of this for some time. they have secured or they have tried to secure this power plant just sitting there, blocking the roads, or they have moved vehicles as barricades there. and they have tried to protected with their bodies. they have not been able to freshen forces, have attacked this area. and this is a now what we're seeing um and so concerns are high and the, but the plant is still under control of the engineers as we understand. okay, well that sir, that a comforting thought, ah,
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the there in multiple flash points around ukraine, multiple cities that are under fire right now. what can you tell us this morning, mathias, about where things stand in this war. there's great concern that the deer of the russian army might move further on key of trying to lay siege on the city. that's one of the 1st spots that the ukrainian forces are very worried about a lot at the moment and where we might see something. however, the attack on key has stored for the past few days. ukrainian forces have been and slowing down or fighting back. russian attackers are, are in the outskirts of the city. and as far as i understand, we have not seen a significant movement there, but fighting is intense that the other spot that causes a lot of worries is more. jo paul connections have been lost to the city under siege. and we've seen a message from the mayor of the city saying that most,
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that he addressing his fellow citizens saying that most of them would probably not get this message. because internet electricity and radio signals are down in the city and it's been on the seas for a few days. so imagine what the situation is like with food and with our a humanitarian goods. yesterday mathias, we had russian and ukrainian or we're hearing her sire in there behind you as well . if you need to, to run to shelter, please do that. no, that's the end. that's that here it is. it seems to be the, the end of her. there has been a warning before. i can see people here some have run to the shelters, but people here have gotten used to this or to these alarms, and whoever is on the street, i often did to stays on the street because it's never care whether next shall days . very well. then i'll put another question to you, martinez. very briefly,
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we heard that the russian and ukrainian negotiators to sit down again yesterday and agreed on humanitarian corridors for the country. how important are they? ah, well, i've just mentioned maria full which is completely shut off as a desperate need for medication and, and food should be brought into the city. so this would probably the 1st important candidate for, but there are of course other places hark of also the situation seems to be quite bad for the civilian population who have been on the shelling for some time now and a lot of infrastructure and apartments destroyed. so yes, this is important, but he has thank you very much. that was our correspond mathias bellinger in limit meanwhile, the exit is a people fleeing the war continues. mainly women and children,
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as most ukrainian men are required to stay behind, fight holland is receiving the biggest number of refugees, but other neighboring countries are also taking in people desperate to escape. russia's assault dw tessa walter reports from the ssl baki and border with ukraine . a roof over their heads, even if it's just a tent and a hot meal here envision initiates, crystal vakio. they found shelter from the attacks of the russian army in their homeland oksana arrived here from west and ukraine just a few hours ago with her 2 children. when you thrash through them, will you? i was so afraid for my children who we had to flee. all of us had to flee horribly that i don't know what to do now seem made kick. i do not say asana is relieved that she saved here
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for the time being. but she still can't comprehend the whole catastrophe of the wall. eliana want to savannah, divide the abuse, and i don't want to call myself a refugee. i want to go back home, where my children were happy did their boost as living. oh, dorm watches. i want to, i'm just so scared. lydia also just made it across the border with her children. she's afraid for our husband, who can't be with his kids right now. that has to fight the russian soldiers. that is of irish. we are all worried. but what should we do? my husband told us to go and then we went. we may never see each other again. this
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is not right. if we all have to die, we want to die together. it's not right that my husband is in ukraine, and we are here only. you don't want to leave your home with us though, that like lydia knock sana, thousands of women and children are fleeing ukraine, the neighboring countries. the families here are trying their best to hold up, especially the mothers to all they can to seal that children from the horrible situation they are in that when you speak to them a little bit longer, you realize just how traumatized they are by the war in their home country maddie and let. so is one of the volunteers who takes care of them. thus saith is so not very surprising because yesterday they had normal eyes and today they are hearing slovakia. and i believe they didn't plan to come here. so is different for them. they have different lies though. to now,
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they can only wait until their feet will be on solid ground again. georgia has formerly applied to join the european union like ukraine. georgia is a direct neighbor of russia. a majority of georgian support, joining the you with the process normally takes years and requires all of the blocks members to sign off. prime minister iraq lee and gary bosh believe announced the move on thursday. would fossil time remembrance? it is a historic day for georgia. we, assigning an application for e u membership on behalf of the country, the application the membership is yet another milestone on the path of european integration for georgia. it is the stage returns a new page in our history and continues the efforts of our ancestors, which is aimed at the accession of georgia into a common european family. well,
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joining us now from to please see is nicholas some com. karen, jeff, chair of the foreign relations committee of the georgian parliament, thanks for being with us. i. mr. sutka raja georgia has joined, has asked to join the immediately can you tell us why do you think that joining the was a realistic prospect right now? i thank you for having me. oh yes, we decided to apply for the membership. actually we had the pre election pledge before 2020 elections. that kind of georgia would apply for the membership that daniel 2024. and by that time we were aiming implementing 2 thirds of the association agreement reforms that are listed in that association agreement. however, the situation has changed in the region of drastically up at the russian aggression
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against ukraine and the ongoing war in ukraine. we also see that there is a certain change in the mindset of the, of some of the european leaders. and finally, all of them have realized that the security of the european union is pretty much dependent on, on the security in the black sea region on the security in the south and security of ukraine and security of georgia. so that's why we, together with our will go and ukrainian colleagues decide to apply. now of course, we understand that the georgia ukraine and will go will not become members of you tomorrow, or even in 2 years. however, we at least need a clear signal from the european union that one day these 3 countries will become members and therefore we statist candidates not very well. l like ukraine,
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georgia is a direct neighbor to russia. your country fought a limited war with russia, not so long ago. how much of a threat do you think russia opposes to your country right now? well, the 4th is huge and we are, we are threatened on a daily basis that are on the administrative boundary line at the occupied territories. you know, that 20 percent of george's categories is occupied by russian federation. so here we see constant from locations. people are kidnapped from their vine yards and, and or charts. so we, we really feel threatened because the tanks, the russian tanks are deployed all the 30 kilometers away from the georgia and capital to really see. and the only 200 meters away from the major east west
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highway at connex, eastern, georgia to the western georgia. and you know, the situation is really very, very tans after what we have seen in ukraine. we are really letting worried that georgia will become the next target for russian english. ok, i'm fraid we're going to have to leave it there. i just want to thank you for, for being with us, mr. some. current dodge it on the foreign relations committee, chairman of the georgia parliament. thank you very much. thank you. you're watching dw news. just a quick recap of the latest developments in ukraine. ukraine officials say russian forces have seized the critical this operation. nuclear power plant that's responsible for about a quarter of ukraine's energy. russian troops attacked pause the facility overnight, leading to a fire at the plant, which is also europe's largest ukraine's state emergency service says it managed to
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put out the blaze and secure safety. that's all for this hour. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes. and of course you can find paul of our coverage on russia's invasion of ukraine on our website that actually d w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching with with
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you to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. ominous uncertainty in ukraine as people wait to see how brutal they threaten 2nd stage of russia on slow down by country might be flooding their. poke to this effectively, trying to wipe you crate off the map. come the destruction already devastating. get worse to the point in 30 minutes on d w. ah,
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you did is pull the news fest goes to could have been now and she got a better idea now too soon by the name of some people it would indicate the model in supervision. what say that, but in but other d w books and they've had no peace for, for decades. the people of iraq our country is devastated and there's no end. how did it come to this g? i witnesses revealed unprecedented story. they were freeze the u. s. they knew what the consequence of these sanctions are,
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and they've liked the world about it behaved exactly like dormancy and the poison spirit. bear with life the great documentary series destruction of a nation this week on d w. with ah ah
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ah ah ah, this is dw is coming to live from berlin. ukraine says russian forces have seized this largest nuclear power plant. that's after an early morning attack on the side caused a fire to break out at an adjacent training facility that fire is now out. and officials say there is no sign of radiation leak. native condemns rushes attack on the nuclear side ahead of a special summit of the alliance is foreign ministers. u. s. secretary of state entropy, lincoln's message to moscow heading into the tops is if conflict comes we already.


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