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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is debbie news live from berlin maria pole still under siege. despite another promise to cease fire renewed russian shelling halts a 2nd attempt to evacuate civilians from the besieged. city officials had begun efforts to move people to safety along a humanitarian corridor. and the u. s. eyes a deal to supply fighter jets to ukraine, secretary of state anthony blank and says the u. s. as in talks with poland to replenish it. stock of war plains if warsaw decides to provide its own jets to its
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neighbour. also, the un says one and a half 1000000 refugees have now fled ukraine, making a europe fastest growing refugee crisis since the 2nd world war. to look at how some are getting help in poland while fighting rages outside inside ukraine's hospitals. childbirth continues despite the russian invasion. new mothers hunker down with their newborns maternity wards double as bomb shelters. ah, i'm william will crop welcome to the program. it's the 11th day of russia's war in ukraine. russian troops are shelling cities across the country, including the besieged city of maria pole, where to day a 2nd attempt to establish a humanitarian corridor corridor to get residents out failed. when the russians broke a cease fire and resumed their assault on the city. these buses ends up
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felicia women for a vacuum ease from the besieged city of maria pole. but for a 2nd day in a row, they remain empty. they were supposed to pick up civilians from maria pull half way between the 2 cities. but ukrainian officials said the convoy was unable to leave the city due to continued shelling, moved short off children, bullets, gro bowler of trouble. there was an evacuation attempt yesterday, but the fighting continued him was lewis to rotan for you. so there was no way to safely get people out of the city on little to me for you is over also, which of you need to understand the risks the fighting poses to humanitarian convoys. so the one that's a will were it's a dangerous undertaking, but the driver still hope they'll be another chance to rescue their fellow countrymen. proven wilson, i'm not afraid any more. there are many of us. we will find
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a way through my rooms. some 200000 civilians are currently trapped and maria pull the strategically important port. city has been under heavy bombardment, water and electricity remain cut off and food is running low. just outside keith, more missiles and artillery attacks. ukrainian officials say it's the same picture across the country, but he frames minister effort was also hit by missile strikes, prompting president zalinski to repeat his call for swift international action. zachary hitler, he introduced a no fly zone for all russian rocket. so for russian combat aviation for the terrorists introduce a humanitarian safety's own without rockets without ball resemble. and while the landscape plea goes unanswered ukrainians at doing their best to flee the intense
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shelling. why it's crossed now to our corresponding economy. who's in the capital, keith? nick, good evening to you. let's start with a situation in maria pole where the ceasefire hasn't broken yet again. what can you tell us? was increasingly desperate situation there for hundreds of thousands of people. this is a big city that is now surrounded from the north, from the east, from the west. missy to southwell has no, you're going to help coming there. and there are russian forces in that see of as of so this is desperate. this was always kind of clear from the ukraine, put you that this would be the key city in that part of the country in the dumbass that this is a key ukrainian base, very close to those self proclaimed separatist areas. and crucial for ukraine morale that it be kept. now we have, this is the 2nd attempt to try and organize cycle shantarian corridor get people out while the shilling stops. and again, at least the ukrainian side says, this is down to russian shelling not allowing this to happen. this is
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a very old fashion conflict. this is not a 21st century war in terms of technology being used. these are shells. these are, you are to re, most of it inherited from the 195060 seventy's. it's very difficult to actually on the ground tell who shot 1st. this been from all through the 8 year conflict and don't boss. but it does release from the ukrainian. it is seem clear that it's the russians who are responsible for this, and they would say that actually it's in russia's interest to stoke this humanitarian situation. because that will put pressure on your grains democratically elected president william zalinski to make sonic and concessions the russians. they say, have already factored in this reputational damage to them. this damage to civilian populations, these difficulties in these sufferings, they're going through. so that is that is that the, there can interpretation here just as i'm here and see if i could just hear a bang in the distance of we've been hearing those all day. those seem to be anti aircraft. systems are basically catching and destroying incoming rockets. so this is a situation that is very, very tense. wherever you are in the country, where i,
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let's pick up on that hill set. so it seems that ukraine still has some air defense capabilities. you're back in cave, in the western part of the country. what are things like where you are ok of has yet to see the kind of destruction that had killed the 2nd big city that is close. the russian border has where you've had lots and lots of residential buildings destroyed. am extraordinary damage to the city center into government buildings there. and oh, almost near blockade. there are still some routes into hot give here in case it's more about tension, about anticipation, what's coming next? we've seen plenty of russian secret agent. so i will, the credits they are, that were ready in place in advance of this conflict, to then emerge on the streets with weapons and try to attack police and other forces. we have seen a reports of attempts to take prison lensky life several. and now there is fighting about 25 kilometers away from where i am now in the western suburbs of cave,
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where you see people left also without power, without water at trying desperately get away. and convoys of sooty is trying to get out being shot at so this is a conflict that is very close. that is basically on the streets k of now give a capital of country that has been at war since 2014. but this is really the 1st time that conflict is now palpable. here in the center of ukraine's capital, you're describing us an incredible layer of events happening there. and in response, over the recent days, we've seen some also incredible pictures of men coming up to volunteer for the ukranian army, hoping to slow rushes advance. so if you're connect and stay with us for a 2nd, nick, we want to have a look at a report about what's driving. some of those volunteers will come back in a 2nd. these men are determined to fight for their country, even in the face of russian firepower, and without support from nato. here and keep their waiting to sign up. the ukraine armed forces resolved to do their part for the war effort. not to
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me. a war is the case, which is my duty which level i won't be useful if i want to help you. i want to protect. i want to fight back like i want my family to return to ukraine as soon as possible, and i will do my best. other volunteers stocking up for the battle ahead. an optimistic about victory. we know why we defined our country and our guys that are actually standing there and fighting, ah, russian military force as they know what they are doing. those guys, they don't, we know what we are doing. and that's why we'll, when it's that determination, that's helped inspire volunteers from much further afield to join the fight and creating mimic tree or let's be here for english just been kind of things barbie, even though the country surround and what he's just thought, isiah galvan was very looking for no illusions on a romantic ideas of war. old, i'm going to be some hero will make a difference or any of these spots. this water, if you could die, has really going to do 3,
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was with heavy fighting already reaching the city, the a pin just outside keep. it looks likely the volunteer bravery will soon be put to the test to some amazing comments there from some of the people interviewed nick, how important are these volunteers for the war effort and the ukranian army overseas? it shows that ukraine army has depths, and that it is able to put more force on the ground than what is currently being used at present. i think it was about morales versus the foreign volunteers assigned to ukraine, that ukraine is not being left alone with this, even though ukraine is outside of nato, even though you as present joe biden has, which he said that the u. s. is not gonna get directly involved on ukraine side against russia. i think the thing that ukraine really needs now though, all weapons are ammunitions. this is a key good demand from ukraine, ukraine thing to western countries where democracy here we have
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a democratically elected government. and russia invaded us in the was claiming that it was still open to negotiations and basically demanding regime change here in ukraine at its own terms. so ukraine desperate to get more in the way of supplies and particularly anti aircraft missiles, maybe more planes. we heard the plan maybe for a kind of swap that poland would send for soviet built planes fighter jets that the ukranian pilots are able to fly. and in return the u. s. would restart poland with american built plains for now that doesn't seem to be happening too soon, but they're really saying if you're not going to close the skies above ukraine, we are really hurting hard civilians are dying in ever greater numbers and his situation where the russian army is actually doing pretty badly in hand to handle kind of ground fighting it's degrading forces. it really does the sense here that rushes going up, the ante in the sky, where it has that advantage and without support in terms of anti aircraft facilities and planes. ukraine really could be left, you know, to bleed her here and is going to struggle to stand up for it. statehood if, if,
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if that was the help fills come in. connelly, their force in cave is always great to see you. and thanks for the report. and as nick mentioned, there, russia continues to sold on ukraine. meanwhile, united states is indicated it's looking for ways for poland to supply fighter jets to ukraine. u. s. secretary of state antony blank instead of can made f sixteens could be sent to poland to replenish it. stock of russian made jets if warsaw decides to send them to ukraine. pilots in the ukrainian air force are already trained to fly those russian aircraft. lincoln made the comments on a trip to ukraine's neighbor, moldova, we are, um, we're looking actively now at the question of airplanes, the poland they provide to, to ukraine and looking at how we might be able to back, fill, should pull and decide to produce those or to supply those plans,
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get more or less development from journalists young polka. he's in warsaw. yon. thanks for joining us. what is weighing on the polish government in making this decision? what it looks like on one hand, the polish side really would like to send it. and we have indicators that it was kind of promised on certain level as since the ukrainians know how to use these make 29 and airplanes. but at least i think, thinking twice the polar side, realised that sending pi digits is a different story than just sending equipment military equipment on the ground and place it somewhere on the board and somebody else is picking it up. if you send jets, then you have to start from a polish airport and you have to go into the war zone and just days ago. and also was also correcting ukrainian claims and statements that they would not only receive these jets, but also be allowed to operate 8 from polish airports. busy this was costly and
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clearly and denied as being fake news. right, is there a risk then that this could be seen by putin as nato getting itself involved in the war and trigger an escalation? yeah, i think so, pulled has been urging more help it all the time. also more or less a military equipment, but they seem to look very closely where's the red line to get too much in wolf into the war in 2 days ago, already polish president, angie duda said that sending jeff would mean it that direct interference kind of entry into the war at the beginning of the war between a natural member and russia. and he emphasized that poland and now too, is not party in this conflict, at least in the military sense. so that's one side of poland, involvement in this conflict. the other is refugees, can you tell us more about poland, current assistance to those coming over it's border he, i would say there is
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a complete turnaround from polish, a position to the bill or a crisis we've seen last year, which is actually a little bit continuing here with migrants being sand bag at the time. now, this was not so much a difference and to the extent of people's willingness to have. we've seen this on the beller us aside as well and adapt it. now the whole country has turned and the borders are widely open right now. also for people of different color and origin will also are sometimes here occur on the ukrainian polish border. so what we see is that poland is receiving more people in a few days than germany over the whole period during the 2015 crisis. and as far as i can see, they are not asking for help. and foreign minister ro, recently was asked whether they would ask for relocation or other assistance from other european countries, but he just did not answer to that. and i can can cannot hear anything like this. all right,
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correspondent yon power card. thank you very much for that. turkey has been attempting diplomatic efforts to end the war president, russia type air. the one has spoken by phone with his russian counterpart vladimir putin and urged him to agree to a cease fire in ukraine. opened humanitarian corridors and come to a peace deal. turkey has close relations with both moscow and keith, but recently moved to limit the passage of russian warships into the black sea. a longstanding, international agreement allows anchor to do just that during war time. but it can't prevent them from returning to their home. ports, such as the case of russian worships in their black support. early re spoke to the w corresponded dorian jones and symbol. he gave us his view on what's at stake for president rachel type air. the one in this war, this is a nightmare for one because much of his foreign policy has been developed on having very close relationship. both ukraine and russia. russia is
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a very key with much of turkey energy incorporating in syria. and ukraine is one of turkey's most important partners for economics in offense contract, and in fact, turkey's business is up south of the massive damage from this question invasion. so for one who's trying to cover his economy, he is a 3rd phase of ukraine will deal more economy and he say the reelection next, he's desperate with the nation says more than one and a half 1000000 people have fled ukraine, describing accidents as quote, the fastest growing refugee crisis in europe since world war 2, the largest number of ukrainian refugees has crossed into poland. many have found support and shelter in the city of krakow. the city is set up facilities to provide child care and other health to get people on their feet. indeed, abuse max xander is there to speak to the new arrivals. hello cristina loves all
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animals, but her absolute favorite are dogs. the 4 year old fled the war and ukraine with her mother, sophia, their journey ended here. and the poles city of crocker. i had to leave because it was dangerous for my child until the war. i was very heavy. there we haven't. i had a lot of plans there. i like to into our knee and i might come back as like a like a tourist not like a refugee. so christina spends her days here at the doctor, henry jordan, you center. it has a special program for the new arrivals. you korean kids are looked after. they are served meals and most important kids can be cute with other people help us a lot and they support us and they are ready to help us to give a lot of things for gospel free. but i feel myself better when i know that i am
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independent person. the attack on laboring ukraine has brought upon a strong wave of solidarity with people all over poland, pitching in and trying to help, just like here and cracow. the city of cracow always had ukrainian influence prior to the war, more than 100000 people of crating descent lived here. and despite more and more people coming and no real long term planning and sight people here tell me they are committed to stand by their side. like those working at the you center director barth warmed me. courts artic wants to help children forget about the war. kids movies in ukrainian irish start got need. some of you with the school, with a few days ago they were at school, are in kindergarten with us on the now they're in a completely different country, surrounded by people who speak a different language than them. because some of what they found a place where they can meet other children and also watch
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a movie in their native tongue. this comes them down, it makes them happier, thought mission up of i mean, but you up to me, my staying happy may be easier for the kid. the parents, however, will have to start thinking about the future soon. be it housing jobs or where their kids go to school. i don't wanna land, but i have to because i have my child and i have to think about her as well. i plan on the for one month. not more, but mostly the situations like many other ukrainian refugees, though, sophia petrov, chuck hopes that the war will end soon and that she and her daughter might be able to return to a free country w correspondent as a valid her is close to the polish ukrainian border this how she said to describe the situation there. i make she ride at the refugee center, just a few kilometers off the border and behind me you can see they are refugees being
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held by volunteers and they are a lot of volunteers here. they have come from everywhere, a busy day, a lot of polish people here, but also from france, from germany. re spoken to people though i from canada, from india. and they come here and lend a hand so that people can get food, can get water. a warm blanket if they need it. so really on a physical level, everything is being done for them. but what people really need at the moment is some time to rest some time to process what they've seen. and i mean, they have seen horrible things. this war is really going on now it's raging and people come here with terrible experiences. and luckily at this refugee center, they can find a bit of rest. they have been bad that have been put up for them. we spoke to one woman, she came all the way from ki, if through live even now she's here been traveling for 3 days and she told us she had to wait at a bust up for 12 hours in the cold. so you can only imagine what these people have been through that she'd have used us about her, their reporting from the polish ukrainian border since the russian
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invasion began, dozens of babies have been born in ukraine. many of them have been delivered in the hospital basements that are doubling as bomb shelters. new mothers are stuck in sy, with their newborns and hospital staff, while outside bombs continue to fall. a new born baby sleeps peacefully. but this is far from a peaceful situation or for these pregnant women and new mums, the basement, at this maternity hospital in ukraine's capital key has become their temporary home . of course, it's terrible. what is happening? well, even in real hell, i could never imagine something like that can happen in clinical century. i saw in women are given brought just in here in a basement. and they were all in blood because they had, for example,
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c section and. and then again, the alarm started and they need to walk down. so basically i didn't even have time to lie off to the c section. it's terrible, it's terrible experience with. ready for staff to the situation is hard to manage. future's natural, cool, with most of our team have not left the building since february. the 24th ripple about the 70 percent of staff stay here permanently. i am on. no, we take turns that were robert digital to it's a similar situation across the country. we need to put while russian bombs fall on the city of cheney have. babies are not waiting to be born. army still come, come to will. everything went well, but i want peace, silence, and com. critical part of what the last one was origin. but with new life comes hope. even in a hospital bunker. charlie, i'm mamma. of course i was worried it,
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but i'm a religious person and i believe that this is a whole a place. ukraine is a holy place as well. with mother, mary is guarding us that god gives strength to us and also to our army. god protects us. stuff a doing all they can to protect the women and babies here. but this is a wool, and nobody in ukraine, no matter how young is safe to have a look at some other developments in the conflict. russian forces have reportedly wounded 5 people after opening fire at a protest in the southern ukrainian city of northern hope come the news agency intersects ukraine said around 2000 protesters to part in the rally against the invasion, waving ukrainian flags and calling on russian troops to leave but frances is deplored, he calls quote, rivers of blood, and tears flowing in ukraine font following the russian invasion. he called for the
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creation of humanitarian corridors for refugees, and a returned to negotiations on the pontiff also said he was sending to cardinals with him to the country with 8 my the when security forces in russia have detained more than $4000.00 anti war protesters, and demonstrations across the country, according to an independent protest monitor, russian police, one that organizers and participants are the legal demonstrations would face charges. protests against the russian invasion have also taken place across europe and the united states in spain demonstrator so took to the streets of barcelona in the swiss city of geneva, crowd sang the ukrainian national anthem, while in new york city houses gathered in time square to show support and demand, more action from nato. and right here in berlin, the hundreds gathered to show their solidarity for the 2nd weekend in a row. our reporter matthew moore was at the protest in berlin today and sent us
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this update. 10 days after the brutal war began, hundreds gathered here in the center of lin to stand with ukraine, nobel prize winners, d. j, and artis joined with ukrainian cope for figures to demand. the modern purchase stopped. this was the also called for no fly zone to be implemented over the war zone on people he had told me, it was important to come along to show the ukrainians that the world were still watching the world they cared and ukrainian diaspora here that i spoke to said, how much strength the golf from seeing demonstrations like this one take place across europe. the russian paralympics team has been given a hero's welcome back in moscow despite not competing. the team were kicked out of the beijing paralympics a day before they started along with bella bruce paralympic officials initially said russia could compete as neutral following the invasion of ukraine. but they
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quickly reversed that decision and banned them outright. following pressure from other countries. russian gymnast at the world cup and doha has provoked outrage for wearing a symbol of support of russian aggression against ukraine. when collecting his bronze metal 20 year old yvon clark donned the letter that a russian war symbol that represents victory. it appears on the front of letter impudence tanks and other military vehicles deployed in ukraine. clark shared the podium with the gold medalist ukrainian star, ilia kaufman, and a reminder of our top stories. the cranial city of mario paul is under siege again after an agreed cease, fire was broken, renewed russian. shelling has halted a 2nd attempt to evacuate residents to safety along a humanitarian court on us. secretary of state antony blinking. has washington is
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working on a deal with poland to supply ukraine with fighter jets under the deal. the us we'd replenish poland stock warplanes if warsaw decides to send its own soviet era aircraft to ukraine. watch need of you news live from berlin will have more on this war at the top of the our, i'm way bluecross they with a with
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