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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2022 11:15am-11:31am CET

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is of the premier league football stands together campaign i've been going out when it's world seed. in response, china, a close ally of russia, stopped showing matches from england. the coming up next. how bellows is also paying the price for supporting its close ally, russia? funding you business with rob was stating they've had no peace for decades. the people of iraq country is devastated and there's no end to violence. how did it come to this? good, this is reveal and unprecedented story. he
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behaved exactly like the gums and the poison spread barrels. misery, but misery, your life. the great documentary series, iraq destruction of the nation. this week on d. w with ah, russia feels the full force of international sanctions, but better roost is also facing major restrictions over its involvement in the evasion of ukraine. will take a closer look at russia's ally and enabler also under attack on multiple fronts. russian ali galks will ask if sanctions against russia's osha rich, making a difference if the state of business on rob walks in berlin, welcome to the program. since it invaded ukraine, russia has become increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. one of its she
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remaining allies is the authoritarian leadership of bella luce, however, it small and neighbor is paying a price for its role. in putin's war, bloody amir putin has been tightening his hold of her, bella ruth, and its autocratic leader, alexander lucre shanker. and with the 2 countries targeted by sanctions over the ukraine, more russian dominance is only set to grow. for 2 last fall, putin and lucas shank agreed on a $28.00 point economic cooperation plan. it includes a common monetary policy and energy market. but in this partnership, russia is firmly in the driver's seat, but the other way around 45 percent of all goods exported by bella roofs in 2020 went to russia. it's a similar story for imports. half came from russia, primarily raw materials. miller uses dependent on russian oil and gas, and the 2 nations hope to establish a common energy market by 2023. bella roost is already
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a member of moscow's eurasian economic union. that's a trading block aimed at increasing russian influence over former soviet countries . now at speak to level evolve sky here is a senior research fellow at the economic think tank. barrack, he's from valerie barbara because actually recently had to move from ukraine to buy to me in georgia because of the war and he joins us from there. thanks a lot for being with us on day to be your business. can you just explain to resist the ultimate aim for bella ruth, to be absorbed into russia? oh, well the thing is that after lucas, i'm lost the lessons in the father duane team. and he has told me that each one of them was basically a trade in so i see him on beller road for ration support. the reason is that the only on the last names are national friend of your president,
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for i show him or him and therefore it looks like that does not have any other options. so does this have a close the union between russia and batteries? it's not something this welcome bye bell russians. i don't think so much. most surely wants to leave a separate country, although, at least before the war, general attitudes toward the russian where rather positive. but the russians always wanted to leave a separate country. that is also being targeted with sanctions for its part in the invasion of ukraine and what sort of impact all those functions having
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well, even 5 is very, very negative. the only thing that we don't know you will be bad or we will be horrible. and the thing is that you the small and open me a so we do found on expert a loss. you know, there is pretty much no countries in the world. we live in water except probably north korea, solid e and most of our production we use in boats. we charge you birthdays and we have a new band on birds. you want our. busy one was one of our most important trade partners, easy, green and mile back on ukraine. maids also from the
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bell roof. we will probably lose the lion of experts for years and is battery, therefore, in a really an impossible position, because not only does it still need to trade with the rest of europe and would like to with ukraine, but also lucas shank, who wants to stay close to flood and may have putin, i mean what, what are the options, there's better is just have to suffer the sanction unfortunately, in my soul, the family is that of course is very easy. and that nuclear, for us to get really low sanctions barrows just has to be a huge role, has to stall garage from users territory to us, back ukraine to breathe with them. switch them, go to kia by. looks like they're gonna look a lot better. we'll actually be
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a huge role trying to confirm this ration the trial is on the fire, do you propose this rose to be blazed where the stalks can happen. even more baseball actually started on the russian soil, but nevertheless, nobody really believes that is a neutral country. is clearly documented back go chromebook and soil and basically you lose the power over the territory. of course, she will be brave and you can stop with any moment, but then probably him, he will lose power inside because he is on larry's here. i can
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remind you that popular votes him and pretty much everything that happened in mile because of his struggle football or yes and like, i think his power is dependent on peyton to some extent were left of off ski from barrack. thank you so much for joining us on date of the business. irish, an oligarchy of long enjoy the european high life with the yachts. jetson, multi 1000000 euro mansions, dotted around the continents beauty spots. however, they are now the target of strict sanctions, strong, the e. u. and other european nations, as well as the u. s. aimed at hurting rushes, richest and most powerful. the lady m. a luxury yacht worth around 65000000 euros. the vessel was seized over the weekend on the italian mediterranean coast. the owner alex a mar dash off was one of the richest men in russia and
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a major shareholder in the german tourism company to we. yachts airplanes, company shares and luxury real estate of broad are considered assets and therefore fall under the sanctions against the country. on the quote as or this mega yacht owned by russian billionaire and potent supporter igor, such and was prevented from sailing at the last minute. it's valued at around a $120000000.00 euros. it's jackie secretes of to you. it was dark, it seemed it was about to leave. it was a matter of hours and we really did a check on the people and we managed to stop the ship and keep it dr. w. e l. it belongs to a highly placed personality in russia and the food and it's a part of the people, the economic sanctions are inflicted upon or politically sunswyck when the mika. so some confusion for sanctions are hitting the richest russians, such as potent confidant and entrepreneur ali, share osman off his luxury yacht. one of the largest in the world is worth around 600000000 euros. it's doctrine, a shipyard in hamburg harbor,
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and could soon be confiscated. re mckinley a double issue of the u. s. has also impose sanctions announcement off and 7 other prudent, friendly oligarchy. none of these include nichol. i took out of the head of energy giant trans napped as well as billionaire arcot. he rothenberg and his brother. there are also visa restrictions on 19 other russian billionaires the f b i is specifically looking for him. he have jenny prego, jin. he is known as putin's cook, running a catering company that serves meals to the kremlin. he is also said to be one of the founders of the wagner group, a paramilitary unit that recently sent $400.00 soldiers in an attempt to assassinate ukrainian president flawed, mere zalinski. so all the gods under a lot of pressure. well, we can now speak to anna grossman, she lectures in governance and entrepreneurship at le,
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for university in the u. k. is great. have you on the program? can you just explain to us the rationale behind targeting, specifically oligarchs? well, in the russian economies organized in the network of interconnected orders and the government, so it's extremely concentrated to economy as well. meaning that a very few individuals control large chart chunks of the economy. so even targeting $300.00 individuals is a very detrimental to the whole economy. and the way the russian economic network works is that these large companies are co owned with the government. so that, that means that there is a kind of or ripped or cushion effect on the whole network of this and, you know, big cluster firms that are somehow connected to the government. so that rise, that the impact will be very important. and so to these, all the guys have
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a lot of sway over vladimir putin himself, can they? can they change his behavior if they are here to kill any hot i believe that, oh not necessarily. i do not have this information. have i think that targeting large companies does have very detrimental effect on the russian economy. so in terms of sanctions they, they have been extremely tar. compare into the previous sanctions in 2014. and in particular, we also targeting banking assets abroad, which prevents these large companies, often multi nationals that are, that are owned by these wealthy individuals to be financed and refinance. so the ripper cushion of these sanctions on individuals these days are much larger, much more detrimental. you know, what sort of impact is it, is it having on the oligarchy we've been talking about, you know,
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cruise ships being taken off them and bank accounts being frozen. but at the, on the, on their day to day lives is it is not a big impact. oh, well i can look comments on their day to day lives, but i think that in terms of their kind of business opportunities of the refinancing of their companies, the rent proportion will be big because they ultimately have financial goals at heart. you know, they're running those big companies and they need to be profitable. they need to be financed. so the fact that they do not have any more access to financial markets and essentially prevent them from, from being fully operational so that, you know, we'll have a very big repercussion on the russian economy in the, on the employees and on all the other stakeholders around these companies right now is them a figurehead for these gigantic companies that makes them an important target and
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a grossman from la for university. thank you very much. thank you. not so from us on the d to we business program until next time to head i was our website database dot com slash business and check us out on the daily news youtube channel. tika barbed wire straight across georgia. a full yes. russia has been pushing its borderline deeper and deeper. as citizens militia bravely resists, rushing occupation of their country, creeping annexation clues on d. w with
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a their i'm david and this is climate change brags with sex lou happiness in 3 books with the book for you. you'll get smarter for free, did over your books on youtube. oh no, cookie puppy tuskegee li tends to his cattle outside his village on pastures that have been steadily shrinking since the south, the sea, she and region definitively broke away from georgia in 2008. goggins land is now divided by a new border, heavily guarded by russian troops who locals fear i'm the russians arrested me here just recently. oh, shoot, light arrested. they came all the way up to there and chased me this way. i said february.


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