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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2022 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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has the state of your business on robots in berlin, welcome to the program, targeting the main artery of russia's economy. that's how president joe biden described. the u. s. decision to ban imports of russian oil creek prices searched again after the announcement which comes at a time when americans already battling rising fuel prices. the u. s. in ports only a small percentage of its oil from russia, but the band will likely push petrol prices even higher. biden quoted the cost of defending freedom. meanwhile, in europe, the u has set out plans to end its dependence on russian energy by 2030. it wants to end most of its inputs of natural gas from russia by the end of this year, but doing it will not be easy. russia is now openly threatening to cut off gas supplies to europe completely. this would lead to enormous bottlenecks for
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the entire e. you gas is primarily used to heat homes in ovens in production processes in power plants to produce electricity. a sudden supply stop would push up energy prices dramatically. prices for oil and gas have already risen steeply. consumers are feeling the pressure at the petro pumps and on their gas bills. before the russian attack, a megawatt hour of gas cost, $69.00 euro's already more expensive than consumers were used to. since then, in just 2 weeks, the price of the e ex energy exchange has rocked to a record high of 335 euros, and the outlook is uncertain. no one knows whether russia will make good on its threat and turn off the tap completely. the e u now wants to completely become independent of russia. re power e u is the name of its new strategy at its core, diversifying energy suppliers,
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and drawing more from renewable sources like solar and bio gas. renewables give us the freedom to choose an energy source that is clean, cheap, reliable, and ours. and instead of continuing to fund fossil fuel imports and fund russian oligarchs, renewables create new jobs here in europe. the u wants to replace 2 thirds of russian gas imports by the end of the year and ambitious target. this will end our over dependency and give us much needed room to maneuver 2 thirds by the end of this year. it's hot, bloody hot, but it's possible if we're willing to go further and faster than we've done before . the you already has plans for its energy transition. but the warn ukraine has officials startled forcing them to make the switch far faster than previously
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thought possible. but let's discuss europe's energy plans further with mike water sin, he's an expert in energy and industrial economics of university of work in the u. k . thanks a lot for being with us. we just had it described as bloody hard by the you, the task this a header it how, how, how ambitious are these plans where they are, they are very ambitious and it, it is quite difficult to see how things will change so quickly if, if i might i would make maybe a diversion to talk about what happened in germany when there was the decision following the focus shiva earthquake to close down 6 nuclear plants. really quite quickly. now the end of this is yeah, that will be that will, that was managed quite well. partly through the fact that the system was integrated
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. but of course partly through germany burning more coal and more leak night in particular in order to it to satisfy demand. so i think in the short term that again is likely to be a strategy in the longer term what i didn't see in the plans is much mention of storage. now, producing energy from renewables is a well known technique and germany and the u. k. and various others, denmark have been increasing this a great deal, particularly wind and in the south of europe. so sola but none of these produce in the same way that gas does. they don't produce very flexibly and they don't necessarily produce when you want it on that key for electricity. that is,
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well, bad question, isn't it? so he said, if you can be getting this natural gas over to where is it coming from? yes. so i think one of the things that's missing is, is plans for storage, storage of energy, not, not necessarily storage of gas, but storage off. and she wants to produce the electrical and she wants produced that has a cut that can be matters. there are various technologies compress, stem, cell storage in dams and so on. but it some, none of that is very quick rise as needed. right? yeah. because they're saying they want to cut you 2 thirds of gas. so i think it, yes, i think in the, in the very short period it will have to be more gas in ports from,
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hopefully the far east, the middle east. i mean, i'm also presumably burning more coal. i'm afraid. those are, those are short term solutions which go against, particularly the cold climate policy. but yeah, because a lot of a lot of other w is talking about is essentially an acceleration of the, the d colonization of the year. isn't it? it's, it's moving years, getting people to use this, angie, i aren't actually just wanted to pivot to something else that's been coming up. i read the invasion of you came by russia and it's all of the companies. but we're all of a sudden seeing stopping operations in the country. we've heard from starbucks now mcdonalds, coca cola, i want to ask you as an industry expert, why we're suddenly getting all of them making this decision at the same time. right? yes. well, i think there are a number of potential factors. i mean, one is
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a public opinion. these companies, when we could instance cases, these companies have experienced a partial consumer boycotts in various countries. that there is times mcdonalds, for example, how's it could be. so it could be public opinion, it could be political pressure. i imagine that president biden is putting pressure on, on american companies, such as coca cola. it could be supply chain issues that they're worried. i mean, again, taking the example of coca cola, presumably the role of the syrup comes from the united states. i'm all a limited number of alternatives and yeah, we got, we got to hold a confluence of issues coming at once. i'm sorry, mike watson, but we're actually out of time to thank you so much for taking the time to speak. so i think that's fine. okay,
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now look at some of the other business stories making news around the world. credit rating agency fits just downgraded russian debt by 6. not just to see saying that the default is imminent, which says, sanctions and trade restrictions could undermine russia's willingness to service. instead, the western measures have thrown the country's financial markets into turmoil pulling its invasion. if you train in britain is imposed new aviation sanctions that make it a criminal offense for russian planes to fly or land in the u. k. one planes already been impounded. the measure also bands aviation space related to russia. one place watching the situation in ukraine. very closely is taiwan china views the self governing island does a renegade province and has about to bring it under its control. russian president vladimir putin and china. she, jim pink, have been working together closely. china is not condemned. the invasion that led
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some to believe it could have similar plans for taiwan island is one of the world's key economies and is an important source of semiconductor chips. let's cross to our correspondent in taipei, so song hon. it's that concern in taiwan because of what we've been seeing happen between russia and ukraine. and the obvious possibility is between china and taiwan . yes, there is concern, but not a val. sutton threat or immediate emergency is rather a kind of crisis awareness. for example, the focus on the military service system improvements, the duration and quality of military training. if both men and women should serve etc. so tony's people can really protect their land when needed. they are also discussions on places to hide when be evacuated. some people may air rate evacuation math to show the location of basin the throughout the homes. a growing says of crisis lately. make pete more people here. wonder what decisions they have
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to make? should china really attack time on a growing sense of crisis in taiwan, but how we seen anything from china? that actually is just that it is preparing to take control of taiwan. not practically china as 2 sessions are still going on. we see most of the meetings are focused on nomic, social, agriculture, and livelihood issues. other foreign related or hong kong, macau anti want issues are less important. however, beijing is talking more and more about post unification arrangements. experts predict that chinese president sheet in p may propose a complete system or brand new concept beyond one country to systems for beijing. solving the taiwan issue is a historical mission. and that you will continue to block tower in penis, through the preparation of force to increase the military and economic pressure on town and to prevent any for intervention. let's go back to what's happening in ukraine. russia and china has been in
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a tricky position in that it's not wanted to necessarily soak, show overt support for what brushes doing. but at the same time, doesn't want to alienate an ally. a, how has china been backing off or not russia's actions and crime at the summit, wes, sholtes and mc wrong. she didn't pin set the situation in ukraine as a warrior and china deeply to poorest the recognition of war on the european continent was seen as the 1st time. a chinese leader had broken his silence since the russian invasion of ukraine and the strongest wording from china. on the situation by some analysts say beaten is using the conflict again, a geopolitical advantage, providing russia with economic lifeline, while blaming the u. s. for the root causes of the war. remember beijing repeatedly say that china and russia jointly opposed a return to the cold war mentality. and now, by playing the role of the mediator,
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the chinese government is to participate in any solution that is proved by the kremlin. i remember hearing from the chinese foreign ministry, the other day that russia is actually most important. ally will. so some harm in taipei for us. thank you very much. not so from in the business team here in berlin to like a, a, with a to the point,
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strong opinion, clear positions, international perspectives, i thought is, will rage is all as a terrifying question hang over. eastern europe. really stop in ukraine. all really risk confrontation with nice hope. so and another special addition of to the point we ask proteins war is he really threatening eastern europe to the point with on d w? with
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not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day and in depth look at current news, events was analyzed by experts and a not just another new show. this is the weekdays. on d w on the green. do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm mil, host of the on the green fence pulse coast, and to me it's clear remains to change the solutions or alpha join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me to do with
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ah ah, this is, did it renews life from berlin? a nation under fire. ukraine, civilians caught in the crosshairs of the war efforts continue to evacuate civilians after russia and ukraine. agree a new c spot year covering several cities. but key accuses rushes, forces of attacking previous escape routes. and the leaders of germany and canada discussed the war in ukraine. here in the german capital, they pledge more support for keith. but german chancellor old schultz wolves out sending.


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