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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2022 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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until its appeal is hurt. russia was due to play poland in a world cup qualifier next week. you watch the w news, daniel winters at next. the dw business news brought us here in berlin. thanks for the company. have a good weekend. everybody slash again that i think that's hard and in the end it's a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the smudges with lions as of the what's your story. ready ready he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence in
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a lapse of take part and send us your story. yeah. chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in full migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, ah, a dramatic turn around and us stalks off to weeks of losses. investors are ending the week up thanks to optimism over the u. s. economy will get the latest to my correspondence on bull street. also coming up the war in ukraine has prompted serious sanctions against russia, but some of refuse to impose such tough measures. just take turkey, they banned russian ships from passing the boss 1st, but little more. now this pressure on turkey's president to change that,
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and spotify upset to join the rush to n f t's drawing up plans, which could see the funds sell. the tokens on extreme set will get the insights of an expert and daniel winter, welcome to dw business. u. s. markets are ending the week on a hi turning around a long period of losses. u. s. stocks achieve the best weekly gain since november 2020. the s and p 500 index of top us firms rose close to 6 percent in the past 5 days alone. i oil prices and the war and ukraine had put pressure on stocks for the past several weeks. and our manny ends quarter is at the center of the action at the new york stock exchange. high end is good to see you again. so what sparked this turnaround didn't know quite a week. you know, question about that blue chips up by more than 5 percent as m p 500, by more than 6, they're not our comp. was it even by a good to 8 percent? obviously some investors believed after those huge losses that we've seen and the
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weakest prior that we have reached a certain button. and the nasdaq composite in the past couple of weeks had been down about 20 per cent term. so it was a profit to fishing here at this point and definitely quite a turnaround. and as you mentioned, the best weed there since november 2020, so profit fishing, but are the gain sustainable considering the fact that this war in ukraine is continuing. and also there are further interest rate risers on the horizon as j. powell said just this week. yeah, definitely. even if with the for industry trade increase, increase, some uncertainty was taken apart from investors here on wall street. that's always good news if you sort of have an idea of what is going to happen and at least with interest rates, the path seems to be pretty clear. and even if we heard from some set members on friday that they actually want the federal reserve to be even more aggressive for
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one fact member calling and interest rates to reach about 3 percent by a year's an end. but clearly, you're right. i mean, we don't know what's going to happen with the war in the crane. we do not know what's going to happen with inflation. that was already a sky high, even before the war started. we also had those locked on measures in china, so it's definitely far too early to really say that we are reaching safe waters, them at this point. so it's hard to say where it's going to go, but at least we can celebrate what's happened this week. so who were the real winners of the week that drove these games? well, i mean, if you think about interest rates, i mean who profit? so when money gets more expensive fits the big bang. so we did the bank in stock doing quite well doing this week. we saw some of the most beaten down stocks recently. some stocks from the technology world. so former facebook,
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so major platforms doing pretty well. apple being a one of the biggest winters and then on the losing end, i mean, we don't just the, a huge movement in the stocks but also in commodities and at least some he was taken off from oil prices and put some pressure on some of the big oil names here on wall street. all right. you heard it from any quarter. thank you very much for that. have a great weekend. yes. and as we heard the war in ukraine is rippling around the global economy, the u. s. the e u and the u. k of all sanctioned russia, but there are no sanctions coming from turkey. now there's pressure on wretched type air. the want to change that as the head of a nato country. he has to live up to the policies of the western military alliance . but he's careful not to alienate his russian counterpart. fatima putin, economically, as a lot of stake attend turkey is stumbles famous. i a sophia,
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one of the cities most important tourist destinations. last year, 4 and a half 1000000 russians visit a turkey more than from any other country. but now with the russian warren ukraine, bringing sanctions against russia. turkish hotel and restaurant owners expect for tours and revenues to drop significantly. the russians keep us alive here in istanbul, and at the again see when they're not coming. we're off worse. it's a fact that fewer russians will come and that will be tough. on turkey, it's economy already in distress. economists are worried that the value of the rubel has dropped. so for russians, vacationing abroad will seem expensive because foreign currency deals take more roubles. it will cost them more, and that's why many russians will no longer travel to go. literally, almost to get your russia is one of the most important markets for turkish
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construction companies with deals worth billions. turkey also exports fruit to russia, peppers, citrus, and lots more. president adon is trying to uphold trade. despite the current crisis . will molena, it could become very difficult to export agricultural goods because russia won't be able to afford as much any more. that might be import bands for some products that will have consequence. st. turkeys export volumes. in tonight, j rush us, one. ukraine affects people everywhere across asia and europe, with a full extent of the consequences yet unknown. spotify is drawing up plans to and block chain technology and nf t's non fungible tokens to its music streaming service. the news has excited the crypto music industries and have teaser traded on the block chain and prove the ownership of
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a token. the move could help boost the earnings or spotify and musicians, and f t could be used to buy and sell digital collectibles like audio snippets or unlock parks at gigs for merchandise to backstage passes. and empties of massively taken off lately. last year. 16000000000 euros worth the tokens were traded world wide. the vast majority for visual art, the artist, commonly known by the handle b. paul sold his digital collage for 63000000 euros as an f t at auction, and aft. his are also used in games like actually infinity, or, and collectibles like pictures of board apes spot if i could bring an f t 's from the visual into the audio world, potentially opening up a new source of income for the music industry. but the move also has its skeptics. and to get more on this, we're lucky enough to be joined by pete house and who is senior electro. no public university. pete. thank you very much for joining us. what does spotify want to do
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with an f t 's and why? i don't know, and i don't think sputter fi knows either. i think at this stage it is purely expert. it is. and i think like a lot of aspects of this sector, the web 3 and f t arena am, is driven by fi, my fear of missing out and i things. but if i had to say are missing out. and so you are a critic of an f t 's among so many levels, environmental, social. you think they're of a bad idea? what do you see as the main issues? this is a backlash against an s t 's. recently serve a, a safety press. for example, they released the series of n f days and some of migrants in rapid thing is trying to get to the u. k. ricin and s t's be released by crystal punishment. will cop tokens, they were rejected by fans,
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he didn't want them and we seen the ukrainian army here just as quickly as i jumped on the f t band bike and they jumped off again with an apology. and the reason that they have jumped off the band numerous, many is because anastasia, so associated with scans and fortune and activities, the one of the largest and f, a platforms i can save said the 80 percent. the entertainment is on their platform are fortunate. and there's also the environment implications of this and most of the men it on the theory and brock chain, not as a common footprint, similar to the whole of singapore is 100 terrible hours of the latches every year, which is the same as the netherlands. and it was a waste problems generate every time you buy and s t, your responsible for trying and i pads or to i pads of an e waste into non so. so there's lots of reasons why people are against this. ok,
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but there are also practical reasons why you, why you might want to own an f t o implement and f t's in. for example, the matter of us tracking digital goods among, along with your digital advertisement say. so even in that sense, if we managed to solve all the other issues with an f t 's, do they have a future? so every platform, without exception, that has started using a block chain, would work better without a block chain. and if he's no different to that, i think specifically with the matter this. and i mean, even if you look at the earliest examples of the some sy, fi books like snow crash or films like ready play one or the matrix is always the real world, which is falling to bits. and people find the a convenient hole in the signs and to put their heads in was the real world falls apart. and i think that's what the matter is not to do whilst we're trading. an f
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t's as socks or something per pound or avatar the real world is falling to bits. and there's also an f t 's for example, the hello and government and started selling and s t passport. so he's a residency permit, so you can buy for 200 people aren't allowed to buy and sell crypto compartment of these n f teeth and carbon credits or fortune and carbon credits being sold for and as, as an f t as crypto carbon collectibles. none of these do any good for this process and they tend to any prior environment. well, i imagine a lot of people will disagree with you, but it's important also that we hear critical voice against these. you know, you have to cut through the hype. so thank you very much, pete house and for your views on that, it was very interesting hearing from you before we go, a reminder of our top story, us markets rending the week on the high turning around a long period of losses. us stops achieved. the best weekly gains since november
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2020, the s p 500 index of top us firms rose close to 6 percent in the last 5 days left high oil prices in the war, and ukraine had to put pressure on stocks for the past several weeks. and job to date with d, w, a business for me and the business team here in berlin. thanks for watching. what making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa, the show that faculty issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the streets to give you in the report. on the inside of our correspondence with on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff. the mazda you next on d, w, the to india,
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the plague of plastic waste. it puts a strain on our ecosystems and our health resourceful up cycling ideas. and green packaging alternatives, try to contain its impact in a meaningful way, in eco india. in 60 minutes on d, w. o, a man with the memories of a woman, ali and from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage. great to yes, this will be the journey of his life. ah, far from home, ali can finally become the person. he's always wanted to be at least very badly. oh,
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in the free credit that will go through with it. i was born in stuart's march 30th on d, w. this is deed of the news africa coming up on the program. he has group of food security in africa, asked a conflict in ukraine rages on the war we in time for the continent asked essential supplies ad i attached from places like somalia, a country already unable to feed its people due to decades of device states and drought people in kenya also struggling to make ends meet as the price of food and other basics shoot up. we look at their courses, i'm asked one expands how he thinks.


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