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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2022 6:02am-6:30am CET

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the of levine has become a haven for aid and shelter, but to day a russian missile attack near the city's airport shattered any notions of safety. at the same time in moscow. a rare public appearance by vladimir putin in a stadium packed with shouting fans. how many were there voluntarily? we don't know that their president lied to them about what is happening in ukraine, that we can confirm. i'm regarding berlin, this is the day ah, we'll get a few an e thought. this is what is called genocide unity. the purpose, the motive, and aim of special military operation and on class and ukraine was to save people from this unit and gather against them murderous dictator, pure thug. what if you, punitive, military operations were immediately organized against them again and not just one
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where you can in a more warriors, if people have credit, gender, us look cremains use of us to pull citizens to the right thing when they put a hard barrier in the way of new nazis and extreme national illness, visibility, plain units, and also coming up nato troops training in the snow and cold of norway to be ready in case a hot war breaks out. these are the signs on the sites of wool, but this isn't war. this is training drills. practice right now. the daytime military alliance has no plans to send troops like these into the very real theater of war in ukraine. ah, what you, our viewers watching on p b s in the united states and of all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with the missiles and message of war that came to day from vladimir putin, as russian forces tightened their strangle hold on the city of mario pole in the east. there are fears that conflict is now spreading to the west. to day,
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near the airport in the city of levine, russian missiles had a repair facility for ukrainian aircraft, only 43 miles from the border with nato member, poland. and if there were any del, it's about where putin stands in the 4th week of his war, they were dispelled today by putting himself inside a packed national stadium in moscow. putin made a short and rare public appearance in just 5 minutes. he praised the russian public for supporting what he referred to as a special operation to stop genocide in ukraine and to thank russian troops many who have died in ukraine. he offered his paraphrasing of the bible. prosaic mute, acquitted rolo words from the holy bible come to mind to ship to santa, yet boucher, there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends got yesterday, we're not the adult to so. so you. the rosy slave is
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lucian. put years dinner, them you the best illustration of issued guests is the way our boys are fighting and acting during this military operation, your legal shoulder to shoulder. oh my god. they help you a little and support each other easily. neither. and if needed, don't got cut, know the bread that they would take a bullet for one another on the battlefield. you like brothers fully where while the russian president spoke only briefly today about what is or is not happening in ukraine. the president of china in the united states spoke at length about the war in the chinese read out after the, to our phone call between she's in pink and joe biden. beijing, it repeated the standard line, that conflict and confrontation are not in any one's interest. now biden has warned china not to help bruton escape the impact of sweeping economic sanctions that have been imposed by the west. there is worry that an isolated russia will seek rescue
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and cover from china during talks back in february, you may remember the chinese and russian leaders played what they called a limitless friendship between their 2 countries. i would like to think are from what we want to go to washington out. our correspondent oliver salads. oliver the read out from the white house with his conversation has come out. what does it tell us ran? it tells us that the u. s. is very concerned about a potential chinese meddling in the war in ukraine, essentially that russia could evade sanctions with the help of china. also that the conflict of china, metals in that war could spiral further out of control could reach some global implications with china being involved natal perhaps eventually leading to a 3rd world war. and that read out was very brief. considering that the 2 president spoke 2 hours on the phone earlier today, and also came fairly late. but what it does really tell us is that biden warned
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president she and quote, unquote described implications and consequences of china provides material to support russia. so certainly no further detail on the one hand side, but clearly what the why it tells us talking about here are sanctions for china if they help russia evade the sanctions. or if they provide any military support in the conflict. and we know oliver, that china is watching very carefully what's happening with ukraine, and that brings us to the issue of taiwan. no, i understand the president. he mentioned taiwan in today's phone conversation. and he said that the u. s. is not in favor of any u, unilateral change in the policy over taiwan. i mean, the biggest worry from washington is that after the war in ukraine, there's going to be a challenge over taiwan. isn't liana lang concern certainly is that
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our chinese geopolitical aspirations so that china, the, the larger picture that china wants to dethrone the united states from, from being the global a hagaman if you will. and so certainly following its own geopolitical goals, and that could be seizing taiwan. china has set time and time again that they don't accept taiwan as being an independent entity and that they consider it as part of, of china, of the one china policy in fact. and so the fear here in the wide tells us that this could cause a precedent that could lead to the root erosion of, of other democracies around the world. and therefore also to the leader to the erosion of the western values and the international world order. post world war 2, as well. certainly, that is a concern for the united states and is something that you as government is fighting against navina. this has been a week in which we've seen the ukranian president zalinski addressed the u. s.
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congress asking for help. the same day the you as president, he announced another $800000000.00 in military aid to ukraine. at the same time, he has called vladimir putin, a war criminal. and then if you add all of that to what we sold today in moscow with the russian president speaking, mean is the feeling there in the us. that ties with russia have now forever been broken bet. you know what's been done the last 30 years, it's all over. well, certainly, and then the diplomatic relations are not in a very good shape, of course, as we speak and yes, you've described the situation of the 2 countries. there are still, they're still talking. there's this line where the both military sides can connect to each other, to de escalate and to communicate with each other. and they still hold of course, diplomatic relations, but they're at a low point and certainly there's no direct conversation right now on,
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on the level of the president's office biden. and putin. so certainly the position of the, of the u. s. government is that 1st and the russia, which is clearly seen as the aggressor in this war, by not only the u. s. by western allies and partners as well, if they have to de escalate as a 1st step. and then the relations could improve it. oh, yeah, if at all you're right, i mean have to ask you, you know, you've been covering you as politics now for a long time of the situation in ukraine. there seems to be bipartisan agreement that the u. s. should support ukraine and that, you know, sanctions should be slapped and are slapped on the why the mir putin. is it true bipartisan support when it comes to this or in the republican party? donald trump's g a p base? is there any split while the republicans have been calling very
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early for those sanctions and earlier than the democrats, and that for that matter or so before the war broke out, and before russia attacked, let's be very clear here. ukraine than it was rather the republican side calling for sanctions a ride. now as, as things turned out, the way they did and it is a bipartisan support that they have here. as you know, it's very rare situation. of course, of course, a little bit disturbing. also that president, former president, trump a call to bruton, a genius at the beginning of the war. and you would, you would certainly wonder what the position here really is. so it sounds like if you go to the trump camp, that there is no clear position in a way above when, when it comes to sanctions and when it comes to opposing the russian aggression here. then both parties speak with one voice. it abuse,
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oversell it with the ladies from washington to night. oliver's always thank you. courtney, president, modem is zalinski, has been calling for military support not only from foreign governments, but also from would be foreign fighters. soon after the war broke out, he formed an international legion for volunteers willing to help the ukrainian army fight russian forces. so lensky government says that around 22000 people have signed up an estimated 1000 of them coming from right here in germany. it's 3 am at a bus station in berlin, 34 year old pascal font with the german armed forces in afghanistan. now he's going to ukraine as a volunteer fighter. he said farewell to his 3 daughters. a should soon, no holes. i know it's in a way i'm protecting my children, even if i'm over there, i'd say, if i wait until it comes here,
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then it might be too late income. but if i go over there now, if i could try to end it beforehand from o dot info and the fellow who docile in steuben, he's heading to a war zone. it's not clear how many germans are fighting alongside the ukrainian army. it's estimated to be about $1000.00 that german interior minister is not stopping people joining the war unless they're known to be extremists. the union, the o'six, those who have an extremist ideology want to train on the use of weapons. for instance, we do try to stop them from leaving germany through legal proceedings. ukrainian president, viola, dimmer zalinski has called on people from all over the world to come and fight for ukraine. ukraine has even put out recruitment video seems where the battle against russia is the battle for your future. they say for in the legion of tutorial, defense of green is waiting for you actually. but experts warn that foreign volunteers could worse and the conflict hearing lots of volunteers from the outside
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in some ways, plays into hooton's hands because he's trying to portray this war, not as russia conquer ukraine, but as russia defending itself from the west and russia has shown that it makes no exception for foreign fighters. earlier this month, an air strike hit a military base near the polish border where foreign fighters had also spent time training. at least 35 people were reportedly killed in the air strike on the barracks. whether foreign fighters were among them is unclear. this volunteer fighter from germany says he was inside the barracks during the attack. hisco loyce, this'll no, no. i miss al, like that striking 50 to 100 meters away from you, or maybe 200 of managed to run away of it. that's something that's hard to forget. on the august leg over the snow, he complains that his ukrainian superiors did not warn him and his comrades of the air strike other soldiers were able to flee to the bunker. the na hello, polite my late, still ready to risk my life right europe's freedom. but i'm not ready to foolishly
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sacrifice my life and just say ok than just kill me. and i'll talk to that. okay. that until after the former german soldier has now left ukraine, he says the decision was consensual, but other german still want to fight and are now heading for the war zone. o rushes, defense ministry says that its forces are tightening the noose around the besieged port city of mario boat. earlier russia's military said that it was fighting in the city center. now that information has not been independently verified. mario polt have suffered some of russia's fiercest, bombardments. local officials say as much as 80 percent of homes have been destroyed or than 350000 people are trapped without heat running water or other basic necessities. hundreds are believed to be stuck trapped beneath the rubble of a theatre that was sheltering civilians when it was hit by a russian air strike. over
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a 130 people have been rescued. the number of casualties is still not clear. this just shows you it is very difficult to know exactly what is happening inside mario poll, dw correspondent nick connelly. he made contact with a 19 year old named uri. inside the city uri sent us these voice messages. no, no amend. ah right now i hear plains rose, i hear shooting every 5 or 10 minutes. that summer notated book, and yet the sound of fighting never goes away. so soon as we can, we gazed no more at need bethel that it's been days since intense shelling started here. where i am now, please have yecynnia field is for cool us ukrainian and russian forces are fighting for you. and i haven't been able to leave my house. there's a week in all its. this is the 5th day. i've been stuck inside from shaheen. you
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whom nicholas sleeman was. i'm additionally, if you potato, i've seen people dead on the streets with my own eyes turned on me. some are you near my house? there is a shop i was near by when it was hit by a shell. i went to see what happened and saw for bodies if they were probably hit by shrapnel your, their bodies were only picked up 2 days later. a couple of them obviously, should his teachers either 3 or 4 days after the war began. people started running out of food and yet both really even the shops were shut off and people started rating shops that had been damaged by shelling in search of food on katherine another. 3 or 4 days later, people were so hungry that they started breaking into shops that had stayed on damaged. that's because they needed to eat like marine is allergic to switch it to the you do i. she just crossed illness near the water. the sure city is gone food,
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but it doesn't exist any more. your it's been destroyed. the shops have been smashed up by hungry people. you could do it, and our buildings have been pulverized, says daniel bruce, this to my friends, went round the city and saw a 5 story. buildings were only the seller was left and was dan you. i thought that the couple block so that im yellows of the week of 70 was it over time? would you get used to all the explosions? lincoln said, well, you're not really scared any more perfectly when something hits nearby. i've stopped running into the cellar. them yet it just becomes normal. but the system, you kind of the bleach closer like it's stressed when there's no internet down and i can't reach my relatives or my girlfriend, lena, who already managed to get to germany, to use neos go to road. she knew all i think about mine is when i'll be able to get out of here and see her cutting in the near the bus. if it is for this for hulu, but it's the explosions and the shooting reaches that aren't as scary anymore as
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losing touch with the people you love. but i switch, i submitted an immunity and we are able to report to night that it does appear that yury was able to get out of mario, full well as the war rages across you, gray nato is preparing for the worst. a military conflict with russia. 30000 native soldiers are conducting a massive military exercise in norway designed to test their readiness for combat in cold conditions, debbie's jack parrot is with them. he sent us this report fire and maneuver. $2500.00 french polish, spanish and portuguese soldiers. taking part in this nato exercise could brilliant jump. the soldiers told us, the invasion of ukraine has posted their determination to defend their country. is exercised. we are, we actually, i can see that we are
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a solid group. i it's, we are what we are working. i like i one organism. and if we are together, we will. i find the way these drills have been in planning for 2 years. they're using the cold conditions in norway to train artillery, infantry and specialist. you can deal with chemical and biological attacks, checking interoperability between countries. these are the signs on the sites of war, but this isn't war. this is training drills. practice right now. the nato military alliance has no plans to send troops like these into the very real theater of war in ukraine. these troops are on a 5 day notice to deploy, but currently only within nato's borders. attending the drills, general vollmer once the 2nd highest officer in the german army, and now a top nato commander told dw news exclusively. he's greatly in favor of the recent
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move by the german government to increase annual military spending to 2 percent of g d. p. with an additional one off injection of a $100000000000.00 euros. our neighboring countries are counting on germany and with this announcement and with the will now to, to rebuild forces re enforce them again. that is a strong statement and of course, from a military perspective. and as a nato commander, i'm counting on germany that they were rebuild capabilities they gave away many years ago. the exercises here at camp rana are also aimed at reassuring people living in norway, in the nearby town of hummer. people told us they're fully aware of the drills a norway has border we do with russia and we never know what can happen. so i think it's also a lot of fear in norway. what can happen? we don't know. nato will protect us. and i think ukraine
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would dairy best, so if they very natal know, i'm afraid of that. and because i think we have to work and people to people in peace process and not the military. many of the soldiers present here will know, participate in a 355 increase, strong drill and cold response conducted by norway's own armed forces with nato involvement. the commanders say these exercises aren't designed as warnings for russia, only to prepared defensively. ah, the most urgent challenge we would face is a nuclear under, on or in iran that was on the very precipice of attaining a nuclear weapon. we do think the remaining issues can be bridged. we have made significant progress. we are close to a possible deal,
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but we're not there yet. it is cautiously optimistic words there from the u. s. state department about reviving the iran nuclear deal. there were figures that the war in ukraine could torpedo efforts, but this week negotiators have reportedly signaled that they are very close to an agreement that would see the u. s. rejoined the d. o. an see iran returning to compliance with limits on its nuclear program. but to talk about that, we want to go to my next guest. he is an authority on us reiney and relations. true to parts. he joins me tonight from washington. d. c. troy. it's good to have you. back on the program, your russia could have stopped negotiations by hinges them on the west lifting economic sanctions that were imposed since the start of the war in ukraine. russia reportedly not doing that. is that the latest? and is that true? that is true. this happened earlier this week. the iranian foreign minister was in moscow. and we don't know exactly what happened,
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but the russians essentially we drew them more exaggerated than man they had, which was that sanctions that would impede russian trade with the wrong could not be imposed. rather, the thing that the western countries agreed to was that i continued ease that entail russia being involved in the j. c. k, for instance, shipping out is l e u. things of that nature that do also entail certain financial transactions. those would be exempted from the western sanctions, but not russia's general trade with you on a russian general trade with the bar is very minimal. it's a big economic factor. but it was clearly that the russians were trying to create some challenges, but they have been resolved at this point. what's remaining now is only the issues between the u. s. and the warm sauce. well, let me just ask you that the state with russia for a moment. i mean, it would seem that this, the g p a wave is maybe one of the only lead points of leverage that it has right now with the united states. why would it not try to, you know, to hold the j,
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c p o, a hostage, a little bit longer to try to get some of the sanctions lifted your quote rights. because with the j. c, q a, you will have iranian oil coming back to the market at a time when the russians want to make it as costly as possible for the u. s. to impose all of these different sanctions on russia. i certainly, since the united states has made it clear that he wants to help you out significantly reduce its reliance on rushing gas and oil. getting yvonne, gas and oil onto the market is certainly not something that the russians would find helpful in the short term. so your question is quite correct, why would the agree to it? i don't know, but i suspect that would happen is that the russians realize that if the went down that route, they would really damage some of the very few relations the still have left that i have not been damaged as far such as rush relations with iran as well as vs relations with china. so it appears that something along those lines has convinced
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the russians to step back. the one is, were clearly in a very, very bad position because it was embarrassing for the wrong is for their own populations to see how dependent and how wonderful ron is to mood swings happening in moscow. and should have been about a minute left, the window of opportunity to revive the iran nuclear deal. it's getting smaller because of what may or may not happen in november and the u. s. mid term elections . right. certainly not only the mid term elections but also in the presidential elections 2 years from now. but at this point, it's quite clear all sides are going into this agreement with the expectation that this new iteration of the j c p way will last 2 and a half years. and if we're lucky, more than that, but they're not counting on it. lasting more than that. and that is part of the reason why that transformational potential of the agreement that could actually have seen the u. s. and the western even improve their relations. that
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transformational potential does not seem to exist in the current iteration of the deal. and so are we saying then that whatever is reached, if we do revive the deal, the chances are very good. if there is a republican in the white house 2 years from now, that deal will be next. yes, republicans have already made it clear leading republicans from tom, from a weiss president attempts to, to cotton and others that they will fix to steal a part that has been a significant factor that has weakened the u. s. as negotiating position in these talks for the party as always we appreciate your time and your analysis. thank you . thank you. they is almost gone. the conversation continues online. you'll find me on twitter at brent gov. t v. i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. have a good weekend, everybody ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with viva what to do a hero from colonial to lewis and to south african robert having kind but a claim him in boston is a direct descendant of mama chief hendrick v. t boned and the musician wants to draw on that heritage. and so it's so important for our people to have that that are off from which we will cut the 77 percent next on
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d w. ah, nothing as the new little girl has completely van. it's most important to model last we tested as a club in 100. this is how the new generation you read came to 60 minutes on d. w. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families inferior to these credit owners. we loaded demonstrate people fleeing screen ross getting 200 people who sign in june around the world.
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more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes, the wine because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w made for mines. hello and welcome to his special edition of the 77 percent. is the sure where we discussed that topics important to you? africa youth. i am your host, eddie micah junior, with now and today. sure, we're discussing how to deal with the past. then i may be an genocide to be precise


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