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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news ly, from berlin, ukrainian president lamesa, landscape ones. moscow, the time for peace talks is now just the time has come to restore territorial integrity and justice for ukraine, though. otherwise, russia's cost will be so high that you will not be able to rise again. for generations. big warning comes amid fears the war could be expanding to west in ukraine. a ramped public appearance by the russian president vladimir putin praising his troops for carrying out what he calls a mission to denounce if i you cried. and we look at poland challenge to provide
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schooling to a 1000000 refugee children from ukraine after the war disrupted classes. ah, i've been for solon welcome, ukrainian president. blood of mister lensky has called on russia to take part in immediate talks to stop the war in ukraine. well than 3 weeks after russian president vladimir putin started the conflict, his military remains locked in, fighting with ukrainian forces along the eastern ages of the country. moscow says its troops have now entered the city of the besieged. port city of murray opened so far talks of yielded little progress. in a video message, the lensky warned the russia would pay a huge price if it continued its aggression. yeah, what's a sub man? i want everyone to hear me, especially in moscow,
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in the stuff the time has come to meet, to talk a worry, the time has come to restore territorial integrity and justice for ukraine woodley, otherwise rush has causes. what are so high that you will not be able to rise again for several generations? began a corresponding mathias bowinger is in living in the west, or we just heard the president there tell us more about his message. yeah, i think it's very clear what he means, the damage that is inflicted on russia through sanctions, but also the damage that is inflicted to the russian military has been a really big and a he is basically saying that russia's plans to invade ukraine to change the head of government to install a puppet government, whatever the plan really was, has failed, and that russia is now in a, in a, in a week position. and it should get to the table to talk. this is of course,
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also part of psychological warfare. but he is the shelling of ukrainian cities continues in russian troops have started launching more attacks in the west, which is where you are. let's take a little look at at this report. ah, emergency sirens in ukraine's western city of levine, russian forces targeted a repair plant for military aircraft and damage to other buildings, smoke billows over the city that was largely untouched by russian bombing on to now you don't want louisa. enemies strike against this is further proof that they are not fighting. you can troops who are you, they are fighting the population. my children are women, refugees, nothing is sacred to them. how many of the residents feared an attack was a matter of time. you don't wish to serve. i think this war will last
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a long time. it's possible that this war will become a frozen conflict in some regions of our country. green is america and i. e. alleyah. yeah, the merchant, somebody to be rocky. those, when it would have been worth a darling, marcia vickery will continue bombing our military targets when it was in your when it was a jubilee. and it's also possible that they will target civilian infrastructure here as well. action lose the dog. they can do anything skepticism. i think their goal is to scare us it, not that we will not be frightened, touchingly live super silicone. in the eastern city of hot fire fighters battled ablaze, triggered by russian shelling it targeted one of the biggest shopping centers in ukraine's, the 2nd largest city and the capital of keith also came under attack. at least one person was killed and several others injured in the neighbourhood. a poor deal. that was because it was no other now when the key of district wheel crowded. maria
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was been shelling. here we go. we see vic funerals are clear. what is horrible is that near here? there is a children's garden and playground on this side. there's a school. ah, she's with several houses have been damaged. looking for warrensburg, we can see in what condition they are in. the windows are broken and they are no longer put for little desert. yeah. the perceived city of mario poll remains under constant russian bombardment. president putin says his actions unnecessary to prevent what he calls a genocide in ukraine. a claim dismissed as baseless by leaders around the world. and now the war has reached live to a city that's been seen as a safe haven. but now empty plans are placed in the city square to honor the children killed in this war. it's the places where people are seeking safety, which continued to be targeted and civilians are paying a high price. and we know mathias, that thousands of civilians are still trapped in areas where there's heavy fighting
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underway. what, what about the evacuation efforts? how are they going? it's very different in different places, but still there is, as you said, many people trapped in places who cannot evacuate. people have been trying to, some of people have been trying to flee. for example, murray over the city that has been besieged for more than 2 weeks. and that is really in, in, in, in, in a bad condition as far as water, food and everything is concerned where we have seen reports that even the bodies can not be very because of the heavy shelling. some of these people have tried to flee across the fighting while being shelves, so that shows us that they're really desperate and it's really difficult to evacuate from these places. in other places, the many terry and corridors as, as they are called have worked and people have been able to escape safely. but they're still a lot of people who are trapped. it is what about a piece deal?
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what sort of concessions would ukraine actually be willing to make? well, of course, they're not playing and every concession that they would be willing to make on the table. what they have said, however, would zalinski has said that he would be willing to talk about nato membership, saying that any way he does not see that nature will really take ukraine in. so that would be something to talk about. but the idea that ukraine would really renounce nature may bush membership and limit its army somehow, that's what russia demands is probably not on the table, because that would make the country very vulnerable for another attack by russia and illusions about any security guarantees that russia might give on paper a very low here. that is spelling a thank you very much,
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reporting for us from live, if they're in the west. if you could. russian president vladimir putin has held a rally in moscow to mock 8 years since the annexation of crimea. who praised what he called the country's special operation in ukraine, and again pushed his narrative that it's a mission to rid ukraine of narcissism. tens of thousands were at the events, though there are some reports of people in public sector jobs were pressured by their employers to attend. so many turned up for the event that they couldn't all fit into the stadium organizers bounced in some of the participants urging them to support the russian army in its military operation. as it's referred to in russia. the term war is not allowed to be used. lasha my supposed our army is liberating the people fighting the nazis and fascists and the band groups, the civilians. there are history or the receiving humanitarian aid and are being
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rescued as a show spa soap. new brought to ferrari is an against naval craniums. it's against the fascism there just like when we fought crashes in europe during the 2nd world war. alyssa welsh's mom via wrote the inside the stadium patriotic songs and praise of the soviet union, lenin and stalin. that's my country. this one goes referring to ruthless former soviet leaders. ah, then president putin takes the stage, referring to what he called a genocide of russians, and the don boss and naming crimea as part of russia. the speech ran on all channels and then on own channel simultaneously, the unthinkable occurred. potent was cut off mid speech. instead of put in the pop singer was shown again. what exactly happened is unclear. the kremlin leader said there was a technical problem. put in speech was later repeated this time, uninterrupted is
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a look at some other developments in the war. the white house as u. s. president joe biden has won chinese leaders seizing ping, there will be consequences if he provides his ally, russia with material support in its war in ukraine. the to president spoke on friday for 2 hours in a video call. china's foreign ministry said she told biden the wall must end as soon as possible. a u. s. military aircraft with 4 people on board has crashed in northern norway. vehicle or v $22.00 or spray was taking part in an ongoing nato military drill when it was reported missing. and whether it had been reported in the area, the fate of the crew was not immediately known. it was an estimated true 1000000 ukrainians. now, in polar nearly 1000000 of them children, the polish government has promised to get every ukrainian child into a school or kindergarten. but the straight on poland education system is enormous.
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so far, schools have taken in about a 10th of those who are eligible did overuse. monica sharon sca went to a school in judge edge off an hour drive from the ukrainian border to see how the children are doing. they've been thrown into the deep and escape from war and now a new school with a new language. so we've got children, i english class gives them some where to start i from leave b r o i s my from keith. or she doesn't know it's not everybody speaks a different language here. i would like to learn colas, if i've always wanted to learn as many foreign languages as possible. sure, yeah. now, how do you think you, i mean, it's nice to have new friends from another country just, you know, you can learn ukrainian, they can learn polish. why she doesn't say this. i would still like to have my
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things from home. but to live here, jessica chris, here. everything is amazing. if forward the school is nice and there was a pool. i miss my dad. for now, everyone is focusing on getting to know each other. they focus movie level. oh, great, great we polish girls speak polish, and grainy and girls speak ukrainian. if it's easy we understand each other. if we don't, we find someone to translate in our class. we have ukrainians who speak polish, or we use sign language that are happening, go them or no yadda you. i understand them though, not much, but it's lots of fun with them. listen, listen. every day maria graham students apply this year. they will be no tests, no grades for do korean children. they need to settle into the new lives and learn polish. is a program at now to tell active anger, we're going to hire
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a teacher who will teach polish to the ukranian children using the ukranian language. at the same time, we will have an assistant teacher who will translate during adolescence to match this school has 16 new places to offer recruiting and children. it won't be enough . polish schools are already bursting at the seams and so far for each ukraine, refugee child who is registered for school, 9 more are waiting. our children tier said i and there was, there were still sirens every night and every day. so my husband and i decided that i would go with the children to poland. i to why that i would work there to support them placement so that they would feel safe. shavani bully the shields or glee. not only are they say maxine is in school and his sister victoria is in kindergarten. her alana had never considered leaving ukraine to go live somewhere else. suddenly she is along with the children starting a new life in
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a new country. russian football fans won't have a team to cheer on at the men's football world, copying katara this year. the code of arbitration for sports upholding the decision of pupils woke governing body fifa to suspend all russian teams and clumps from its competitions in response to the invasion of ukraine. the court rejected a request from russia's football association to habits suspension frozen until its appeal is heard. russia was due to play. poland in a woke up qualifier next week. for the 1st time since the beginning of the boring ukraine, accrued space flight has docked at the international space station carrying 3 russian cosmonaut the tree a received a warm welcome from their american russian and german colleagues. already on board the, i assess and in what could be interpreted as a statement of the war. they were wearing uniforms in the yellow and blue colors of the ukrainian fac and next step or c space. so you watching the w news. you can
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always stay up to date on our website, d, w dot com or on social media. we back next hour. thanks for watching. every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make the cities kreger? how can we protect have it.


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