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tv   Arts.21 - War- Torn Art in times of conflict  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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ah ah, this is my grandfather gregory, and he's the by the 2nd will warm. he was clean teeth. he's one land and this is the 2nd time he has to flee. we a hot, broken honestly, i'm hot broken. you have to really think that will save the human beings right now. the art is not in the 1st place, i'm sorry, but does not belong to you. it's becoming clear how little
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we appreciate times of peace, immune and however wonderful civilization is. it's also fragile with, with rushes, war of aggression in ukraine continues with devastating force. people are dying and their cultural heritage is under threat. millions are fleeing their homes. ought 21 meets people helping and those being helped and examined some questionable partnerships. but 1st, a look at cultural monuments at risk m a. m. a viv, historic monuments are being wrapped up for protection and almost helpless gesture
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that testifies to ukrainians pride in their cultural heritage. and that the war has now reached western ukraine. an air strike on a military base near live left dozens dead about an hour's drive away. it's quiet. in ivana francesca, this small gallery has become a place of refuge for works of art. 9 talk knocked out english. you own a day after the invasion began. we reached out to galleries and artists who we know in other parts of ukraine and told them we had the capacity to temporarily house and hide artwork, sam foot, who by gained often even conan owned so about 20 people and institutions responded on good fee. um, all fancy o lloyd to own that. we've managed to accommodate 6 out of those 20 requests for help. see an unfathomable but a z yet
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a chickens don't go. city none. there are artists leading to west in ukraine who don't want to leave the country. will have but they need the support of an artist, it's community so they can continue to work on their art mission via cli, constellation activity, the other. so this has become a type of crisis or war time residency peaks is it that offers artists a space in which they can work and can sitting in here. so i might, even as the war pushes closer, they intend to stay and work on an online exhibition. collaborating, and a safe space helps generate a sense of hope. at the national museum in la viv such hope is all but lost. ukraine's largest museum survived world war 2. now it's bracing for the worst. artworks are being removed and taken to the seller for storage, for how long no one knows. after years in charge of the collection,
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the director is overwhelmed by despair. in har keys in ukraine's northeast, the nightmare of wars destruction is already a reality. this museum is still standing, but frantic efforts are underway to preserve its artworks, including works from russia. if they are doing an figler, it's an irony, a fate that we are trying to save russian art works and paintings by russian artists from their fellow countrymen. it's all just barbaric bottled st. sophia's cathedral. and keith is one of 7 sites in ukraine, ostensibly under protection as unesco world heritage sites. but they're at risk, none the less. they include cubes, a revered monastery of the caves, under the jurisdiction of the moscow patriarch it. is it a red line that vladimir putin would dare to cross the street? i got kind of wood moss. i don't want to speculate as to how much any one reflects on such things than to what extent read lines even exist as
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t m. and cut. what this particular case does highlight is the degree to which cultures are interconnected, vizier could truant it and undefined, it's and it's, it's an example of the absurdity of wars between the parties that have long been connected to their traditions and share a history of cultural exchange. would learn also. unis goes world heritage status failed to protect the unique buddha statues. a balmy yawn and afghanistan carved into a cliffside by buddhist monks. they survived for centuries until the tale bon arrived. as the world watched, total destruction was also inflicted on the syrian city of aleppo. it's historic center reduced to rubble by years of armed conflict. in 1954 hague convention bound signatories to protect cultural heritage in times of war. only one case has ever made it to court in 2012 islamist rebels in mali destroyed historic mausoleums and
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shrines in timber to in 2015. it was the 1st case of cultural destruction to be tried as a war crime at the international criminal court in the hague. dockman. that's a feature skeptical they managed to convict the person responsible, the leader of the islamist militants and sentenced him to 9 years in prison and a very high 5 offer. i think the offenders. so there is a precedent where this instrument of international law has been successfully implemented. and one can only hope that it will offer protection for other sites. oh is good. in many parts of ukraine, efforts of protection are already too late for the victims of this war. as well as for world heritage sites. $3000.00 churches, historic towns and buildings that have helped shape a nation's identity. ah. in
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early march a russian air strike targeted cubes, main television tower. ready it's adjacent to the holocaust memorial side of bobbin yar. ready by 1943 more than 100000 people had been murdered here most of them jews . the crystal wall of crying is an installation by marina abramivitch. it integrates crystals as a symbol of healing. the new york based artist has to cried russia's invasion. we asked her what purpose can art serve in the face of war? you have to really thinkable saving human beings right now. a art is not in the 1st place, i'm sorry, but is not, is so much more immediate thing to be done. when i see the, the hospital been well between the babies, you don't being carried out and that woman die on the delivery of the child. this is something so much more urgent than anything else. hooton's war has already achieved. one thing ukraine is united like never before and fighting to protect its identity. there's little hope culture can bridge the divide. each presented global
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. i personally don't believe and cultural dialogue when it's weapons that are doing the talking. i said, the war has to stop before anything else can follow. dana, ah, a war that is taking innocent lives and forcing millions to flee. i'm children and i is scared of war. i don't like a german photographer has documented the lives and fates of people in western ukraine to leave the live, the air. raid sirens have started again like nearly every night. but the war is coming closer. it's arrived and live and its presence can be felt everywhere. if i will come in on the street to swallow noon, fate has flung together tens of thousands of people fling the war here on the border between ukraine and poland. in the days following the russian invasion of
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ukraine, photographer, flowing on by my, was there to capture the human face of the tragedy. back in germany, he said to work sorting through the pictures he had taken this and asked as his hips. and this is nasty. i she's 14 and a lame up 23. they were crossing the border with their mothers. svetlana had taken her daughters to the border crossings on and then said good bye to them to take the daughter off. she and her husband couldn't bring themselves to leave their country, but they asked their older daughter to flee with the younger daughter and to look after her. mister caden in thousands of years. mm hm. it's shes along with crowds of ukrainian women, children, and other refugees. but my i spent 30 hours in freezing temperatures, waiting to cross the border to the safety of western europe. on the thursday,
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jonathan said, this is the line of people waiting to cross the border physician. god knows how long it is. now. most of the women have small children with alice. oh, it's completely chaotic. her regular outbreaks of total panic guns, sometimes outright violence in i wasn't able to take pictures because of course it wasn't permitted in the border area. but i had fallen down in the middle of the crowd and was getting trampled on. i couldn't get up. i was trapped on the ground as he bought out a wooden fil van back maia is a photographer who doesn't stay on the sidelines. that goes to the heart of the action. visit. amanda, this is a man who just returned to ukraine from poland chemical that eisner group. he was traveling by boston, a group with other men coming home to join the fight. to the shirts came back myers were tells the personal stories behind the headlines. he's visited ukraine
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some 20 times since the my done uprising that began in 2013 last year. he published a collection of photographs called in limbo, the state in which ukraine has found itself in the last few years. as the war and dunbar has raged in the south east of the country. ah, it's lifted julia as is as this is julia. she was just 21 when the picture was taken and had already served on the front line and don boss, a number of times would be needed as a dog. she train soldiers and firing anti tank missiles. folks to hear that i'm pretty sure she's joined the war now that vic affordable thought was in the dish. the war is claiming lives at home. because when we were rushing through the streets, looking for a basement to take refuge and we stumbled across the corpse of his boy, daddy,
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children who taught me a resident told us he'd been lying there for 5 days. at some point, i couldn't bear it and covered him with a carpet in the cold. no one in the neighbourhood knew who he was. the name of the after a few days someone stole his boot. florian back maya chronicles events. people and places in ukraine showing it as a country steeped in brutality, but also beauty and meaning fitted don't boss. this is a minefield and don boss, and i took making it so i was drawn to. it's almost other worldly beauty foster. he went up to the hinge and that even though i know that it's a beauty that's haunted by death, there's a thin line between beauty and horror. and despite the horror life goes on
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ah, over the world, the cultural scene has expressed solidarity with ukraine live like the metropolitan opera or on social media platforms, like the bumper, c philharmonic and it's conductor questionnaire. v. deep orchestra has always seen itself as building bridges between the baltic states, but it sponsor as a russian energy giant. the baltic sea philharmonic is an orchestra that not only wanted to rediscover music. compiled of musicians from 10 countries on the baltic sea. it wanted to rediscover the whole region and it had many grand ideas. we really asked the question, why are we doing? and if to have an orchestra to do a tour, there must be
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a real purpose. and the purpose is unity, enlightenment, and love. ah conductor christiane. yeah, he was convinced of the unifying power of music as was its main sponsor the north stream pipeline company co founded the orchestra in 2008 and invested a great deal of money. after all, just like the baltic sea philharmonic orchestra, it wanted to explore new sources of energy and overcome geographical borders in the baltic region. ralston plays an active role in all the baltic states and all the multi countries center 2 years ago. oh, be a thought about what sponsorship could be fits to lots of because really, europe of europe, we collect tear through the youth of every baltic, still nation. so together and it's, it's worked so it came as no surprise that the orchestra played when pipeline one
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was inaugurated a few months later. critics say that this sort of partnership is common, but problematic was this de facto zona obs via shots? it's economic diplomacy with cultural means to suit well, art and music and other forms of culture prepare the stage, sometimes literally for actors from the political sphere and the business world to shake hands and to stuff their pocket touches. oh, the baltic sea philharmonic orchestra is base just 10 kilometers away from the nord stream landing station. it plays at that, was it a music festival every year. a frequent guest is former german chancellor. gerhard schroeder, the lobbyist for nord stream and russian energy. this is attracted a lot of attention which thomas will surely dreamed of when he came up with the baltic orchestra idea. did he ever have any concerns or that mackenzie
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a big one can actually be pleasantly surprised when done? we hadn't got kind of where no instructions do our programming was completely free . um and the company was not present and any other way others once lucas let us die, but at no own bagel was saying was there was no requirement to display logos over the stage or anything like that. it wouldn't have been possible to be so discreet with another company in europe. i mean, middle east. oh, but was nord stream, sponsoring really discrete? just to look at the program booklets reveal some interesting details. for example, the baltic c music education foundation consisted of a questionable gentleman's club. the president of the board of trustees was mathias vonnie, a former stars, the officer thought to have been close to vladimir putin when he was in germany. and c e o of nord stream to chairman of the board was dick phenomenon, a kind of foreign minister for nord stream, who dealt with difficult questions regarding authorization. he was also chair of
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the board of trustees for the austin. they should have done a baltic c foundation funded by north stream 2 and the treasurer was frank hoisin. a lawyer for nord stream, recently removed from the board of directors of the baltic sea conservation foundation. after pressure from environmental groups. the same names crop up everywhere revealing a network of nordstrom managers in the german state of mecklenburg for pullman, which the regional branch of transparency international condemned. the coaches, he knew that ally bought themselves into all kinds of places, actually are active in youth work and culture and sports and now in environmental protection to if they're simply trying to boost their image to put it kindly it's networking. but to put it last kindly, it's cronyism, it's all ah, it was long known that no extreme to with using its money strategically for green washing purposes. did the orchestra turn a blind eye to the fact that it was possibly being used to elicit sympathy for
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a controversial russian german economic project for art washing purposes? in this orchestra started at the place that russia was at that time was, was in a completely different situation. it was, it was, there was a lot of hope. it's pointless to drag art and arts to the level of politics and, and the economy, which least war, i'm sorry, but we don't, i and just kim deal on this level and, and i won't deal on this level. but the orchestra wanted more than music from the start. it wanted to unite all baltic c states, russia, annex crimea, in 2014. wasn't it at least clear by this point? what kind of sponsor the orchestra had that north stream represented certain interests. and in the end that the orchestra was complicit in promoting risky,
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geopolitical interests, destined affecting a demon niche. these are simply things that shouldn't have been overlooked, or people were naive, so to speak. on this night the tay stemmed from a mutated long understanding of the slogan, changed through rapprochement. there was coined by the german social democrats at some point changed through rapprochement became changed through trade and that became corruption when coped zulu. what now? how is bridges be built? music will be needed in the future to as well sponsors the confound orchestra, such as the baltic, sea philharmonic. but perhaps we should take care not to underestimate our responsibility or over estimate our influence. i don't want to put a, put it this way, but maybe that's the only real benefit of this large trend projects is not the pipeline is actually the orchestra itself. and all that,
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that is the only good thing that actually came out. ah, whichever way you look at it, north stream one pumps, massive amounts of gas from russia to germany every day. and the cost is rising daily. the war in ukraine is taking its toll on its people, including in the capital chief among those who have sought refuge is ukrainian composer valentine sylvester of. ringback o m valentine, sylvester is one of ukraine's leading contemporary composers. once a representative of the key of avant garde, he became best known for a post modern style. he himself caused meadow music. on march the 8th, he fled the ukrainian capital with his daughter and grand daughter. he's now in
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berlin. the lawyer say yes, leave a share stuck with it's becoming clear how little we appreciate times of peace. god says that says hostess and however wonderful civilization is, it's also fragile to desire to cope guy. yeah. what he up is rule or music cannot respond to that fragility, by being forceful when papa feel is of most of the new chip really chip. that's why i compose the way i do. you live in it? yeah. unless, unless some law we comes more a broad deal at the relationship. what of gala? so less jobs work is questioning introspective. in the early 19 seventies, he came under pressure to conform to soviet precepts of contemporary classical music. for a time his work was given back. but he remained true to his own ideals. it became one of the most distinctive music voices of his country. the composer of world renown last year latvian violinist ketone kramer
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performed a piece by valentine sylvester of at a memorial concert for the victims of the 1941 babin. yar massacre. when nazi troops murdered over 33000 jews in the space of just 36 hours in a ravine outside give. get on kramer has long champions, the ukrainian composer not only are they bound by a longstanding friendship, they also share a commitment to fighting against violence and totalitarianism. and right now against putin and his war on ukraine. oh, wooten. at korean, at that, that a put in is basically a terrorist, is an international terrorist on par with been latin machine, but a 1000 times more powerful and dangerous war did not ordinance thirtyish them. he should be declared an international terrorist,
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little and put on i most wanted letting him can you like been latin analysis of when london a benefit concert for ukraine at the kaiser vill him memorial church in berlin? no sooner had sylvester of arrived in the german capital than he began campaigning on behalf of the people in his home country. oh, but in skin wasn't gotcha, which ukrainian music, even though it's ukrainian, is also european music though they do. that's the thing scored for all its uniqueness. russian culture, like ukrainian music, is also european culture. of course, dora valentin sylvester has not added his voice to the chorus, calling for a boycott of russian culture, a chorus that includes pen ukraine, a group that protects freedom of speech, and authors writes, oh, that the composer sees no sense in shunning russian writers and poets such as boris posture noch o sip mondo stem, and anna ark, my tova,
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all of whom were victims of stolen ism, a chest, the chest, and then sasha. there's a tendency now to ostracize everything russian, savannah girl scope of what russian culture has given the world. so much all immune from music to painting israel apiece is dug up, guess whip it what was with retina food. and when you consider the fate of these artists and say in the soviet union, if and czarist russia period, then you have to remember that that they very often opposed those in power. so you actually went to, what was it sick, was you against the backdrop of an escalating geopolitical situation, which threatens the very existence of his home country valentine, sylvester of stands by his personal convictions and douglas a horseshit. it misses his course. the world is so loud driven by a desire to become more and more monumental, curb it but the origin. well mani mentalism is unbearable to lee as much right
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when that is we want to return to quiet and calm. so dish and a lot of tissue mold t o t. there's a sense that we are sick and tired of the monumental shane it will spell us at one i'm in baton. ah ah ah ah ah sh the need for peace is becoming increasingly urgent. as is the home video can be achieved. that was where it's 21 see
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next week. ah ah ah ah ah ah, with
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who was making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa, the show that was the issue shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal you way on the street to give you in the report on the inside. our cars, funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff, the mazda to you in 30 minutes on d,
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also in book form. a man with the memories of a li from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage. great to escape will be the journey of his life far from home. ali can finally become the person he's always wanted to be. i won't be spared badly. oh, in that re credit and we'll go through with it. i was born in stuart's march 30th on d. w, with
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the news alive from berlin, trillion precedents. villette, mazda lansky, wants ma school. that time for peace talks is now stuff chest. the time has come to restore a territorial integrity of justice for ukraine oak, otherwise rushes cost will be so high that you will not be able to rise again for generations. big data. the one in comes i made fears. russia could be attempted to expand its war to west in ukraine.


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