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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is did the news alive from berlin? ukrainian preston's beloved mazur lensky wants moscow. that time for peace talks is now stuff just the time has come to restore territorial integrity and justice for ukraine. otherwise rushes cost will be so high that we will not be able to rise again for generations. big. the one in comes i made fears. russia could be attempting to expand its war to west in ukraine. this, as the russian military says,
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it has used hypersonic missiles against targets that this will be the 1st time they have admitted to deploy them in combat. we'll talk to an expert to find out what this means for the war and ukraine. also coming up, we look at to pull and challenge to provide schooling to a 1000000 to refugee children from ukraine after the war disrupted classes. ah, i am eddie micah junior. and you are welcome to the program ukrainian, unprecedented by the mazda lensky house, called on russia. to take part in immediate peace talks, it comes as russian forces claimed to have usually hypersonic myself for the 1st time against a weapon step all in weston ukraine. they also said they had entered the center of the besieged city of mario pole, and the se rushes vladimir putin as held
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a mass rally in moscow, where he praised his troops in ukraine. ukraine's port city of maria pole lies in ruins. this used to be a shopping center. now it's just a shell, dead bodies, litter the streets. those still standing left with almost nothing. rushes, assault on the city has not let up. with reports, russian forces have now entered the centre against this background, ukraine's president is demanding fresh peace talks was of the level of colon available, always insisted on negotiations. for a while,
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we've always offered dialogues, offered solutions for peace, new door, not just the 23 days of invasion, which will, and i want everyone to hear me now. such a especially moscow shows it's time to meet us after time to talk to us. it's time to restore territorial integrity and justice for ukraine. but it doesn't appear. russia's leader is listening. on friday, vladimir putin spoke at a mass rally held in moscow to mark the 8th anniversary of russia's annexation of crimea, to adoring fans. he spent on what he says, his invasion of ukraine is all about, even though is both to in the suffering and the genocide. that's the main reason, the main motive, and the aim of the military operation that we have started in danbury and ukraine. the numbers to, you know, green everything is non in, but not all russians back. putins wor,
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including it seems in space. 3 russian cosmonaut have arrived at the international space station. what caused some surprise was that they were wearing yellow and blue flight suits the colors of the ukrainian flag back on the ground in ukraine's capital keep. these people are now homeless. the latest victims of wall talk of peace seems a long way off. our correspondence, funny fashion is in the live in the worst hello funny. the humanitarian situation is dire in many parts of the country where thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting. how are these questions going? good question. because there is hope from the ukrainian perspective, at least at about 10 humanitarian corridors, are going to be set up to help evacuate people,
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especially from the dumbass region for mario paul, which has seen have showing basically that city is reduced pretty much to rubble right now. the question really is if that can be implemented in a safe way, as shelly continues to hit so many parts of ukraine, especially the east, the south east and north of the country. now, yesterday, actually there were reports that people started to leave mario pool by on foot, not wanting to wait or to to die either of starvation or of freezing to death as brutal. this may sound, but this is reality embodied pool, or it can become reality for so many people, they are trapped not having access to electricity, not having access to food and basically limited hardware in, in total. so the question really is, for those humanitarian corridors that are so needed right now are going to be implemented are, can, can actually work or not. yeah. rule how to be following up on that now live where you are,
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has been taken in many refugees from all over the country in the last weeks. how is the a situation and of it if you asked the mayor here to me else live is he actually criticized international organizations not being prepaid enough even now 3 weeks or more than 3 weeks into this war, to help people here on the ground. he says it's basically based on help by volunteers, and just how long can leave a city of about 700000 people can take in more people. he says he cannot go on forever. that you have these temporary shelters. there must be an organized way of helping finances. this is something that you requested. and if you look at the international and yours, in fact, when we were at the board, us with the romania also in portland. you do see a lot of international and yours on the other side. so in pool and in romania but not on the ukrainians side, however, the un actually just announced that due to their logistical and operational challenges, it was yes, very difficult to answer to all these challenges right now. but they also said that
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they have sent tons of medical aid and other aid to sue me, which is in the eastern part of ukraine board in russia basically. so yeah, there's a lot of frustration actually here on the ground on the political level that now you have seen this entire conflict, this will raging on for 3 weeks. but that there is this moment or this momentum. now here and if ever people say, hey, just how long is this going to continue and is there more help coming in on an international level? now, present, soleski has announced our systems fall ukrainians, displaced by the innovation. what will this support look like? basically everyone who's trying to help are providing shell to, for refugees for internally displaced people because we have to know about 3000000 people have left ukraine, but they're about 2000000 people internally displaced in their home country to everyone was trying to help them are going to get very basic, help at presidents zalinski sad. basically your utility bills will be covered. may sound
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a bit bizarre to people who are also trying to figure out how long to stay in the viv or other parts of ukraine. but in the end, of course, all these measures strike those to create jobs for those who are internally displaced are a way to keep the spirit up here in ukraine and try to show away i had that the president a wants to have. we will see obviously how that's going to continue banks. funny, foster constantine that gets joined us also from lithuania, consent in foot in praises the war as heroic mission. but present zalinski says it's time to meet it's time for a talk is 14 ready for this? because he hasn't achieved what he set out to do media because we don't know what's happening and with his hands because he's essentially prosecuting this war. it seems on his own. but frankly, i doubt it. i think that's meeting zelinski is quite
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a way off put in to insist on finishing this operation. what does that mean? he doesn't want to me that is key because meetings in there now would mean that he ran out of the me and essentially that in the eyes of the world will be probably seen at the peter. and this is something that he, a poor, the kind of thing that we could expect is more protracted warfare, more shutting off sitting there. and probably some readiness on the part of the crime and to go into kind of most stagnant more. if you wish, stabilized france in which the world continue, but there will not be any major attempts to advance somewhere, especially if mario booth is taken by the russian forces. i do not think that the criminal will agree to any kind of meaningful peace talks. now,
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concerns in regards to the abuse or rational. as thank you. rash affairs that has use hypersonic missiles to destroy your warehouse, a weapons belonging to the ukrainian army. speaking on state tv ration defense, ministry spokesman, ego kind of sank, upset. the attack had used kensal missiles seen here in the russian military view of the test firing some time ago. moscow says they can travel up to 2000 kilometers on travel several times the feet of found, allowing them to evade defense system. more let's bring it by, police put the air defense expert in brussels, belgium, hello for a reason. is there any independent confirmation that russia have in fact filed, it happens on the miss. i have not seen a mission of that, so we have to oversee this information with lots of caution, but we have to look at it as an interesting thing. no worries, you know,
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from the russians in terms of then taking you through step. now, if confirmed how much of a game changer is it to use this type of missile system? well, if a step, because the russians that be verified using a highly sophisticated or strategy weapon system compared to a b. so i think he's a signal to go to where and ukrainian, that even if there were to strengthen the ukrainian defense system, which is what is being discussed behind closed doors. that the russians we have the means to basically go through the system and break them. and i think it to your population that the russians can reach western ukraine and can keep the pressure with recently was
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a relative and safe place to be. so i think even if it's not a happen to be true, i think i know that. so try to kind of escalate and try to increase the pressure. i mean, it's also being described as a press session, a weapon. what does that mean? exactly. does that mean? russia will headsets targets more precisely, which could avoid more civilian that or doesn't mean even more death and destruction. you know, i think you start to speculate that the same because again, like you said, we don't have all the information. i would not expect the russians to worry about whether they use precision weapons or not because i see my, you don't have any problem about using precision weapons against the city and population so. so i think this is a bit of information he talks, which would be really think of the question. the bottom line here is i think,
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you know, again, to the west, whether we mean business or not. and i think it's time, hopefully from a pool, as you know, the navy doesn't meeting next thursday to couch will be more trying to be more willingness to engage even directly by supporting more actively ukrainians. but i think to west conscious and watch. so the what has been going on for a while now? what is the game plan for put 10 percent put in no rush as president. well, that's the $1000000.00 question. i think what was the game plan originally was now pretty clear, which was to go to russia friendly government the place and grab some territory to play. you know, that would be great to russia. clearly this is not going to happen. now. the question is,
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what would be good enough for you to basically walk back and we draw russian forces from the ukranian territory. and i think this is your sense of the negotiation going on between this team and his team. and what's really important, what we can do right now is to make them as strong as possible, as able to resist as possible so that when you engage a little diplomatic cow solution, you can get a relative strengths. ok, thank you for the friends. experts in brussels, belgium, thank you now about 2000000 ukrainians have made it to poland, nearly half of them children. the government has promised to get every agreeance out into a school or kindergarten by the strain on poland. education system is enormous. so far, schools are taking in about a 10th of those a legible did abuse. monica shariska went to see how the children are doing at the
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school in zoof. and i was dr from the ukrainian border. oh, they've been thrown into the deep and escape from war. and now a new school with a new language. we've got children, i english class, gives them somewhere to start, i strongly believe or role diagram as my me ha, my phone, keith or she doesn't have her. it's not. everybody speaks a different language here. i would like to learn college if i've always wanted to learn as many foreign languages as possible. ship. yeah, bobby, thank you. i mean, you had it, it's nice to have new friends from another country. you know, you can learn ukrainian, they can learn polish, which isn't ideally, i would still like to have my things from home. but to live here as a broker here,
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everything is amazing. if all the school is nice and there is a pool, i miss my dad. for now everyone is focusing on getting to know each other. little can move you never. oh, great, great we polish girls speak polish, and grain girls speak ukrainian. if it's easy, we understand each other. if we don't, we find someone to translate in our class, we have ukrainians who speak polish, or we use sign language that i have when you go them. well, no, yadda you. i understand them though, not much, but it's lots of fun with them. every day, more ukrainian students apply this year. they will be notice no grades or do korean children they need to settle into they new life's and learn polish that program at now to tell actually been year or we're going to hire a teacher who will teach polish to the ukranian children using the ukranian language at the same time,
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we will have an assistant teacher who will translate during other lessons get to match. this school has 16 new places to offer recruiting in children. it won't be enough. polish schools are already bursting at the seams and so far for each ukraine, refugee child who is registered for school, 9 more are waiting our tooth. it's a no, said i, and there was, there was still sirens every night and every day. so my husband and i decided that i would go with the children to poland. i to why that i would work there to support them, replace it so that they would feel safe. shavani bully the shields or glee. not only are they say maxine is in school and his sister victoria is in kindergarten. her arlena had never considered leaving ukraine to go live somewhere else. suddenly she is along with the children starting a new life in a new country out, germany is also becoming
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a new home to thousands of refugees from ukraine. somehow friends and relatives levin half who had been anxiously awaiting the arrival, did abuse band fuzzily and went to the south to see his cousins reunite. timmer left you green, 20 years ago. now he's welcome. in his rabbit michael and his family, who just made it out of naperville in central ukraine. ah, the last moment of waiting, and then brothers re unite the point before me. mind we're happy. i'm happy to see my brother again and again, but not under these circumstances. until the whole background makes it difficult. for last, you don't want to believe what's happened. didn't have benson planning was by through this it was an exhausting 5 day trip to michelle and his family across ukraine. and then 3,
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poland with final destination dsl east in germany. or someone in the thing is we're all still lying to ourselves a bit. we believe it'll stop. yes. and me and people along the way, we're saying one or 2 months and then we'll go back when you said no above all, i feel hatred for these beings because it's difficult to describe them as people who are doing this to ukraine. is it something you absolutely cannot call a special operation? he won't, but of them is other thought the who thought also that with that of even the littlest of children have had to grow up quickly in the war among the bumper, liberal at one time when mom and dad were out, we had the sirens, and it was take cushions and quake into the buffer a bore. ah steve,
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you know, before they can rest, the family has to register the authorities of a financial aid and help fighting an apartment and work so everything's worked. thank here in germany, we have the chance of a new life was leaking up. for the 1st 2 nights, this shelter at a sports stadium. athena misses her friends scattered across europe and worries about her grandparents who stayed behind here watching particular still i hope that they realize it's best for them to leave it before it starts anthony paul, when you said the piano and i hope that they get out your spiritual year can be sure, but she has her mother and father here in germany. he didn't have to stay and fight because the draft exempt fathers of 3 or more children. but her all cheer multiple . i can only wish her army success spirit,
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and they can stop this aggression muscle thought about owner for, for a of the last alone, i believe they'll push them back. is too little to your spent. oh, chances are at the most important thing for now is to get back to normal life. the children need to be in school and in kindergarten material and we need to find work . beyond that, we'll see no dyson before them. a month ago, they didn't think the war would reach them. now they're having to build a whole new life. here is a great story of europeans going to great lands to help others in need. a convoy of spanish taxi drivers has made a long journey across the continent to poland, to deliver aid and pick up a group of over 100 ukranian refugees. they brought them all the way back to the safety and warmth of moderate. b, hunks and hugs welcomed them,
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unlikely heroes back home or on her and ready cheese, who have found a new home in spain. the aid mission began 6370 kilometers ago, here in madrid, that's when the spanish caravan of 32, texas hit the open road for poland and was left last week on wednesday and got back today. drivers hauled tons of food, warm clothing, and medicine to a reception center in warsaw. but they didn't make the return trip with empty cars . they shuttled 135 ukrainian refugees with them. we escaped to poland her from ukraine beds are
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a lot of pressure refuges her right now and her we just want to go as far as it possible to to be you know, to be safe and to feel safe. she's among more than 3000000 people who have fled, rushes attack on ukraine. most have come to poland, either to wait out the war or plan another destination. for those madrid bound, the ride is bittersweet. i know where i'm going to live, but i don't know what i'm going to do. how am i going to work? where is my life going and what's the future for my family and ukraine? this initiative is just one of many springing up across spain and europe aimed at helping refugees. those who made it here will stay with people who are opening up their homes to strangers. asked for the once he brought them,
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the volunteer taxi drivers hope to bring more ukrainians to safety soon. houses. emma is one of the world's most famous film, compose s. he scored movies like gladiator, pirates of the caribbean, and the lion king for which he won an oscar. not a jam on his tore, and you up with a show. he's dedicated to the war. he was of ukraine. the ensemble includes 10 musicians from the cranium, port city of odessa, ah, music from the soundtrack of wonder woman, 1984, a film about a female super hero composed by hun sema. on stage he dedicates the song to the women of ukraine. ah, we only managed to get 10 members of the orchestra out of ukraine in the end. and
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those 10 are here. what would you please stand up with? thank you for being part of all family. love you all. ah! for the 2, i was supposed to take place more than 2 years ago with the whole or desa or pro castro, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. the musicians had already started rehearsals when the war broke out goes to for your colleges, mold over their legal lead through moldova, but on the way it was a very long journey 1st. moldova then romania, we flew here from bucharest, fi frankfurt. it took a long time,
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but we were very lucky because there were many, many volunteers, he league to help us in moldova and romania fumble at which not a whole into it of good the record telephone which has only some of the orchestra members made it out musicians from around here up, stepped in to fill the gaps. ah, they did manage that'll be convenient, leaving the probably never been as united as a people and without the countries. that's why i'm very happy to be here and to participate in such a wonderful project. that's uniting, even more people get that idea to should wish. today the show has become a musical protest against the war handsomer. and the odessa pro castro will be on the road until the end of april. ah, the watching did all the news here,
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the headlights ukrainian press then followed mazda lansky household on russia to take part in immediate talks to stop the war, he warned on russia would be high, prized, continued its aggression. moscow says and how to use the hypersonic miss. i like kenzie weapon sterile in west and ukraine. those are the top stores as a ball headlines of miranda walker. join us at dw dot com with a small coming a
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a with who was making the headlights and what's behind them. d, w, news, africa, the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the street to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars fund that was on the ground reporting from across the continent. all the trend stuff,
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the mazda you next to the d. w. when you get in the bomb, so nobody in an air raid shelter, it doesn't matter watching with ukrainian fashion design. although he was invited to the been and fashion week, he's stuck with trying to survive. but he still managed to showcase his work on the thanks to his friend taylor usb, in sunny garrison. you ro, max in 60 minutes on d, w, ah ha, we're all set to get to go beyond deal with . as we take on the world, 8 hours, i do. oh,
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this is weird all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes. hi, police. my follow up with you. we are, your is actually on fire made for mines. this is dw news africa coming up on the program. fiesta grew for food security in africa . asked a conflict in ukraine rages on a worry in time for the continent ask essential supplies. i buy a test from places like somalia, a country already unable to feed its people due to decades of devastating drought. people in kenya also struggling to make ends meet as the price of food and about


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