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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2022 12:15am-12:30am CET

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people and the besieged eastern port city of mario pole is refusing to surrender. after russia issued an ultimatum, the city is under heavy bombardment. the food and water are running low. you what you need of needs from berlin. i've told me all the logical official break robots will be here with the business news for joining us. ah. ah, what people have to say matters to us. mm. mm. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. making the headlights and what's behind them. d. w, news, africa. the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back
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to normal. yeah. we're on the street to give you enough reports on the inside. our correspond that was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the friends stuff. the mazda u. t. w is africa every friday, only w we're a, a russian court accuses meta of extremism. a judge in moscow has banned the web giant's hugely popular platforms. facebook and instagram is russia amazed to silence. dissenting voices ending its reliance on russian fossil fuel is germany. a striking deals to source its own and gas from elsewhere, got some analysis and deadly knock on effects of war. surging weight prices are making food, staples unaffordable in africa. the state of the business of watts in berlin.
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welcome to the program. and we began in russia where a court has banned facebook and instagram prosecutors in moscow accuse parents company matter of extremist activities. thing it was allowing, russo phobia on it platforms, facebook and instagram. we're already blocked in russia after the countries media regulator said they were being used to call for violence against russian soldiers. the new court ruling also prevents matter from opening offices and doing business in russia. however, the judge said that whatsapp, which is also in by matter can still be accessed because it isn't used to post public things. but it's got more on this from financial correspondent in new york. he ends quarter young. thanks for joining us. just tell us young why russian prosecutors particularly targeting better is peers. well, i mean, the whole thing has been boiling for quite some time. i mean, the head,
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for example, been some claims that made a platform. so the mother company of the facebook had blocked access to russian media outlets. and then as you're already mentioned, so that facebook or a meta actually allowed some posts to call for violence against the russian soldiers, some facebook or actually had an answer to that to him. saying that it actually relaxed some rules so that let me see it here against violence speech, only 4 people inside your crane and only directed at a russian military in that country. so now this ruling that we've seen here on monday. yes. so then all sorts of western companies reacting to the russian invasion of ukraine. but how i'm particularly a us tech firms approaching what's been happening that well, i mean, it's
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a pretty mix. i mean, some us tech companies want to avoid to that. and russia, you might to create information evacuation. so some services like what the, for example, you tube are and also some apple apps and still on. but we have for mother tech companies, for example, some of the big chip makers. so qualcomm or intel, for instance, they definitely stopped export them to russia and that could hurt the tech industry in the country. so overall, the tech company, a lot of the tech companies are doing what hundreds of other companies are also doing that they're pretty much pulling away from russia. there is one little concern, so that russia to get there was sign up, for example, it could tried to replace the us technology, but that's actually going to take quite some time. if we talk about conductors,
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for instance, it's going to take years to really build your own effect with, let's say, in russia. i'm so that's probably pretty hurtful to the russian economy. ok, i'm caught her new york, thanks to santa casa for us. now germany hunt for alternatives to russian fossil fuels is begun in earnest. economic minister robert hardback is on the 2nd leg of a trip to the persian gulf having already ink the gas supplied with cutter. but the german government is attempting a balancing act between securing enough oil and gas and keeping its climate promises. germany is doing all it can to wean itself of russian energy supplies. the country's economy minister, robert ha, back a green party. politicians said opic countries should increase oil production on a trip to the u. e. m. mr. at risk? no, i did not talk about oil except for opec. in this respect, we called for the production volume to be increased in such
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a way that people in the world can pay for this oil. as long as we move it to rebrand is actually the tying kern, a german green minister, calling for more oil at a decent price. that's because russia accounts for more than half of germany's energy imports and berlin needs new partners on sunday habit was in kata where berlin sealed a long term gas supply partnership with the country. and now he is keen to emphasize the german government is also investing in cleaner energy. berlin signed 5 corporation deals with a u. h. c, i, the 100 of one. they're all about producing green hydrogen, intensifying research, developing the technology, and then bringing it to germany. it's not available yet or not, but transport technology development using vicki that can start already. we have no time to lugs the 2 countries want to create a hydrogen value chain between the u. e and germany. the hope is that hydrogen
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could help germany accelerate efforts to de carbonized. let's get more in this strong to ponder, to embellish, brought us our fort, thanks for joining us in the studio. fun. but just a little bit more about these. these deals that germany struck with the u. a x as a handful of them as, as, as 5 deals as specifically. and of course, on those deals are really about research development like the m, german economy minister, all but having said they are. and one of the more interesting ones is the one are, which includes lufthansa and siemens or energy and anna and amir, etc. company called mazda, and they're supposed to work on an aviation fuel with fedex. you all using hydrogen, which is what all those deals are about. so it's really about getting hydrogen, which is, you know, carbon neutral, depending on how it's produced right now. it is produced in a way that is still releases emissions, but if they weigh less than what we have in fossil fuels and we're looking to get in one of those doses,
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of course for the aviation fuel that is that it would help you know, create pretty much carbon free flying. i'll make it possible, but none of that is happening right now. and of course we're looking at a pipeline of, you know, projects that would take 10 to 15 years, the delivery of the hydrogen. whoa, take at least the 1st one will arrive this year in germany. so we have to build up the technology for it. and it's going to get here maybe at the end of the year or something like that. and of course then the other stuff will come in the years to come, including a project with a phone, whole science issue as well. scientific research institute in germany striking deals with the are you a premium? well, it's not without controversy, right? so how is this going down payment germany? well, i mean, well, but how the economy is that was asked about the other deals and asked about countries specifically because of course, cut there has received a lot of criticism for treatment of migrant workers. and, you know, he pointed to the fact that we're talking about, you know, working with russia,
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which of course is in the 3rd terran regime, but it's also more with the european country. and then of course, we're also looking at those countries which are not democratic, but beyond that war with the european countries, obviously it's a choice between he probably didn't put it that way, but the lesser of 2 evils. and what his pretty much looking into and yeah, i choice, but the one that had to be made ok from the chamber. thanks a lot 1st and across the board brings that report. so or ukraine and russia have been called europe's bread basket because they are major supplies of grain. but war has cut off those supplies and sent wheat prices. searching. we report now from nairobi where the cost of bread is doubled to a price. if you can afford japan t john mitchell come makes this. we pita bread every morning in the nairobi slum of condemning. it's a typical breakfast here, but the bakery was recently forced to double its prices. thank you, i'm,
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it will go out. that's why our customers are disappearing. campbell, they laziness as bad as the men that were not earning enough money. when his boss runs the bakery with 4 employees. prices for flower and sunflower oil, we're already going up. but now he says it's much worse due to russia's war against ukraine. international prices for wheat flour have jumped dramatically here to know what did you like? what did you were paying attention to the war? because we need to know what's going on. that would be that some of the products we use come from both countries and, and everyone, the whole world is concerned. now you hope and it's likely the poorest that will be hardest hit kenny's poor already have to spend half of their already low income on food. here around a 3rd of imported wheat comes from russia or ukraine. and people are award that has
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global supply, shrink prices will continue to rise and that will make putting food on the table much harder in many developing countries. you full price goes up then that kind of going to be stream flesh on. and then of course, ultimately you expect that there's gonna be some effect on they generally ignore economic activities because people are trying to cut back or you don't have enough purchasing power. complicating matters here is a drought that is causing many to go hungry. millions already depend on assistance . if food starts to get scarce, it becomes too expensive. it could lead to a catastrophe throughout the region. 276000000 people in the world who ought in hunger crisis as we speak. and this is before the current crisis before the water, new current. yes. anything to help making sure their food commodities with central
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basic food commodities reach millions of people around the world and it can't be too expensive. in nairobi, the price of wheaton oil has eaten into the bakery is profit margin. if prices keep rising, it could soon put them out of business. i looks like britain's royal mint is getting into the alchemy business is building the world's 1st recycling factory to turn useless old electronics into gold by recovering the precious metal discounted circuit boards. the aim is to process up to 90 tons of electronic weiss every week, and a high quality goal will be used to make up by the use by the men even to make bars and coins. before we go remind about top story this. our russian court has banned facebook and instagram accusing parent company meta extremist activities. prosecutor said the u. s. internet giant allowed russo phobia on his platforms. some things matter has previously tonight. and so for me,
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in the business team here in berlin, from all from us, do you head over to our website t to we dot com slash business? you can also see his outs on the d. do we use youtube channel and we are both in place because, well, passed detail. you don't miss nice until next time. with a war shaking your on to its core. over 3 weeks ago, lesson changed rumbled over ukrainian soil. we've been there from the start wheaton, senior invasion meeting. ready. then we'll go reporting on a war unfolding. tuggle for ukraine. close up next on d. w. a pulse ah,
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the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's own about the perspective culture information. this is the w news and more d. w. made for mines. oh and william had a bank on gonzalez, will i? and if i had known that the boat would be that small, i never would have gone on the train. i would not have put myself and my parents in that danger. god, it's a theme of the little fact. even leave who love on central hudson london,
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liberty to give them. i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there, but it went to him good of it. you want to know their story. info, migrants clarified and reliable information for migrants. it's february 24th 2022 russian forces crossed the border into ukraine. they're following orders from president vladimir putin who people he about packing up, trying to leave. a war unfold that make bunda mentally alter the global geopolitical order, will show to the gem chance neg.


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