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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2022 12:00am-12:16am CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, doesn't state of the news line from berlin a month into boons war in ukraine? u. s. president joe biden says nato is more united than ever. meeting with western leaders and brussels bivens promises more held to ukrainians and campaigns for russia to be kicked out of the g. 20. also coming up on the counter attack, ukraine's navy says it has destroyed a large russian landing ship off the port city of bare diaz. the vessel had been
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used to supply russian troops with armored vehicles and the invisible scars of war. the un warned that the conflict has already left over half a 1000000 refugees with mental health issues. ah, i'm nicole really good to have you with us. he was president joe biden is in europe to discuss rushes invasion of ukraine with allies, the u. g 7 and nato are all meeting not only to send a united message to the kremlin, but to impose and strength and penalties on moscow. biden says russia should be removed from the g 20 and has asked ukraine to attend the groups meetings. the day began at nato's headquarters,
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where beyond the handshakes photo ops and display of unity, that 30 leaders of the trans atlantic alliance also reaffirmed their support for ukraine. to day. i'll, our leaders also agreed to provide further support to ukraine, helping to uphold their from a month or art to self defense. alice oral, so equipping ukraine with significant military supplies into the anti tank on air defense systems on drones. which are proving highly effective, as well as substantial financial on humanitarian aid. for moscow, they promised more punishment and isolation were also announcing new sanctions of more than $400.00 individuals and entities aligned with in alignment with the european union. more than 300 members of the duma oligarchy and russian defense
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companies that fuel the russian war machine. often nato. it was the g 7 whose leaders announced that they'll restrict the russian central banks use of gold. major wheat produces canada and the u. s. say a bay would increase exports to try to minimize the lumen global food security crisis, paused by russia's invasion of ukraine. then came the e u summit. joe biden would like to see his european counterparts do more to put pressure on russia, especially by targeting the energy sector in sanctions for his part. biden's administration has ended. all of the united states is energy imports from russia, each member countries that poland and the baltic states, one figure appeared, union to do the same bat that has been rejected by countries whose economies depend on russian gas. among them is germany whose chances are all of short said,
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a ban on russian energy would plant his country and europe into recession. buddy, your leaders did agree a deal with biden to buy more liquefied natural gas from the u. s. we will present um a new chapter in our energy partnership. it is about additional ellen g from the united states for the european union, thus replacing the russian elegy we had so far an important step forward. 1000 kilometers away from the talks. the war raged on in ukraine from the capital cave war volume zalinski sent this message to the world. the war continues the x off to her or against peaceful people go on one miles already. that long, it breaks my heart, heart of all you grants and every free person on the planet. that's why i ask you
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to stand against the war. but back in brussels, every one knows. it will take more than solidarity to bring europe's worst crisis since world war 2. to an end. let's bring any w corresponding jack para, who was following the summit marathon in brussels for us, jack a u. s. president at a meeting of the european council that is quite remarkable, isn't it? it certainly is, it's a big symbol from the president who's obviously been participating in all 3 of these different versions of these summits. and i think what we saw was 8 of the european union's leaders spoke during the, the part of this e u summit, that joe biden himself was, was participating, participating in. and we know that the u. s. is pushing the europeans to try and ramp up their sanctions, for instance, it to, to do more against the, the russian energy sector. and,
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but the reality is that while the americans have been relatively able to put quite harsh sanctions on which don't have too much of an effect on them, the sanctions that the europeans are putting on have a, have a sort of blowback effect, especially on things like the energy sector, we're somewhere between 40 and 45 percent of all gas that enters into the european union comes from russia. let's talk about the energy sector a little more because there's been lots of talk about unity all around today. but we're seeing some disagreement. we just heard it in the report when it comes to dealing with russian oil and gas. could that become a bigger problem for the you going forward? there are some countries in here in europe who are keen to start really moving quickly on those kinds of sanctions. in fact, as well we, we understand that the ukranian president low to mid zalinski who joined the
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european council as well press the leaders to move on to the energy sector. but as i say, there are a number countries, germany is heavily reliant on russian gas. bulgaria is almost entirely reliant on russian gas and has actually, there's been a suggestion that if those sanctions were to come into place, a country like bo gary could ask for an op type because citizens in the european union, a seeing their energy prices rise dramatically. even before the war in ukraine had begun. now, this is obviously all in the context now of a month long war, where we saw nato leaders speak about the the suggestion that it could be sort of false flag, chemical attacks coming from russia. so while the discussions here continuing and while they're all divisions, i'm in the european union and about actually what should be done. there are obviously big, precious, with that wall going on to the east of the european union's borders. zach barrack in brussels, thank you so much. after among the war rushes invasion
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of ukraine seems to be bogging down with the ground offensive stalled. in many places, the russian military has been increasingly targeting civilian infrastructure. and yet, despite the huge numbers of ukrainian suffering, the country's military has so far been able to keep russian forces at bay against all odds. flames and smoke billowing from a russian transport ship in the harbor of russian occupied bared young, ask lines for humanitarian aid. stretching in front of bombed out apartment blocks in the heavily struck city of mar, you poll a month into russia's war in ukraine. every day is full of images. that only weeks ago were difficult if not impossible, to imagine in modern europe. the sun was shining in cave and no bombs were falling for the moment as soldiers and civilians reflected on a month of war, grains as legitimate ukrainians have united as never before per 100 under god. this
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makes me very happy. the pin and the russians made a big mistake coming after our country hill. our land where we will fight their throats or it's our homeland fellow shuddered in sibley away morale is as high as on the 1st day and it will remain so until the last day. victory day, he remain determined. ukraine has proven its resilience, but sustained bombardment. bodies in the streets and life in bomb shelters with limited or no power or heat. we are bound to take their toll on even the bravest. with my furnace was id equus. i feel hopeless to help with the valley. one doesn't know what to do next and how to behave. am i? so i try to keep calm and only hope that everything will be over years, city and all will be fine, as it was before for over and to see this miles returned to people's faces. and our
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chances to enjoy life returned to us. they were a, did they validate you a month ago? no one knew how long ukraine could hold out against russia. and yet, despite the told to human life and infrastructure, and the sheer size of the russian war machine, the underdog is still standing, was down, take a look at some other developments related to the war in ukraine. cave has accused moscow of taking hundreds of thousands of ukrainians from destroyed cities to russia, against their will, as, as russia intends to use them as hostages to pressure ukraine into making political concessions. the kremlin claims the evacuees wanted to go to russia. the head of the international committee of the red cross, peter malware has held talks with russian foreign minister, sergey lovegrove. in moscow. the red cross president told russia it must abide by international laws on humanitarian conduct in war. murderer also plans to discuss
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the issue of prisoners of war with defense officials. to probably looking through the world health organization says about half a 1000000 refugees who flint ukraine will need treatment for mental health disorders. it's stressing the need for immediate support. as the refugee crisis grows, with many struggling as their families are torn apart, the country is bordering ukraine have become a haven for millions of people fleeing the will. they arrive in poland and moldova desperate for safety. natalia escaped the shelling and nikolai of but left her husband behind. oh we, we fled when they started bombing. that's why we decided to leave our home 500 meters away from us. there was a rocket explosion. it was very scary. that's why we decided to leave. we were you . many families have been separated by the fighting and i took a risk and fled with my daughter,
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but i relatives the 2 scared. my older daughter with her child was too scared. how could she manage? he's only 4 years old, but it's also scary here. we don't know where to go. now. this is, this is like the day. so please, the conflict has crated the worst refugee crisis since the 2nd world war. both warranties are doing what they can to help you arrivals. most of the children here are without their fathers, who are required to stay in ukraine to fight. the world health organization says arrivals are not only suffering from a range of physical health problems, but also psychological distress. the need for psycho social support because people have been suffering or not, children are displaced from the family. so this is tremendous mental health threats. number one, number 2,
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or what we call noncommittal diseases for chronic diseases. people with a high blood pressure, we've got to be a vascular disease with diabetes. host treatment has been interrupted and the 3rd one or the clinical diseases. first and foremost of it, 19 several you states on taking ukrainians in. but while these refugees have reached physical safety, many will need a lot of support to help heal the mental scars left by what they've experienced. now to some of the other stories we're following for you at this hour, north korea says it has test fired. it's biggest ever inter continental missile. it's north korea's 1st long range tests since 2017 and japan says the miss all landed in its waters. young ang says that leader kim jong impersonally oversaw the test to show the world north korea's boosting it's nuclear deterrence.
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a 48 people have been killed in twin bomb attacks and central somalia. the 1st attack by a suicide bomber killed to lawmakers and their guards. minutes later a car bomb outside a hospital were the injured were being taken for treatment, kill dozens more. the militant group also, bob said it was behind the attacks. he said next, the former you as president donald trump, has filed a lawsuit against his democratic rival, hillary clinton and several other democrats alleging they falsely accused him, of colluding with russia ahead of the 2016 election. trump is seeking a jury trial and at least $72000000.00 in damages. after 4 months at the international space station, german astronaut mathias moga has finally had his 1st chance to experience a space walk. mazda exited the i. s s. together with his american colleague, raj, sorry, and spent 6 and a half hours the loading in space. during the space walk,
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the 2 astronauts repaired. a cooling system replaced an important camera and installed a new electric and data cable. or watching the w news about watts is up next with the business updates on the call. really thank you so much for your company with her. i'm just kinda, i got tired and the some me you are not locked up to you anymore. we will send you back her. are you familiar with this reliance, debbie? what's your story?


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