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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2022 10:00am-10:15am CET

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in discussions around this conflict, but i want to pick out another headline we heard from president biden yesterday at this flurry of summits and meetings and brussels, where he said he wanted to pursue kicking russia out of the g. 20. tell us more about that. what that would mean and, and what opposition? there might be. yes. first of all it's there would be a position. the g 20 includes china. and as we have seen in all of the united nations general, assembly votes that have been taken at china. either abstains or even votes against . so i think very unlikely that china would go along with such a move. but the move clearly would be a symbolic in the sense that it would further isolate russia and in that sense it biden also said yesterday in response to a question at one of his press conferences that when we sanction russia, we're not looking simply to deter it. in the short term, we are essentially declaring these are our norms and they don't and violations
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a don't occur with impunity. violations will be sanctioned, punished. and i think that's very much what this suggestion is about to say to russia. you start a war. you are not any longer. a member of this illustrious club. yeah, indeed. but we are still waiting for that press conference. melinda, we've been talking about this flurry of activity that there was in brussels yesterday with the back to back meetings of the of nato, the g 7, and e. u. a leader is summit as well. let's take a look back at our recap now of what exactly happened on thursday. the day began at nato's headquarters, where beyond the hand shakes photo ops and display of unity. the 30 leaders of the
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trans atlantic alliance also reaffirmed their support for ukraine. to day alida is also agreed to provide further support to ukraine, helping to uphold their from a meant to right to self defense allies or also equipping ukraine with significant military supplies into the anted tank. an air defense systems on drones which are proving highly effective. as well as substantial financial and humanitarian aid for moscow, they promised more punishment and isolation off to nato. it was the g 7 whose leaders announced that they'll restrict the russian central banks use of gold, major wheat producers, canada and the u. s. said they would increase exports to try to minimize the looming global food security crisis caused by russia's invasion of ukraine. then
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came the e u summit. e leaders did agree a deal with biden to buy more liquefied natural gas from the u. s. we will present um a newer chapter in our energy partnership. it is about additional ellen g from the united states for the european union of us replacing the russian. ellen g we have so far an important step forward. 1000 kilometers away from the talks. the war raged on in ukraine. from the capital cave war valorem zalinski sent this message to the world. the war continues, the x off to her or against peaceful people go on one miles already. that long, it breaks my heart, heart of all you brains, and every free person on the planet. that's why i ask you to stand against the war . but back in brussels,
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every one knows. it will take more than solidarity to bring europe's worst crisis since world war 2. to an end. let's go back to brussels, our bureau chief there, alexander and phenomena standing by far as high. alexander, we are still waiting for that press conference to begin, but we just heard there that everyone is clear. it's not going to take just solid charity to, to help ukraine here. so take us through what was actually decided yesterday what came out of the flurry of action and brussels. so what we saw yesterday was a really remarkable day fact that all the 3 summits took place on one day he in brussels, wasa, remarkable, and some would even say it was a historic day. and we, so ne, to leaders a promising to provide more assistance to ukraine, more f weapons to defend their country. they were warning karesha against
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any use of chemical or biological weapons. and they also approved a massive 3 enforcement of nato forces on the eastern flank than there was $37.00 meeting with them saying that they owe would hamper any efforts to circumvent uh, western sanctions. and then the european leaders here again coming together with the you as president, and they also of the cold out rush hour for what they say were a war war criminal acts. and then they also promised to help ukraine rebuild a country. however, when we speak about a concrete outcome would have to say that there was a not too much of it. so i have of course, from the ukraine and prospective they are not satisfied because nato is so saying no to a no fly zone over ukraine. and the european leaders have made it clear that they are rebuffing the ukraine and pledge for
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a fast track your membership for now. okay, thank you're alexandra and we see the press conference here is just beginning with the u. s. presidential by the so let's cut right to those pictures. first, coming together to reduce your penis on russian energy partners issued rushes energy resources, of course i manipulated neighbors. and so, as yours is yours, the proffers the driver's war machine last were this morning by announced the united states had been all in portia, russian energy making clear the people would not be part of subsidizing tunes, brutal, unjustified war against people who claim at the time i noted that we were able to take a step when others could not because united states as a net export or energy. the strong domestic industry. and the united states welcomed the european news powerful statement. early this month,
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committed to rapidly reduces dependence on russian gas. today we've agreed on a joint game plan toward that goal, while accelerating our progress toward a secure, clean energy future. this initiative focuses on 2 core issues. one, helping europe reduces dependency on russian gas as quickly as possible. secondly, reducing europe's demand for gas overall. to address the 1st point, the united states, together with our international partners there, we're going to work to ensure an additional 115-1515 1000000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas l n g. for europe this year. and as the year, as you worked to discontinue it by russian gas, well before 2030 and was we'll also work to ensure additional you market demand for 50000000000 cubic meters rel angie from united states annually by 2030 to
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accomplish this, the european commission is going to work with the member states to store gas across the continent, to bill more infrastructure to receive l n g and take steps to increase the efficiency of gas. this build out this build out will occur in a way that consist is consistent with not in conflict with the 0 net 0 climate goal we ship with that we're shooting for. it's going to take some time to adjust gas supply chains and infrastructure that is built the last decade before for the last decade. so we're going to have to make sure the families in europe can get through this winter. and the next, while we're building the infrastructure for a diversified, resilient, and clean energy future. at the same time, this crisis also presents an opportunity to catalyst a catalyst will drive the investments we need to double down on our clean energy goals and accelerate progress toward our net 0 emissions future. that's the 2nd
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part of this initiative is all about united states and the european union are going to work together to take concrete measures to reduce dependence on natural gas period and to maximize the available, the available, the availability in use of renewable energy. we're going to accelerate widespread adoption of energy efficient technologies and equipment like smart thermostats. the worker then work to a and work to electrify heating systems all across europe. we're going to invest in innovative solutions and technologies to make the switch from fossil fuels. and together we'll advance the use of cleaning renewable hydrogen to reduce our carbon emissions. this these steps will increase energy security, economic security and national security. i'm going to stand up joint task force to implement these changes and drive progress that will be co chaired by
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representatives from the white house and the president, the european union's team commission's team. madam president, i know i know the eliminate russian gas will have cost for europe, but it's not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint. it's going to put us on a much stronger strategic foot. and i'm proud to announce that we've also rece another major breakthrough in transplant data flows. privacy and security are key elements of my digital agenda. and today we've agreed to unprecedented protections for data privacy and security for our citizens. this new arrangement on hand, the privacy shield framework, promote growth and innovation in europe in the united states, and help companies both small and large, compete in the digital economy. just we didn't really resolve the boeing air bus dispute and lifted the steel aluminum terrorist united states. you are finding
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creative, new approaches to net our economies. and our people closer together, grounded on shared values. this framework under scores are shared commitment to privacy, to data protection and to the rule of law. and it's going to allow the european commission to once again, authorized transferring data flows that help facilitate $7.00 trillion dollars in economic relationships with. so thank you again madam president, for your personal friendship, for your partnership and above all your leadership. all of this is bringing the european union united states even closer together and that's a win for all of us. so i thank you all and i'm now going to yield podium prison told us
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or my shower lou. thank you. thank you, mr. president. the a jo, your presence here in brussels this week at the nato summit at the g 7 and at our european council sends a very powerful message to the world. the trans atlantic partnership stands stronger and more united than ever. and we are determined to stand up against russia's brutal war. this war will be a strategic failure for putting our corporation on the 4 successive waves of sanctions against russia has been extraordinary and exceptional. the sanctions are now working their way deep into the russian system. draining put ins, resources to finance this atrocious war. i'll work on sanctions also shows
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that when we act together, we're stronger and we really can make a difference. and we are continuing to reinforce our corporation in many strategic ways. on sure. many tarion and security assistance to ukraine on energy and fighting the threats against our democracies on solving outstanding issues in the e. u. u. s. corporation, including data products, protection and privacy. in a world faced with disorder, our trans atlantic unity upholds fundamental values and rules that our citizens believe in. let me focus 1st on refugees until now around 3 and a half 1000000 people have left ukraine, half of them children every 2nd refugee is a child. and the numbers will keep rising. so together we are mobilizing massive
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resources to support those displaced by the conflict, be it in ukraine or in the neighboring countries. just this week, for example, announced that the european union will allocate an extra 3400000000 euros for this purpose, and more will come. this demonstrates our deep support for ukraine ended citizens. and i want to tell the american people how grateful europe is for their unwavering support. this support also extends to strengthening europe's energy security and independence from russian fossil fuels. as you know, we aim to reduce this dependency on russian fossil fuels and to get rid of it. and this can only be achieved through of course, 1st of all investment in renewables, but also through additional gas supplies, including ellen,
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g deliveries. so we want as europeans, to diversify away from russia, towards suppliers that we trust that our friends and that are reliable and therefore the u. s. commitment to pro from for the next hour, thanks for watching with, with the memories of a woman. oh, only from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage, raped far from home, ali can finally become the person he's always wanted to be. and was born in berlin stuart's march 30th on.


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