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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is, did we news life from rural and counter attack? ukraine, his back against russian forces near keith, ukraine's outgunned military report success re taking some areas west of the capital. but the country's population is paying a heavy price. also coming up us present to bind visits, nato ally paula to meet with american troops near the border with ukraine. the trip comes after mister bind announced an energy deal with the you of curb,
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europe's reliance on russian oil and gas. ah, hello everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you for joining us. we open our coverage with the latest from the ground in ukraine where there are signs of ukrainian forces. re taking territory and pushing back russian forces. intelligence reports say ukraine has reclaimed areas west of keith and destroyed a ship in russian hill territory. when russia launched its invasion a month ago, it expected a quick route, but against all odds. ukrainian forces continue to keep one of the world's biggest armies at bait. but that resistance has come at a terrible price. matter you fall in eastern ukraine has come to symbolize the
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devastation russian bombardment has wrought. most of the city has seen terrible destruction. people trapped here struggle to find food or water. ukrainian officials now believe some 300 people could have died in last week strike on a theater. their hundreds had been seeking shelter in the building when it was leveled by a russian bomb. here in michel live near the black sea. a rocket hit tatiana as building her neighbors were killed. her home is now wrecked, but she is staying put with your apple to re key will stay in the co live and will be here until the end drifted on board. i will go back to work. yes, just my company is still operating clear with them not on board. in the do, i hope to carry on working more. i would just not do too. but while russia keeps bombing from afar,
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it's advanced into ukraine's main cities has mostly stalled ukrainian forces are pushing back on the front line and need a pin just outside the capital. keep ukrainian forces have repelled the russians with a series of counter attacks. as this commander explains, he full with the russians don't have the combat power. my men are hitting their supplies, and in cubicle armed citizens would be shooting from every window and door. which on her venzano, ukraine's defences are holding blood the me to put in hopes of a lightening quick war dashed. but this battle comes at a high price, especially for human lives. it's hard to verify how many people have been killed in this war. in a crematorium in keys, dozens of earns lay unclaimed. the relatives of the dead have fled, and they had to leave their loved ones,
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remains behind on tracking development. so for you were in ukraine is our correspondence. funny for shar, she joins us from the western ukrainian city of levine, a terrible humanitarian toll funny that this war has taken the so far we understand also now 300 people were killed in the bombing of the more you pull theater last week. one more if you learned reported the 300 lab because we do not know the exact number. in fact, last week we heard that at least 1000 people were hiding in that theater, waiting to leave that humanitarian corridor. but that corey door never came. what came instead? what was the attack by russia, even though in big lattice in russia, russia had sat children in front of the theatre. now russia claims that the only interested in military infrastructure, the child, this clearly wasn't one. this was a place i shall to, for people who or if you went through so much, we will not know at this point the exact number. it's really hard to verify what
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along the fact that at least 300 people were killed in that really sent shock waves shock waves across ukraine. but even prior to that, when this attack happen, because people are asking themselves just whole fall, russia and the russia military is capable of going and wants to go in this war in ukraine. and funny, in another disturbing development, ukraine is accusing russia of abducting thousands of civilians evacuated from cities like murder you, paul, can you tell us more about these accusations that are being leveled by ukrainian leadership? just have you so much so many information that you've heard during this war, the claims and calling to claim. so yes, ukraine claims that about 400000 people have been forcibly removed from the different parts of ukraine. russia again, claims that rough before and a 1000 people voluntarily wanted to come to russia, mostly from the don't bus region. now at the i un un or
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a human rights team of the united nation analysis, they're going to look into this allegation specifically into the allegation that about 6000 people have been forcibly removed from are you pull at this point, you do not know actually whether this is true or not what we do know, however, that the humanitarian catastrophe, not only in muddy pool, but those in chatting here and other places goes on and people would like to leave these places. the question read is, how, when, and just how fast and funny in conclusion, that ukraine's army is reporting some major successes in re taking some areas west of the capital at a very heavy price of the population. what's the morale like around you? depends really which more all we refer to is it about ukrainian civilians than i can tell you, for sure that hundreds of thousands of people here live if you that template stranded to say. so because they can't just simply decide to leave ukraine. i'm
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going to go to work to start the new life, and of course, nearly 4000000 people have left ukraine already. so clearly they want to need more . people want to leave as well as more millions are internally displaced in this country when it comes to them or are at the front line. so just of course both women and men who are at that frontline need some positive news, desperately. and this is what the ukrainian government is giving them, at least since yesterday, saying that they do make some progress there in key to the nose and to the east of the city. and also, of course, reported that ship that russian ship was destroyed near mar, you pool in a close to bar, you pool. but in terms of them are all around. it's a mixed picture because we have to understand that this war is going to the 2nd month now. so really, the question is just how strong this resistance will be, as all of this continues here in ukraine, for shar, reporting from the ukraine. any,
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thank you very much for us and the you have announced a plan to reduce european countries dependence on russian gas at a joint news conference with you. commission chief of underlying president joe biden said the u. s. would increase its deliveries of liquefied natural gas to europe by 15000000000 cubic meters this year, replacing 110th of russia's gas supply. he also said the current crisis is an opportunity to boost renewable energy sources. on his 1st trip to europe, since russia's invasion of ukraine. good morning, u. s. president joe biden is stepping up efforts to assist you allies announcing a task force to reduce europe's reliance on russian fossil fuels. learning. we're going to work to ensure an additional 1151515 glen cubic meters of liquefied natural gas, l n g. for europe this year. and as a year, as you worked to discontinue it by russian gas,
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well before 2030 and law will also work to ensure additional you market demand for 50000000000 cubic meters ro, angie from united states annually by 2030 with almost half of the ease, natural gas coming from russia, the european commission president said it sends a clear message that europe won't help feel rushes war. mister president. dear joe, this war will be a strategic failure for putting. so we want as europeans, to diversify away from russia towards suppliers that we trust that our friends and that are reliable. on thursday western powers gathered in brussels for back to back meetings of nato, the e u and g 7 topping the agenda, confronting the unprecedented threat to europe's instability and the unpredictable aggression of russia's war against ukraine. nato's chief re affirmed his support
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for ukraine and a response if russia deployed a nuclear or biological attack, our top military commander, general walters house, activated naples, chemical, biological, or rather logical and nuclear. the fence elements on all ours are deploying additional chemical on biological and nuclear defenses to reinforce or existing on new vacuums. for moscow they promised more punishment and isolation, including new sanctions against hundreds of individuals and entities. g 70 does announced, though, restrict the russian central banks use of gold. major wheat produces canada, and the u. s. said they'd increase exports to help combat the growing food security crisis caused by russia's invasion of ukraine. now, luckily, but ukraine's president appealed for more military support and called out the block for not taking action against russia fast enough, yet. with the flawless oxy,
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you've a plight, sanctions and we're grateful, civil building, these are powerful steps, could be but it was a little late. we civil war because of the was preventive club. russia would not have gone to war. no one knows for sure. but at least there was a chess with nearly 4000000 ukrainians having fled the war by then announced plans to welcome 100000 refugees as he had to poland to assess the humanitarian situation on the border with ukraine. while the west office assurances by piling more pressure on russia and pivoting away from its energy supply, the fighting rages into its 2nd month urgency to find peace and stability has never been more pressing on his hours after agreeing on a new energy deal with the e u u. s. prison jo, barn travel to poland near the border with ukraine,
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where he's meeting with polish president on j do down in the south eastern city of joshua. it's home to a u. s. air base where the u. s. military serves alongside polish troops, as part of nato. mister bind will next travel on to the polish capital. warsaw for more talks on the west, military humanitarian and economic response to russia's war on ukraine. and speaking at that meeting with president of judah and a military official, so mr. biden was clear about what he thinks was the way forward. and what he thinks of line reporting. the single most important thing that we can do is keep democracy tonight or opposition. effort to devastation a
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well your as sir presidential bind speaking moments ago while now ukrainian runner who fled her country last month the to day one that jerusalem marathon valentine, ever at scott fled ukraine with her 11 year old daughter. while her husband, who, incidentally, as also her coach, stayed behind, she told it every news that fans back home had urged her to run for peace. just a few weeks ago, valentin of the red skirt was fleeing for her life. now the ukrainian marathon runner is trying to promote peace around the world, starting with the jerusalem marathon before the race, she told d w about the support she still has back home. and i got a lot of message from my grand kids, you know, from ukraine. osler's from a lot of, from a lot of people from, again, law in i was a research these and
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a very nice i speak here about it wasn't usually wet and cold for the start of the jerusalem race. but after the journey she has been on, she just felt relieved to be running again. the race was a mixed event, so she cleverly used male runners as pay setters in a bid to be the 1st woman to cross the line. she achieved her goal and celebrated with the israeli and ukrainian flags. she hopes to soon be reunited with her husband, who is also her coach. what has remained in ukraine after the russian invasion? she vowed to do even better in the race next year. with the digital rather today, the last name is frederick, and i am running next year with is my husband greg. the 2nd of using
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a robert it is a mess. so that means so much after a terrible mom, her family, she's yet another ukrainian sports dog, doing incredible thing in the face of adversity. in watching it, every new life from berlin, more coming up at the top of the hour. don't forget, you can all the latest is by adding to our website, d, w dot com. i, laura, i seen it. so i'm to kill that if i want. that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with lions of the what's your story. ready


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