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tv   Iraq - Destruction of a Nation  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2022 11:15pm-11:30pm CET

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of office officials have called on people to remain calm and to stay in their homes . update at this hour. don't forget you can always get more news and analysis on our website at dw dot com, where you can follow some social media and play richardson in for and then for me in the team here with interest, the global economy, our portfolio d w. business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the flight for market dominant. going to stick with d w business beyond ah,
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come in the shower, it's bob russell. was the hum woman he became too big headed for too proud. like a girl who thinks so she's the most beautiful woman in the world. but a lot of my coming and hope my lad were done. so damn shin and maggie billy and dom schuchman had to look up the arch tyrant of modern in arky history is allowed bye, ugly way in which marley que orchestrated the execution to turn into a as in boy. ah, if he had actually done what we were worried about and launched, for example, a smallpox attack in europe or the united states. and we had left him in place to
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do that. people would now be saying, what did those fools in the administration think when they left him in place? ah, when saddam disappeared, the number one lesson we've learned is if you remove a regime, something needs to be created in its place. otherwise, a vacuum is created and that is usually filled with nefarious force. ah god willing, i swear even my bones will fight them. lines written by saddam hussein on death row. all he has is a copy of the koran on a few books and
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a notepad. the us fears he'll try to whip up sunni resistance from his cell. iraq's majority shia community long persecuted by saddam is the main beneficiary of his fall. and melissa devonne allison dumpster lola, yolanda, i'm not defending sadam. hussein. i'm one of his victims. i lost 13 years of my youth because of his walls, i thought, ah ah, but because you know, i'm sure. well, i was captured by the iranian scruffy on the 13th of march, 1985. when i was fighting on the north and from players either this was they let me go in 1998, but wanted to hear the prophet joseph said the prison is the cemetery of the living . they are the last time can't be recovered. i bought us on it.
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i that is it. oh, she got a nation's develop that i want to pause cause asked to regress and suffer economical, psychological on educational and cultural backwardness she in. it's not just me bits of acton was. he had every one of the alex or am ah, she is mainly live in southern iraq. sunni's in the north in the middle, baghdad split between the confessions for a long time during the saddam era religion is seen as a private matter. the dictator begins his journey as a socialist, fostering a strictly secular iraq. i'm lucky, le le mcdonough know on a much adoption sheree. what else from the city before the american occupation saw
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the i didn't know anything about. she isn't sunny's forgot. hold on one day. i was in most or on someone said it's all been as if the she is come. i thought things were going even worse because i asked worse than the american was alicia, who are the she was out of formula. he asked, why don't you know that it was miss? you know, is it a country? me? yeah, no more dollars from a dollar. he asked. don't you know any one from the south? not sure. iraqis. i said i was serious. i didn't know anything about sheila's mouth. until galicia she, i sure little mouth. ah, the shears him when arrangement with the u. s. occupiers, she are, politicians returned from exile and joined the government. even the highly popular ayatollah, it's donnie, the nation's most senior shia authority, plays the new iraq game. the grand ayatollah stoney is
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a universally respected figure in a universally influential figure. he has exercised his influence, sometimes in very critical and very impressive way. it has been about serving the people of iraq. it was, is been about combating corruption. it has been about improving the provision of basic services by government to the people and so forth and a support for the democratic process. but another shia cleric categorically rejects the new iraq. he hails from the she a stronghold of nyja moke . the daughter is the son of a grand ayatollah and holds radical views in . ah,
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they did. the move had denied with mock to dal santo decreed, absolute war against the americans until they landed. ah, am i going to set well? with him, out of our slogan, was we stay, they go, this is our country again. if some one occupies my house, i'm not going to welcome him. why didn't ah mcdonough all saunders militia calls itself the mahdi army? more than $60000.00 iraqis sign up in the wake of the us invasion. most of them
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from poor neighbourhood. 2004 al sauder sets out to regain control of no job. i with a tax on the coalition and police station. keep in mind that it was our troops who was our soldiers of the marines and others each day they were never sure of that was the day they were going to get blown up. and that for me, captured the futility of what it was we were doing. the u. s. british coalition is already fighting sunni insurgents. now it's also fending off. she, us there was a period where we were suddenly fighting what seemed like 2 fronts. it wasn't really that the sunni and the she oh are fighting one another at that time. it was more that both groups were opposing the coalition, so it did represent a step change in the threatening security environment. ah,
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establishing democracy in such a divided country appears more difficult than ever us president george w bush is reelected in november 2004 with the nascent fiasco and iraq, he distances himself from the neocons. paul wolfowitz and douglas feith leave office more or less voluntarily. donald rumsfeld remains at the pentagon for one more year . dick cheney continues to serve as vice president george w bush was no eve as hell. chaney knows how to get george bush to pull out is 45 pistol, the stark shooting and i do not know how to get him to put it back in its holster when he finally figured it out and fire donal roseville and he make no mistake. he
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fired him. cheney was apoplectic. he had the gall to fire his man. well, it also meant cheney was being found out, the process not even listening to a, any rock. the spiral of violence continues unabated, firmly found on is darnell bullard im, chickamauga via yano. some americans abused the rockies on a chart that was when they came on tv to announce, i've killed 2000 to rocky will and i've killed 7 of them. i've killed 30 clotty shovels and they would never brought to court. how come with them when i ultimately, um, rekey, i know a lot of that i own with a lot. baghdad is the mother of civilization, but dod bestbuy dot here, what the city of the caliph al rashid, what is the cradle of many nations leotard,
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went by hallowed the americans came a long way to destroy this country and beyond. i suppose it to lamar. aloha the knoll. any one who called the americans occupies will pillar just or accused them of killing a roku that the that was considered a terror hung up a little from a be killed or rested. ah what uncovered? so mom, her mom was through on the shop. i'm old and tired issue other than i served in the army for 13 years. and that's why now i have children. if i hadn't been married, i would have carried on fighting. demonte with
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iraq becomes an ideal breeding ground for islamist terrorism. al qaeda leader, album who sob. i'll start cali calls for a fratricidal war. and i hope is shaneeda be jeremy and i, you know, would you go in february 2006 and attack pulverized as the dome of the allah scar a shrine in samarra. one of the holiest sites in shia islam. al qaeda sees itself as champion of the sunni's. she fighters hit back. ah, sunni mosques come under attack. hundreds die hero slides into religious civil war . ah,
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should have been all of them that could evil was closed. boston when we left the house, we said good bye to our family. in the month of july, we were afraid we wouldn't return to the hotel out there and why she could tie the hood into me. ah, the 1st free elections take place in late 2005 the she a nationalist norie, alma, leaky is appointed iraqi prime minister on the 20th of may, 2006 also the delay was off the us of more. i look on a model the a lot off, while your auto policy, i became prime minister at the worst possible time of july during the civil war, wyoming, they targeted mosque ceremonial holes and even churches that a her cause exploded every day. morrow i too, when i flew over the city in a helicopter, oh, the streets were empty. i was sad. i cried at the sight of baghdad and the rock in
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this state. allah, allah weatherbug dog! well, the lumber with a bond showed him a holiday. thea, a well have gone to duncan about that there were about 20 assassination attempts on me, the fast in downtown baghdad. but alabama had been placed on the edge of the street and exploded, close to my car, got the letter by the nurse, and it killed a passer by and injured my body guns. i could shout if he got up, but i was in an armored car which protected me from the shrapnel shove, i am in the throes of civil war. saddam hussein goes on trial for crimes against humanity. the ex dictator rejects the charges and refuses to recognize the court
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almost identical up with adam though like every one else i heard about the death sentence in the morning on the and i didn't expect them to execute him so quickly will. there was still numerous out the charges against him to law, but you can will a fault. i don't want to mac, i met and hurt my land were done. so damn shin and magic 1000000000. damn jump, and i tell moat. lyrica is your job. i'm good. good idea. we've got mazda wash. oh no, i know. huh. but then i did my 0 one and i am ashley i couldn't go to young will be to get them low. and mill. m. i wouldn't have executed him quick. i'd have let him suffer in jail like the prisoners who brought it in his dungeons gentlemen. mon. okay. ah.


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