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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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starts april 16th. oh, d w ah ah. live from berlin coda. when's the best picture award at the oscars, but an on stage punch stones, the audience actor will smith unexpectedly hits chris rock in the face after the comedian made a joke about smith's wife. also coming up below to mere zalinski signals, he's willing to consider neutral status for ukraine with the russian invasion. and it's 2nd month ukraine's president says negotiators are carefully studying the
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issue, which is central to russia. security demands ah unexpired. welcome to the program. the 2022 oscars have just wrapped up in los angeles with the best picture, a war going to coda. a feel good family drama, from the streaming service apple tv plus. but the ceremony was overshadowed by this unscripted moment of violence between 2 stars. ah, you will smith got up on stage and chris rock, in the face to the comedian, made a joke about smith's wife, jaida pink smith. the actor then went on to win his 1st oscar for best actor for his performance as richard williams in king richard. wow. and let's go to los angeles now and talk to journalist k j matthews,
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k j. thanks for joining us. this has to be an oscar 1st. tell us what happened between chris rock and well, smith you. well 1st of all, you're absolutely right. it is an oscar 1st. it's a 1st for everyone. i've been covering hollywood for nearly 2 decades, and i've never seen anything like this. and i've seen a lot in hollywood, but nothing like this. you know, it was a joke. chris rock is a comedian, so people expect to see him joking when he gets on stage to present in the war. and tonight was no different really. except he made a joke at j to peak at smith's expense. now, many people may not be aware, but gina pekin smith suffers from a hair loss condition called alopecia. he's talked about it publicly, i think back in 2018 is when she came out and revealed it. and so to night, when chris rock said something about her being in the film, janie was obviously making comment about her bought head and it didn't go over well with will smith. so he took to the stage, punched chris rock and then took
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a seat. when chris rock said, wow, you know, i just been punched by will smith. that's when will smith said, you know, keep my wife's name out of your bleeping mouth twice. extremely loud. so everybody in the theatre just went silent. they were shocked. i think a lot of people were just trying to figure out, is this part of us yet, that the ratings are that the oscars are doing because of low ratings in the past. so they're trying to mix it up a little bit and they're all in on and it's all fine. but then as time went on, there were a lot of people in the theories said will smith was extremely upset and that people were coming to him during various commercial way. people like didn't there washington and tyler perry in his age. and so that's when people started to realize, oh this is not plan, this is very real and it, which is kind of off the rails from there. and, and can you just tell us, i mean, an incredible moment of drama. i think we can understand husband's. you know, willingness to, to defend his wife who's suffering from a medical condition. i guess we'll see what the internet says about it. but if we
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can just move on to the movies here for a 2nd, let's talk about the other. where starting with the best picture going to coda, a film with mostly deaf rafters. yet what's all that about? you know what, they won 3 important awards. first things 1st with kodak, troy cops, or one for best supporting actor. he is the 1st death actor to win, and that just remarkable. so he won, made history to night, of course code, again, one for best adapted screenplay. and then lastly, as you said, they want for best picture. and that is significant. you know why? because i'm every single year, the streaming services tend to pick up more and more oscar nominations at 1st, i think like 5 or 6 years ago, people didn't really take the streamer seriously and didn't know whether or not they were really of fail when he came to film categories in the oscar tonight, apple tv with coda one is 1st oscar award in the best picture category. that means that no other streaming service has one for best picture until tonight. so another
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1st kj matthews from los angeles. thank you for your insight on this year's oscars . thank you. and returned to the war in ukraine now. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says he's open to negotiating a potential neutral status for his country. in an interview with several independent russian news organizations which the kremlin banned from publication inside russia. so lensky said his team was carefully studying moscow's demand for ukrainian neutrality. he said that the issue would have to be put to a referendum. it comes as ukrainian intelligence service warns that russia is trying to split the country into after more than a month of fighting key remains in ukrainian hands, though, increasingly scarred by war. but even those whose homes have been destroyed, believe that victory is possible with enough help with the services of the war. everything depends on how our western friends help us with the we will
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win if we get lots of health and we will win soon as it struggles to make advances on the ground. russia has ramped up its bombardments. much of her heave, just 50 kilometers from the russian border, already lies in ruins. it was ukraine's 2nd largest city. now half of its residents have fled. thousands of those who remain have taken refuge in underground train stations, hiding from rushes heavy shelling in the besieged city of mary. u paul, the situation is even more dire. food and water are scarce and local, say they've had to bury their dead and make shift graves. ukraine's president is carefully considering how to best and the suffering ballade. amir zalinski said his team was studying russia's demand for ukrainian neutrality. and that the issue would have to be put to a referendum. gotta keep his up wasn't security guarantees and neutrality,
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non nuclear status of our country. we are ready to go for it. that's the most important point. it was the main point for the russian federation. that's why they started this war. the funny is evelyn, the g y m. on sunday ukrainian authority said an agreement had been reached with russia on a humanitarian court or out of mary you, paul, giving residents the chance to try and reach safety. those who do make it out may well join the ever growing number of refugees like these crossing into romania via ferry and for the latest on ukraine were joined by the debbie correspondent funny for char, in the western city of levine finney, president zalinski is now talking about a potential neutral status for ukraine in exchange for security guarantees. would any guarantees from moscow be credible though? that's a really good question. a given the situation here on the ground and all what ukraine
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has been through since february 24. it's all the bombardments across the east and the southern, but also northern parts of ukraine and also he and of it just a couple of days ago. so difficult to answer. but also, if you just look back on history, there's the minced agreement in 2014, which was supposed to bring an end to the war, ended on bus region. that did not happen. that mince agreement was signed by russia . it was signed by a crane. but this is very out politic is on the ground right now. instead of bringing peace to don boss of this escalated even further with his full scale invasion of february 24th president. the landscape from his perspective, says, is only going to be peace if russia forces to be through all the questions just fall far. that wasn't really clarified because he actually said they should redraw to word they way. and now this could be only the don bus region, but you also make me, it is not going to be peace without a ceasefire. so a lot of things that are quite catchy. and even if was journalist,
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it's so difficult to translate what the actual a deal breaker would be here. just imagine how hard it will be for these 2 and negotiation teams, the delegation of russia and ukraine to actually come to terms to something that they then can put forward to their audiences, which is ukraine here, and russia in the neighboring country. and you were mentioning the don bass region and those minsk agreements and the negotiations that broke down they were seen as a way towards peace. could that be a way out of the war as sacrificing and don been seen as potentially the way forward person zalinski in that 90 minute interview that he had with russia journalist, he made it clear that he's not going to basically force a force be to retake all russian occupied territories. now the largest chunk of that is the don bus region. having said that,
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it clearly implies that he may would want to have a compromise over that region, which is a very difficult question. he sat actually that interview how that compromise is going to be reached, but he's putting it all day or as a way to find the way around all of this and to bring an end to the war. because what you on the line in that interview as well, he wants to decrease that the is more a bloodshed that they are more casualties and that this war is prolonged by such but by more months, more weeks to con. so yes, it is definitely a central point. you don't bus region, but the question really is whether people will accept that president lensky in ukrainian, in a different interview. design for the ukranian audience said yesterday, they definitely want several referendum about anything that may bring a change to the territory here. and he also said that he wants to prioritize the territorial integrity of ukraine. so a lot of conflicting messages there. if you ask me, we'll have to see why the p folks will bring that are supposed to start today in
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turkey. ok, the w is plenty to char in the v, thanks so much. after a month of war, now many have been surprised at the strength of ukraine's defense. but the human cost of the conflict remains hard with the number of both military and civilian casualties growing by the day. and i made the destruction people are having to bury their friends and family in the most difficult of circumstances. d, w, correspond communist. she sent us this story on a slain soldier from a small village close to the polish border. house, fallen silent. he was just 20 years old, hit by russian artillery on day 3 of the war. it took weeks for his family to learn of his death and bring him home. people from all round came to demetrius funeral, to honor him for a little russian, quizzical. he was
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a true cossack overlooking the salem, on the small, the lot of the that he was funny, artistic of sir william into which he always wanted to help everyone. he loved his all so much. see her little boy. he wanted to keep this family together because of the z yet you're with her, but we'll remember him as an amazing person, an amazing river, here to lawyer, and an inch long got them diverse. you too are a military family. demetrius sister said their father is considered by many a hero of the don bass conflict. it seemed natural that her brother would choose the same path. demetrius schoolhouse that his teacher received the news of his death. i fell with a mixture of pain and pride was about to lower each other for the last time on the 12th of february, and he said, okay, good bye. we'll never see each other again. and i said to him,
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you can't say that. i ask of his death as scared any of the young men in the village who may 1 day have to face the front lines. absolutely, you will. absolutely not. i will give them more courage. listen, frank, or maybe even make them angry. and i want to take on such a responsibility. nobody is afraid, it's no longer 2014, no, there's a completely different feeling in western ukraine. we always say military service is a responsibility. a duty is a duty officers of them. but i bought, i bought a lesson instilled at a young age. here, there's is not to reason why the cemetery where dmitri was buried, his grave is visible from a distance. and it seems as if it's the very center of the town, a tragedy, but piled high with flowers. and we turn now to some of the other stories we are following for you at this hour. so called islamic state says it was
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behind an attack that killed 2 people and had dara israel. 2 gunmen opened fire in the northern city before being shot dead by police comes as israel hosts an unprecedented meeting with arab foreign ministers and the american secretary of state. germany is considering installing an anti missile shield system that could offer protection for neighboring e. you states chance through ola sholtes has berlin is considering buying a missile defense system from israel known as iron dome. last month's schultz announced a major increase in germany's defense spending. you're watching t w news live from berlin and here's a recap of our main story. actor will smith has slapped comedian chris rock at the oscars, enraged by one of his jokes. smith then went on to win the best actor award, and tearfully attempted to justify his violent outburst. in his acceptance speech. ukrainian president below to mister lensky says his team of negotiators as
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carefully studying russia's demand for ukrainian neutrality. he also accused russian president vladimir putin of delaying peace talks to lensky made the comments in an interview with several independent russian use organizations. you're watching d. w. news from berlin on next, spicer for me. the entire news team here in berlin. thanks for watching. the double use crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series continues them all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters tune in now with.


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