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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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ah, ah, ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin lottery zalinski says he's willing to consider neutral standards for ukraine with the russian invasion in its 2nd month ukraine's president says negotiators are carefully studying the issue, a central one to russia, security demand. coda wins the best picture ward at the oscars, but an on stage slap stuns the audience. actor will smith unexpectedly hit chris rock in the face after the comedian made a joke about smith's wife. ah
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. a michael ok. welcome to the program. president of vladimir zalinski says he's open to negotiating a potential new to a status for his country. in an interview with several independent russian news organizations, which the kremlin banned from publication inside russia. so lensky said his team was carefully studying moscow's demand for ukrainian neutrality. he said that the issue would have to be put to referendum. it comes as a ukrainian intelligence service warns that russia is trying to split the country into after more than a month of fighting key remains in ukrainian hands, though, increasingly scarred by war. but even those whose homes have been destroyed, believed that victory as possible with enough help were those initials of the war. everything depends on how our western friends help us with the we will
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win if we get lots of help and we will win soon as it struggles to make advances on the ground. russia has ramped up its bombardments. much of her heave, just 50 kilometers from the russian border, already lies in ruins. it was ukraine's 2nd largest city. now half of its residents have fled. thousands of those who remain have taken refuge in underground train stations, hiding from rushes heavy shelling in the besieged city of mary. you, paul, the situation is even more dire. food and water are scarce and local, say they've had to bury their dead in makeshift graves. ukraine's president is carefully considering how to best and the suffering ballade. amir zalinski said his team was studying russia's demand for ukrainian neutrality. and that the issue would have to be put to a referendum,
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a good idea of his up wasn't security guarantees and neutrality. non nucular status of our country. we are ready to go for it. that's the most important point. it was the main point for the russian federation. that's why they started this war. funny . zebulon, not even on sunday ukrainian authority, said an agreement had been reached with russia on a humanitarian court or out of mary you, paul giving residence the chance to try and reach safety. those who do make it out may well join the ever growing number of refugees like these crossing into romania via ferry for the latest we're drawing from the ukranian capital. keep by deed of you correspond mathias, bowling, gun mathias, ukrainian, or defense official. shea. russian forces are regrouping but currently unable to advance what's the situation on the ground in chief we've seen or heard more intense shelling a in the outskirts of for the last maybe 24 hours. the ukrainian or army
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headquarters have also said that it has made attempts at breaking through the lines in the northeast and in, in the northwest and the east of the capital, where they have been fighting for basically play, basically since the beginning of the war. and this is different, i'm sorry, it's a bit windy. i've got some sand in my eyes. um. yeah. so this is the situation now . it more intense fighting but no as we can as far as we understand it. no advances are no changes so far happening. um the city is calm, people here are out about their daily lives. a life has returned a little bit into um into the streets of key if most people have left for the streets are pretty empty. but a few more shops, a few more cafes may be, are open than before. as you well know, mathias,
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another round of negotiations between ukraine and russia are due to be held in turkey. what are the key issues the 2 sides will likely be talking about well, i mean, the issue that the list of for demands from russia has been cut short a little bit when they started the war. they were talking about di, not defying ukraine, whatever that means. demilitarize in basically meaning that they would have a say in the politics inside ukraine in the government. and that ukraine would not be able to resist any minute reaction from russia and the future incursions or whatever. this is off the table now, but there remain lots of issues. the stages of don boston, russia wants to keep separate from ukraine, as well as the neutrality question that you've already mentioned in the report. that a d, w, correspond mathias bullying reporting from the key as always, many things well,
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military drones are an important weapon for both sides in the war and ukraine. the unmanned aircraft come in a variety of sizes and do many jobs from aerial surveillance to launching missiles . the u. s. is now sending ultra light drones to help ukraine the switchblade drones as they are known or small enough to fit in a backpack, but are able to strike targets with high precision. and i in the sky with a deadly payload. this is a promotional video by the maker of the switchblade loitering munition. it hangs out in the air, sends images back for humans to figure out targets. then it becomes a missile. switch blades are advertised online. they way just a few kilograms and can be launched from a small tube requiring little set up or training. but it's the weapon system whose name cannot be spoken,
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at least by us officials. i can't confirm a particular systems that president did speak over. we did speak of tactical unmanned aerial systems we provided and are providing a 100 of those systems and is not in position to, to speak to all the specific systems that may be included in that package. ukraine has already been using so called loitering munitions to strike russian forces. turkish made drones carried lightweight laser guided bombs. this footage purportedly shows the result of their strikes on russian targets. meanwhile, the russian military has been using drones, both big and small as part of its arsenal against ukraine. this video shows the aftermath of an alleged drone missile strike on the science institute in cave. and a small drone recovered at the scene. will the switch blades be a game changer? some analysts say the u. s. is sending too few of them a supply that will only last
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a couple of days. but as ukraine battles against the superior fire power of its invader, ukrainians can use all the help they can get. let's find out more now from arthur holland, michelle. he's a senior fellow at the carnegie council for ethics in international affairs in barcelona. welcome to d. w. sir, a tell us a bit more about what makes the switch blades and brock tours show different. well, the thing about a loitering munition is it's kind of a mix between a missile and a drone. so unlike a large drone, it doesn't need an air field or lots of infrastructure to launch it is very small. as the report mentioned, it can be carried in a backpack. and unlike a missile, it gives you time to actually identify the target, get situational awareness and, and actually then literally drive the, the missile drone into the, the target manually or with some target recognition. and so it sort of combines the
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capabilities of those type of weapon system. and i imagine that these would be of particular use an advantage for the ukranian to right now. don't have the vision that you would get with with ariel power. yeah, well ukraine does actually have some aerial recognizance capabilities with anom drones, including small commercial quad kupta on social media. we've seen a lot of videos that purport to show ukrainian military using these small drones to scout out positions, conduct reconnaissance and identify targets. but certainly they would be an additional capability. is this. so tell, tell me more now about how each side is using drone technology for their own particular purposes. so there are basically 3 types of missions that each side is using. drones for one is to as i said, conduct intelligence recognizance,
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identify targets, maybe find targets for artillery strikes. in the case of, of russia, more toss strikes. the 2nd is limited actual drone strike. so using drones that have weapons on them to target enemy positions neither side has done that extensively. and then 3rd is in perhaps the most significant is sort of publicity, you know, to capture imagery. any image that a drone captures of tactical operations can be shed easily on social media. and so that really has a, a significant psychological effect, which is something that drones always, ah, capable of doing in conflict psychological effect, which would, of course, speak to morale of the troops. you've written. that drums are another step in the gradual autumn ization of warfare that further removes humans and human judgment from the subjects of their decisions. what are the implications of that affectively? it reduces the accountability of warfare every time that you have
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a computer system or a drone that is intermediary between the, the human who's making the decision and the target of that decision. you can always blame the computer malfunction or, you know, communications issues or coding issues on these areas. and that reduces the ability to apply laws of wool to humans in the conduct of military operations. interesting that so arthur holland, michelle michelle, i'm sorry, a senior fellow at the carnegie council for ethics in international affairs in barcelona. ne, thank sir. thanks. the seal good family film coda was named best picture at the oscars in a surprise when making it the 1st streamed film to pick up the prize. but the most memorable moment of the ceremony was an outburst of violence from one of hollywood biggest stores. actor will smith got up on stage and slapped comedian chris rock in
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the face. it was the year's biggest night in hollywood with a star studded lineup. he can't emmy awards honoring the film industry's best movies at the oscar ceremony. but the night was overshadowed by an incident on stage host and comedian chris rock made a joke about, act at will. smith's wife j pinky smith was didn't go down to well, jaida love you g i jane too. can't wait to see it. ah, oh ricka. oh wow. wow. do it was a g i jane jokey, mark boy. oh yeah, a jaw dropping moment for viewers around the world smith and then went on to win
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best actor for his performance in king richard. a movie about the father of tennis . does venus and serena williams and he apologized in his acceptance speech, your heart imitates life. i looked like the crazy father lives like they say, like crazy father. just like they said about with you or your mom, but love will make you do crazy things. the lapd says it won't take things further . as chris rock declined to file a police report. oscars organizes tweeted that it does not condone violence. the academy also tried to show off its diversity compared to previous years. apple t miss coda took the spotlight starring death actors in leading roles. it won best picture mocking the 1st time a streaming service took home the film award to do the power of the dog,
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which lead 12 nominations picked up on jane canyons directing when jessica chastine landed best actress for her role in the eyes of tammy faye, local and best international film was awarded to japan's drive my car while the oscars was hoping to have a boost in ratings to see as physical confrontation between 2 superstars certainly dominated the headlines. canadian football fans were celebrating after their country qualified for the men's world cup for the 1st time. in 36 years. the response was guaranteed by a 4 nil victory over jamaica. it meant wild scenes outside the stadium in toronto as fans started planning their trips to cattle later this year. it's the maple leafs, 1st world cup finals appearance since 1986. he
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