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starts april 16th. oh d w ah ah, ah ah, this is digit news live from berlin, russia classes, d, w as a foreign agent. it's the latest move against the w for moscow. d, w online has already been blocked in russia. our journalists stripped of their accreditation, also coming of blood. mister lensky says he's willing to consider neutral status for ukraine. ukraine's president says negotiators are carefully studying the issue, a central one to brushes, security,
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and cota winds the best picture ward at the oscars. but an on stage slap stuns the audience. actor will smith unexpectedly hits chris brought in the face after the comedian made a joke about smith's wife. ah, welcome to our viewers around the world a michael. ok. some breaking news to bring you russia's justice ministry has added this broadcast. your daughter, bella, to a list of media organizations. it labels as foreign agents. that designation means we are required to label anything. we publish with a disclaimer. the term carries negative soviet era connotations and russia suggestive of spying. it's not the 1st action taken against d. w. in early february, russia ordered the closure of our moscow bureau,
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and our website was blocked by russian estate communications regulator. earlier this month for more, i'm joined now by emily, sherwin emily was part of d, w's moscow bureau until russian authorities withdrew accreditation and revoked. d w's broadcasting license shortly before the start of the ukraine invasion. emily, 1st i want to ask you, what is your reaction to this news? on the one hand, you know, this announcement comes as a shock, but in some ways it's not unexpected. you mentioned that d. w 's office in moscow was actually closed down by the russian authorities. in early february they withdrew our accreditations, including my journalistic accreditation. and at the time they already said that they would consider also labeling deutsch avella for an agent. they've also been talking, you know, various people within the russian government have been talking about that for several years now. what it means, as you said, is that there are more administrative um, things that
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a dodge vela has to do with in russia. and also that all publications needs to be labeled with this disclaimer that we are spreading. you know that we are a foreign agent. this information is being spread by foreign agent. the authorities have always claimed that it doesn't mean that you can't report if you have that a label, but of course, it carries these connotations of spying. and now, you know, during war time, i think these connotations carrying much, much more weight, especially, you know, with early, late february, rather the state prosecutor's office said that eating a foreign government in any way could be considered treason which could carry up to 20 years in prison, so what that means, you know, aiding a foreign government, does that now? mean, if you post, if you re post to deutsch velez publications, is that aiding after government, we don't know at the very least, it certainly makes our jobs harder. tell us more about this of foreign agent law in russia and how it's used by authorities, or in recent weeks since the war started has an, you know,
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come up too much. but last year, especially early on in 2021. almost all critical media outlets were either labeled extremist or rather undesirable or foreign agents. now, for the last few weeks since the war began, instead of that, the measures have been actually more extreme. and so many media organizations were simply closed down. for example, the radio station, a hamas glee, the t v station dodged. you mentioned also b, b, c, and d, w medusa were blocked within the country. so several media outlets the report in russian for russians, you know, from abroad. they also, the authorities blocked facebook and instagram declared, the parent company, a facebook and instagram meta extremist. so it's, it's essentially a case where the russian authorities are not letting any critical voices into the media landscape in russia anymore. and this newest news is, is kind of an example of that again, well, at least it's good to see you under the same roof d w's. emily show in many things,
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president vladimir zalinski says she's open to negotiating a potential neutral status for his country. in an interview with several independent russian news organizations which the kremlin banned from publication inside russia. so lensky said his team was carefully studying moscow's demand for ukrainian neutrality. he said that the issue would have to be put to a referendum. it comes as the ukranian intelligence service warns that russia is trying to split the country into. after more than a month of fighting key remains in ukrainian hands, though, increasingly scarred by war. but even those whose homes have been destroyed, believe that victory is possible with enough help. nor does the rest of the war. everything depends on how our western friends help us with the we will win if we get lots of help and we will win soon as it struggles to make advances on
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the ground. russia has ramped up its bombardments, much of hard heave, just 50 kilometers from the russian border, already lies in ruins. it was ukraine's 2nd largest city. now half of its residents have fled. thousands of those who remain have taken refuge in underground train stations, hiding from rushes heavy shelling in the besieged city of mary. u paul, the situation is even more dire. food and water are scarce and local, say they've had to bury their dead in makeshift graves. ukraine's president is carefully considering how to best and the suffering ballade. amir zalinski said his team was studying russia's demand for ukrainian neutrality. and that the issue would have to be put to a referendum. a good idea is up wasn't security guarantees and neutrality. non nucular status of our country. we are ready to go for it. that's the most important
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point. it was the main point for the russian federation. that's why they started this war. the funny is able not to live on sunday ukrainian authority said an agreement had been reached with russia on a humanitarian court or out of mary you, paul giving residence the chance to try and reach safety. those who do make it out may well join the ever growing number of refugees like these crossing into romania via ferry for some more insight. let's bring in lawrence, she cheese, the former moscow bureau chief of u. s. broadcast n p r. he joins us from odessa, ukraine. oh, it's nice to see you of lawrence, a president, zalinski is signaling. he's open to some kind of compromise. but is that message even getting through to russians? i'm not certain that it's getting through the russians because as you, as you alluded to, even mister lensky interview, which was intended for
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a russian audience in russian interruption. journalist was forbade, was forbidden to be broadcast in russia under unclear circumstances. there's no statute for this. there were just simply ordered, do not broadcast interview. i don't think that it really would come as a surprise because support for nato membership. if you go back to say 2005 was less than 20 percent and ukraine, it's slightly above 50 percent according to let his polls and his growing. but it's not beyond the pale that it would be something which number one you would want to put to referendum to make sure that you have public support for it in ukraine. i'm how you do that. i don't know during a war which has consumed the eastern half the country for the most part, enter is my car, give which your correspondence mentioned. so i'm not too surprised that he is putting idea of a referendum. i'm curious, given your, your history covering the area what other crucial issues particularly related to
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this war? do you believe the russian people may very well be in the dark about i think they're in the dark about just about everything. everyone in this city in odessa, which by the way, is an overwhelmingly russian speaking city. it has a deep heritage and deep tie to well to the jewish community in eastern and central europe. i mean, a dresser was plurality, majority jewish city until 941. but everyone has a story. i set the table yesterday with your queen in friends. all of them are russian speakers, by the way. they are, you and the all the story about contacting relatives or relatives contacting them by telephone in russia and saying, look, we're coming to liberate you and they say to their friends, and these are people they've known for years. we don't need the ration, you don't understand what's going on so that i'm sure that most russians don't know what's going on. they have access to state television only if they want,
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of course. and this is always been the case was the case in the soviet union get access to short wave radio. they can use the peons they can use other means of obtaining information. but even the vpn issue, if you use the internet, rumors to being floated inside russia, that if you use a vpn, this is critical. you will find you. this was what i was told yesterday, be my ukrainian friends who speak russian or russian speakers. they're being told this by the relatives in russia. and, you know, i'm curious, presidency lensky has warned that russia's actions and ukraine threatened to instill a deep hatred toward russia, which is what president putin claims he's fighting against. is there any discussion as far as you can see from your vantage point in russia, about how this conflict is hurting attitudes towards the country? well, i'm sure that there is, um, there was always an expression in russia in soviet times,
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which was called the nozer horn install. it meant the high under, behind the kitchen table at the kitchen table. things like this were discussed, of course, or discussions going on between people. but this is limited probably to that percent of the population who is really interested in getting information and motivated to get information. and not afraid of losing their jobs or tentative measures. and perhaps the broader swath of the population simply isn't interested in our intent, unbelieving what they're told by stakeholders. it's a analyst, a lauren's sheets, reporting from odessa, ukraine. many thanks. sure. thank you. more than half of ukraine's children have been displaced by the war with huge implications for their development and education. some ukrainian teachers are trying to keep up the school routine using the internet to teach children scattered across europe. we met
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a young school girl who fled to germany, but is still attending classes run from back home in ukraine. it's 8 o'clock in the western german city of bon yes. the 1st lesson of the day is starting for now. are you? it's an online lesson. normally she would be in, he's at her school right now, but at the beginning of march, she had to flee ukraine together with her family because of the war a little over there. it is quite important to stay in touch with teachers and classmates. we all need that in the situation that way we get to see how all of us are doing that way. everyone knows that i'm doing well over a family issue with an ally show. here's another to day, alina trots, is giving the lesson before the war began. they could all be at school together. now, most of her classmates are scattered all over europe. that's why elaina teaches them
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digitally. she's still and keith. it ever should say. it was personally older than me. it's dangerous to stay at home. you see her, i'm not sure what your weekend were. yeah. but teaching the children distracts me from the reality we live in the game when you're home. is that not what? i would like to close my eyes and wake up in another life. but unfortunately, that is not possible with the co anywhere from 1st nascar, along with her sister and mother, has been placed with a host family in germany. this gives them security for the time being, nevertheless, like thousands of ukrainian children, the kids are now missing important lessons at school. that's why they'll soon be enrolled in germany until then online lessons help them yet, but it was nameless, but i do exercises with them. i paint with them, we carve and glue, we make all kinds of art work. i knew you know, orca, you may have what is i?
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this gives them strength. it gives them courage and also confidence. when for the future, you guys, you send the ban here, so in the us, my number now my bulletin sales for doing the shopping to day. the close of syncs for as of next year is in germany. her classmates in poland, the check republicans, lavinia, but her teacher managers to reach them all you interior ministers are meeting in brussels for urgent talks about how to deal with the refugee flows streaming from russia's invasion of ukraine. holland alone has taken in more than 2000000 refugees from neighboring ukraine since the start of the war, ministers are expected to discuss issues including the distribution of refugees across member states as well as financial support. d. w corresponding christine boonville, is covering today's meeting in brussels, her christine, of walk us through the major issues related to the arrival of so many refugees in
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you countries. michael, as you pointed out, are for the most part, most refugees are in poland, which is as you were saying, taken in more than 2000000. next would be germany, which is over $260.00 as $60000.00. so it is understandable that berlin and warsaw have taken the initiative to write to the commission to request that it play a more active role in the distribution of refugees across the member states. i would like to see the commission. i actually do that by itself. we know that many member states have expressed the willingness to take in refugees. but right now most people are in ukraine at, excuse me, are in poland as well as in germany. so there is that in the there is also of course, additional financial assistance. for example, berlin and warsaw are proposing that there be a fixed amount per refugee. so to say that will be allocated to members states as they take them in. beyond that,
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you can expect that they'll firm up further existing measures. ok, but for the moment the block has relaxed its procedures to allow for the easy access of ukrainian refugees once they arrive in an e. u member state, for example, they've all been given a years temporary stay, which will likely be extended to 3 years. they've got immediate access to health care to schooling, as well as to the labor market and all other logistics around that there'll be firming up in this meeting. michael. a major, major effort to say the least of the interior ministers are also expected to discuss sanctions. tell us more about that. that's right. this, this really has to do with russian and, and russian nationals who are now on the use the sanctions. las individuals who've been blacklisted the commission would like to see member states revoke any residents. it's that they might have any golden passports as they are known yet this is effectively individuals who have been given at citizenship in an eager
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member state. in exchange for an investment l a sum of money. the commission would like to see the revoking of those residents permits. for example, looking into citizenship matters as well as the commission would like to see member states take it upon themselves to assess the situation of those individuals. specifically, the individuals who have been sanctioned in relation to the war. so and then of course, revoke any citizenship or permanent residence that they might have. many thanks to d. w, corresponded christine manuel, reporting from brussels. german chancellor, olaf short is hosting his a swedish counterpart for talks in berlin today. prime minister magdalena anderson has arrived at the chancellor a little earlier to full military honors. the war in ukraine is expected to dominate the 2 leaders discussions, but there will also be a focus on other foreign policy issues. for more, i'm joined now by our political correspondent julia at sal delhi, julia,
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what's on the agenda i'm in here today. yeah, as you've mentioned, ukraine is likely to dominate the talks as it has been dominating talks between leaders in europe for a while now. but we're also expecting maybe to hear the 2 leaders talk, for example, about how to deal with the influx of rich few geez, that have arrived in european countries from ukraine, which is also being discussed in brussels today. but ukraine likely to be the top issue also because looking at sweden itself, we see pulls. they're pointing to the fact that sweden swedes are worried about rushes attack. an invasion of ukraine, a 3 out of 4 swedes are afraid that the war could expand to other countries, and one suite out of 3 fears that a sweden could be invaded by a foreign power. now if we consider sweden geographically,
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it does not border directly with russia, but there is only one country between them and that is finland. but also looking at a sweden's military alliances. sweden has been neutral since the early 18 hundreds and has been non aligned and most of the wars that have occurred since then. and sweden is not a member of nato. and the debate is going on in sweden now on what maybe should be reconsidered or what should be done to make sweets feel more protected. so you raise a glaring issue there. could sweden, in fact, join nato, we've seen and pulls there that for the 1st time, a slight majority of squeezes. now in favor of joining nato, that is 51 percent. that is a small majority, but it is, it is really the 1st time that there has been such support for joining nato. and the prime minister of sweden has said she is against going ahead with starting
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procedures to join the alliance. something that opposition party in the countries have called for her because she says there is a risk that this would a d, stabilize security in europe. and also russia has clearly said that we're sweden to join nato. there would be a severe consequences on this, but this is certainly an important topic for discussion. julia shall deli, many thanks truly. well, the feel good family film coda was named best picture at the oscars in a surprise when making it the 1st streamed film to pick up the prize. but the most memorable moment of the ceremony was an outburst of violence from one of hollywood biggest charge actor well, smith got up on stage and slap comedian chris rock in the face. it was the year's biggest night in hollywood with a star studded line up the academy awards honoring the film industry's best movies at the oscars ceremony. but the night was overshadowed by an incident on stage.
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comedian chris rock made a joke about, act at will smith's wife j to pincus. smith, who suffer strong alopecia. it didn't go down to well, taylor lover, j jane too can't wait to see you. ah, oh, oh, wow. wow. knew it was a g. i jane joe, he mark boy. oh yeah. a jaw dropping moment for viewers around the world. smith and then went on to win best actor for his performance in king richard. a movie about the father of tennis does venus and serena williams. he apologized in his acceptance speech. your part imitates life. i looked like the crazy father was like,
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they say like crazy father just about with you or your mom. but love will make you do crazy things. the lapd says it won't take things further . as chris rock declined to file a police report, oscars organizes tweeted that it does not condone violence. the academy also tried to show off its diversity compared to previous years. appletv coda took the spotlight starting deaf actors in leading roles. it won best picture mocking the 1st time a streaming service took home the film award to do with the power of the dog, which lead 12 nominations picked up on jane canyons directing when jessica chastine landed best actress for her role in the eyes of tammy faye logo and best international film was awarded to japan's drive my car.
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while the oscars was hoping to have a boost in ratings to see as physical confrontation between 2 superstars certainly dominated the headlines. i'm not joined by scott roxborough from a d w culture a while scott and this must be in oscar 1st. will this hurt? will smith's career yet it will, it remains be seen really? i mean, i was utterly shock. sure. you are. when you, when you saw that happen on stage, i mean the that doesn't seem to be any, a police follow from it. the police, a rock hasn't filed charges, so it shouldn't be pursued in that in that direction. the academy could still sanction or will smith, they could theoretically, even kick him out of the oscar academy. i will wait to see if that happens so far. it hasn't seem to have that much effect on him. i was literally texting with a colleague of mine who's in los angeles, was that one of the post oscar parties and she saw will smith there with his family
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and he was cutting it up on the dance floor. so apparently that is not a huge negative impact on him yet, but this is quite, i mean, quite shocking. i mean, the, the, the chris rock stroke was, was incredibly, incredibly bad taste. but this type of a violence is, is of course, completely inexcusable. we'll have to wait to see what happens next, a few days and weeks, particularly on social media to see if, if a will smith can really recover from this. let's talk about some of the other winners that last night, starting with the best picture winner coda, which basically features mostly deaf actors. in a nutshell, what's this film about? yeah, this is actually one of your classic oscar winning movies. really the feel good audience please, or it's about a hearing girl who's the only hearing member of an otherwise a death family. she's a child of death, adults or coda as, as the name the film says. and she discover she has a talent for singing. and so her a conflict is it, should she stay with her family or should she sort of follow her dreams and become
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a singer, as i say, a very sort of heart warming a feel good movie, the kinds of movies that usually when, when oscars this time the big surprise was though, because it comes from a streaming service. this is an apple tv plus film. this is the 1st time that streaming film is actually one best picture of that probably would have been headline news today that our streaming service is actually one best picture. oscar . if will smell, hadn't done what he, what he did last night on stage. were there other moments it really stood out for you or is chris rock's face just in time in your yeah that, that dominates everything. obviously i'm, i was thought it was great to see jane campion when a best director for the power of the dog. she's only the 3rd woman director to win the best best picture, phenomenal fil a lot of people expect her to win the top prize. but again, all that a talk of her, of faculty at the 1st step actor or 2 in a best acting ward, a post are in quota. that would have been a big news today. but the fact that we had this act of violence will smith hit
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chris rock on stage at the oscars? obviously, that's all anyone's going to be talking about today and, and for the weeks to come. many, many thanks. d, w scott, box bar is always canadian, a football fans, or celebrating after their country qualified for the men's world cup. for the 1st time in 36 years, their spot was guaranteed by a foreign nail victory. over jamaica, it meant a wild scenes outside the stadium in toronto. was fans started planning their trips to katara later this year. it's the maple leafs, 1st world cup finals appearance since 1986. you watching d w news? here's a recap of our main story. russia has added d, w to a list of organizations. it labels as foreign agents. the term carries negative soviet era connotations in russia. suggestive of spite. it's the latest move against egypt you've by moscow. our website has already been blocked in russia and d, w journalists stripped of their accreditation again,
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