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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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he don't lose africa every friday on d w. ah, ah ah, there's a dw news live from berlin on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe, the mayor of the deceased port city of mar, you hold warns of disaster. if more evacuations are not possible, uses the russian military of trying to wipe it from the face of the earth, holiest genocide. also wanted to show the kremlin slams u. s. president, jo biden's comment on vladimir putin as a personal insult. quite in, however, refuses to apologize for his statement saying he was expressing moral outrage. plus
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the drama continues in hollywood after an on stage slab at the oscars actor will smith, it's chris rock in the face on live tv. condemnations have already begun. and now the actor consequences. ah la m claire richardson. thank you so much for joining us. the mayor of mario paul in southern ukraine has said his city is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. and that every one left must get out. are you pl. has endured relentless bombardment from russian forces. in recent weeks. the mayor's office has said almost 5000 people there have been killed. at 90 percent of buildings damaged. it added $100.00. 60000 civilians are main trapped in the city
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without power. with meanwhile, ukraine's defense ministry says there is no evidence there. russia is planning to abandon its effort to capture the capitol keefe. aggression forces are also stepping up their attacks in eastern ukraine. ah, for just a few brief moments, musicians provided those inside this hot heave metro station and bomb shelter with a brief respite from the war. if the music is a ray of light that helps our soul survive, it brightens our lives stops us panicking and keeps away the darkness gloom and bitterness of this war. the wiley, with almost the voice with him give you, we'll need support like never before. show him if we classical musicians can provide support to the people by playing our instruments. by doing what we can do
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best, we will do it anywhere there so much. when i press, we'll go to montana, with wiki, but across ukraine, and with each day that passes the death toll increases. this watch belong to one of the wars victims of his son, victor witnessed his death. i yeah, i, the russian soldiers just started firing. i looked up, my dad looked into the car, will the horse he was already choking on his own blood? well, i saw a ford direct hits to the windshield to daniella was to call but there is a faint glimmer of hope. the piece will return here and keep the president offered to moscow, a compromise on the don boss. this is peace talks between russia and ukraine. are set to resume on tuesday in turkey. yup. when you must awesome o d. boy, i understand. it's impossible to make russia give up the territory completely line yet that would lead to world war 3. and i understand completely,
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i am aware of that ethic. that's why i'm saying this is a compromise. but let's try to resolve the question of the don boss. the complex question of the don bus flaws. villa was done thus. but in moscow, there appears to be no shift in russia's demands my business deal at books, we have to make sure that ukraine stops assimilating itself with the westward, with nato, when the military sense, well you, with threats to the russian federation. oh, physical, military threats to the russian federation. who are you? little girls notice used to figured out suit death and destruction in ukraine. aaron levine, the funeral of a soldier. another day that a family has been touched by the war and the kremlin has said you as a president joe biden's remarks that russian president vladimir putin cannot remain in power where quote, quite alarming and
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a personal insults on monday. biden said he would make no apologies for the comments where she made during a speech in poland on saturday. he rejected criticism that his words could risk further escalation, but insisted that he was not calling for regime change in moscow. i want to make it clear, i was a den norma, now articulate a policy change or the expression more outreach that i feel and i make no apologies for this is just stating a simple fact that this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. so for more on that, let's get straight across to stuff and simon's in washington, dc. i stuff on the white house almost immediately try to walk back biden's comments, that putin who cannot remain in power. now we're hearing from the president himself 2 days later, is he going to be able to turn the page on this controversy? i think so. i think he already has. this is a typical white house playbook. as you mentioned, he made the comment it reynolds
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a few people really badly. apparently the white house walked it back and now the president gave it while he was presenting his budget for the fiscal year, 2022. a little bit more beef to the bond, paddling back and to stay in the picture to make this ship sale a little bit softer. however, he's tried to make the distinction as pointed out, and as you, we just heard that he didn't speak as the president. there, but as a person, a private person who was rattled of the experiences he had just moments before before he give that press conference in poland and that he is not lobbying regime change. is that a surprise for mr. brewton or russia? no, mister putin is well aware of the fact that mister biden dislikes him and vice versa . so that's where we are at at the moment. and when i ask you about that budget, you touched on it briefly on, on monday biden had submitted
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a plan to congress. it would include billions of dollars in aid for ukraine to defend itself against russia. what exactly would that include? right, so a budget really briefly $5.00 trillion dollars. let me repeat this $5.00 trillion dollars. that's the budget of the united states of america. and if we're talking about the $682000000.00 proposed in this budget for ukraine, for military help for economic help, further down the line in the near future. hopefully. then we have to talk about the military budget of the united states, which is 813000000000. this is an uptick of 4 percent of the budget for military spending from last year. and last year the budget was already for military spending more than the 11 countries following in this ranking, combined spending on military. so. but what is in the $86682000000.00
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for ukraine weapon systems, weapon systems, the ukrainians need training. what have you, all of the good military stuff the ukrainians want to fight back the russians or to counter the russians in the near future. stephan simons for us in washington dc. thank you so much for that update. on monday german chancellor oliver schwartz said, albania and north macedonia should begin talks to join the european union as soon as possible. short made the comments after a meeting with sweden's prime minister, magdalena anderson in berlin. he said, it's important that you speed up talks with the to balkan nations to prevent them being pulled into rush as a sphere of influence. and either the spoke to swedish prime minister magdalena anderson about e. u. s. session talks with albania, and north macedonia. here is what she had to say. what i mean country should be
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able to join european union when they are ready for it. and i think it's important that all countries can have a process coming closer to europe, peon, and membership. and, and from a swedish perspective, we have been supporting countries, for instance, ukraine ad to help build their institutions to become. so they could come closer to becoming that members of the european union attacking ukraine was not only an attack line ukraine, but also european security order, which means that every country can make their desist in themselves. so of course we don't, we have the right to do with the decision that we think is right for our country. but of course one of the jew would do that. we have to eh, away all the different risks with the different options that we have. the situation in rhonda baltic sea has change after rushes, sa invasion of ukraine. we've had the deteriorating a security situation round the baltic for a long time, but this was really a shift would we have done from a swedish perspective during the last years is to increase our defense spending.
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and we, we also follow germany to go up to 2 percent of g d p. but you also increased our bilateral multilateral corporation, like being a part and to nate. so with a very close close corporation to woulda finland but also with the joint expeditionary force with, with other countries. and we will continue in this direction. but you also have a discussion with the other part is in parliament to analyze the situation and see what that means for and how it will acts in the future. the sweetest prime minister speaking to dw, let's go to hollywood now and sunday nights. oscars awards ceremony has made history on multiple fronts. the film coda, one best picture, the 1st motion picture. so when with a predominantly death cast, and it is also the 1st streamed film to win best picture. but the glitz and glamour of the evening was overshadowed by one altercation. in particular. during the ceremony actor will smith stunned every one in the room and watching around the world. smith got up on stage and slapped comedian chris rock in the face. oh,
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it was the year's biggest night in hollywood with a star studded line up the academy awards honoring the film industry's best movies at the oscars ceremony. but the night was overshadowed by an incident on stage. comedian chris rock made a joke about, act at will smith's wife, j pink at smith, who suffer strong alopecia. it didn't go down to well, taylor lug her g r j into can't wait to see you. ah. oh ricka. oh, wow. wow. do it was a g i jane jokey, mark boy. oh yeah. a jaw dropping moment for viewers around the world. smith then went on to win, best actor for his performance in king richard. a movie about the father of tennis
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does venus and serena williams, and he apologized in his acceptance speech. your part imitates life. i looked like the crazy father lives, like they say alert crazy father just like they said about with you or your own, but law will make you do crazy things. the lapd says it won't take things further. as chris rock declined to file a police report. oscars organizes tweeted that it does not condone violence. the academy also tried to show off its diversity compared to previous years. apple tv coda took the spotlight starring death actors in leading roles. it won best picture mocking the 1st time. a streaming service took home the film award with the power of the dog, which led 12 nominations,
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picked up on jane canyons directing when jessica chastine landed best actress for her role in the eyes of tammy faye mcgrew. and best international film was awarded to japan's drive my car. well, the oscars was hoping to have a booster ratings to see as physical confrontation between 2 superstars certainly dominated the headlines. and the motion picture academy has now officially condemned the actions of will smith at the ceremony. here is more from entertainment journalist katie matthews. in l. a. last night i'm told that inside adobe theater, they actually were going to remove will smith, right after it happened? they kind of were milling about, deciding whether they should let him stay for the rest of the ceremony, whether they shouldn't. but remember, he still had not received his award yet. so they had not announced that category.
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so that could have been one of the reasons why they decided to let him stay for the rest of the ceremony. but today they're saying that they're looking into a formal review to see if he broke any kind of laws or bylaws or any type of state laws. and we'll see what the outcome of that is for now. as you stated, you know, chris rock a decline to press charges and i'm told that both of them went to after parties. one was very you a jubilant, you know, which was will smith. he was seen dancing. what not me? said chris rock, seem extremely somber at the after party that he went to and people were really rolling around him and trying to talk to him, bring his spirits up so to very different reactions it will remain to be seen. but honestly speaking, i don't think you'll probably have his oscar taken away from him permanently. this is the 1st oscar that he's ever one, even though he had been nominated 3 times before. then journalist kato, math is there. you are watching a date of you news. let's get a recap of our top story. officials in mario pulse
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a rush as the seas of the city has left. nearly 5000 people dead articles mer, has accused the russian military of committing genocide as fears. mount the cities put soon fall into rationale, update our the business headlines are coming up next midst. even beardsley after a short break, sitting sitting for that. and i richardson in for lynn for me and the team. and janice, i called her, i'm just kinda, i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance as of the what's your story. ready of you wasn't, i was women,
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especially victims of violence in our lives and take part in.


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