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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2022 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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treat the same cannot be said in the south, where russia's siege of the port city of mario pole is nearly total and complete. after 5 weeks of war, president zalinski says that he's willing to discuss a key demand of the kremlin making ukraine a neutral country. but only after all, russian forces have left the country. and so far, windermere, putin seemed intent on staying put. i bring gulf in berlin. this is the day. ah, that gonna be the security guarantees and neutrality? a nuclear free state, we're ready to go for it to wait. list easy, but if it is other demilitarization of d not to vacation of ukraine or essential components in the agreements that we are trying to achieve, the viewers was going to russia has violated all the rules of a joint apiece. oda, it's broken the rules. when you my and a stand,
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it's impossible to make russia give up the territory completely. that would lead to, well what 3 i understand completely like double gray loop, so that ukraine ccs to be a country that is constantly being militarized. you was for you and we will all still suffer from that russia. most of them also coming up a d. w. news exclusive. the other iron don't will talk with the men and women on the front lines of israel's cyber defense. i prefer not to get in to a specific threat from dis, so ah, country or not. but i would say that there is an ongoing threat from a state actor and non state actor against the state of israel ah, to our viewers watching on p b. s. or the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with the rush invasion of ukraine,
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a war that is definitely not getting smaller in size. and last week, the russian military signaled a possible downsizing of its territorial ambitions in ukraine. but this week on the ground, it doesn't look like the russians plan to pull back anywhere despite ukrainian claims of gains in the northeast of the country. russian forces remain near the capital key. their missiles are attacking as far west as the city of levine and their chokehold on the southern port of mario pole appears irreversible. and that brings us to possible talks to morrow in turkey, between russia and ukrainian diplomats in week 5 of this war expectations of anything resembling peace. one seems like wishful thinking, that said, ukraine's president zalinski has put the possibility of ukrainian neutrality on the table. could this be a 1st step towards progress in negotiations? here is more now from our correspondent mathias bellinger in keith. i wouldn't
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think too much about the outcome of any of these talks right now. for now, i think this is decided on the battlefield and the any compromise will be reached when one of the sides feels the need to back down. and the, this is not what we're seeing right now. we have seen some um readiness to talk by russia that was in the beginning saying that they were the basically just saving the demand less guess that they were basically setting an ultimatum. um, and we see some things that says lensky has brought in this neutrality issue, but i also here, i wouldn't see too much of a, of a position to give any ideas that he would be ready to discuss this. but that also this has to be confirmed in a referendum, so he would not take the responsibility for this, usually unpopular a comp,
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prefer comp compromise. that would be so usually unpopular. i don't see that these talks um are serving in at anything beyond keeping the channels open, trying to feel the positions. i don't think they're going to was any result at the moment. so it does make sense to talk about outcomes it. there was mathias berlin, the reporting from keith military. drones are an important weapon for both ukraine and russia. in this war, the unmanned aircraft. they come in a variety of sizes, they can do everything from aerial surveillance to launching missiles. the united states is now sending ultra light switch blade drones to ukraine. they're small enough to fit inside a backpack. they're able to strike targets with high precision. and i in the sky with a deadly payload. this is a promotional video by the maker of the switchblade loitering munition. it hangs out in the air,
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sends images back for humans to figure out targets. then it becomes a missile. switch blades are advertised online. they weigh just a few kilograms and can be launched from a small tube, requiring little set up or training. but it's the weapon system whose name cannot be spoken, at least by u. s. officials. i can't confirm a particular systems that president did speak over. we did speak of tactical unmanned aerial systems we provided and are providing a 100 of those systems and is not in position to, to speak to all the specific systems and may be included in that package. ukraine has already been using so called loitering munitions to strike russian forces. turkish made drones carried lightweight laser guided bombs. this footage purportedly shows the result of their strikes on russian targets. meanwhile, the russian military has been using drones,
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both big and small as part of its arsenal against ukraine. this video shows the aftermath of an alleged drone missiles strike on the science institute in keith. and a small drone recovered at the scene. will the switch blades be a game changer? some analysts say the u. s. is sending too few of them a supply that will only last a couple of days. but as ukraine battles against the superior firepower of its invader, ukrainians can use all the help they can get over more dell when a bring in that samuel ben did. he's a russian military technology analyst at the center for naval analysis. and he's also with the center for new american security. mr. bennett, it's good to have you on the program. i want to talk drones with you in just a moment. but 1st, let me just ask you, when you look at the russian military this week in week 5 of this invasion, what do you see?
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well, good evening, thanks for having me on the show. we're seeing the military that is beginning to reorganize and pull up the resources. it is a military that is essentially changing its mission set. it is a military that has reassessing its loss as it is admitting a lot of the losses. it is admitting loss of personnel, loss of equipment, but it is also the military that is talent. what it things are, successes, the control of southern portions of ukraine control over don't boss and multiple strikes on the ukrainian industry. the defense industry, the economy, as well as on the civilians that is essentially destroying a significant part of the country. so that said, let's consider this drone technology. how, how are you crane and russia both using this it to their advantage in this? well i say your report just mentioned of both countries use them as eyes in the sky
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or using them for gathering intelligence, conducting surveillance and reconnaissance. and that goes both for civilian commercial drones used by ukrainians as well as military grade. drones used by the russians. they're also using these drones to conduct strikes. some drones can conduct both surveillance reconnaissance and strike, such as the turkish barracks are used by the ukrainians, or the 4 hosts are and the ryan drones used by the russians. they're also loading munitions that are now used by the russian forces, although probably with limited success. the only evidence so far our social media evidence of these drones folding without actually exploiting. so both countries actually have a substantial drone force at their disposal. and each is trying to essentially guide its forces guided munitions at the adversary with the help of these you ladies. and these drones also, particularly for the russians, helped to craft the narrative back home of what is rid of what is going on in
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ukraine, right? i mean, they're, they're part of the storytellers now aren't that's correct. initially, russian forces have seated information vironment to the craniums, and they were a lot of videos of their car and the turkish may groans in the ukrainian service. a lot of those videos were released on social media, multiplying each potential unrealistic strike by these drones. and so russian media, excuse me, russian ministry of defense is trying to compete with that narrative. it is also releasing videos on the old military, drones, striking ukrainian positions. it is releasing videos from surveillance, drones from military drones. and so each countries now trying to, as essentially craft a narrative that its forces are actually winning its forces, are hitting the enemy more and more accurately and its forces are actually on the advance. do you see any parallels between russian military strategy that we're seeing in ukraine now compared with russia's experience in
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syria? well, that's not quite the same. i think when russian forces went into syria, they were in a very permissive environment. they went up against the adversary that wasn't really able to fight back successfully an adversary without air defenses, without early warning radars. and a lot of fighting for the russian forces in syria was actually done by their syrian allies and the proxies. here in ukraine, russian forces are against a adversary and adversary with equal trains, and the ukrainian military has shown incredible resistance and incredible strength encountering russian military advances and blunting a lot of these advances across the country. and mr. ben, you know, we've heard, i guess anecdotal evidence that russian soldiers have been giving away their positions by using unprotected communications of gadgets such as i phone to call each other or even to face time with relatives back home. it, i'm wondering,
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are they doing that because they don't realize what they're doing or are they doing that? because in syria, they were able to do that and they didn't, they didn't have to worry about their location being tracked quite possibly in syria, especially when it comes to the russian military officers. they probably didn't have about being track because a lot of that communication was conducted on russian basis, or at syrian bases that were already secured by the russian allies here in the field. there's a lot of confusion. a lot of russian forces went in unprepared. a lot of them didn't actually get secured communication radios that didn't get secure communication frequencies. some of them are doing it to record what is happening. some of them are actually trying to stay in contact with the relatives and loved ones, which is actually violation of operational security. something that the russian military has been drilling and exercising for. so it is very puzzling. why so many russian military personnel, especially officers,
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are actually using commercial communications instead of secure military communications. i think this and other mystery russian way of war are going reviewed and discussed at least once. once this fighting is over, just as you to mr. bit before we run out of time, you know, if it's true that russia underestimated the strength that there was, that's needed to defeat ukraine with this 1st phase of the war. do you see that possibly recalculating and maybe even over compensating for the next on slot the next wave of attacks? is that what the ukranian should be bracing for? it is quite possible that the russian military indeed under estimating their ukrainian adversary, ukrainians, have been able to fight successfully at different directions against some of the russian advances. and yes, we're probably seeing evidence that if russian military will reassess its strength
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in several weeks, if it runs out of steam, if you will. and if we're able, we'll take a break of sorts, and react and re arm and re essentially reallocated forces. they may send in a stronger contingency, bigger, contingent with more missiles, more air force, and more ground forces as well. again, this war and this conflict isn't necessarily over, but we might be seeing the end of one of the stages of this conflict. at this point . we just hope that there won't be too many more stages to come. samuel bennett, with the center for naval analysis of the center for new americans security. mr. bennett, we appreciate your time and your valuable analysis tonight. thank you. thank you for israel has hosted the foreign ministers of the united states and for arabic countries in historic meaning the neg summit brought together israel and 3
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of the signatories to the 2020 abraham accords. now they aim to normalize ties between israel and a number of arab countries. delegates say that the summit was a step towards jointly confronting terrorism and regional threats and threats. number one, iran israel sees iran and it's nuclear program as the most pressing regional security. danger the w news gained exclusive access to it is really cyber security unit, or corresponding tonya kramer. she sent us this exclusive report in an underground war room at the headquarters of israel's on forces. one of its siber units is working on defending the country cyberspace. usually cameras are not allowed in here, but d. w has been given exclusive axis. the virtual adversary's hated from across the globe,
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from state actors to hacker groups with iran considered one of the main agents. both countries have been engaged in a long simmering shadow cipher war. i prefer not to get in to a specific threat from this ah, ah country or not. but ah, i would say that there is an ongoing threat from a state actor and non state actor against the state of israel that is increasing at the last year and a half in that matter. in israel, it is often referred to as a war in between wars on a variety of levels. for years, as well as air force has also allegedly carried out, strikes in neighboring syria to prevent the entrenchment of iranian forces or proxy minish us. the overall aim to slow down yvonne's nuclear program and it's influence in the region. nobody wants ah, a war in the middle east?
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no question about it. at the same time, one has to remember that a israel is the only country that is threatened by you run to be any elected of the map. that's why talks between world powers and iran in vienna to revive the 2015 joint comprehensive plan for action, also known as j. c. p. o a r being so closely watched here, iran has never been reached to 60 percent, which he is doing now a june da. busy appeared it was not in which to 20 percent. so the situation today is a very big one. a. the question is whether there is a possibility to go back to the chesapeake prime minister enough taliban, it has also made it clear that israel won't just accept any dean. lock them up. these rail is not a party to the agreement. and mila israel is not bound by what will be written in the agreements if they are signed. and israel will continue to reserve full freedom
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of action anywhere any time or with no constraints limit. but the debate in israel of a possible unilateral action against iran has intensified the country, has reportedly set aside a significant budget to prepare the israel military for potentially strike on. yvonne the main show is vienna. israelis trying to create an alternative to what's going on on the table in vienna. so we are trying to produce a viable military option, which is early still working on. in the meantime, we're in between voice continues. experts say a nuclear. yvonne would change the whole region and could lead to a nuclear arms race in the middle east. history was made last night at the oscars. the kind of history we should celebrate kind of history. we probably should muster with good news. first,
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the film code one best picture, the 1st motion picture to win with a predominantly death cast. it's also the 1st streamed film to win the best picture . oscar. now to last night's disturbing scene, and the one that's most talked about today during the ceremony last night, hollywood actor will smith, stunned everyone in the room and those watching around the world. he walked up on the stage and slapped comedian chris rock in the face. it was the year's biggest night in hollywood with a star studded lineup of the academy awards honoring the film industry's best movies at the oscars ceremony. but the it was overshadowed by an incident on stage . comedian chris rock made a joke about, act at will smith's wife, j pink, its men who suffer strong alopecia. it didn't go down to well, taylor logger, g r j into can't wait to see you. ah. oh
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ricka. oh, wow. wow. do it was a g. i jane joe, he mark boy. oh yeah. a jaw dropping moment for viewers around the world. smith and then went on to win best actor for his performance and king richard. a movie about the father of tennis does venus and serena williams, and he apologized in his acceptance speech. your part imitates life. i looked like the crazy father lives like they say like crazy father. just like they said about with you were your own but labile make you do crazy things. the lapd says it won't take things further. as chris rock declined to file a police report. oscars organizes tweeted that it does not condone violence. the
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academy also tried to show off its diversity compared to previous years. appletv koda took the spotlight starring death actors in leading roles. it won best picture mocking the 1st time a streaming service took home the film award. what to do? mixed up with her or the dog which lead 12 nominations picked up on jane canyons directing when jessica chastine landed best actress for her role in the eyes of tammy faye, local, and best international film was awarded to japan's drive my car. while the oscars was hoping to have a booster ratings to see as physical confrontation between 2 superstars certainly dominated the headlines though yet still dominating. unless bringing our
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entertainment journalist k. j matthews. in l. a. she was watching it last night. i'm sure she was as stunned as everyone i and you know, he j. i had no idea 24 hours ago that we would be talking about this. but here we are. i want you to bring us up the date, the motion picture academy. they've officially condemned will smith for, for last night, and they've watched what an investigation. yes. so here's where we stand. now, last night i'm told that inside the adobe theater, they actually were going to remove will smith, right after it happened? they kind of were milling about, deciding whether they should let him stay for the rest of the ceremony, whether they shouldn't. but remember, he still had not received his award yet. so they had not announced that category. so that could have been one of the reasons why they decided to let him stay for the rest of the ceremony. but today they're saying that they're looking into a formal review to see if he broke any kind of laws or bylaws or any type of state laws. and we'll see what the outcome of that is for now as you state it, you know,
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chris rock decline to press charges and i'm told that both of them went to after parties. one was very you a jubilant, you know, which was, will smith? he was seen dancing. what not, they said, chris rock seem extremely somber at the after party that he went to and people were really rawling around him and trying to talk to him, bring his spirits up so to very different reactions. it will remain to be seen, but honestly speaking, i don't think you'll probably have his oscar taken away from him permanently. this is the 1st oscar that he's ever want. even though he had been nominated 3 times before then. well, i mean, yeah, i haven't heard a word saying that they figured he should lose his oscars. but what would, what would you expect to be an appropriate sanction or, or punishment, or from the motion picture academy kj. and also tell me, have we heard from will smith and chris rock today? i think an appropriate punishment might be that he is reprimanded in the way that
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he can't participate in anything with the academy 4 year. what that means is that he comes out with another movie, a movie that would have been nominated. maybe they say, well, you can't nominate that movie. you can't have your name tossed into the hat to be considered because of your behavior. i could see that happening as to whether or not they spoken. i've heard they have it. i wouldn't not be surprised if the academy try to bring them together with some sort of counselor and have them speak to to each other. and of course have will smith publicly apologize to chris rock the way he publicly punched him on live television? that might be an option. well, let's talk about the oscars before we run out of time here. and the highlight last night had to be what's the best picture going to coda? yeah, you know, his main people forget that, you know, the streamers are just such a part of everyday life. right?
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right. we forget there's never been a streaming service production or movie. so to speak, that is one the best picture category until last night. code a one best picture that was put out by apple tv. so they one best picture, i believe they also one best adapter screenplay. and then of course, of course, one of the co stars of that them troy cox or i believe it was, he won for best supporting actor. he is the 1st death actor to win. so a lot of history was made. and unfortunately, you know what i got lost in the, the incident that happened later, but yes, there was history being made there on the stage for sure. a kid we got about 30 seconds. there weren't last night itself. i mean they, they wanted to get everyone watching to feel like they were watching, you know, one tv program again that they would. busy celebrate going to the movies again, but at the end of the day it's our streaming future. and that is not about rice, communal experiences. yeah, it's very, very interesting. i mean, they're going to look, they've been grappling with this for a long time. there are people in the academy that really just don't want to see
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streaming films even be considered when it comes to motion pictures. they just don't want to go that way. but the reality is, that's where most of us are watching our movies now is our streaming networks. we're not going into the theaters the way we use to the numbers are getting better, but we're not, they are, we're not the way we used to be 5 years ago. they're going to have to reckon with that for sure. that's right. in the panoramic, of course, is made things worse. that's for sure. gauging math no late as always k j thinking talk with you. thank you. well, the day's almost done, the conversation continues a line. you find us on twitter, either. wu, she can follow me a break off tv, every member, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then
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islamists, a film about family, faith, masculinity of fathers and sons, starts april 16th on d, w. and this week d, w is health, so focuses on how hot and circulatory system. sometimes this complicated network goes wrong. some people suffer from low blood pressure or a congenital heart problem. most people are born with a healthy cardiovascular system, but beating too much fans or salt or being obese can lead to problems.


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