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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news, a wire from berlin, on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe, the mayor of the deceased port city of mario bolt warns of disaster if more evacuations are not possible. uses the russian military of genocide saying is trying to wipe his city from the face of the earth. also coming up on the show, german chancellor, olaf schultz says, albania and north macedonia should start talks to join the european union to protect them from the reach of christians, russia in tow,
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it would. the drama continues after an on stage slap at the oscars actor will. smith has apologized to comedian chris rock, are hitting him in the face on live tv. the film academy had said smith, good soon face consequences. ah hello, i'm clear. richardson, a very warm welcome to the show. the mayor of mario paul in southern ukraine has said his city is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. and that every one left there must get out. variable has endured relentless bombardment from russian forces in recent weeks. the mayor's office says almost 5000 people there have been killed, and 160000 civilians remain trapped in the city without power. those who have been able to flee, have described continuous bombings and bodies lying in the streets. a
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place of calm after the trauma she experienced in a home city on preston. here it is. we will drive and we saw small ukrainian flag. i know it when you no one could heard us any more. the hora was behind us, and we were home. the kind her cat's new home is up, his ear 300 kilometers away from mario, pull many harrowing escapes. and here in a parking lot, this supermarket has been turned into a shelter for those who manage to escape. here they get food and medical help and share their stories. my, her deal is we were hiding in the theater mario pole when it was bombed. we were in the basement, we went down there the day before and that's how we survived. was salinas wortham was in various show scenes of total destruction. the marie pull,
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nearly 5000 people have died there. the mayor says, $160000.00 civilians are believed to still be trapped in the city. no electricity, no running water heating or gas. there is no food for children, and the russian bombardment is relentless. hello me. quickly let's hide i thought it's coming from there. we can recognize it now, it goes from that to their, their tanks, authorities hoping for more humanitarian corridors to get all of the remaining civilians out to safety. so russian and ukrainian negotiators are set to begin to dave of face to face, talked in turkey on tuesday or earlier, efforts have failed to make progress, but ukrainian president will dreamers lensky. so he's now willing to consider
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a compromise on contested areas in the east. if they can secure peace and we have this assessment from dw correspondent, i'm in s f reporting for us from ukraine. the 1st thing needs to be said is that russia is already making concessions. it seems, it looks like the original intent of the invasion was to occupy ukraine to take over the government in kia. and that clearly is not happening at this point. at least, russia has been frustrated militarily. but what the lensky has said, in terms of ukraine's concessions, is that he put in the most clear terms to date that he's willing to make ukraine a neutral country. that means not joining nato, not having nuclear weapons on its territory. he's hinted at that before, but he's never come out and say it said it. what he did also say was that he'd have to put this question up to the people of ukraine to put it up to a referendum. and at this point, just talking to you craniums here on the ground,
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it doesn't seem clear that they would vote for anything that appeared to give russia concessions. now the don bath is another question in eastern ukraine. a lot of people speak russian. there are pro russian people, they're living there, and that area has been contested since 2014. so what the lensky said was that will make that a separate question. those negotiations will happen after a ceasefire in the rest of ukraine is agreed to, and that is a concession in itself to say that we will put off those negotiations until we can resolve a ceasefire here and the rest of ukraine on the nasa forest there. now we can turn to some other stories were falling for you at this hour. g 7 energy ministers have rejected demands by russian president putin, to pay for russian gas in rubles. german economy and climate protection minister robert havoc said that the demand is unacceptable and called on companies not to comply with it. number one,
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u. s. president joe biden says he makes no apologies for saying that russian president vladimir putin who cannot remain in power while insisting he's not calling for regime change in russia. biden's, as he was expressing moral, outraged ward putin over the war in ukraine. and e. u. interior ministers have been meeting in brussels to address the flight of millions of refugees into the block from war torn. it discussed a range of issues such as the distribution of refugees across member states, as well as financial support. holland alone has already taken in more and 2000000 people and more than half of ukraine's children have been displaced by the war with huge implications for their education. some ukrainian teachers are trying to keep up the school routine using the internet to teach children scattered across europe. we met a young school girl who fled to germany, but is still attending classes run from back home in ukraine. it's 8 o'clock in the
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western german city of bon yes. and then the 1st lesson of the day is starting for nasty harbor. you. it's an online lesson. normally she would be in keith at her school right now. but at the beginning of march, she had to flee ukraine together with her family because of the war said to her little of the don't as it is quite important to stay in touch with teachers and classmates. we all need that in the situation. that way we get to see how all of us are doing it. that way, every one knows that i'm doing well, said over of deborah, issue, lose knowledge show, she said over to day. oh, lena trots is giving the lesson before the war began. they could all be at school together. now, most of her classmates are scattered all over europe. that's why elaina teaches them digitally. she's still and keith,
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ever shits her name was personally older than me. it's dangerous to stay at home. you see her not to walk ever, he can, we're here, but teaching the children distracts me from the reality we live in the game when your home is that is not for them. i would like to close my eyes and wake up in another life. but unfortunately, that is not possible with the call here from 1st. nascar, along with her sister and mother, has been placed with a host family in germany. this gives them security for the time being, nevertheless, like thousands of ukrainian children, the kids are now missing important lessons at school. that's why they'll soon be enrolled in germany until then online lessons helped them yet, but it was near me, but i do exercises with them. i paint with them, we carve and glue. we make all kinds of art work. i knew you know, orca, you my, what is i? this gives them strength. it gives them courage and also confidence for the future
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. i, as you said that there you are still in the us, my number, not my boat sales for doing the shopping to day. the loss of sinks for as of next year is in germany. her classmates in poland, the check republicans, lavinia, but her teacher managers to reach them all. and on monday german chancellor, all of shawls said, albania and north. macedonia should begin talks to join the you as soon as possible . shoals made the comments after a meeting with sweden's prime minister, magdalana anderson in berlin. he said it's important that you speed up talked with the 2, both in nations to prevent them from being pulled into rushes. sphere of influence . schultz and anderson also discussed the question of swedish neutrality as the country considers nato membership on anderson said, it's e u membership, mental sweden was no longer a neutral actually. and here is what sholtes have to say. magdalena and myself agree that we want to strengthen the make it more resilient as well. with the
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turning point in history is something that means we must achieve real progress within the urban union. thus, we talked about the fact that the time has come to pass the albanian and macedonian . in this session, we'll talk soon to begin as soon as possible. otherwise these even about to as well can, states will be vulnerable russian inferencing and we need to strengthen our capacity to answer in terms in a number of different ways. we deal these folks, you sweetest prime minister, magdalana anderson, about e, you, accession talks with albania and north macedonia. let's take listen. it who, what she had to say, what i mean, countries should be able to join european union when they are ready for it. and i think it's important that all countries can have a process coming closer to it, ears, peon, and membership. and. and from a swedish perspective, we have been supporting countries. for instance, ukraine add to help build their institutions to become so they could come closer to
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becoming members of the european union. attacking ukraine was not only an attack winery crane, but also european security order, which means that every country can make their desist in themselves. so of course we don't, we have the right to do with the decision that we think is right for our country. but of course, one of the do do that. we have to eh, away all the different risks with the different options that we have. the situation in the rounded baltic sea has change after russia, sir, invasion of ukraine. we've had the deteriorating a security situation, ronda baltic for a long time, but this was really a shift would we have done from a swedish perspective during the last years is to increase our defense spending. and we, we also follow germany to go up to 2 per cent of g d p. but you also increased our a bilateral, multilateral corporation. like being important to nate. so with a very close close corporation to woulda finland but also with the joint expeditionary force with,
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with other countries. and we will continue in this direction. but you also have a discussion with the other part is in parliament to analyze the situation and see what that means for and how we will act in the future. swedish prime minister, there was good a hollywood now where actor will smith has apologize to chris rock for taking to the state and slapping him during sunday nights academy awards ceremony in a post on instagram. smith said violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive. i behavior at last night's academy awards was unacceptable and inexcusable. earlier on monday, the film academy condemned misbehavior and announced that they were opening an investigation into the incidence. during the ceremony, will smith head chris rock after the comedian at made a joke about smith's wife? oh, it was the year's biggest night in hollywood with a star studded line up the academy awards honoring the film industry's best movies at the oscars ceremony. but the night was overshadowed by an incident on stage.
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comedian chris rock made a joke about act at will smith's wife, j. pink. it's men who suffer strong alopecia. it didn't go down too well, taylor love her jack, jane too can't wait to see you. ah. oh oh wow. wow. do it was a g i jane joe. he mark boy. oh oh, a jaw dropping moment for viewers around the world smith and then went on to win best actor for his performance in king richard. a movie about the father of tennis does venus and serena williams. he apologized in his acceptance speech, your part imitates life. i looked like the crazy father lives like this is alert, crazy father just about with you or your mom,
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but love will make you do crazy things. the lapd says it won't take things further . as chris rock declined to file a police report. oscars organizes tweeted that it does not condone violence. the academy also tried to show off its diversity compared to previous years. appletv coda took the spotlight starring death actors in leading roles. it won best picture mocking the 1st time a streaming service took home the film award to do expose the power of the dog, which lead 12 nominations picked up on jane canyons directing when jessica chastine landed best actress for her role in the eyes of tammy faye local and best international film was awarded to japan's drive my car
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while the oscars was hoping to have a boost in ratings to see as physical confrontation between 2 superstars certainly dominated the headlines as your news update at this hour, stay tuned for documentary coming up on the history of a greenpeace? don't forget, there's always more on our website, diesel dock. i'm clear. richardson in berlin. thanks much for joining us. ah, what interest? the global economy? our portfolio. d w business being. here's a closer look at the project. ownership. to analyze the flight for market dominance, good stood with the w business beyond.


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