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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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ah, a film about family, faith, masculinity, of fathers and stuff starts april 16th on d, w. a . we often see statistics about how many lions or jobs are left in the wild. but where do those figures come from today? we'll hear about a comprehensive wait life census conducted in kenya. find out why it was done, and none the results. welcome to this new edition of equal africa, the pan african and iranian environment
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a show. i am sandra tree. nobody here in kampala, uganda. hey chris, how are you doing today? just fine, sandra, it's good to be here again. and as always, we've put together a great program with interest and report on preserving nature and protecting the environment. here is the bridge. look at what's in store. given old clothes of fresh live collegiate or start up in south africa, the supports wildlife conservation and environmental protection. also school subject in garner county to conserve. that was the motto for king as fast of fish wildlife senses in an extensive survey on animals that dwell in the country on land and in water. the aim was to collect data that would help conservationists resolve and also protect the wildlife better. and that means all white life, no, just the handful of exotic creatures,
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many tourists dream of seeing on safaris with a pack of african wild dogs. it's a rare sighting. wine glass conservationist or like a humble and her crew spotted typically shy creatures in lake keeper, where conservation efforts have seen their numbers grow from 2 to 40. while dogs are under grave threat because they're very sensitive to diseases that are carried by domestic dogs, they are also targeted by communities because of human wildlife conflict. so while doc, sometimes attack livestock and the communities retaliate fewer than 1000 of these endangered species remain in kenya, 3 years ago, co humble launched a t v series to help such species it draws attention to
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how communities and individuals can aid conservation efforts the wildlife series that i produce wildlife where he is aims to excite people about nature, educate them, and inspire them to care, and to act, to save them, we want to see people going to the national parks, participating in clean up, doing tree, planting. a protesting when these wildlife are in trouble and rhinos and wild dogs are not the only wild life in trouble in kenya. certain species of giraffes are also endangered. and a lot of animals and lose inhabited through human activities and climate change. at the same time, wildlife tourism is an important source of income accounting for about 70 percent of kenya's g d. p. conservation efforts tend to focus on kenya's iconic,
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big 5 lions elephants, buffaloes, renault's, and lemons. but they alone don't hold the fragile ecosystems together to get a better sense of the overall picture. last year. the can, young government undertook the biggest wildlife sensors ever conducted in africa. the effort collected data in over 50 percent of the countries land mars, which included national parks reserves and consequences. we found them as positive results, particularly for spaces like pants. we, they're supposed to grow up. we are able to grow up properly from 24000 to that to 6280 that i know population was also doing very well, but didn't add up front some ups when it got at a very low number. this finding lead to a recommendation to step off care for endangered ruminant species. but cultivation
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is costly and all too often donations are funneled to a special project flat, protect and the last 2 survive in northern white rhinos. in i p. jetta, a private cons of m. c. the regions popular with tories are also where the money tends to flow. representative of one conservation organization believes this practice is short sighted for the parks and what were that are not as frequently visited by our tourists abort. better. very, very important for waco systems, hugs, the absorb bo, cupboard than any other forest area. you know, walt aldo, the main aim of the sensors was to collect data on animal populations. it also revealed information about the habitat and the need for more protected areas. it gives us a status of the health of our ecosystems and our by adversity are in reality,
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we only really looked at mammals, large mammals in particular. but the truth is, most of our by diversity is in forests. it's in rivers, it's under the ground in the soil. and so those results will tell us something about the health of all of our ecosystems, because all those animals eat the vegetation or drink the water, the colors conservation, indiana on can you saw this coast, protects wildlife at the same time as supporting biodiversity sheer, they have managed to stabilize the color bus population with relatively simple measures vacuum stolen monkey bridges. by connecting different parts of the forest, the primate can move freely while avoiding dangers posed by traffic. and the conservationists here have started a cheap planting campaign. watrice will provide food and shelter while maintaining the soils humidity. to nearly miss out people how important these indigenous trees
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and tell them which of the trees the animals like color us and other monkey species prefer newer offenders. in the meantime, present of free zones have also been introduced for some antelope tissues. mountain bungalows were also transferred from one kinds of anthy to another, from where they will slowly be reintroduced into the wild. and unexpected result of the senses was discovered heard in areas that were previously unexplored, why we have never had before. we found as significant number of us that we have never known that they're also based upon collection of elephants that to be counted between cadets will cause the new brand that can about 1821. if we do not cover the entire country, we never know doesn't. what's what?
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the final report recommends publishing and national wildlife census every 3 years and also allocated in more resources for monitoring and supporting rare and endemic species. sounds like a good thing, especially if it helps people and the animals co exist more peacefully in south africa. i started has also come up with a clever way of supporting the walk of a nation of parks. but there medford relies and high tech. now, what could that have to do with nature conservation crease? more than you my think, sandra, this particular tree of entrepreneurs. i've started a crypto platform, which enables users to treat unique animal cards and supports conservation. other thing time, let's take a closer look at how it's really works. happy lions with nothing to worry about. these big cats or the fin, the game reserve in south africa are protected. but conservation initiatives like
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these cost money and drumming up donations requires a lot of time and effort. together with due friends and fellow nature lovers from jason simps came up with an idea to make donating to animal conservation more attractive with the aid of modern technology. all of us have experienced the bush and i love those experiences as, as children and growing up. we want to preserve that, and we've all been following block, take block train technology for a while and to be able to put that together and merge those 2 passions was, was really special for us. the 3 friends leave in cape town and work as software developers, every transaction and their digital block chain can be carried out safely and transparently. most importantly, it is recorded. so what is their idea exactly?
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all of our different conservation partners on the wild card platform. these conservation have certain types of animals and species that they look after. and for every animal that they have, we represent that as a unique digital artwork on the block chain that only one person can have. and if you own this wild card, you essentially pay a monthly amount to actually support that organisation. he's team on the wall cards, digital platform, my can buy and sell red animal cards using crypto currency for each card. there is a back story. details of its purchase history and even a photo of the animal in some cases. and every month, 20 percent of each cards asking price is donated by its owner to a conservation organization of their choice. one of the 1st organizations to benefit is the while to morrow funds and american eng. geo. that wants to open up a corridor for wildlife migration in south africa. the corridor will reconnect
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animal populations and the pin, the reserve, and the ease among delisa wetlands. greg canning is the general manager of baltimore refunded south africa. the conservation organization has received more than 45000 euros and funding through wild cards. the money went toward covering the cost of transfer me what was once a pineapple form into a wilderness area. how it works. i do not know, unfortunately, and what i do know is you know that we are able to find a lot of our conservation work directly through crypto currency and and 3 organizations such as wild cards. wall cards make supporting conservation simpler and more direct because it takes away a lot of bureaucracy and purifies to what people really care about, which is protecting the environment, the wildlife in the pin. the game reserve will certainly benefit if more fonts are generated. but walcott founders are also aware of a less attractive aspect of this scheme, maybe uses a lot of electricity. and,
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and this is concerning, and i actually don't believe that sustainable. but also taking a step, a step back. if we were to use the traditional financial system, we had be paying, you know, all of the resources of the bank employees driving to and from work and all the construction of those big buildings. but it's a huge concern, and we are going to reduce that as much as we can over time, as, as new technologies come out, we'll move to those technologies that are more efficient. so while cars has a dial my yet to solve find in a modern and efficient way to help protect critically endangered animals without adversely contributing to the already critical climate crisis. that looks like an interesting project, as certainly makes support in wide life fun by the environmental cost of such digital transactions are still a huge issue. and it's something would need to keep in mind as crypt occurrences
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gain why their acceptance. when you consider that a single bit coin transaction has a coupling impact of several 100 kilograms of c o 2, it makes you wonder if crypt occurrences can ever surely be sustainable. and our next report looks empty, just that's crypto current sees, are disrupting the financial world. as we know it, and many new comer investors have made a lot of cash on this hype. but it's not all champagne and super yards. mining new crypto currency. and particularly, bitcoin is actually kind of an environmental nightmare using up huge amounts of electricity and generating thousands of tons of electronic trash in the process. but some new players in the crypto community a trying to change that. in 2021 coin mining gulf old,
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more electricity than the whole country of thailand uses each year. and much of that power came from burning cheap fossil fuels. definitely not green or clean. right now you would really more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere making one pick going transaction than you would taking a 6 hour flight from new york to amsterdam. that's around $2000000.00 times more carbon emissions than a single visa payment. then as the waste the mining computers burn out or need to be upgraded roughly every 12 to 18 months, there will be a limit to how much government will accept from this type of system. this is the dutch economist alex, to freeze. he set up the bitcoin energy consumption index back in 2014 to track the situation. we already saw china bending baker mining. we're seeing this type of
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options being raised in europe at the moment. everyone's trying to realize their climate ambitions. all the digital currency is out there. bitcoin is by far the worst offender when it comes to the environment. the clock seems to be ticking for criptos, most famous post a child to clean up its act. but how could that work? what about using green power sources to mind bitcoin, texas is the cheap oil and gas capital of the us. but it also has huge untapped potential for green energy development. there is more wind and solar in texas, and then we can ever harvest jessie pelton is the c t o of huddled ranch, a bit coin mining company that only uses renewable power. and we see a huge opportunity for quite mining to be mutually beneficial for the grid. they can act as a buffer in times of power surge and use energy that would otherwise go to waste.
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but what if international power grids can't, or won't incentivize the downtime for the green energy powered miners? they will be inevitably losing the competition to the rest of the network. and the ones that will survive will be the ones with the most stable power sources. and those unfortunately, typically happen to be fossil fuel based power sources. as renewable energy becomes cheaper, a hybrid power model is becoming more popular with bitcoin miners. in 202039 percent of bit coins, global power usage came from renewable sources. if you still want to stick with bitcoin, but concerned about the carbon emissions, the underlying block chain technology can potentially help with dance. you can now offset your footprint by purchasing carbon credit tokens that a block chain verified the money you invest, travels directly by
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a block chain to fund conservation efforts. a brazilian environmental tech company called mosque dot earth is becoming a popular option for climate conscious crypto fans. and while we have done, you know, to turn crypt investments into, you know, when investment lose a day may is the found of mos dot earth. anyone can buy their verified carbon credits at the click of a button. they're called m c o 2 tokens. you can calculate your pollution from, you know, driving cars using electricity a home, they're kind of stuff. and you can buy the equivalent carbon credit using block chain tokens, provides a clear record of everyone's green investment transactions. and supposedly the money travels directly to forest conservation projects in the amazon, the company says the sale of m c o. 2 tokens has compensated forest projects with over $15000000.00 us dollars and helped preserve around $500000000.00 trees.
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so they're all pioneers trying to clean up, christos act. but right now they're still few and far between bitcoin and digital currencies a here to stay. and if we want to make them sustainable players, investors, companies and governments will have to start changing the rules of the game from the voucher to the basics. what do we really need to get by food, water and clothing? we know the fashion industry is the really sustainable and buying 2nd hand helps, but people still like to feel special every now and then. well, it is possible to pack up your wardrobe without buying you as well. see in this week's doing a bit this is what carlin albano, the oldest functioning market in cairo today it's known for clothing and textiles
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and is a favorite with thrift shoppers, artist, n g until huck started coming here a few months ago before that she'd never considered buying secondhand clothes, but something changed her mind. i've been my thought not on an artist, made me aware that we need to stop over consuming. we buy without any real need or awareness and most fabrics these days aren't even natural. no, i. now when she finds an item she likes, she takes a photo and sense it to neuron albin and albany and visits were college of bella regularly. it troubles her that clothes are bought and discarded so quickly. shopping at the market gave her an idea. a lot of used clothing is still in good condition, often just a bit dirty or worn. but with a little creativity items can be transformed into something new and unique. that
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she posted videos of some of her creations online to show what can be done with old clothes. the response surprised her. i look at what i made a video of myself paintings secondhand clothes and it went down well. once i saw how interested people were and i got more followers, i decided to show more of what i do. that's how it all started on my door. but that northern al bonnen also began pork in izing workshops on altering youth trousers jackets and dresses as well as painting and decorating them to order to create new one of a kind pieces. thereby eliminating the need to buy new things. i know about you. if you are also doing your bid, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet. past eg, doing your bit. we share your stories.
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other starts over the sure we highlighted what can be done or must be done to resolve wildlife populations here in africa bought one, succeed a people and institutions a not aware of how important these walk east you are. absolutely right sondra. and one way to do that is to engage our children and grandchildren in environmental awareness at an early age. dana has already recognized the need for that and made environment unofficial school subject. a co africa took a look at how it has been received. my class is in session at the t i off medea senior high school in kumasi gonna 2nd biggest city. the theme of today's lesson is vital to the future of these students climate change and how to tackle it. classes
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in environmental protection have been taught here for about a year. now. sustainable business ideas are also on the curriculum or the earth. i'll become warm. so it is true he wanted to reach us that are listed as classes recently. so yet subsidies. what them much want to know what, what's the holdup walk them? that was we'll get a chance to didn't mount. so i did do, did deviates from day a, but i to reduce that i was pointed with did to the global warming for most of these students. it's the 1st time they've heard of the climate crisis and the subject has really caught their attention. we encourage all appearance, how carlise to am involved in a we are for res thies, meaning the shoe repair and clients choose to. that's it. to help to reduce the will that will mean if it's i think it's would really change our attitude towards
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the environment. all supports and the protection of the environment from the teachers are being taught to raise awareness about environmental protection. over $600.00 have been trained so far over half of gone as schools are already integrating the subject into their curriculum with more to follow. gone as education ministry sees environmental education as high priority. it's a will training the kids or the lenders to own the environment. they're varman, belongs to them. they are the future leaders. and therefore we need to inculcate in them and bitterness. dunden, an appreciation of that task ahead of them. so the curriculum have that aspect in their the teaching modules focus heavily on the climate crisis . the students learn that the emission of greenhouse gases leads to heat, wakes and drowns. in addition, sea levels are rising,
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which is why some villages on the coast will have to be abandoned. some lessons also deal with a plastic waist that clogs many sewers and drainage canals in ghana and makes flooding more likely. the students also learn how planning trash impacts the environment and health many people and gonna are already feeling the consequences of environmental destruction. first hand. the climate changes in their environment is caused so many problems in houses. lacey, you know, they suffered or food and you know, at times there's flood in and all these things in order to raise awareness of these problems. more and more schools are also organizing, so called green clubs, outside of class, the children go on excursions, collect rubbish, and plant trees. the green labs are often led by environmental protection. activists is much easier to groom. the younger ones who become people were more
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responsible. instead of possibly focusing on the adult, we for the younger ones are there was no glory. now you freak on ship, the future, you such a way that they are more suited to was good, is wishes. it is better for the climate and also for the future. environmental education in schools is the stars, the coming years will show whether the seat that was planted here has terminated. so we learn to, to important things to day, which it counts our animals in order to comes of them. and with a little creativity, we can make something use into something new. i'm chris a lamp, but in you farewell from lagos, nigeria, important lessons indeed, crease. i think initiatives like those are seen today can really have a big impact if you want to learn more about environmental protection from the also all social media platforms. i am sandra tween over you signing from compiler. here
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in uganda will see you again next week. ah ah ah, with
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who was making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa, the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal here on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside. our correspondence is on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff, the mazda to 90 minutes on d. w. oh,
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wow. ah, in many countries, education is still a privilege. hummadi is one of the main causes some young children work in mind. jobs instead of going to class others can attend classes. after they finish working with millions of children, all over the world can't go to school. with them, we ask why? because education makes the world more just make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines on does a moment, a war and eternity
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ah ah ah ah . this is dw news live from berlin tonight, mission of boarded a red cross con boy on its way to evacuated civilians from mario all hands turned back conditions and making it impossible for the team to get there safely. dashing the hopes of those trap inside the besieged city. also coming up tonight, a stark warning from the european union to china don't help russia in its war against you crate. the china says it will not be forced to take socks and the draw for this year's football.


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