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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin to night mission of ordered a red cross convoy on its way to evacuate civilians from mario pole has turned back . conditions, making it impossible for the team to get there safely. dashing the hopes of those trap inside the besieged city. also coming up tonight, a start warning from the european union to china. do not help russia in its war against ukraine. the china sang it will not be forced to take soft.
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ah. i bring. gov is good to have you with us. we start tonight in ukraine and those attempts to get civilians out of the besieged city of mario pole. to night there are reports that a red cross convoy had to stop and turn around conditions on the ground. simply too dangerous of these strategic port on ukraine. southern coast is essential for the control of access to the sea of assaults. previous attempts to get people out of the city about a $160000.00 civilians where they fill, but that appears to be changing. across you crate were then 6000 people managed to get out via human humanitarian corridors. today, about half of those were evacuated from mario pope. hollow shells of buildings now were a vital port city. once stood, mario paused, still under bombardment,
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with tens of thousands trapped with those who made it out to areas of ukraine not controlled by russian forces. describe a harrowing journey on roads controlled by russian soldiers. these women were able to come to the city of zap arissa who i bear. what were you till next to last? people were buried in children's playground. he said with a person who was buried in the yard when we quickly got into the bas, sorry to spook them. it already 10 people in the bus was even though it was intended for 9 people. was the driver when they put in more seats, because people had to get out of enough that it wasn't until the 2nd data we realized that we were and going to a humanitarian corridor. enough is that a city like no more? i could have simply been shot. we were threatened that they said we can kick you out and take your car for the needs of the army and just shoot you. this family made it to the city of denise pro, after
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a hellish ordeal in their hometown of marian, paul. 0 a bomb clearing and exploded into 2 parts to head and the torso. and then small dumb still out of a plane and fragments flew into the windows into this cold. kindergartens and windows were over here or and the house shook so much for her shimmering and find me with the family is safe for now. their journey out involved multiple checkpoints, before escaping russian controlled territory. with global before there were 8 or 9 check points on the route will in the villages of people with machine guns, stood at the crossroads, looking for someone, looked at the passports and said, oh, here are the children. you can drive you crazy. i don't even cry. we see the 1st ukrainian check point. they said,
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now we will calls parisha the english and escort car will accompany you there. with the red cross has been trying for weeks to help get people out and supplies in. for those who cannot escape marion pull in for more now i'm joined by alena so codes. she's deputy director general of the ukrainian red cross. we're glad that you are able to take time to talk with us to night. can you give us the latest? what are you hearing from your colleagues in mario poll? what do you mean and what she did the situation and they were getting worse and worse, so from day to day, we haven't heard anything from all the people in. we'll put it for more than one week that there is, there is still our stuff working in medical law. we have there still and 612 years when human in that it was like, you know, didn't know anything about the destiny. then i, we know that they have difficulties because they do not have for their problems
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with transport. it also ours were partially damaged, our office was partially damaged. so left the situation. yesterday we had the teams of from other ages of ukraine, of the current and with cross headed, a cart envoy, to many people in order to immigrate the people. but it failed to wear it. we only but dance and then stopped by the russian troops. but even against, we helped to have a great nation coming from re open on their own us in such a way we support it. we. we followed 42 buses and 500 private cars was a procedure. and we know that the, like these hours one hour ago, they had to each appreciate that was a 2 day operation. but unfortunately, we still don't have access to it. it will only let me just a reminder of viewers this week of the office of the ukrainian red cross. it was hit by a molotov cocktail. i mean,
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it is very dangerous for you and your organization to do the work that you're trying to do. talk to us about how important it is that people realize, even in a war zone, that the red cross is impartial and neutral. well, it's not the only case in our group in the office when he'd buy the modem. ok. but offices in many parts of ukraine we're hosting. it is where we are currently strong phase of the student is the architect our, our transport is attacked and we start working on t as artic. this is like her that this fear we live in work conditions. now, but a new trinity and we're ship to this is something important for us because we have to be neutral in order to be able to cross. for instance,
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they don't blogs in order to get to but just go to other encircled cities and to bring our military aid. we are the scientist everywhere. and i was talking volunteers. they stick to this mental principle, gross, you know, a lady and we been in touch with you and this, this more imminent. it's personal to you. you and your family left when the showing began in key been in early march and you were 8 months pregnant at the time. just tell us, i mean, how are you doing well and not easy. ah, thank god, no, i'm not in a very dangerous place. i'm central ukraine. we have of course here, right? sirens? oh boy, me take take place, but those have a chevy, which we observe in the east, in ukraine or around here. i'm separated from my husband and from my father,
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stating here. i think in a single defense, so to speak, protecting our neighborhood, and i'm expecting my baby in 3 weeks, but i'm not sure if it happens here. you need to because in the front line i'm here and in part and becomes heavy, i will have to eat so that. so my baby might, if you know it's not easy. well, we certainly hope it doesn't have to happen. we wish you your baby in your family, all the best. alina stokes, deputy director general with the ukranian red cross. alina, thank you. thank you very much. here's a quick look now, some of the other stories related to the war in ukraine. the head of the international atomic energy agency says that he will lead a mission around the contaminated chernobyl nuclear power. that will say that in northern ukraine, you now to me, comes after russian forces began withdrawing from the area after seizing the site. in late february, ukraine has claimed that russian soldiers showed signs of radiation. second,
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russia has announced that it will not immediately turn off gas applies to europe. the kremlin saying that payments and roubles on deliveries are due in mid april. and again, in may, european importers have refused to agree to these terms. germany has approved the sale of 58 tanks to ukraine, the vehicles equipped with cannon and machine guns originally belonged to the east german military and now belong to a check company. critics and say berlin is not providing ukraine with enough military once a day, the european union warned china not to help rush a wage war on ukraine or side step western sanctions. it came during the 1st summit between the you and china in some 2 years, and it comes with beijing, giving russia political backing and refusing to condemn the invasion of u grey. it was the 1st summit between the you and china in 2 years. the goal
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assurances that china won't arm russia or help moscow evade western economic sanctions. european commission president or sal a funder lion, said afterward she had made an appeal based on simple math. let me remind you that every day shine on the european union trade, almost 2000000000 euros worth of goods and services. and in competition, trade between china and russia is only $300.00, some $330000000.00 euros per day. so prolongation of the warm and the disruptions it brings to the world economy is therefore in no one's interest, certainly not in china. china has refused to condemn russia for invading ukraine. in fact, hours before the summit with brussels, a spokesperson for china's ministry of foreign affairs called the us the culprit and leading instigator of the ukraine crisis for its role and nato's expansion since the cold war and the president,
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she jin ping was more subtle when addressing the e u officials long day china has maintained the consistency and continuity of its e u policy. we hope that you can form its own perception of china, adopt an independent china policy and worked with us for the study and sustain development of china. you relations goshen, where russia's war has brought the e you closer together and shown how far away other powers such as china are on foreign policy. they from all the summer. now we want to go to brussels. our correspondent barrett rieger. he's been covering this forest good evening to you, barrett. so the question is, has the european union succeeded in getting china to commit to not helping russia in its war against ukraine? no, the you was only able to make its case said yearned the summit. but got no concrete
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answers from president she in b jing the, you demanded that the china should join the you in the west in sanctions against the aggressor, russia, or at least on circumvent the sanctions. but to president, she answered with a kind of a counter proposal. he said that you should detach from the close ally united states and judge china more independently. so no progress here. china is so leaning towards russia. that's very clear. china state broadcaster cctv is reporting that beijing plans to push for peace thoughts between ukraine and russia in and i'm quoting here its own way. do we know what that means for prime minister lee did not elaborate on that. he was talking about the more general terms about a piece of the china was always looking for and negotiations, but no concrete proposals. the you, on the other hand,
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demand that the china should use it. it's influence on russia because it has influence on russia that you said, and it should adhere to its responsibility as a member of the un security cancer. so it's not clear actually what china will do in the next days, or he w reagan for the latest and brussels barrett. thank you. and his leg. now some of the other stories were following for you this hour. the warring parties in yemen, civil war have declared a 2 month cease. fire. you and broker deal is the 1st nation wide. true since 2016 . tens of thousands of people have been killed in 7 years of fighting between a saudi led coalition, backing humans government, and whose he rebels, backed by iran. the turkish government has agreed to request an est timble court transferred to saudi arabia, the trial of 26. sali suspects over the murder of journalists, jamal to shogi. shelby was a leading critic of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed ben selman. he was
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murdered at the saudi consulate in istanbul, back in 2018 human rights groups, say that they fear transferring the case could enable a cover police in the u. k. have begun handing out fines to people who attended parties in downing street during cove at night t locked in foreign minister morris johnson's office in the says that it will provide an update. if johnson himself receives a 5 prime minister and pop as faced pressured, the resign over the scandal which has come to be known as hardy gates, who can suddenly it's a sports news now in friday night bonuses get action only on berlin, beat, cologne, one nil. thanks. to a defense of blunder by the visitors tie woe, our ne netted the winner for young just 4 minutes into the 2nd half and he could thank the loans don't us, hector, who passed the ball straight back to him. and when he couldn't have been set up any better by one of his own teammates and young, it's closer to
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a trip to europe next season. watching you got you news after a short break business news with steven beardsley have a good weekend everyone. i, with every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste?


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