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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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shadow, we are not afraid to touch on delicate topic. african population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution. the future launch is 77 percent every weekend on d w b, this is the w news, africa coming up on the show. what do we know about brushes? private military operations in africa will explore how russian security companies are gaining a foothold in africa by sending arms, offering mercenaries and getting mining deals. and notably, what is the wagner group plans, hospitals are filling up in cameroon, after a spike in new cholera cases. and we go to the streets of nigeria to find out
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why young women facing poverty are selling their bodies to survive. and you're never too old to start something new. we meet the 98 year old woman who's gone back to school in kenya. ah, i'm really mohammed, thanks for joining us. russia has been making a big push for closer relations with africa, mainly through access to energy resources in return for military support and on sales. but critics accused the kremlin of putting prophets ahead of power by relying on russian private military funds to work on the continent. now the center for strategic and international studies says since 2016 russian soldiers have found fortune in many african states from libya. so don,
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the central african republic to mozambique most activity is linked to sending weapons, offering mercenaries, counter insurgency and counter terrorism training, and gaining access to mining deals. but one name stands out when it comes to russia's alleged military arm in africa. and that's the wagner group is said to be close to the kremlin and takes orders from russia's defense ministry. but who is this secretive group and what's their goal? we'll talk to our guests in a moment. but 1st, let's take a look at what we know about the wagner group so far. journalist's world wide trying to find and film these men mercenaries of the so called wagner group. they are members of a roofless gang that commits bloody crimes all over the world to support russian interests. it seems unusual that a crack than a russian squad arrested. these mercenaries allied to russia. in july 2020. all 33 men were quietly deported to russia. just hours later
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today, both sides act as if nothing ever happened, but the pictures were out there in the world and with them the definitive proof that the dreaded wagner group really exists. patches on their uniforms betray the work, these men do that business is death. and business is busy for them right now. ukraine . 2014 for days. the world puzzled over who the so called green men were, who took crimea in a cru data. afterwards, they fought on the side of russian separatists and the don boss. the men had no sovereignty insignia on their uniforms. to day, we know some of these units belonged to the wagner group. the mercenary force owes its name to me, 3 foot kin, a former russian elite soldier and self confess, neo nazi. he shared with adult hitler a fullness for music by the composer richard wagner. only
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a few photos of us can exist. in 2016, he was awarded a metal by president putin, for his service in ukraine. and this, despite the fact that the kremlin denies any connection with the volcano mercenaries to this day, these mercenary soldiers take on the tasks that a rule, crimes, and which regular troops refuse to perform. and now the wagner group is said to be active again in the ukrainian bull. ah, the shopping for she'd been great. and so i've read and heard from various, so says that dog, the mercenaries are most likely active again in ukraine, and that there are sabotaged groups. coping. there is a suspicion that president, to follow to me as a lensky here. now italy, clinico, and a whole series of female and other politicians, other assassination targets. of course, that would fit into this picture that putin wants to lensky gone on,
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that he hopes to accomplish regime change in ukraine. but of course, we can't ultimately verify at a 100 percent. however, i think it's quite possible english to assist us as their fathers. currently, the mercenaries are mainly active in africa, like here in the central african republic. after they committed a massacre of mind workers. in molly, the varden mercenaries are looking to fill the space that will soon be left thereafter. the french army leaves that tasks are exactly the same in africa as in ukraine, destabilization and destroying democracy. ah, some marines have shown their gratitude to the vogue the group but wherever the russian miss unreasonable pirated, they have always been extremely brutal. and whatever support they have here for the time being will probably not last long. so we know that wagner forces are engaged in military trainings and other activities in
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africa. but where exactly and what are its objectives? he doubly is unusual for not has more. there is evidence that mercenaries from the wagner group operation, at least 5 african countries, mozambique saddam the central african republic molly and libya and libya, wagner group soldiers were employ to join warlord khalifa, hafta and his national army in their fight to seize power from the un recognized government of national accord accounts from to former that no fighters have linked the mercenaries to the shooting of libyan civilians and of fighters who had surrendered. magnified as also laid booby traps and unmarked mines and civilian areas. and leading the u. n. to accuse the group of carrying out war crimes and libya in the central african republic. the wagner group has been propping up the government of president forster icons to adela against various rebel groups who
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still control large parts of the country. the u. n. is currently probing an alleged massacre during a joint operation by government forces and wagner fighters in which dozens of civilians were killed. wagner group militants, are also accused of committing mass killings, extrajudicial executions, torture kidnappings and mass rape. and that they are using this violence to control and exploit areas rich and gold, diamonds, and valuable minerals. russian companies also appear to benefit from the mercenaries, involvement, likeness of rival and car coincided with a company link to its founder, being awarded diamond and gold mining licenses. molly is the latest country in which wagner mercenaries have been deployed marley's ruling. military hunter has been fighting a longstanding insurgency by as them as groups. they've been supported by un troops
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and the french army. unhappy with the performance of the french troops. molly turned to russia and the wagner. about 1000 wagner mercenaries have been deployed to train molly and soldiers and protect the hunter with access to uranium diamond and gold mines as lucky payoffs. oh, though, the wagner groups operations in africa seem to be closely aligned with russia's political interests. moscow has continued to deny any links to the mercenary group . slowness on joined by vic way ego. he's a policy analyst at development reimagined in a boucher thank you very much indeed for being with us here on dw news africa. now, russian private security companies, such as wagner unknown to have a presence in africa and their entities have no legal status. can you explain more about their operations in the continent and what's all the long term objectives?
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yeah, thanks so much for having me yet. so over the very last decade, oh, so what we've seen on the continent is service of our governments for me, security partner partnership, which, which are russia. and then that com suite services of wagner, which is a private security, you know, monster group. but of course we've seen, we've seen for so many report, does it affiliated. and then if you look at some of the areas where they've been active like center africa republic, miley mozambique on libya, the act, the actual tend to align very closely with the russian government. so of course, you can see that the states connection from that, from that perspective. and then one of one of the trend to also see that in places where there is the real need for new regime security known as, as a national security. that is where you see wagner really step in a good example in the center. i've got a public on in my molly,
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because if you recall after the coin miley, we'll have some more, some on risk, and then it was the 2nd cool. and then you, you, we had attended us as an issue on assuming that the head of the joint are not long after we saw wagner deploying to the country. and then we saw this almost the same script car where the, the clues coordination between wagner and the secret apparatus, particularly the presidential security or the security of the head of states. so i have, i believe, to provide a kind of that kind of service. but what is missing from the service is the fact that become necessary. so the, the new, the, the root causes of the problem that this countries and governments are facing. and in that regard, does shock coming mix them in a bit handicapped for what africans going to that might be considering the option because it just doesn't have the long term capabilities knew that many, many african countries need in terms of peace and security. ok. now,
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despite is asians from the united nations and the european union, russia has denied to have any links between vac now and the kremlin. so do these private military groups like wagner play a role in pushing the kremlin influence around the world? is it considered an unofficial extended military arm of russia to mo, most definitely, because when you see the alignment between state policy and it says, or on wagner deployment, then you begin to suspect, let him go back to molly. not with molly. what was seen in miley is, is there is a regime and an image of government that is very, very much against it. or school that wants to distance itself from front of cooperation with europe. and then bringing in, you know, wagner. and then just as they're doing that in the united nation, for instance, we saw a young, a mean cycle emitted se glover of the,
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for us on foreign minister. and then that's causing up to russia already comes after the issue with wagner. what was announced? it begin to simply tuition in say, central africa republic. so we always have the in it, our wagner comes 1st and you see the closing of the relationship between rashanda country strengthen or there is the relationship butte, diplomatically, politically on the rug, not deploy. so much. coalition is not is known as the, the causation. but when you start seeing these research it sure, in every single situation and a military says, follow up. of course you don't take much to, you know, to figure these things out. now can countries like the central african republic or molly afford contractors like wagner? if you go back justice, se about the monte go so repulse from center, africa republic, that the government is concerned about. the ability to continue paying for the services of wagner. and doug, for me, is she expos, one of the weaknesses in the corporation would work now of his avi,
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with russia because you have a country that can't prove that can give it a, a private security and to support the regime. but you have to pay. so much for, for that service and then your country because you're not solving odayes, you like economic in on trade issues. you know, you don't own all the financing forms are driven that might come from improve trade on economics. was russia does not provide mixed count the cont, disregard countries in india, pals on where the my have to make payments for wagner without it, without really getting so much from traits. are they going to launch our resources and on up, out avenues to, to make the payments? so then is russia the right security part now, for countries in africa considering wagner has been accused of widespread human rights abuses in the central african republic for example. so what does this mean for countries in africa? yeah, i think for african countries, they have to be very smart in the sense that for some countries that
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did, did the richer to the regime? yes, we does. that is, like i said, that is where we really see in these lean towards wagner. right now the good guys have to other them. so the question, why is my v e so insecure? maybe if you deal with those on the land root causes, you wouldn't be in a position where you are the president, you don't trust your own army or your security services. so for me, if we, if you, if we have states that are not as fragile as the are, then there will be less incentive to lean towards service the services of wagner. because african countries, we've not seen any major improvement in terms of national security and re reclamation of their to the integrity when the corporate wagner was the only see, at least for the did is a very strong strong implementing regime security. maurice institute is not in
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operation security for the l. it's not security for the people is for the rest of the country. and we need partners that can provide those 10, this type of support and services to the government. because i did with the re dividends of democracy. ok, i think like a bush, i thank you very much indeed for your time watching the drive in east africa, phil to come. hospitals are overwhelmed in cameroon. as the country faces a new wave of cholera cases. and back to school and age of 98. we meet the canyon grandmother who says it's never too late to learn. at 1st to nigeria, where the coven 19 pandemic and lock downs, have led to a growing economic crisis. only half of the country's population now live in poverty. in lagos, many young women are ending up on the streets and taking up prostitution to survive
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. the double is a flourish to occur met one of them on these streets. it's the survival of the fittest. sex is the commodity on seal. people use what they have to get, what they want. hustling is how people hear referred to prostitution. and leads. i was getting ready for the nights. the 22 year old students turned to sex work after nigeria, and now it's 1st logged down in 2020. she was already struggling to be how school fees and feed herself walking in a hotel. but things got worse and she felt she had no other choice. there is nobody to support. there is nobody to assist anybody you call all of their will dos though you are. i don't have, i don't have, i do have. so when you find yourself in
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a position that you just only you as well, no, just have to look for we are sex. work was her only way out. and she's not alone. many young women in the country at turning to selling their bodies for survival. this is one of the major red lights districts in lagos. almost every corner you look the are girls waiting to be picked up. now, according to social walk, as the number of young girls turning to prostitution as a source of income has increased. drastically says the coven 19 pandemic started viola grammy is a social worker from her. she has worked with female sex, while cousin lee goes for 20 years. won't be busy for women. doors who have been walking before under is tough for me. walk on either end of the
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day, so i had to pay the fees for multiple for that. sure, if from up from happened to be bred, you know, the family, some of them, suzy, from work. there's all sean on the government issues. know if a fish muscle they're getting really alarming 6 look in and you're on monday. legal is a lot. there is no official data on the exact number of sex workers in nigeria. the sex industry operates mostly on the ground. so the sitting on the streets is illegal here. so these young women have no protection. they faced the risk of violence abuse exploitation and been arrested by the police. so i just want to survive by any means before i leave the house. i do feel good that please allow me to come in contact with any we screaming those. and i me call
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me just try these and please, this is the 2nd most i need for today. please help me and put this me a needs. i never thought that as a student, she would end up a prostitutes. but she says desperation pushed tied to it. it's not as profitable as she had expected, but at least it's better than what she had before at the hotel. she was paid 42 years per month. but on the sheets, she can make that same amount in one nights. her health officials in cameroon, have recorded a spike in new cholera cases. the outbreak started last year and spread to at least 3 cities in the south. west hospitals are filling up with patients suffering from the water born disease. d w 's blaze. a young went to the region most affected
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a hospital in voya in come, roosevelt was reject this monster financing. on saturday night, he was rushed to the hospital to find out he has cholera. his family award. ours very skill unless we build on either he was there with something now you're not out. you don't know what is happening to you. i literally was watching, of course, maybe we'll say colorado spreading rapidly here hospitals or set up a solution sent us to prevent contamination or were burnett. the doctor walker is the director of the clinic who just recently a meter more than 300 people. he says water shortages on poor hygiene, a part of the problem. we think that it is, sir, the interruptions during the dry season of water that should have led to the r
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widespread of cholera. and we also have found some facilities or some communities that did not have appropriate or whisks disposal measures. these community has the highest cholera infection rates, but people was using what i didn't know could be contaminated with the bacteria that causes cholera because it's the only source the half were and people struggled to get clean and portable water look. a community sometimes come on with your own solution, the be a water cushman like this. however, with poor water management, punishments like this, i exposed to all the human activities. these exposes the cushman to diseases like cholera. ah, the goldman is a vice in people to were water for us and has promised to deliver clean drinking
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water cameras. health care system was already on the stream because of the cubic night in pandemic. no authority to cerise it to contain these deadly outbreak of cholera. ah. as the thing goes age is just a number. and if you're worried about being too old to start something new, then we have just the motivation for you. for slaton, a is 98 years old, and she is just entered your sex at her local primary school in kenya, even at her age, she doesn't want to stop there. it's time to get back to class for the pupils in this junior school in mandy county wisdom, kenya that includes 98 year old priscilla city or ne priscilla has been going to the schools since she was 19. she explains what
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motivated her to take such an unusual step who grew up. oh, look, well nathan, i used to work as a traditional midwife while mom and i would help women were undergoing birth complications. minette rang, now i'm starting to become a doctor. yeah, really. dr. muse who i don't think education has an age limit without muslim. now she sits in the classroom with the other students, some of whom i, her great, great grandchildren. priscilla had some years of schooling as a teenager, but had to leave to get a job. now she is doing all she can do to catch up. her favorite lessons are math and science. she is very, really kidley attentive. and she also has moved handwriting, handwriting via the best in glass. priscilla also takes part in sports lessons
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and other physical activities at school. she serves as a role model to the other pupils, encouraging them to do their best. and in some cases, even driving the children's ambition for me and we fell into the class, went for when we did as an exam, she met me and became a lift up of the glass. lead selena, that's a must read, had. so that will go leg that can't pass minima. priscilla says, what's also close to her heart is the desire to see all children given a chance to get an education, to be able to work hard and make the best of themselves as she is trying to do. well that's our so be sure to check out our other stories on d, w dot com, forward slash africa. we're also on facebook and twitter. and if you have any
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stories you'd like us to cover, you can tweak me directly at really mohammed. and finally, we now know who is qualified to play at the 2022 world cup, gonna beat rival nigeria in an historic showdown of west african heavyweights this week at the jalap, debbie. now gonna join synagogue to nicea morocco and cameroon. in representing africa on the global stage. we leave you with excited soccer vance. and we're here to mohammed. that's watching bye for now. i
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with ah, the state news, and these are our top stories, bustos carrying people fleeing the besieged, ukrainian for city of mar, you will have been arriving, and other cities, ukraine's government said some, 3000 people were able to escape along humanitarian corridors on friday. however, a red cross mission was forced to turn back after trying to reach the city where


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