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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, that's the state of the news line from berlin mission aboard it and aid convoy on its way to evacuate civilians from mario full turns back. several 1000 people have managed to escape the city, but over 100000 still remain trapped. also coming up with a stark warning from the european union to china, don't help russia in its war against ukraine, but china says it won't be forced to take sides and a music event with a difference in ukraine,
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2nd largest city. ah, musicians and har keep continue their annual festival, despite the russian bombs and devastation. ah, uncle, furnish welcome to the program. the city of mario paul has become synonymous of the horrors of russia's war in ukraine for weeks. the port city has been under what is being called a medieval style siege with some 100000 people trapped without food and water and exposed to constant shelling. desperate attempts to evacuate civilians from the area have failed time. and again, on friday, a red cross convoy was reportedly blocked from entering mario pull, still 1000 st. manage to escape on their own. hollow
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shells of buildings now were a vital port city. once stood, mario paused, still under bombardment, with tens of thousands trapped with those who made it out to areas of ukraine not controlled by russian forces. describe a harrowing journey on roads controlled by russian soldiers. these women were able to come to the city. as i parisha who i be or what were you kill negates where people were buried in children's playground. he said with a person was buried in the yard when we quickly got into the bas sunday school. tamara, already 10 people in the bus was even though it was intended for 9 people, was the driver when they put in more seats because people had to get out of enough that it wasn't until the 2nd day that we realized that we weren't going to a humanitarian corridor than others that a city like no more, i could have simply been shot. we were threatened that they said we can kick you
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out and take your car for the needs of the army and just shoot you. this family made it to the city of denise pro. after a hellish ordeal in their hometown of marian pole, sara had bombs clearing and exploded into 2 parts to head in the torso, british. and then small dance. 2 out of a time came and fragments flew into the windows into this cold kindergarten st. windows with all his oh and the house, shook so much for her shimmering and find me with the family is safe for now in their journey out involved multiple checkpoints before escaping russian controlled territory with global before there were 8 or 9 check points on the route when the villages of people with machine guns stood at the crossroads, while someone looked at the passports and said, oh, here are the children,
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you can drive great, i don't even cry. we see the 1st ukrainian check point. they said, now we will calls parisha the bush and escort car who will accompany you there with how much it was incredible. the red cross has been trying for weeks to help get people out and supplies in for those who cannot escape, marable. earlier we spoke, jolina still caused the deputy director general of the ukrainian red cross and she told us about the attempts to take civilians out of mario poll. i'm what you did. the situation is getting worse and worse from day to day. we haven't heard anything from our people will perform more than one week. there is, there is still our stuff working very well. last we have there are still 6 years working with no anything of all the destiny then i we know that they have
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difficulties because they do not have well they have problems with transport. it cost cars were partially damaged, our office was partially damaged. so that's the situation yesterday we had the teams of from other ages of ukraine of the credit with cross headed car on with you in order to immigrate to people. but it failed where they reached only but just and then stopped by the russian troops. but even ganske, we helped to create nation coming from where you put on their own us in such a way. where did we followed? 42 buses and 500 private cars was a procedure. and we know that these hours one hour ago, they had to reach a pretty sure that was a today operation. but unfortunately, we still don't have access to. so, as elaine, as tacos talking to us earlier,
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russian troops are said to have withdrawn from the decommissioned or noble nuclear plant in northern ukraine with some soldiers, reportedly showing signs of radiation sickness. the un nuclear watchdog now wants to investigate whether a russian forces were exposed to high levels of radiation. in the month they occupied the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history. weeks off to seize in control of the decommissioned chin, able nuclear power plant. russian forces said to have left the area ukrainian authorities of accused moscow of acting recklessly walling control of the site of the world's worst nuclear accident. seen here in archive footage, russia behaved irresponsibly internal on all accounts. from la, not allowing the personnel of the station to perform their functions in humana ah, to digging trenches in the contaminated areas. ukraine nucular agencies has digging
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those trenches and stirring up radioactive dust by driving heavy vehicles in a toxic exclusion zone, contributed to rushes. withdrawal off to soldiers were exposed to high doses of radiation. the international atomic energy agency said that it hadn't been able to confirm the ukrainian claims, but welcomed rushes withdrawal. we see this, of course, as a step in the right direction. we are going to be there very, very soon, because that is an internal be that is a lot of work to be done. but there is no while the stations returned ukrainian control may have few implications in the fight against russia's invasion. it should allow or turn to normality at the sight, allowing workers to resume the long task of rendering to noble, safe for future generations. and here's a quick look at some other stories we're following for you today. a former reserve officer and the german military is facing charges of spine for moscow. federal prosecutors say he was in contact with russian intelligent services from 2014 to
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2020. and that he provided information about the bonus there. civil defense and the impact of e u. sanctions against russia on german companies. this european parliament president robert methuselah has met with ukraine's president zalinski on a surprise visit to keith met. so i pledged that the you would increase assistance to ukraine. the maltese politician is the 1st top e u official to visit since russia invasion and the european union has called on china not to help brush a wage war on ukraine or science at western sanctions. the warning came during the 1st summit between the you and china in 2 years since russia invaded ukraine, beijing has stood by moscow and still refuses to condemn the attack. it was the 1st summit between the you and china in 2 years. the goal assurances that china won't arm russia or help moscow evade western economic sanctions. european
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commission president or ssl of funder lion said afterward, she had made an appeal based on simple math. let me remind you that every day shine on the european union trade, almost 2000000000 euros were self goods and services and income. parisian trade, between china and russia only $300.00, some $330000000.00 euros per day. so a prolongation of the warm and the disruption it brings to the world economy is therefore in no one's interest, certainly not in china's china has refused to condemn russia for invading ukraine. in fact, hours before the summit with brussels, a spokesperson for china's ministry of foreign affairs called the u. s. the culprit and leading instigator of the ukraine crisis for its role in nato's expansion since the cold war and the president. she jin ping was more subtle when addressing the
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e. u officials long day china has maintained the consistency and continuity of its e u policy. we hope that you can form its own perception of china, adopt an independent china policy and worked with us for the study and sustained development of china. you relations goshen, where russia's war has brought you closer together and shown how far away other powers, such as china or on foreign policy. every year, ukraine's 2nd largest city hard, keith hosts a classical music festival. musicians and organizers have decided to keep the tradition going. this here, despite the war but instead of concert halls, they're playing and bunkers and subway stations. d. w spoke to one of the organizers who was stranded in germany as the russian invasion began. o p. music fest in the middle of
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a wall to bombs may have destroyed the organizes plans, but the musicians refuse to be silenced. ah, artistic director vitale, alexey noch, was in germany. before the war started, he had to delegate the onsite organizing to others with a heavy heart of the hammock invites have earned fee miss. no, he like going somehow you have to go on, but the festival will be different options. and that's something very special for all of us, because we will be able to go on playing music despite the bombs valden. much of hockey in northeastern ukraine is reduced to rubble. the bombardment, rockets and artillery continued during the festival. oh none the less people experienced moments of calm and peace via kitten or strongly sh mayer.
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or you originally had a bigger orchestra for the festival myth as well as hundreds of people in the audience. the right by our we have to put on the festival with what we've still got . and with people who have found safety somehow in bunkers and subway station since in born come on in that robin. the will of the people of ha heath to assert themselves is remarkable. despite the danger, they continue to attend the concerts, capturing memories with that mobile things. a 1000000 in the events there, a beacon of light which allows you to believe in good and hope that it will lend soon and be better for us is the, it's good that life goes on the music and art a part of life. they are the rays of light that help the soul survive. got the good . oh and it's exactly that that was the
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intention of the festival organizes ah, river limitations. it's in the system i think to send a signal that life must go on and we should raise our voices in terms of arts and culture. so oh, good nice is the hockey music fest aim to keep holding cold sits until the war is over as well. as being the, anyone that listens beautiful. let's get you up to speed now on some other global headlights. and a major breakthrough, the warring parties in yemen. civil war have declared a 2 months cease fire. the un broker deal as the 1st nation wide, true since 2016. tens of thousands of people have been killed and 7 years of fighting between a saudi led coalition back in yemen, government and who the rebels backed by iran. 6 the turkish government has
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agreed to request and is dumble cor, transfer to saudi arabia of the trial of 26. saudi suspects over the murder of journalists, yamaha shogi. mister shogi was a leading critic of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed been solomon and was murdered at the saudi consulate and is stumble in 2018 rides group, say they fear transferring the case could prompt a cover up and so football. now the group stage draw for this year's world cup in katara took place on friday and some big european teams got luckier than others. england, for example, got off relatively easy with a group be that consists of a ran, the usa and either wales, scotland, or ukraine. germany, on the other hand, will have to contend with a group e that includes spain, japan, and either a costa rica or new zealand are watching the w. stay tuned for our business update
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