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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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a starts april 16th. oh d w ah ah
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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the 1st refugee convoy has made it out of the devastated port city of mariel, paul and ukraine. buses and private cars evacuate around $3000.00 residence, but humana. terry name wasn't allowed in, and more than a 150000 people remain trapped in desperate condition. hungarians had to the poles on sunday, and united opposition was to unseat income and victor orvin. but his close ties to russia could tip the balance. what experts predict to be
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a tight race with gary and said to polls on sunday, as we just heard united opposition, we hopes to unseat victor, or been close to russia. could decide the kelley blue . ah, sorry about that. i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. ukraine's deputy prime minister says 7 humanitarian corridors are planned for the besieged cities of ukraine to day. and the red cross is making a fresh push to remove residence from the ruins of mary opal. for weeks, the port city has been under siege by russian forces estimate say more than a 150000. people are trapped in desperate circumstances and exposed to constant showing ukrainian president vladimir zalinski said on friday. some people did
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manage to escape against the art arriving to relative safety. after weeks of shelling over 3000 were able to escape murray or pull on friday. but it's a journey full of risks. one woman recounts her fears as she crossed the russian checkpoint, that he did as the big but it was very difficult. she said, you can't. i was afraid they would take my son away here. they made him to his phone on the ground and trample on it because he had american music. an attempt by the red cross to deliver aden, evacuate civilians, ended in failure. the organization said the lives of thousands depended on evacuations. there is no plan b here we have been working for weeks. i am telling the media by our efforts to get
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into my appall with aid and to allow the safe passage of civilians out of the city . m prime is running out to the people of my appall. they are desperately in need of assistance, though desperately need of leaving the 5th. if they wish to do so, unable to wait for the sled, the palms and cause the white cloth assigned them me no harm. as many as 870000 muscle trapped in the city. but been devastated by wall this former often age. no, a makeshift bomb shelter for those who can't escape. we came here to the basement. she said, if we stay here because we don't, what happens to our apartment? we run he with what we heart with the red cross that they will attempt once again to reach the city on saturday in
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a bit to rescue the innocent from what is left of maria hall and joining us now as maria through jenko, a former resident of mariel, paul, who is now sheltering in levine in western ukraine. where you're welcome back to the to of you news. over the past month, you've been giving us regular updates on what you've been hearing from the port city. and now some of your friends and family. we understand have managed to get out. what did they tell you? hi, thanks for having me. yeah, most of my close people, my relatives and brands managed to escape the city and they share horrible terrifying stories. so they are weeks under constant shalayna with no food, no heat, no power, and no access to any information. they are very afraid. and as incredible as it may seem that thousands of people are trying to escape pretty much everybody,
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but some people were told or trying to return and understand. you actually have a friend who tried to go back. yes, my close friend. she didn't find her parents in the street, and she couldn't find the way how to keep them with them all in tears. because as you know, there is no minute there and how and no corey dories, nothing for people to advocate. so she decided to go there on her own and try to find her parents and k them. unfortunately, i have no connection with her for 3 or 4 days already, so i don't know where she is right now. but i hope that she managed to find her parents and get them out of the seat out with that help. and. and we hope so too. of course. listen. the city, as we've been saying is being shelled nonstop, much lies and rule. and i think a lot of our viewers remember that maternity ward that was came under artillery
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barrage and to the theater that was destroyed, which was sheltering people. do you think despite the devastation that people, once peace comes, will want to go back to that city? while it's a very hard question, because because our home, even despite that constant shell, in an older room that are currently there. but you can imagine that brain since the mice are in there are great now. so i can't imagine when we can go back there and we will need to rebuild the city and, and fast, you know, the lens of dollars. that's the rebuild the houses and the infrastructure. but unfortunately, thousands of people have already died and no one can go on that. so i hope that we will be able to retort unmarried, but we will be ukraine and cb press with prosper and everything again.
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so i have a dream to get back to my home. ok, maria syria, jenko, a former resident of mario, paul, thank you so much for sharing those hearing stories and, and your dream. here's a quick look now at some of the other stories related to the war we've been following for you. the german government has approve the sale of nearly 60 tanks to ukraine. vehicles are quick with canada machine guns and were originally part of the east. german military now belong to a check company, but germany had to approve the sale due to an end use clause. european parliament president, roberta and sola has met with ukraine's president low to mid zalinski on a surprise visit to keep the pledge that the you would increase its assistance to ukraine. multi politician is the 1st top you official to visit since russians invasion. china has denied deliberately getting around to use sanctions
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imposed on russia. the warranted a virtual, some of that, any attempts from china to help russia's war and ukraine could damage business to top twice for give me ties between the 2 economic superpowers in hungry prime minister victor or bounce. she does, party has been in power for more than a decade. in this saturday's parliamentary election, however, this status quo was being challenged for the 1st time by a united opposition alliance. the tense campaign has been dominated by the war next door with both sides promising voters, their version of peace manufacture reports. it's plain sailing for hunger is crime and is to vic to war bon on his home turf in secret for he had left protect the peace of hungry under security. his mantra now only fitted can protect on gillian's from the war. next door conflict, he initially described as
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a military action or bon, a close friend. an economic partner, footie now says, a vote for a fetus is a vote for a piece. the government claims the opposition is pro war something the opposition denies the war in neighboring ukraine. has taken center stage in this selection. but just how much is the war influencing? hold her. me a bit, get. we're going to vote for peace. that's why we're here. and peace will be delivered by the government by feed us. it's annie, choose peace, choose 0. where you this campaign slogan from hungary opposition, but their message is being drowned out by orbit feet as party which is dominating campaigning. some borders are also being swayed by domestic issues and take them. i will vote for the opposition because i see the future and them and not in this homophobic government. a political analyst, peacher crack o says the war in ukraine has helped or been create
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a fresh narrative. so what urban does now is that he translates for him for listening to domestic boy, it extends the message, is that if you support the opposition, then davy, a team, awfully do crane. and as a result there will be of war and you were hungarian. voters can also die as a result of the war and you as anger and voters can pay very much for the gas and that i tricity, than you paid before. how much fetus stands to benefit from the tactic is unclear. 20 percent of voters say they are still undecided. let's get you up to speed on some other global headlines. now. tree lank as president has declared a nationwide state of emergency following days of protest. demonstrators blocked roads across the country on friday, calling for the government to resign. as the country's economic condition worsens, sri lanka is suffering shortages of fuel and widespread power.
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in a major breakthrough, the warring parties in yemen, civil war have declared a 2 months cease. fire un broker deal is the 1st nationwide truce since 2016. tens of thousands of people have been killed in 7 years of fighting between and saudi led coalition. back in humans, government and who the rebels back by iran. so gay eliza is one of ukraine's best known and most controversial film directors for years. his features and documentaries have warned that russia was planning a war against his country. now the workers lisney says, seems frightening it for me. frightening the president as stories, as stories he's told of ukraine's past, have become ukraine's present with civilians running from bombing in ukraine. this isn't yesterday's news, but
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a film from 2018 2nd on bass, eastern ukraine, where russian forces are supporting pro putin separatists a. yeah, but they are there monday the civilians are actors staging a fake news massacre for russian tv. the quote propaganda to justify the military incursion with the ukraine director sergey last needs a shows how for years russia planned it's war of aggression against ukraine. but the westward wasn't paying attention as b. e. o, she has cleared, alleged a bit of worse hopes, western little democracies were asleep when the new rush was forming. this one was attacking in cross tad. ah ha, again when it was a hacking georgia, crimea, don bass in ukraine, and so i see what we're witnessing now is and away the consequences of this little of this lack of counter action on the part of the west. cheerfully immune it is a dot that there was not. in his 2014 documentary, my don on april west uprising last, nita used only long takes to capture what he says was the truth of the historic mal
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ear, but feel a broker. so even the style of my film is in a way opposed to this method of propaganda. that like the russian propaganda newsreel, which presented a very different picture of what was happening in ukraine operate. but wasn't it that is also controversial in ukraine? in part because his documentary, barbara, yar context about a nazi massacre outs, i keep in 1941 included scenes showing locals celebrating the arrival of the nazis and standing by as they round up the jews. but also because even after the russian invasion, glinetta refuses to support a full boycott of russian cinema in response ukrainian film academy kicked him out . 6 for those, i'm absolutely against the proposed total boy caught of russian cultural figures
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and russian filmmakers like we've actually been opposing the rehab and have been condemning the war because we do that if boy caught them as well as everyone else in a way what will be betraying better weight estimates less. nixa says he's no profit and he's no politician. his films don't speak for ukraine, but try to depict the world and the war as he sees it. you're watching t v news unexpired her thanks to watch. ah, take your time for an experiment about time. it can be measured precisely, and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different forms of time. the dimension and illusion about time starts april 14th on d w. i.


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