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time starts april 14 on d, w ah ah, this is deed of the news live from berlin. the 1st refugee convoy has made it out of the devastated port city of mariel. paul, in ukraine, buses and private cars evacuate around 3000 residents. but she monetary an aide wasn't allowed in more than a $150000.00. people remain trapped in desperate conditions. hungarians had to the polls on sunday. a coalition of opposition parties wants to unseat incumbent victor
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orbit. but his close ties to russia could ship the balance. what experts predict to be a tight race? ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. ukraine's deputy prime minister. it says 70 humanitarian corridors are planned for besieged cities today, including mary opal for weeks. the port city has been under siege by russian forces estimate, say more than 150000. people are trapped there in desperate circumstances and exposed to constant shelly ukrainian, president below to miss zalinski said on friday. some people did manage to escape against the odds arriving to relative safety. after weeks of shelling over 3000 were able to escape my real pull on friday. but it's a full of risk. to perhaps one woman recounts her fears as she crossed
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a russian check point. is that even as the big but it was very difficult. she said, you can't. i was afraid they would take my son away here. they made him to his phone on the ground and trample on it because he had american music. an attempt by the red cross to deliver aden, evacuate civilians, ended in failure. the organization said the lives of thousands depended on evacuations. there is no plan b. here we have been working for weeks. i am telling the media bower efforts to get into my appall with aid and to allow the safe passage of civilians out of the city . m prime is running out to the people of my appall, or they are desperately in need of assistance and they're desperately need of leaving the 50 if they wish to do so. unable to wait for the sled,
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the bombs and cars the white cloth assigned them me no harm as many as a 170000 muscle trapped in this city. but been devastated by war this former often age. no, a makeshift bomb shelter for those who can't escape. we came here to the basement. she said, we stay here because we don't know what happened to our apartment. we run he with what we had with the red cross that they will attempt once again to reach the city on saturday in a bit to rescue the innocent from what is left of maria whole d. w correspondent, ammunition joins us live now from the ukrainian city of levine in the west of the country. i mean,
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tell us about these attempts to rescue the residents of mary paul would you since thursday, now red cross buses in under the direction of the ukrainian government, have been trying to bring much needed aid food, medical supplies into that besiege city of mar, you call and to fill those buses with residence and bring them out of there. there's an estimated, 170000 people in that city, falling victim every day to russian shelling and fighting in the streets so far. the mass evacuations have failed, but we have heard the good news that residents who were fit enough and lucky enough to find their own rides out of the city to the neighboring city of verde and also on the sea of as of that, they were able to take buses from there to the safe and regional upper asia or to just continue along those humanitarian corridors to a safer space. but as i said, the mass evacuation of thousands of civilians that needs to happen in order to save
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their lives has not happened yet. and those that attempt is going to continue until it's no longer possible. and in that story we heard about the fear that some refugees are feeling at russian checkpoints. why are there any credible reports of russian soldiers mistreating him? there's several reports of not only mishandling, but situations where civilians pass through a checkpoint after they've cleared the checkpoint than they come under fire from russian troops. and we've also heard stories of people being abducted when they go through checkpoints, journalists and activists who are then forcibly brought to russia and no longer heard of colleagues here have talked to family members who have had that happen to their family members. we've also heard that minds have been placed on roads leading out of dangerous areas, like mar, you call, and many people driving over those minds at night, fall victim to them,
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injuries and deaths. so the danger of fleeing to safety is sometimes greater than that of staying in the city. at least that's how some people are calculating it. nick has like a kind of a dire situation. just to talk about the politics your president lensky has made a statement. what and what he expects russia will do next. can you give us the main points? he's basically warned ukrainians to remain cautious as they move back into areas that russia has left after they've decided to re deploy troops to the east. so leave where i am. western ukraine is considered a safer area in the country. lots of ex residents of kia live here. and there's been talk in the last few days of us starting their lives again in key of now that russian troops have mainly moved out of the area surrounding the capital city. but what zalinski warned is that as russian troops leave, they've left a disaster behind them. he's warned of shelling,
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continuing there from afar. he's also warned of russian troops leaving mines for people who move back into the area just as an act of terrorism. even mining bodies or rubble us, that when people come to remove that body from the street or to pull away rubble, then they can fall victim to a mind that was placed there. so all in all, he said that as it becomes safer to move into these areas, people still need to remain highly cautious and, and vigilant as they try to begin their lives again. ok, w correspondent. i mean, if, if in the v, thanks for that, russia's invasion has left many ukrainians, feeling helpless to defend their communities. but some residents have joined together to help supply ukraine's fighters with a fleet of hand made drones. these volunteers are being credited with helping to track the russian military and bolster local efforts against the aggression.
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in this workshop, electronics enthusiasts are assembling some of ukraine's most effective weapons of war. they're self built drones are destined for the front line to give ukrainian forces and overhead advantage. such drones have been used to carry out observation missions and even dropped small munitions. and doesn't cost like huge money cost like no more than i phone calls more than this equipment. so, or why not to help us to save the life. and ever seeing chris in this way, he's hobbyists used to race drones. when russia invaded, many fled to the western city of live and formed a collective. they build their devices with pots, donated by supporters, from around the world's. here we can help our guys, we can help our country. ah, we can. in reshowing knowledge,
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we can shares of knowledge between each other and like i think that for 3 weeks we need more than for several years in a normal life. rushers military is also using drones. it's released footage of its troops launching unmanned aerial vehicles. self may drones might be no match for these military grade aircraft but armed with cameras, ukrainian drones are also being used to document rushes, destruction of residential areas, revealing the horrors of the invasion to the world. it's a war in which drones are being used, both as weapon and witness in hungary prime minister victor or been studious party, has been in power for more than a decade in his saturday's parliamentary election. however, the status closed being challenged for the 1st time by a united opposition alliance. the tense campaign has been dominated by the war next
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door with both sides promising voters, their version of peace. fanny for char reports. it's plain sailing for hunger is prime minister vic, to war barn on his home turf in secret for he had left protect the peace of hungry under security. his mantra now only fitted can protect hungarians from the war. next door conflict, he initially described as a military action or barnacles, friend, an economy partner. footie now says a vote for a fetus is a vote for a piece. the government claims the opposition is pro war something the opposition denies. the war and neighboring ukraine has taken center stage in this selection. but just how much is the war influencing halters? me a bit, get. we're going to vote for peace. that's why we're here and peace will be delivered by the government by feed us that we update. it's annie, choose peace,
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choose 0, where you this campaign slogan from hungary opposition, but their message is being drowned out by orbit fetus party, which is dominating campaigning. some borders are also being swayed by domestic issues and take them. i will vote for the opposition because i see the future and them and not in this homophobic government. my political analysts, peter crack o says the war in ukraine has helped or been create a fresh narrative. so what urban does now is that he translates for him for listening to domestic boy. it extends the messages that if you support the opposition, then they will team awfully do crane. and as a result, there will be of war and you are hungry around voters can also die as a result of the war. and you as anger and voters can pay very much for the gas and electricity than you paid before. how much fetus stands to benefit from the tactic
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is unclear. one percent of voters say they are still undecided. let's get you up to speed on some other global headlines now. pope francis has arrived on the island nation of malta for a we can visit the trip is intended to draw attention to the plight of migrants in europe with challenges growing since russia's invasion of ukraine. the german organization c. i is hoping the pope can help find a safe haven for the 100 and c rescued migrants stuck on board. a nearby ship. true lank as president has just declared a nation wide state of emergency following days of protest. demonstrators blocked roads across the country on friday, calling for the government to resign. as the country's economic crisis worsens. sri lanka, suffering shortages of fuel and wide spread power cuts. hong kong authorities are asking the entire population. that's 7400000 people to self test for coven next
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week. chief executive carry labs that are compulsory. universal test was essential, as the territory struggles to contain a 5th wave of infections right or wrong. today marks 40 years since the argentine invasion of the falkland islands in 1082 argentinian troops attack the islands leading to the falcons war between great britain. in argentina, the islanders were liberated by british forces after more than 2 months of fighting . muslims worldwide are marking a heart the pardon me, the start of the holy month of ramadan, which begins a period of daily fasting until sundown. the annual time for prayer and self reflection ends with 8 celebrations on may. the 1st, after 2 years of celebrations, dampened by the pandemic, soaring food and energy prices are likely to have an effect this year some football. now, the group stage draw for this year's world cup and cutter took place on friday and some big european teams were luckier than others. england, for example,
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got off relatively easy with a group be that it consists of iran, the usa, and either wales, scotland, or ukraine. germany, on the other hand, will have to contend with a group e that includes spain, japan, and either costa rica or new zealand. in friday night bonus league action, union berlin, burke, depart me, beat, cologne, one nil. thanks to a defensive blunder by the visitor's tie will. i would need netted the winner for when you own just 4 minutes in the 2nd half. and he could thank cologne's eunice hector who passed the ball straight back to him. i would need couldn't have been better setup by one of his own teammates and union inch closer to a trip to europe. next season. you're watching t w news. here's a reminder of our top story. some 3000 residents of mary o paul had managed to flee the besieged city, but a red cross mission was forced to turn back due to dangerous conditions. over
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100000 people still remain tracked their up. next shift explores life in the digital age, monica, readers will be, monica will be joining you next. remember, you can always get all the latest news headlines on our website. that's d, w dot com ah, every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste?
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