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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm CEST

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w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word college pinnacle rico is in germany to learn german. why not learn with him? simple online, on your mobile and free shut. the w e learning course, nikos vague. german made easy. hello and welcome to a brand new edition of the 77 percent. this is the show for africa youth and i'm your host mike lew t i. they say money makes the world go round. but what happens when you don't have any of it? yes was coming up on today's show. on the streets of nairobi we debate while many young people are drawn in in debt. we meet our wonder under printer who is staring young students towards their right career path. and nigeria and teams who passed
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our little eliza house, a message for africa. girls can't do anything they want. let's kick off today. sure. with an observation. i've seen many young people in gunners. capital are crap glued to the mobile phones, placing bets on football games over the last decade. sports betting has become big business in africa. and us, we about to find out there. sticks can be very high. some people like dennis more guy, have even had to sell dea last cook in port to place bets. let's find out more bernardino, tom, a business suit of money than that. does the sweetest, elderly, sweet, especially when you receive the message you've worn local from. you feel like you're new born with a known as in britain. it's only the ausa twins. ah,
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as i said, no less am i meaning lately li, call myself a beating addict. you know, it's hard because i believe that's like a job. you know, let's say it's a job job i cannot do without unless i get better option senior senior georgia. my to look up at that option as elijah michelle's at at t v. i have even sodomite television cellphone. but the funniest thing how sword was hooking port to a friend and it was the only one i had for putting a gun, a leak while my dad i had to lay to him, but it was an immediacy issue. i wanted to saw just so i could get 200 shillings for beating or whatnot. it is life. neil, i can gambling. my kid is a $1500000.00 in a, in that i get my get has always been in between 18 and that to, for, to that to fail. and on their, in their lives, compresses over close to 80 percent of their gambling market. and that he's on,
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while we've gone with a population less than most of the countries, it's the internet penetration live in a mobile can interest of needed get. another factor that has mid there can, and my kids grow very fast, is and better. so there and better be meant to model he's able to make $1000.00 deposit and withdraw east 20 over 80 percent of the option of this country's unemployed. and then the majority. so you find that you for unemployed. and then you see a britain, i'd rather you think that if i better, i'm going to make some money and become rich, go off aiko budd company come, the government will not bun bitten companies without giving us an alternative or best bidding provides some sort of obama you can win that money if you win, you will not need that is till adult. and if they bundled more people would result like crime because only want is money and the government doesn't provide such opportunities elastic or what shape or as i the biggest amount i have lost. i went to 114 pelham shillings been withdrew 7000 and left
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a balance of 6700 in my account. that is a lot of money before your household and i'm of such money. i will need to have done a lot. for instance, i spend 100 shillings a day for my meals a 100 times studied. that is 3000 would 6700 shillings that translate to 2 months and some day. this is me, eating will fail. so losing these money, hard to the point i decided i was done with bidding, but you know how it is, you know, stuff at night than promoting your coffee and you look and a lagoon i cycle repeats its own on my game. if its own betting is big enough in the company that want to invest in betting in africa is, is that aged him because country country is opening up in terms of the internet and the mobile penetration leads to the end. all believe that better gets judged ally would, would better, does kids force hope that you're going to win some money? and so you think, because you're better, you're walking out watching, you're actually allowing someone to steal money from your phone knowingly. if
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beckoned. companies can fuss admission to everyone that betten is harmful, is dangerous in baking cubes. then you can talk about regulation now to make it safe for everyone. so us, we've just seen 20 years there to inter saelens. there can seem like nothing but really consistent sports betting can be a major challenge, but that's why the only reason why people are getting into debt at us arctic and our laws for all sorts of reasons which eventually pass on and leads to crush in debt. so we asked you why some people would take out loans, they know they can't afford to repay. and here's what you've been seen. nelson k, helen says the interest rates on small business loans are crazy. however, does not generally the reason young people struggle to pay them back. the main reason is a poor business plan. and classic mind, i'd be more law says the assistant is actually the problem that thinks we need to
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take out a loan for should be provided by governments. we have hot, bad lead us, thus teela money and national wealth. so it does seem like high interest rates on loans are a big problem across the continent. where on the streets of nairobi as that many young people are borrowing money simply to cover their daily spending and our very own edit, kamani engages in a very eye opening debate on why so many nairobi amps are finding themselves in a lot of debt with the 77 percent is back in a row b kanyes capital and it is here that as of april last year, we were told that 14000000 loan accounts had been blacklisted by what we call the credit reference bureau. these are the people who basically determine whether or not to get credit, and for those people, they're at risk of either not getting financial services at all,
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or getting limited access to credit. so we're going to start with emanuel, who's really a representation of what most kenyans experius been caught up in the dead cycle. so emmanuel in 2019 before cove. if you had a job as a waiter and then 2020 happened covina, you lost your job. unfortunately, and i'm sorry, and then you decided life is too tough. i need to borrow money. so where did you go? i went to to bang, to borrow 217000. and when you went to the bank, what did you say you wanted the money for? what you honest, that you wanted to use this money for rent? no, i just bought the monkey money to pay for some vacation. so use you like it to pay for sucrose? i need the money about more. yeah, you are desperate sir. okay, i understand that eric, you are in a similar situation. right. tell me what. what was the constance's led you to borrow to have because they needed to do my stuff. you should establish old routine breakfast for lunch. things like credit for new know?
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yeah. you of your girlfriend there you have to. you have your girlfriend there. you are. borrowing to take care of your girlfriend. no, you know, if you don't perform, she moved with comerica harvey. okay. well, that's interesting because what to gentlemen are telling me is quite honestly surprising. the statistics from the digital lender, the patient kennedy says that people borrow money primarily to invest in their businesses and then that you cation, but not necessarily for recurrent expenditure, people will not be harnessed. the reason for boring, basically, in most of the rooms that are consumer based loans, basically the good to we got into expenditure and most times because those loans do not generate income, then then defaulted, they're not paid. so basically you start choosing up after people who borrowed loans from you and basically put them into explained it that way close by for they use nothing that you get out of it. that money is consumed. you have a head to go to tony. i'm coming to you, please don't run away because i could hear you me and, and i mean in the background. currently the interest rates on average and can are
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24 percent for any money, but 24 percent is the average of any money borrowed. and usually when you go in anything, the chance of you getting a 24 percent return on that investment is upset. it doesn't matter what you invest in gold to try. it doesn't work in a 30 day period. yes. so how do you expect people in the country, the middle income, like i've been friends here to come up with a kind of capital you want them to come up with that period of time. ok, so let's come to the ladies here because you're both entrepreneurs and also relying on credit from banks, from maybe some of these mobile apps that we're hearing, you know, for you to wear a bank. you have to deposit in a buck your cash flow statements in and out. mean the type of loan you get. so my 1st thought was there's something called lending ups. and then there's so many there you can start to either nor knows me. you know, none of my problems, i can start from there. would you credit the success of your business, right? use the capital injection to credit. yes. when you're fresh from school, your usually toil, please save you money. you save money,
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but you don't see the essence of that until you're finished school. so you would literally started learning the ropes and you realize, oh, so they'd lending ups and i personally would be, be worked for me because i was able to fund my businesses, especially operating expenses. we, linda ok. let me come to tony here for a 2nd because we're hearing that family and friends actually constitute the 2nd largest majority of where we get a credit form. this was astounding to me that before you go to a bank, you go 1st to a 3rd party who is until december unregulated and then you go to your family and friends, talk to me about that. yeah, over the last 10 years, digital ending up sort of can most difficult crazy. is that the regulatory framework for it? we 7 years too late. and i also think that when over the last 7 and a half years when finished up showed up, it's when it moved from family and friends and then institutional exact codes, chalmers and banks to finish up k b. s. can be a statistic says only 17 percent of the people between the ages of 23 and that if
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you have a business that makes them any form of money. so when you have a 60 or 90 day credit system where you getting your money for ok, let's come back to eric because obviously eric, you are not boring from your friends. you are boring from these mobile linda that we're talking about digital lenders, and you go in there, you put in a couple of details. boom. we have all your information and you have your 2000 shilling. if you don't give them this money on time, what happens? okay, they take few, then send you a couple of messages from your phone. even i stopped using one with one of me now mobile number because of the. now they're sending me messages. okay? you manual, have you had a similar experience with people? well, you know, calling calling you threatening you with things what, what was the experience when it came to the collection of the most friends that live in their money to stuff to handle them. so if they're coming out the big television, so it was your friends who are actually coming to your house. yeah. to take items
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that will of significant value in order to repeat them. so no up them on. yeah, i want to come back to just for a 2nd because i think basic economy theory states that a person who lives money must be prepared to not get it back in return. should the leg, does the washing tons of this world are sealed, some degree of risk, and therefore the question of you have to pay your debt. is it really accurate the person that is lending your money? they're spending so that they can lend you money. so it doesn't make any sense that if they get into a contractual goodman to do that, you fulfill this and they fulfill my part of the obligation. come on, joshua, let's not kid each other. we've just heard that people are using text messages, calling you employers to harass you, but that's what you got into when you agreed to the terms of the engagement that you got into if the contract. oh the family. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, tony says no away, only got a data protection act. every single individual from having to phone, scraped in their details,
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used for anything but without compliance without consent. and even when they ask you for consent, they still cannot use your data against you. they can use your data for creating credit score systems or anything like that. the can check all of these things, but no one should be allowed and no one can be allowed to come and use your information against you to call your mom, call your best friend or your husband or your wife. it's illegal, flat out simple. let's come to the educator olive solutions. my 1st solution eve book, you know, these are quite a read on it. said i hiding for mission in books, because africans when i read them, if books are not your thing right, just good to will and decide every money. i'm going to you such 10 articles about boring 10 articles about managing money and then the final $1.00, a point across is mindset. let's or not to yes, i didn't have money i board. but can i also have the respect to at least be bought out? yeah, i agree. yeah, washington, very quickly. solutions. so i think from a very tender age as, as, as parents and the people are growing up, we need to inculcate to the cultural, financial management and ourselves. so that when, when it comes to boring musical,
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you cannot. so i went from that, but when you're boring, you're boring for the right to pop us. yeah. you're boring, want to contribute to repeat, but within your means and also we need to lunch hopefully within our me. well, thank you so much. this has been such a wonderful and inciteful debate. i've learned so much a little bit like an economic class. i don't know how you felt, but if there's anything i've learnt is that it's not that clear cut is debt, any comic issue or a social one. to be honest, i still don't know, but i know that i'm thankful that you're watching a santa santa thing. so that's the question we're leaving you with. is that on economic or a social issue? let us know what you think. and as always, you can watch a longer version of this street beat on our youtube channel. the best way to make sure that the young people don't get trapped in that, that cycle in the 1st place is to provide them with well pain jobs. but we all know
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that find in your dream job isn't exactly a walk in the park. so let me introduce you to alan can do got that kigali bass enter for now. health assess students on the right career path after graduation. ah, why did i come back and i knew from the moment i realized there was a problem in our workforce here in london. i have know that it's something that didn't let me in my mind, if i went out and i tried thinking that you know, when you're not fully invested in something, it's hard to kick it off and get it. my name is and then kinda found. and i found that much, we are working to close the skills, go up to korea, guidance and current focus for students. i was born in
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uganda, growing up in a different culture, pushes you to be more adventurous in a way because you learn the language and culture, you explore different things. ah, i do remember when i moved to one surprisingly also feel like there's a culture shock for them me. ah, after i finished my high school, i couldn't fit into to study abroad. so i went to study in the us where i did my undergrad before i even left for school. i knew i was going to come back what i was going to come back to do was the month of time the phone to go. then when i got there, that's when i figured clip is a problem and i consulted. ringback people have a perception of what america is, but i think when you get that you see reality see both sides to the story which you
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don't get. i was in no way like really mind blown by that false man. but i was also shocked at how much need they also after i worked for a year in new york and then jump right in. oh, so the problem, the transfer from this much is lack of skills for young graduate. and also the mismatch between what can last want and what students have to or graduates have to offer our education system changes really fast in that quick change doesn't give a lot of students time to learn just to feel confident in the skill sets that they have but the other part also come from, you know, employment space and employers not really putting investment in value on preparing the next generation of workers who go out
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we learn from, you know, industries, practitioners. we bring that and we fill it in, you know, students over time people with that request, i delve, having functioning korea sentence within education to show that not waiting for people to graduate. and then we think about how to best prepare them for the market . my advice to anyone who is abroad and they are thinking about coming back. if you hire it, tells you to do it. do it the worst case manual you try something, it doesn't work. you people to do something else sick. maybe you don't have to jump right in, you know, come to the water. so i hope can do a half if you to go out there and never give up on london job you've always dreamed
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about. but let me be honest with you. not everyone will find i'm of his job. so have you conceded famine? it's the biggest source of employment in africa. and now with new technology, it means that it could just be your big brick. but don't take it for me. rebecca moore is a tech savvy farmer who west of feels by her mobile phone. let's head to a button to find out more. in agriculture is a big business in line area, where they are plucking peppers or harvesting tomatoes. that's something for everyone's table and tastes. but farming is also cool and becoming tech savvy. now, you can even manage acres of land using nothing but your mobile phone. and rebecca, i'm old, is the brains behind the operation for causal and chelsea kobuck.
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and i feel good for their busy commitment at home. but currently we have a class of people wanting to be part of the fun for me. one program. currently we have over 10000 subscribers. rebecca is actually a computer science graduate. she wanted to find that technological solution to form an inefficient after seen her mother and other farmers battle for many years. she originally founded way and more forms in 2016 to sell the post office waste problem . but during cove it she witness many. nigeria is struggling to buy food. the phone from your phone program was launched during the holiday week of the course. 19 funding was created this point and use interest and cultural and to also create and meant for the masses, especially due and ensuring the end of a studio from the conference will go from rebecca who found that the african wealth initiative with other young professionals to create
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a program that allows everyone to participate in farming and with the benefits i put in because my morning walk for me having a reliable team do something and i get the benefit out of it, which was lovely. i try to fund from your phone because it is that to me is so for me i can if i'm on my phone instead of going to farm wrong fees and then i'm getting my income or need i need for been able to hear the market for remote for i mean, is booming and rebecca is making sure that quality control is a top priority. for instance, she and her team a keeping the use of pesticides to a minimum. we carry her analyses. what analysis restore the pavilions, pests iraq, any climate, and for diploma conditional, the police that helps us understand the balance they exist in the environment already. so that help shows
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a neuro and the kind of an organic process to follow to water and reduce the attack whole pest on to increase productivity. and that's how you go farms to market. in the 21st century, rebecca and her team have made it easier than ever to become a farmer with a swipe of your finger instead of a fickle from it. but um, let's head down to legals this, this plenty of people make a living from youtube instagram or take talk. if you're right there t, you might struggle to wrap your head around this idea. so sit back and let 9 year old instagram sensation little lisa, explain a pen, everybody. i am a john or yet you're anywhere in lagos, nigeria, down, down on mute. we are jerry now yelled martin said lisa, it will be in knob. we hear widely known as lisa lisa,
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a. ringback chain delirious of the songs that you re mix, i change because i want it to be simpler for people to on this for kids my each to understand. i why do you think in evil? i think any will because i'm a correct. it will go, answered paul, for to, to keep my language alive. how do people react? when do you hear you sing in the hall? if we are like, wow, this is amazing. i knew that this girl from iep will try and do them the 1st hour stick. read in the woods. so i remember i did a cobra full finnow hi week by him. a guy diaz, a luca day, one the level of and i'm with them des. so listen, look at it, go. i love our confidential, much is really smart. i believe when i pre day to get house only in future
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i go child is normally beads in the kitchen. the kung. but to speeches, things like dancing. scene gene. being a lawyer acting and so on. till i say once again, i'm new to the go child. hope you understand a has recreate as several songs different. damn you lyrics. now we'll wait for the next challenge to see her as a scientist on engine. yeah. to recreate, i'm positively judge wald around her from lagos, nigeria, i am ange, out on unique way. i love you all. so all of you about that he's all day. i hope lisa has inspired you to give social media a try. and of course,
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we are already on instagram, youtube, on facebook. if you haven't liked our pages yet, what i waiting for a part of the sub in to 70 percent family. and we hope today's show has given you some tips on how you can set the fresh old debt and be your own boss. that's set for this week. but before i go 1st, a little surprise for you. this is little alyssa, but a cover of luigi and sizes are 4 beats hit one elisa, my name is michael ot, thanks for watching with
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ah, ah ah ah
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ah ah . with who his label has at all. hello. it identifies products that are permissible to consume according to the monic faith . this label is becoming more important in germany as well. and becoming a source of concern for some of the big business of muslim consumers. in 15 minutes on do
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w. what making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa, the shows that faculty issues, shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally where on the street to give you in the report on the inside our correspondence with on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff, the mazda you 90 minutes on d w. oh. hey there, i'm david and this is climate change briggs, it's sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you. you'll get smarter for free. d w book on you turn on the green.
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ah, do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm mil, host of the on the grievance, both cost and to me it's clear. we need to change the solutions or output. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to do with ah
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ah ah ah, this is did, i'll be in use live from berlin a to work as a new crane say they are stockton stuffed, but can't get help to where it's needed in the devastated city of my real pole as ever, thousands make it out, but the red cross was forced to turn back. authorities are pushing for more. how many terry and corridors this weekend also coming up with.


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