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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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take a look at a group of syrian refugees who helped out during the catastrophic flooding in germany last year. i'm hearing encino have another news update for you at the top of the hour the copier join his band with ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage is 360. get out now. imagine how many portion of lunch are thrown out in the world right now. climate change if any hall story. this is much less the way from just one week.
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how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with what 5th? his subscriber all morning was like oh mm hm. in july of last year there was mud here everywhere. the all valley and western germany was hit by devastating flooding. in just a matter of days, a unique 8 campaign was launched. the group syrian volunteers in germany put a coal out in arabic for extra support. and hundreds of syrians from across germany answered the call to help flood victims. we are fog of the door. we have more
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experience than germans when it comes to disasters and war ally, we've been through it all and survived. and so we're better equipped to deal with it than many who haven't yet faced these things often turn on a home. in cincy nestled in the all valley, a group of syrians pitched in for months. they formed bonds with the flood victims . and now some of these help is moving to the valley themselves and as i le cut is moving to sensation today, or at least partially until he finishes his business degree in zab book. and he's a co founder of syrian volunteers in germany and has yet to visit his new home. he just knows his friend. abdulla already lives there. the no
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contract. i'm all works out lucian. where will i shower this? where will i cook or do my shopping? oh, but he's excited to vincent guests v anaheim and then this has become my 2nd home funeral point that i made a lot of friends while helping out with the flooding, getting down there like one big nice family for me. so i really feel at home, and then it ends in decree lead to houser the on us and i kind is also a paramedic. and recently assistive ukrainian refugees, the syrian volunteers, now use the network home, their disaster relief campaign in the all valley to coordinate aide for ukraine. miss on it really reminded me of my own escape to safety than
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vices. and my experience helps enable me to provide assistance to these people. and on the help of these a lawyer to, to life, he picked up refugees in this boss. now he's using it to move house. during the drive, he keeps getting calls to organize more a transports for ukraine, and it's an unclear shift in vegas. then we built up this team of volunteers after the funding, tonya. oh, under the torn and now the team can take on other times throughout europe. and why not know if it's our goal to help out and ukraine and wherever else we can hinder and when via has shown on us has just arrived at his new home respond after taking a look at it. if not, press,
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he thinks it will need to be torn down. the damaged house is just a temporary solution. there's been a major housing shortage in cincy since the flooding on us is friend, ferris, our hands already lives in vincy and his helping him move in. oh good. this will be fine for now. so it until we've set up our headquarters anyway. had quarters. oh phone con abdul moines back can is there now to his friends. call him hercules because he's so strong. and hercules is also the name of his construction and gardening company . his 2 friends help him manage the business since he is still learning german. but not all he previously worked in caught boss in eastern germany for 4 years,
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but had difficulty settling in. no one would speak german with him there, but things are different here in c and go when muslim nozzle over my move to sensors, because i found the people here so nice and friendly. of course i was helping them . but that's normal, little one on the blue. when you see what other people are going through, it makes your own trouble seem less dramatic. the percent belonging to the residence of vincy weren't the only ones shocked by the destructive force. the small river on leashed. the volunteers were taken aback as well as the vet is less than a slumber. it was terrible. there was mud, absolutely everywhere, destruction, everywhere would asphalt and all kinds of thing. oh, like that stuff over there. does hear the flooding affected 650
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households ends in so many homes were completely destroyed by the sheer force of the all river. and not all of them were able to be rebuilt. many people are still living in camper vans or other towns until their houses are habitable. again, many residents were amazed by the syrian volunteers. and one thing, the reasons you're seeing many people thing on those poor refugees are always a night of how of done and to and then refugee show up right at your doorstep asking how can i help you? but i'll give you a hand free of charge about that. i came over from berlin and paid for the trip out of my own pocket, and munch managed to get close. and sometimes the flood victims could hardly believe it. oh, if i and many of them cried and said we had a different image of you. i saw her, we didn't expect you to be so caring and helpful and see it's there and we are
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sorry, we have that kind of image of you. so a little bit boyish to help tom. what he has put is just one of the slot victims, the syrian trio and their colleagues helped. they tore off all the plaster in her basement. she is still deeply grateful. we had, we had a lot of phone numbers, we could have cold, but the syrian construction crew was a real life saver. and pitched in that short notice, feel and see that to her house is still on inhabitable to day. we had to lose everything that we had hoped we could at least live on the upper floor while the clean up and restoration work was going on. but we were mistaken because the waters of the our river had penetrated into the floor, making everything muddy here. flung abdul is tapping on the walls to check for any cavities. he is not happy with the job. the workers are
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doing so far away in $54.00 euros per square meter always go a little. abdul is a pulled by the prize she's being charged. so he offers, in his puts to fix up her garden for free. but it was on this is neither of us in litter. yeah, yeah, no, no, this was a lot of again, i didn't say, wow, the syrians wanted to restore the towns old charm. that's their mission. here. come on all the hope. not hear, the people have reason for hope and you can do something and rebuild. but in syria, that would be impossible smoothly. we have cities that are completely destroyed, complete. there's no hope left there. like there is here. gonna have no video hub. now that winter has passed, construction work is underway again and as has another coal, so there are more ukrainian refugees in need of transportation. the syrian refugees
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network is in great demand. these days there was about 18000 people live in the town of zinzis in the german state of rhineland palatinate. the collaborative space co working in zinzis became an organizational hub. during the flooding. here help us met up 8 meals and slept in close quarters for weeks. the syrian helpers are just arriving back at the co working space, and they're happy to see their old colleague, jennifer fletcher again. things have calmed down a bit in the r valley. the worst of the disaster is behind them. the syrians have made friends during their time here, and the residence of zinzis did too. but not every one was so open to the syrian volunteers from the beginning. that the mansion, some people really had to test the waters and were really cautious about. but in
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the end, i got very positive feedback and they were glad to have this syrian volunteers as help highly to watch ma'am. and it changed since he has a community. he's in c, i go, can't the people of cincy treat each other much differently now? and that's really nice. their way friendlier and not so skeptical towards new people or others. i have the feeling, they're much more open now. garzo vinnish in wherever i look, there is a memory of this. i know a truly in every square in chicago that comes so we've had so many talks is on shared so many nice moments and laughter together. it's a really nice place for north o. ferris has lived in his studio apartment in zinzis since the beginning of the year. and for him, it's a place of hope. oh, the digital media designer wants to further develop his work with the. the dream is
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to turn the volunteer disaster relief group into a profession. does the exxon a diesel through the syrian volunteers in germany campaign or the flood relief campaign? we've created numerous digital forms and collected statistical and analytical data and analytics development. yeah, and they're using this data to help you crazy in refugees to because now they're the ones fleeing from bombs to 6 various and on us can take stock of their false network. how many help us have time and when, who has a driver's license? who can drive a truck column their designated headquarters may be at a house that's set to be demolished, but their experiences have bolstered them in their dream of a better world. especially now the war in ukraine is upsetting to abdul. in particular, he lost his entire family in syria, in a chlorine gas attack and volume paloma with you with
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a miss. why is prudent doing this more? bashar al assad. more all these people waging war in syria over you? i don't know english, but the same thing is happening now in ukraine. lloyd, the youth who get many ukrainians don't know where to go. lay going, no food can be no clothes. visions just like and syria vis unit said that everyone lives in tents and for whom why is potent waging war? why? what phone phone? while we were filming, and ass explained how helping makes you feel stronger and find your place in society. just like these volunteers who have found and you home they hope to lead by example and keep pitching in wherever they needed him.
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oh well making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa. the show that's actually a huge have been the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally well in the streams to give you in the report. on the inside. our correspondence is on the ground reporting from m, the continent and all the trend stuff. my talk to you next on d w. a beautiful building will be here by india, a city growing at breakneck speed at the expense with the younger band when we got an eviction notice. this is where our family lives. a megacity wound by, from slums to skyscrapers. in 45 minutes, d,
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w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues, but all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and it goes on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now, with this is the w news, africa coming up on the show. what do we know about russia's private military operations in africa? we'll explore how russian security companies are gaining a foothold in africa by sending alms, offering mercenaries and getting mining deals. and notably, what is the wagner group? class hospitals are filling up in cameroon, after a spike in new color cases. and we go to the streets of nigeria to find out why young women facing.


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