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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news mind from berlin, ukrainian defense officials say they have re taken the entire key region. authorities say they made the gains after heavy fighting with russian troops as ukrainian force, as cautiously moved back into territory north of the capital. the government warrants of tough times still to come. also, and to show a potential breakthrough in yemen, united nations broker truce sees warren parties promising to, and hostilities observer say is the 1st step to permanent cease fire offering you
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hope it could pay the way to lasting peace and, and when you think a soccer leader is byron munich kept their title quest on track with victory in fryeburg. but briefly, having 12 players on the pitch could close them problems. ah, a mariner evans dean, it's good to have you with us ukraine's defense minister. he says, russian troops have either withdrawn or have been repelled from the entire region. around key of the ministry says its forces have retaken more than 30 towns and villages near the capital bud ukrainian president of what amir zalesky warrens, he expects, fierce fighting ahead in the south and east of the country. this comes after the russian military leadership declared that it would concentrate, it is a tax there. a warning. our next report contain some disturbing images.
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after more than a month of intense fighting, a pin is back under ukrainian control through treating russian forces, leaving only destruction and death in their wake. this small town stood in the way of the russian advance on keith, a foreign volunteer who help defend it described how relentless the russian assault was. if bombing was so intense, i couldn't leave my position. it was every 3040 seconds, it was intense. ukraine said it's only one of dozens of towns and villages near the capital recaptured by its troops. it comes up to russia, announced it with scaling down operations near keith earlier in the week. in some of the retaken areas, it's clear that victory has come at horrific cost, such as in boca north west of the capital. at least 20 bodies were found lying in a single street by journalists residence that there were those of civilians killed
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by russian soldiers. but a haughtily damian, people were just walking and they shot them without any reason. so far, bang in the next neighborhood to coca. it was even worse. they show it without asking any question. lethal nicked on, on his brush presents lensky has accused russian forces of even booby trapping corpses as they retreated. he's warned that while ukrainian forces may be making gains in the north russian troops a gathering in the east. napoleon national greyness in the east of our country. the situation remains very difficult. all russian troops a building up in the don bus and the hawk eve region was only what they are preparing for new powerful strikes. we are preparing for even more active defense oval, while the threat to keys may have subsided for now. heavy fighting raid is on here in the besieged city of mario paul, what tens of thousands of civilians are still tramped among the ruins. hockey,
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ukraine's 2nd largest city also remains under near constant bombardment. is defend as a bracing for a new to sold by a bloodied but unbroken russian military. in the 1st 5 weeks of war, more than 5000000 ukrainians have fled their country and many more are expected to leave in the coming months. the united nations estimates as many as 7000000 people will leave ukraine because of the crisis. but many vulnerable people are stuck in limbo, unable to leave, due to circumstances, but also with no home to return to it of these, rebecca readers caught up with one such family in the western city of, of eve. oh, it's now an e to familiar story with can you say boom wolf. woo! before rushes invasion sir, he and his family lived in her pin a suburb on the outskirts of keys. this is still on february 24th. when all this began, my son woke up at 5 am and started to say, boom,
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i didn't understand. at 1st, i heard some sounds and then i heard another explosion which came from the direction of keith. and then i read in the news that the war had started wearing all appeal would soon be occupied with pictures of its violent destruction ricocheted around the world. just days ago, ukraine regained control of a pain. but after weeks of fighting back russia's military will, than half of the cities infrastructure is destroyed. while some 4000000 refugees from a pin and elsewhere across the country have fled abroad. this family cannot, even if leaving ukraine would probably be the best thing for their autistic son from of source bid books to lou needs a lot of support before he turns 5. cham was tortured. we have one year where he might never start speaking. time is of the essence or, or every day missed. this one says him from the opportunity to start talking on below the rules morton has come in. when's a good ukrainian men of fighting age are not allowed to leave,
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but said his wife has multiple sclerosis, and his family needs him as much as his country does. he just still got him, you know, i'm the only breadwinner, and take care of the family. for miss pitcher to soon you, there's the useless. my wife goes abroad with him come phone up, she wouldn't make it on her own each of visibly or financially solved them. would have to do. it requires a lot of money and effort. you one parent can't do it alone in no time so far it's been impossible to get the official documents needed that exempt. so he from fighting for his country and would allow him to leave with his wife and son. for now, the call of duty is to simply care for them as best he can from here. all russians invasion of ukraine is also threatening germany's energy supply. many companies are heavily reliant on russian gas for production and fear. problems with
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deliveries could severely damage their output to w, as jared read reports from the city of new heights where the german chancellor visited an effective steel plant with russia threatening energy supplies to europe, the possibility of a shortage of gas and all the sun certainty is making german industry rather nervous. and so chancellor olaf, salts has come here to this steel plant in the roof region of waste in germany. it's one of the country's most densely populated regions and largest industrial centers. some makers of steel have said that they've had to recently cut production because of rising energy prices. and so we're showed each of gas would only add to that because making steel is hugely energy intensive and requires a reliable supply of energy. if the german government does say, have to end up rationing gas world in industrial uses, like this one would be among the 1st to face cuts. for now though,
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the german government says they're easy enough gas for everybody bought it, surging all consumers to do that piece and reduce their consumption as much as possible. all right, let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world. french president, a model micron has held his 1st big rally in his race for reelection. he promised the french people more progress and solidarity over the next 5 years. micron is currently leading in the balloons. the 1st round of the presidential election takes place on april 10th. hong kong authorities are asking the entire population that 7400000 people to self test for coven next week. chief executive carry lamb said a compulsory universal test was essential as the territory struggles to contain a 5th wave of infection and will re, re, lanka has imposed a nationwide per view to start protests against the government. the new restrictions will be in place until monday morning. earlier this week,
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demonstrators clash with police during protests, over shortages of basic supplies, such as food, fuel and medicine. the warring parties in yemen laid down their weapons on saturday in the 1st nationwide, true since 2016 is comes after more than 7 years of war. the truth between the saudi led coalition and the wrong box. who the rebels comes as the muslim holy month of ramadan begins. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and the war and millions have been displaced in what the united nations calls the world's worst humanitarian disaster. will for more on this, let's bring in mohammed al kelly's he, he is a jamini journalist from santa based in cairo. thank you so much for joining us on d. w. so of course we know that previous these fires in yemen were ineffective. could this one be different?
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actually yes, we witnessed a very bloody year oversight and yemen continue to question. but i guess this is a very important moment for millions or peer, my knees have been suffering from the work speech years i guess. or i believe that here many are optimistic about this. he's fired and pushing all the site to continue and to achieve p. m. and and as we just mentioned, the united nation says that yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. is there anything in this cease fire agreement that will allow aid to be delivered to those who need it most? and of course, a foreigner wouldn't open
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a managed national airport. it being closed since 2017. and also we are in there for data boards and will allow change oil ships to ensure a cd, especially the state people are facing the re, are days, not only the immune you know, this happening around the world. where about them and you know, each years facing a really hard time. so, and also let me continue on this. he's fire will open data on some airports and also will release prisoners from both sides. and also would that be the roots idea? and, you know, if you heard about ties in, it's been under ca, us is 2015 and also this will lead to
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a resume therapy stocks in the future. so i guess, as i said, it's a very important moments for all your minis. and also for the saudis and for the region, because this war cannot continue anymore. that was mohammed al, can you see you have any journalist speaking to us from cairo? thank you so much for your insights to sports. now i'm going to flee them wearing by munich, have seemingly taken another big step towards winning their 10th street league title. they triumph for one at fryeburg, but could be in trouble after briefly having 12 men on the pitch. bye and munich. welcome back. lay on garrett scrap the 4 months out injured. meanwhile, fryeburg knew i woke up bach study on welcomed a capacity crowd for the 1st time with some of japanese corona virus restrictions, having expired after a goal, his 1st half who else put germany, midfield a, garrett sca netted the opener?
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questionable. go. keeping for mark fletcher, but by an won't care, they will care that robert levin dusky was substituted with an injury days before the champions league caught a final with villareal. the host also made a change with sucrose of neil's peterson coming on, and just 17 seconds later he'd leveled the skull. their joy was short lived though with a by and substitute making a similar impact sir to capri was in hand to take advantage of some more ether, defending and give by an a 21 lead new germany sent about nico slot, a bag with an ill time slip for fryeburg kingsley come on then struck in style to make the game safe and dent fryeburg champions leave oaks. but then came a curious scene when by and seemed to temporarily have 12 players on the pitch after a substitute mix up punishment could follow. there was even time for mattel sabot
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said to round off the $41.00 when by and come through a tough test. and with 6 games left, the bone as they get title is almost, there's assuming the confusion with the subs does not void the result. and by him you next waltz to another bundling a title has been made all the more likely by bruce endorsement being embarrassed in front of a packed home crowd. they lost for one to our bait. leipzig, austrian midfielder, canada, lima scored to the goals to leave. second place, door monday, hefting 9 points and drift of leaders. byron. the impressive win also boosted. fourthly, live things. chances are finishing in the champions. league. places will assert warning, has been issued in australia for almost all of the new south wales coastline as huge waves washed over many of sydney's beeches. 5 metre. high waves have pummeled bondai beach and flooded car parts and prominence to other systems combined to
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create the extreme conditions which include strong winds and large waves. people are being worn to stay out of the water with unusually high tides, forecast, air up to date. now on dw news, stay tuned for shift living in the digital age. i'm marian, i haven't seen from me and the entire news team in berlin. thanks for watching that he wants to know what makes the germans here just in the gym. loved via and batting away from africa. i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes and every day getting are you ready to meet the german and join me rachel stuart on d. w. how long does a.


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