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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2022 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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ah, ah ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin fighting back ukraine enforcers say they have retaken the entire keith regent of soldiers moving into villages and towns around the capital find scores of dead civilians. also coming up hon gary and head to the poles in parliamentary elections, prime minister victor or bonus fighting a coalition of 6 opposition parties with one goal, ousting him after over a decade in office.
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ah. hello monica jones. good to have you with us. ukraine says russian troops have either withdrawn or been repelled from the entire region around ki, if the defense ministry says its forces, have re take more than 30 towns and villages for weeks. battles north of the capital region kept russian forces from advancing. but now, some of the true cost of that resistance is becoming clear as ukrainian soldiers and members of the red cross enter these locations, and a warning here to our viewers. this next report contains images said some may find disturbing. as russian troops withdraw from northern districts of cave, ukrainian forces are arriving to find death and destruction in their wake. the town of who hers the scene of what some hero describing as the massacre. dozens of
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bodies lie on the road. resident save the retreating russian shot any one they found for a hor, dooley. they mean these people were just walking and they shot them without any reason or bang in the next neighbourhood holster. colker, it was even worse. they shot without asking any questions, shot the whistle nicked on you to his brother. who has town mayors as these are just some of several 100 civilians killed. oh street in utah, detroit is of executed. people still lying, the blue sky street and book you in the hands, the tie behind that box with white civilian rags from. they was shot in the back of their heads. in an open trench bodies appear to be partially burned. it's feared russian troops may have also left explosives and land mines behind. in european, another town north of the capital, a red cross team filled the devastation as they arrived to treat the survivors.
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elsewhere. ukrainian forces say they are re taking all of the towns and villages in the kiev region that had been under russian control. but president, for lot of mer to lensky is warning. russia maybe readying its forces to attack elsewhere. earlier we spoke to alex, responded nick connelly. he has made his way to the north eastern cave region where ukrainian forces say they have re taken territory from retreating. russian forces. he is his assessment of the situation and will ha what issue with butcher and deep in those areas that channels are not able to get in there yet. we expect to get in a few days time. so we're not able to to verify those pictures independently. feet with our own eyes, but definitely the situation day is desperate then you know the last week. so we'd be hearing from people who were there in those towns unable to get out. work to failed attempts to organize, to rank or do to help people to get out in safety and stuff. because
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we've been using a lot of trying to get out of those images of the are shocking people across ukraine. hadn't seen that kind of treatment of civilians, documents it pictures in the recent week. so in a way for you creating civilians following this walk in their homes into not being bombed on a daily basis. they are now seeing these images and being with the cost was d w as an economy reporting from the key of region. and he has a quick look now at some other stories related to the war we've been following for you. missiles have struck the cranium, port city of odessa for the 1st time, roches military says the targets were an oil processing plant and fuel. depos footage shows large clouds of dark smoke filling the sky. no casualties have been reported. a red cross convoys, again trying to deliver aid and evacuate civilians from the besieged city of maria,
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pull. it had to abandon an attempt on friday due to security concerns. an estimated 160000 civilians are still trapped in the city with little food or water. russian gas is no longer flowing to latvia as donia and lithuania, the baltic states are stopped important. lithuanian president has called on other you countries to do the same. germany and other european countries are still buying russian energy rushes gas industry has been excluded from new sanctions on the country. ukraine has warned that russian forces who left the chair novel nuclear plant after weeks of occupation may have been exposed to radiation general bill as the site of the world's worst nuclear accident, which happened in the spring of 1986. the area remains heavily contaminated and is under continuous lockdown. russian soldiers at the channel below nuclear
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power plant. they took over the building on february, the 24th right at the start of russia's invasion. did the troops really know much about the place that government had sent them? apparently the young soldiers were clueless about the 986 nuclear disaster, despite large numbers of death by radiation and heavy contamination from that's vadim pope adams view. morton. in moscow, he's ukraine's chief engineer at genevieve, and despite the risk of speaking to us, he agrees to an interview. he says his co workers, who were held by russian troops for almost 4 weeks, told him that the russian soldiers might have mistaken the protective shell around the failed reactor for an assembly hall and we'll know protective clothing. we'll do diligently, i already listed up k thought the respirators were there to protect them from cove it and didn't understand that you had to put them on to prevent inhaling radioactive dust. still we need to shut you. you may be you. so the ukranian
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t v station reports that in the so called red forest near the plant, which is highly contaminated, russian soldiers are reported to have dug trenches. and consequently, we'll have received a considerably larger dose of radiation, physicists, sebastian fluke bile, who has been to china bill several times considered their actions very dangerous on conflict miles orders. you might be able to all through it, even if you're not allowed to without dropping dead immediately. but if you're digging in this area, you must realize you're going to stir up some really highly radioactive particles. who are you are particular to lose the director of the international atomic energy agency, raphael grossey plans to visit china bill soon. we heard about the possibility of some personal being contaminated, but we don't have any confirmation about that. vadim pope dim, however, says his co workers said that a few days ago, 3 buses picked up russian soldiers from china bill during the night 0,
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some were vomiting, they had nosebleeds, they were in bad shape. they had clear signs of radiation sickness, really the worse for you and you will chill any bullshit. various ukrainian media, a showing pictures of the buses which have in the meantime made it to gl mel in belarus. the soldiers are being examined at an established radiation institute, british newspaper. the telegraph is reporting that one soldier has already died following his deployment in china bill. and are somewhat of today's headlines in the capital of azerbaijan. an explosion struck a nightclub killing one person and injuring that. he won. the explosion at the back or clap is believed to have been caused by a gas leak. but the investigation is still ongoing. slash love, sand landslides killed, at least 8 people, including 6 children across the brazilian state of rio de janeiro. 13 people are reported to be missing. it's the latest and
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a series of deadly storms to hid the region and the past few months. new elections are set to take place in pakistan and the next 3 months president are if i lead assault parliament after prime minister in on con, urged him to during a to be address early on sunday. and attempt by pakistan's lawmakers to vote. prime minister can out of office failed people in hungary are heading to the polls to vote in an election seen as key to its future direction. it's expected to be the tightest race and more than a decade, voters are chose choosing between nationalist prime minister victor, oregon, and a coalition of 6 opposition parties led by small town may at peter maci say the opposition groups have little in common other than a shared goal to oust the long term prime minister all been on the right wing a few days party is seeking a 4th consecutive term and has served 12 years in office. let's bring in near dw, corresponded funny,
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foster in budapest. funny what's at stake in this election? bluntly political future of hungary just like in any other election. the question really is that here, is there going to be a change actually, because if the ruling government wins for 4th consecutive to him, that means basically 16 years of a governing on the fittest that this countries been governed by the theme peruse and promised to victor all buses, 2010, but the countries not as far yet. and as a result, if you look at the campaign and the campaign rhetoric here, the choice is in between peace and war. if you ask the fittest party drooling government party or is the choice between east and west, that's what the opposition alliance is campaigning on with choice between east more towards russia as obviously i promise to victor alba, close point in friend, an academic partner has been very very yeah, and the sort of em and tight lipped on to saying something personally,
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against russia being the aggressor here in this war against ukraine. and putin being there had all of that aggression. so it's, it's the interpretation here. how much ukraine and the war in the neighboring country here comes into play. when people cast a ballot today as they are, even though so far, at least, if you look at the, the voter participation, it is not as, as it was 4 years ago. the question is, we just haul, hi, it's going to be and how that's going to benefit either the government party or this and you opposition alliance. that's for the very 1st time on the ballot list. right? manufacturer in budapest, you keep an eye on the action there for us. thank you so much. serbians are going to the polls for presidential and parliamentary elections taking place under the shadow of the invasion of ukraine. president alexander boutique is on cause to win a 2nd term and a largely pro russia country. but his balancing act with the european union may
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become increasingly complicated after the vote. dw jack paris sent us this report from belgrade 5 years. the president alexander v church is expecting to retain his office during the elections here in serbia. under his leadership, serbia has remain the only european country to resist imposing sanctions on russia over the invasion of ukraine. the pro russian stars is shared by view, teaches political opponents, including conservative presidential candidate milos, shavanne of h, passing by the most important issue for us, which of the social cost natasha. we have a proposed in of use on, on the, on the possible solutions of those problems. and on the other side, once again, rush is backing us from the security council of united nations, even if it is currently polling in 3rd of the 8 presidential candidates. dr. ko, punish a retired general is the lead challenger coming from the center. right? opposition coalition. none of the major parties there were telling voters that they
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would sanction moscow. they won a 2021 poll suggests 83 percent of serbians. c, moscow as a friend in 1999. when you go slog via my country was i attacked my late child. so here we have very strong feelings against ne, to and the western world. as the candidate country the you expect serbia to align on foreign policy. the u ambassador to serbia told d w. they're prepared to intensify discussions after the vote. as we are asking the countries of the western barkers, including chicago, which has been more complicated here to join to censure, we also are extending support to addressed a vulnerability that are a consequence of the crisis about overseas. here as early as national assembly is also a crucial one. this time around the last time elections were held in june 2020. many of the main opposition parties boycotted. many the alexander villages as an
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ass party, has held an overwhelming majority since then for stefan javon, which is a candidate for the parliament in the main opposition coalition, which is focusing all energies on winning as many seats as possible. nothing changed it actually. it's even worse than, than before, but we can not stay any more aside and, and waiting something to change these elections, ccb employees delicately between russia and the west. the question is, how long the next government can continue that balancing act while the war in ukraine it watching dw news, and he has a reminder of our main story. ukraine says, russian troops have either withdrawn or been repelled from the entire region around keith. so just moving into villages and towns around the capital have found squaws of dead civilians lying openly in the streets watching d, w,
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and use up next doc film explores the history of eco powerhouse greenpeace. and will be back with the latest news at the top of the hour. in the meantime, you can always get the latest news on our website that is the d w dot com. i'm monica jones. thanks for watching and take your time for an experiment about time. it can be measured precisely, and yet each person experiences it differently as if there are different phones of time, time phenomena, a dimension and illusion. about time starts april 14th on the w. i.


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