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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah, this is dw news coming to you live from berlin. as outrage over the butcher killings grows, ukraine's president accuses russia of trying to cover up war crimes. discovery of dead civilians and towns ran kia has prompted widespread outrage. presidents landscape, visit boucher and is set to address the un security council later today is protecting evidence of hor, mass killings will emerge the school in which needs of the disease or war crimes
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and will be recognized by the world as genocide when it was not when you were here and can see what happened for yourself. bullish gruesome discoveries in boucher and elsewhere prompted brush germany to expel 40 russian diplomats and titan economic sanctions. ah. hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. ukrainian president block mayor zalinski has called the killings of civilians in the town of butcher war crimes and genocide . there is melting international anger over images of mass graves and bodies, showing signs of torture. rush denies the accusations and says it will present evidence to the un security council that its forces have not been involved in atrocities. a warning that our next report contains images that some of our viewers will find disturbing. on the streets of beecher,
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it looks as though russian troops have only just been driven out. many bodies of civilians have only just been recovered. the ukrainian interior ministry invited journalists from around the world to come and document what took place half. moscow has called these scenes a stage managed anti russian provocation. ukrainian president valadez lensky is here to get a 1st hand view. he is visibly emotional when he describes women who were ranked in front of their children, entire families executed. he says his country must keep on fighting, but also negotiate yellow rad. sure. i am convinced that we will achieve peace on ukrainian territory. some would ukraine cannot live in a constant state of war because this is europe, and this is the 21st century. he will be the one was once but was to reach the interior ministry tanks, us on buses, through checkpoint,
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after checkpoint past the burnt out remains of civilian vehicles. it's the dangerous trip. our guide says he is expecting new attacks from russia soon. in the village of mathematician authorities take us to a site where 4 bodies were found. among them, children gone with yamil. my family is lying over there. we are in that hole. i don't know why they were killed. they were loving. no good people. we were few of them were rumors were nobody wondering where shortly afterwards volunteers exhumed the bodies and take them away to burger tear. this scum have tortured, beaten, and murdered an entire family. they will be brought to justice that we will find all of those who carried out this terrible crime persley's, lot hundreds of bodies,
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and very little time to give the victims a proper burial. these are also images from future mass graves. this woman buried her husband in her own back yard. she says she just once piece was out of bed. you implore you, please do something. i'm talking to you as the ukrainian wife, the mother of 2 children and a grandmother. what is the president's lensky future is representative of what he calls the genocide rusher is committing all across ukraine. he says, the world must bear witness to it. meanwhile, ukraine wants to record exactly what happened here. i mean, he w, corresponding to connelly was in butch on monday and is now back in kid. nick, good morning. tell us what you saw in boucher i saw a city that spacey had been destroyed before. it could be finished to
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a very young suburb of kia, full of new high rise apartments, most of which are basically left without any windows, half blown up and destroyed. burnt out, russian tanks on the streets, ammunition crates, kind of just everywhere, bits of shrapnel, you get a sense of quite how intensive that fighting was over basically a month. a locals telling you that they basically were too scared to leave their homes, was sitting either home or in their cell as for most of that time and then stories . i wouldn't accounts of those who did go out to did venture out of him to try look for food and seeing basic the st. strewn with bodies. and they were telling me that basically the russian soldiers were so that they met, at least were so shocked by the level of resistance they had faced in ukraine. something they hadn't expected that they basically saw all the civilians around them as potential targets as potential threats to their lives. and so they felt like they were walking on the streets basically being watched through the site of sniper rifles wherever they went. and we went to the mass grave next, the church that some people might have seen. images of m seems like the locals,
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doug, that trench to recover bodies from the streets. it'd be long there sometimes for days and weeks. and they would lay as pallet's bodies. some were buried in the clothes that they were wearing when they were killed. others covered in blankets and then the top layer covered in, in kind of black plastic sacking. they seemed to have done their best try and re constitute it, is the block to recover any idea that world was on these people when they died so that they can now try to attempt to contact the relatives and to work out who it is that is buried in these graves, we were also in a cellar, a cellar of a children summer camp, where several people were executed. the bodies had been recovered by the authorities, but on we went there, but they had be photographed in earlier days by people i know personally. and the could you see, i'm traces of blood and, and bullet sets. it's a very disorienting place to be, especially given the most of us journalists, we were just about 2025, clumped down the road here in central kia for most that time we could hear the
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shooting. we could hear the artillery in the distance, but we couldn't get there now. first time we've actually been on the ground, sit for ourselves. nick russia has denied committing atrocities in boucher and says that the killings were staged by ukrainians. now you spoke the witnesses in boucher . what did they tell you? so they talk about people basically being killed on their way just to try and find some bread to go find some food. people just disappearing randomly. ever on trying at that time to basically keep tabs on each other if they were leaving the homes and then trying to go search for their relatives if they failed to come back at the agree time. i, in terms of those claims coming out of moscow, i haven't seen anything any explanation on their part. how this is meant of happened. they've called it a provocation, but they haven't explained how these people died. they haven't ventured as far as
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i've seen any explanation that perhaps in the ukrainians it would have killed their own people to create this, these images to crate this consternation and his anger towards the actions, the russian army here to me and to lots ukraine is it seems like a distraction tactic, that kind of thing that we saw off to the malaysian boeing m 8. 17 was knocked out of the sky was down in the summer of 2014, where lots of various explanations were advanced that dropped the months of weeks. and i think the main kind of target, the main reason for those kinds of statements of bases to distract and to confuse are in the hope that people would lose interest and not, you know, keep their attention focused on these things. in the end, we saw that that dutch in special investigation was able to identify the people responsible for firing that book. miss all that brought that plane down, killing hundreds of civilians. it took years, but they got there in the end. and a lot of people i spoke to butcher gonna hoping that that's also going to happen here. there's already a lot of information being gathered and people being asked to tell the stories to
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the authorities. nick, thank you very much for your reporting. that was our correspondent, nick connelly in kia all those discoveries in boucher have prompted germany to expel 40 russian diplomats. france and lithuania have announced similar most german foreign minister. molina bow box said germany would also boost it support for ukraine's armed forces and titan economic sanctions. against russia, berlin is shocked by the images of russia's attack on boucher germany's foreign minister spoke of crimes against humanity that will be countered with immediate weapons supplies to keith unto me. not to van mental types with my given will, you will such rank than our support for ukraine's defense. i admire boucher and mary jo paul have shown us this is a life or death situation for millions of ukrainians. my mention in that we are considering delivering weapon systems that we had held back until now. deviate busy
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on nist khalifa tom, on top of this, the german government has declared that 40 diplomats from the russian embassy are now persona non grata, and will be expelled from the country. and the voices demanding an immediate hall to all russian guests. imports are growing louder. politicians say it's not possible. according to the economy minister, germany was following the wrong energy policy. for far too long does, but we're now reversing our energy policy every day. we are working towards grading the pre conditions necessary for an embargo. and it's my opinion and that of the government that this is the correct way to proceed. and once carried out, it will harm putin on a daily basis. 14, take a shot at a gas embargo would hit germany's middle class, the hardest, the opposition see the you warns that this must be taken into consideration if it's not only important to think about how this will affect russia. it's also very important how to measure the effects this will have on millions of german sorts.
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this is a deciding factor. this is why we should exit our dependence on oil and coal consumption quickly. but reduce gas consumption more slowly, middle felicity to enable the continue will supply of gas. germany has decided to appoint the federal network agency. as trustee for the germans subsidiary of russia's gas prom, for their sanctions against russia will be decided together with the you. the commission has already recommended more disciplinary measures. the w political correspond, manuel shaws is covering this story, enjoined just l. m. a. germany says it will impose more sanctions on russia following the discovery of those apparent atrocities in boucher what kind of sanctions are we talking about? well 1st off, terry recess, then in the report this is very significant because germany has been criticized also by its western allies for opposing, for example, of fool embargo on russian gas for taking too long to send to decide on sending
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weapons, which now the country has pledged to do and now we see germany imposing those feathers. sanctions, dozens of diplomats, the oppression diplomats have been expelled with. we've just seen for him. and it's not in our book saying that those. and boy, i quote, have worked every day here in germany against our freedom against our cohesion. the cohesion about society book also said that germany will no longer tolerate days to people expelled, will have 5 days to leave the country. this is just a 1st reaction to the atrocities committed in boucher more are to come with chancellor all actual it's saying that those are being discussed with western eyes at the moment they will be aimed up economy cli weakening russia. we can think of more sanctions on the pudding and his circles pass. and alas, that's for example, more sanctions on the russian financial markets. berlin is also putting the germans subsidiary of the russian state own gas company gas from under the control of
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regulators. how significant is this again, terry, very significant. it's something that the vice chancellor and economy minister, robert hobbin says will prevent gemini being exposed to arbitrary decisions by the kremlin and what he called a necessary step to ensure the security of god supplies. now why is dot is because god from germany. germany's assets include company dealing with transport was trading and we storage all russian gas to germany and in putting gas from germany under the control of german regulators. while the government ensures that moscow and that, that germany and not moscow controls are process. thank you very much. our political correspondent and manuel shaws there, of course, will continue to update you on the latest developments in ukraine. meanwhile, here's a look at some other stories making headlines today. china has indefinitely extended
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along down in shanghai western district as it tries to contain the cities biggest ever covered 19 outbreak. more than 10000 health workers have been sent to the financial capital to assist with the operation city said it tested all its 26000000 residents on monday as part of its 0 cobit drive. starting on may 1st, germany says it will no longer impose compulsory quarantines on people infected with the rent of virus. the health minister says medical staff will be the only exception for everyone else. isolation will be strongly recommended, but not required by law and canyon. motorists have endured another day of major fuel shortages waiting in line for hours. as petrol pumps ran. dr. government blames hoarders or the short paul, the oil dealers said they were owned, they were owed some subsidy. payments from the state can use energy regulators, so the shortages were also exacerbated by international fuel markets being hit by
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the war in ukraine. you're watching dw news. just reminder, our top story this, our ukrainian president, velasmio, zalinski, has visited the city of boucher outside kia where hundreds of bodies were discovered in the weekend after russian forces retreated. valencia accuses russia of genocide and war cross. all you news for now, business is next. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah ah, does m a or an eternity time it can be measured precisely. indeed every one experiences it differently
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