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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2022 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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there are different forms of time time, ah, with a dimension. if we know we won't live forever, an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d w. where he's what it so he says the utopia would have thought bad the moisture even if there's no no rage on where you want me. that doesn't mean this piece yet. but spectrum purity. oh, you have to clog it yesterday. i escaped from the wall. so ordinate today, i'm safe. oh yeah, no, but i don't believe it'll be safe here tomorrow,
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but we'll dispatch no we not war the nozzle, but i will takes life for which it kills people. but the war is also taken away the life that millions of ukrainians had before the war. ah ah. when i got the john tanya, and i'm 31 years old. yoke are you? i'm ukrainian. you're the moisture. i don't call myself a refugee ambition. i don't like that word who is now young. the glutes was very tanya, for you, korea, if i live and she is in the district of salamanca, nearby. ha soloman's, go park or as william children,
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my husband and i built an apartment there 2 years ago. all the far ok, the more it's become home for me in a 1000 ever since i moved from done yet. i felt like i had no home or young. it's your wall and then mm hm. ah ah no actually, cuz my husband's name is dena, which i've been together for 8 years, resume at all. i love him very much a foil for young. i work on education project with young people law because my own the
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can't make films about important social projects in door glass, which i know was look for. yeah. i would say i love policies. it's, you know, we often hands in parties and have lots of visitors on america. i even have a disco ball on by ah, there's a little bit of, i really love our balcony. yeah, there's so many of us, i wanted to make it beautiful with lots of flowers, a place where i could relax off to work it offended there. ah, are sick is this sense that you have when life is peaceful? where you think about what you'd like to eat on how great the weather is. would that sets up? oh, that was wiped out in a single day, and then bang ah, we'll bring it. i've decided to conduct a special military operation with
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whoever tries to stand in our way or create threats for our country should know that russia's response will be immediate and will lead to such consequences that you have never encountered in your history. you are an eager jordan, this is not designed to harm the interests of ukraine or its people. me included because my husband told me i needed to get up a book that he said missiles had struck near bristol airport. young. yeah, i was confused and i couldn't believe it or not. yeah, that was i thought, is this a bad joke? who had toya to chevron provide? so i asked my husband if it was really true or said ye,
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did putin really do it in jesus knows that a woodside a my husband told me it was real and not fake in them. he said, we needed to get ready and to get to the air raid shelter, expose ah, john, them all i use i and eat any more or take a shower for fear that i might miss the sirens and not get to safety and time it would, would that the boy, you know, would sure you, you, you unable to one, but we had to go to the air raid shelter 2 or 3 times a day, as in vain. he said, the more we had to go there, always the more i became convinced that i would have to leave my country had you chena will you shot it. latoya for child cooper. i talked to my husband and together we decided that i shouldn't stay in that i needed to get to safety with the washer. yup. or when the water and adored ship over
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number of the spade. c ha. not out there. yeah. now i'm in germany, which we have a voice at the job. my grandmother is called tanya, to the john of my grandfather. wanted to name me after her when you force. she's 87 years old now from gorgeous of a know she's incredible and even has vans on instagram. the notes here for not that william wins, donal barbara with grammar. you look so beautiful to day happy year. i always look beautiful or i did. or how do you like my outfit? one it looks great. the honda is a made of silk over the yes had. so you look beautiful. it because you're beautiful. yes. yes. it's for new year. oh list have been and then christmas school work that he used was a novel at the thinly v as
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a young child. she survived the 2nd world war at the last or 2 in 2014, she had to flee the war in the east of ukraine. yeah, backwash rosen, you should baby know now she's in kiff trimmings. dates and once again war is raging around her. frost of her. so i think 3 wars are too much for one. life doesn't matter. dear daughter put somebody here does. what should i want her to come here so that i can take care of her to prenatal and doesn't. which should nash? i don't want anything to happen to her. one on them was over now because she can't cope alone. summers gina been i which the bombers tribute and she needs help to get to an air raid shelter previous to that. and there aren't many shelters and give you my son, the maya, and the rising. we which my parents are now living with her and give when they are . so my mom, my dad and my grandma, are all living in
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a one room apartment in the kitchen. i think of a fading ramblewood. and that was in the hall. my grandma can't walk right now, she broke her leg just before the war started. so she's lying in bed now and they don't want to leave give, can you ever. ringback breathe. hi demona. oh, hello donna. the cook, how you. okay. do you talk or was to with lucky or we or did you have to go to the shelter today? oh, yes. one in the house. and then again later. sure. sure. mm hm. or what do you think about my parents linkedin to lee cooking? how can we get them out with if it's finished, let us know. did you find anything out today? yes. yes. metals i found out about a rescue vehicle. good. ok. asking how many days would they be on the road to get an image? searscard good with asked because it's a rescue service. oh,
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they drive without stopping in the legal name. my name is regina cal. 3 lean or smith connection is very bad. i can't hear you properly thought, but i understood that they don't stop anyway. the trips less than 24 hours. okay. at this when you my mom. did you tell my mom you you all know 8. yes. and i i called her. i know if she's worried about your grandma's condition and isn't even sure if she wants to leave herself. daniel english isn't. i think the william a you had, she says she still needs to think about it a little bit. she's worried that something could happen to grandma on the way it's a motor company. and what would she do then? so my job, my job and okay, i'll call her tomorrow and i'll talk to grandma t a. thank you, christina. it's good to your voice to miss lucia is good to hear you too. bye love you and i love you to call
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oh oh oh ebony i'm gleefully wendy mar drove me to the borders so that i could leave the country and i was worried that something might happen to him on the way back. but ma'am, and when i wasn't there to help much, we extra chas robertson. i was so worried of all is said eam. because i told him i was sorry for every telling we'd ever argued envy yet that was a music. so if i'd stayed with him, he wouldn't have been looking out for himself or working to help our country not to
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put a man on the process, but taking care of me. are you sure as alicia to put his name, your pro store fits the law if i'd stayed in ukraine, but i wouldn't have been much helped to him the my a lot. look, we love each other and do want to be together, hardening thought shown with but that assume oh yeah. does it oddish job? not great. i'm glad that we women had the option of deciding what role we want to play. nice your to renew and i am i probably dish with
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a lamp. zada scalia, by now i see ordinary unarmed people standing up against the tang mize and also in a bazillion. i wonder whether i am really a patriot as well as i did to you, but i fled here to germany here and i'm not bold enough to do something like that to defend kit advocate. a salute. yeah, but after a short while ago i was in an air raid shelter with bombs, exploding good ball, mama, now in germany in a place surrounded by forests and lakes. each year the miller ordered a dog oh and grabbed a theme. you could actually feel very angry, like i hate the whole world sneaked. shouldn't that i don't want to be here that i want to go home. no more ship of what i just want everything to stop of the oldest
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horror. every one here feels the same way. why i'm of the of the common ostrich. yet all the clinical huddle on the group leader here and answer everyone's questions shorter than the mind. we make sure everyone has food to eat and close to where we we go, grocery shopping and cook to walk and try to structure the day for everyone else. loves you. good. your full of thought was shoved short. us really arrived here yesterday with my children. have been here from the start and they came with the group. ah, your vehicle as it was? i drove from live in the hope that i could collect them and bring them home. because live is the safest city in ukraine is for. where we have to cough so i was very optimistic until this morning when i saw the news about the attack on the arab,
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if military base it's just 40 kilometers from live and 20 kilometers from the polish border along with their quote, a bomb more. i have for the school hall now i'm not so optimistic but throw scope to me as much for man. so lots sold war. hey, i stayed in la viv up until now and carried on working. i just took holiday to come and pick up my children. cameras latest mortals and brought the doctor to demolish you, thought ukraine would when the wolf, by the end of your holiday. a bunch of yes young people young was before with a thought that was moved. i only ever talked to the group here in ukrainian yard. russian is my 1st language. even my grandparents spoke russian. he more and more you which keith, when you were, excuse me, but give our entire family comes from the lo hunter and done yet screeching. good
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night school door before the war started on february 24th. no, i never had the feeling that i was doing anything bad by speaking russian or more johanna, but now my mother tongue is the language of the enemy. what a 2 more will you jamming georgia pre crochet, my dad that i have something in common with russia that i did receive because russia just invaded ukraine, claiming that were not independent. and as a large law firm they she asked. but alice, this is what i packed on the 1st day on february 24th. when we decided to leave shopping, we didn't know where we were going or for how long i'm white. if i was panic, taylor k e, and i knew it finances of the yard rosamille as she. yup. when you call you some were year the blog my, these are my degrees of it's that, that
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a bachelor's law from done yet, and a master's in law from cuba used to put all of a birth certificate, passport from the origin, your boss marriage, certificate. i to snowball sham. we serve as a log for some reason i to, to lots of hand creams. kids to ukrainian chocolates and canned food comes out of it said they're pretty right here on my warm clothes. it's short, a sweatshirt and 2 pairs of pansy football, q 2 t shirts of mine and 2 that i borrowed from my husband for as long as we're not together book a ship coloma while he's in ukraine and i'm here. i'm that awesome morgan the origin you're thought it was fine. you fully then at the last minute i thought well maybe it's also ok to take a cardigan finish now. but sir, it's from the senior schneider ukrainian designer boucher. i really like her things . so you've been that in chicago, this is the only clothing that i have here that makes me feel better through you somehow. i just feel better when i where it sort of story. eric was. when you're
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chris, i've always liked wearing cool things. on yonder middle class near a chip. ah ah goose yes, a dollar? sure. my mom, i remembered my mother grabbing photos when she left onions. can we assume that's why i took the pictures that i don't have in digital form. look through them a wound in jim, this is my grand mom and she was young, a little number along all of that. mm hm. lou, lou dot as 1st of cash, that of all didn't start for me on february 24th. lemme. and that said, the war in ukraine started in 2014, that of all, i should the, not the heads up,
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which was if to the nice de moines my parents were forced to move to p of in 2014, when russian forces marched into the dani. it's and lo, hunter, greeting so high school, almost him we which gave well motional back then they were just as confused as every one is to day blew out of the hobbling effect family. they also thought the wool would be over tomorrow and they would be able to return home. joyce soft was off of so the kinship came up over the limits of the dormer. ah oh julia. goodness, good. see. i think that's one of the reasons why it's so difficult for them to leave. it could be so great. i think my father is 66. my mom, which he just can't believe that he's losing his home for a 2nd time because the more to approve you at the fashion that once again, he has to flee without knowing where he's going to hit our school info than could
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be baked it. and that was a mutual could be, oh, oh lou with oh. ringback oh hello. hello my mom, how are you? okay. did he, did you decide? josh, i oh, what i considering the pros and cons. ok was pros and cons. that the only advantage is that is that we'd be in safety. i together with you as a boy. hm. yes, operator and the cons includes the risks on the road. mm hm. grandma's house during the trip that will you give
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me? i don't want to leave your father. if we leave, we have to start all over again. maria, desire to not necessarily with it. it is just for a little while and we can come back sunday, but i don't, i knew she, i wonder if we should leave at all. you're young and full of energy. i'm not, i've already considered all the options. good. what options that are online, cheryl? it's difficult, i don't want to talk about it. school, it's risky, trying to protect grandma both here and on the road. but that's life. me. at some stage we have to say good bye to our parents closure. that's how it is. it can that mind long. those are probably not the you are putting you, grandma and grandpa in the grave,
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just because you're not young of those particular, we've got a good option for transporting grandma. she'll be lying down. you'll have support either through the crunch and this won't go on forever. you don't have to start a new life here. we'll go back for sure. ok. mom, mom, i need you to design is not word of finance. the music teacher wouldn't you? maybe to day i started to see her point of view. but let's see moses, i can't influence her decisions, gilchrist sawdust, situational. i feel like i have to stop trying to convince her, but i thought you put on cornel update. if she has little space, i'm safe here. and it's important for me to fight russia from head would a short, short full of water long. i'm not sure what to do. so i've decided to come to
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berlin to take part in a big protest rally weekly for ukraine through a korean oh oh, my dubois kicked out of the theatre and medical was destroyed, and people were using it as a bomb shelter. yet, e v. course dollar got the ship's hold on a week before the war. we went past that theater. the person there was a line of people waiting to go in with doctor or e. campbell at gar valeca chattahoochee. i was really impressed that people were so interested in art that they were willing to wait in the cold to get in. sure to the took hor church of grotton, which was that's the why even the chick and when i saw now that it was just
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destroyed and with people inside korea, apple watch. hola, shoe, all prostate room. wally's room was room valid. the ducal with unbelievable. do he knew which was the last little would say i held up his sign in 2014 with the words, no war but it was a ford of all us as us at the time i was really worried about my home town. marcia was a quick god, they did they. i wanted to convince people and keith and the rest of ukraine to join together and prevent the warrant on yet. schools through italy, the natural that research advice, abraham. what? oh, it's as other law there have been in 2022 a week before russia attacked give free. i also protested with aside after profession, short actual courses, but
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a fail to defend peace in europe. we must stop putin and his warn ukraine. fortune off the greenish avoidance. mm. ah, a warden usually shall at the demo today. my sign just says opt on. i want my life back like back because we've all lost all i. ah ah ah. ready ah good hi grandma. hello, my dear my video. look, i'm wearing
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a ukrainian flag. i'm in berlin. oh, i'm with zillow. now you in berlin. i, i'm here for apprentice talk. i'm going to speak at a rally model with the boy. well done, you an activist nadra, i got that from you grandma. but what do you wonderfully, honestly to the radio? watch tv. so them, but on the right. yeah. they're only talking about the wall on the radio. it's just wall 520 annoy me. today there was souls, it just normally be is really amuse songs about the wall, the senior little or vocal. don't worry grandma. okay, so i'm staying in bed. the trip is too dangerous. so we'll hide out
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here. we agreed. i've already lived through a war once by hiding if i can survive another one in the same way or someone will if you are okay grandma. so i'm using this, i have to go to the protest. so let me look at my clock, grandma tell them you represent or next ukrainian donna, it's right on your ma hugs grandma's for which i'm not real, but it's it will show emilio place all right . own talk with not only phone there that made you write really good stuff down my name you want to go? i typed in my name is
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tanya and i am proud to be ukranian. i lost my home in 2014 in vineyards because supporting in his army occupied it to my home town. i lost my home for the 2nd time this month in t u. because rush in the army. i take to, oh great. you all know this more, it's not about you crazy. right? you all know that this war is a case whole you of, i'm asking you to make pressure on your apartment to do not use russia and guess, lease. we're all once home and they really want my life. beck with a don't
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know will the 3rd walk that say how long will the school long term lisa years of my life. but if it in, jason, i'm $31.00 and now to basic. and i feel like for the next 10 or 20 years, i'll either be running away from this war or i'll be furnishing is a very awkward mental health issues. it'll be my life will just pause by this way. it's not pretty bad. no, you're sure, john. hey, with ah!
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to sleep. listen carefully. don't know how with to the a girl. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube with
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this is the w news live from bill, ukraine's president accuses rush up of trying to cover up war cry. mounting evidence, so for killing of civilians in towns around p, if as prompted international outrage, president zalinski visited the town of boot shop and will address the un security council later today. the expects evidence of more mass killings to come to light, reschedule.


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