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ah, ah ah, this is either we news light from berlin, ukraine's president addresses the un security council, as evidenced mouse of a civilian massacre by russian troops. shocking images from the city of boucher hath prompted international outreach and calls for tougher sanctions on russia. prisons, lansky has accused moscow of genocide. he scores, which needs a little piece of war crimes and will be recognized by the world of genocide when
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it does not. will that you are here and can see what happened for yourselves children would ah, hello everyone and lam, iraq, thank you so much for joining us. ukrainian present villarreal zalinski is set to address the united nations most powerful body, the un security council, momentarily. while it's after evidence emerged of hundreds of what appears to be deliberate killings of civilians, many with signs of torture by russian troops in the city of butcher near keith. we'll go live to mister soleski speech as soon as it gets under way. and we also expect to hear from the un secretary general antonio good dentist. but 1st i'd like to bring in my cali political correspondent to thomas bear, who's with me here on the set as we wait to hear from the lensky and a good terrorist in new york. i'm thomas preemptively my apologies. if i have to
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interrupt you at, if i have to go on mister zalinski addressing the world, he's been addressing the world since and before in the run up to this war. and we expect him to present evidence of atrocities committed and what makes this particular speech important relevant, if you compare it to previous speeches that he has given to national parliaments, including here in germany and as well as many other parliaments around the world is the fact that he's talking in a venue where russia plays an important role. russia has a veto power in the united nations security council. so russian officials will no doubt be listening very carefully at that evidence that mister savanski might bring to day. it will therefore not only be interesting to see what mister cilenzo himself says, but also what reaction we hear if at all, from russian representatives of the united nations security council. it is
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therefore a very important speech. it's interesting also to see what reaction comes then from the west pressures also growing on the west to increase it sanctions on russia to make sure that they make decisions that can ultimately stop the war. a can stop these very, very terrible images that we've seen. so all in all, a very significant speech that we're going to see with those evidence is that we are expecting him to also present. and with the reaction that will then come after spread. and as you're speaking, we're actually also showing images are from inside the security council. people are still making their ways or to their seats, so it won't get underway right away. but we'll take our viewers there as soon as it starts on talk to us a little bit about russia's roy. it's really important to kind of really awkward position right now. as you said, they're leading now the security council there, they've, which this war they've unleashed this war on ukraine, ukrainian president. now we spect presenting an evidence of atrocities committed in
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his country to what is russia's position right now. i mean, is a growing more and more isolated by they, the more that these images reach us around the world will russia lead the united nations security council? but now in the month of april is being led by the united kingdom. in fact, they not a kingdom called for this meeting today, and actually also spoke about the invitation to mr salons. he to address the night nations security council. and yes indeed, rushes position will be very carefully looked at because russia has rejected all the interpretations coming from the west about what happened in boucher despite the fact that they have been presented and analyzed by western source is at large. they have been really step by step, evidencing those atrocities in butcher, but russia has clearly rejected them in various forums. for example, one of them here in germany by the russian embassy,
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specifically stressing only yesterday when the ambassador went to the a german foreign minister ministry that they rejected germany's position on this. so we have 2 very different contrasting views when it comes to, to butcher. and that's why it's particularly important to hear what mister salenti will bring today. what evidence he will bring to support those claims of that master con, to possible war crimes, as they are being described by western officials, who are um, russia's friends and security council? well, in the security council, it's difficult if you look wider in, within the united nations. one important element to understand these positions was a vote that happened a few weeks ago, where a majority of members of the united nations actually condemned the war in ukraine and russia's actions. there were, however, a few countries that are voted in favor of russia that supported rush, i think 4 or 5 of them. and there were others who abstained. well, but
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a majority of un members of the 193 members of the united nations were actually against russia's actions in ukraine. and they have stated that as well in various locations. okay, uh for now, please stand by. stay with me. we're still waiting for president of lamar zalinski to address the united nations security council and we'll bring that to you live as soon as it gets under way. but for now, let's have a closer look at what happened in boucher and what were porter saw when they were able to visit the town on monday. and we have to warn you with this next report contains images that aren't very graphic in the streets in butcher. it looks as though the russian troops have only just been driven out. many of the bodies have only just been recovered. the ukrainian interior ministry invited journalists from around the world to come and document what took place here. atrocious scenes. russian foreign minister, sergey lover of described as a stage managed anti russian provocation. ukrainian,
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president low to miss zalinski, came to get a 1st hand account. he's visibly emotional when he describes women who are raped in front of their children. entire families executed. zalinski says his country must keep on fighting, but at the same time negotiate yellow eyes show. i am convinced that we will achieve peace on ukrainian territory from ukraine cannot live in a constant state of war because this is europe, and this is the 21st century he will be. the hood was once personal studies. the interior ministry takes us on buses through checkpoint, after checkpoints, past the burnt, apt remains of civilian vehicles. it's a dangerous trip through an area where russian troops of only just recently left a guide says he is expecting new attack soon. in the village of my titian authorities take us to a site where 4 bodies were found among them children. donald yamini
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was my family is lying over there. we are in that hole. i don't know why they were killed. they were loving no good people. we were a few of them, were rheumatoid nobody wondering me shortly afterwards, volunteers exceed the bodies and take them away, wrapped in plastic sheep walker, this scum have tortured, beaten, and murdered an entire family. they will be brought to justice that we will find all of those who carried out this terrible crime bethany's lawton. there are hundreds of bodies and very little time to give the victims a decent burial. these are also images from butcher mass graves, improvised grave markers. tanya buried her husband in her own backyard. she wants nothing more than piece in ukraine. was yeah, yeah, i beg you implore you, please do something. i'm talking to you as
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a ukrainian wife. the mother of 2 children and a grandmother president zalinski says butcher is representative of what he says is the genocide, russia. it's committing all across ukraine. he says the world must bear witness to it. meanwhile, ukraine wants to record exactly what happened here. as harrowing pictures from boucher and her, we're expecting ukrainian president vladimir zalinski year to address the united nations most powerful body, the un security council, momentarily. for right now, the russian ambassador to the u. n. is speaking, but to thomas fair is here with me to discuss also how germany's position visa v. russia has evolved in record time may i say, and it has evolved in a very dramatic way. only a few weeks ago before the russian invasion, the german position was radically different to what we're seeing. now. however,
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that hasn't stopped alice from still criticizing germany, that the country is not going enough far enough when it comes to supporting ukraine . that shift here in germany has various components, for example, sending weapons to ukraine, something that germany had previously rejected increasing the defense expenditure sound that germany has previously rejected. supporting specific sanctions. i, for example, expelling certain russian institutions from the swift system, something that germany had previously expected. there is a previously rejected. there's still one element where germany seems to be an outlier, tom, and that is the issue of an embargo on russian impulse. thank you so much so, so now we're going to go take her now to new york or where the u. k. ambassador is speaking a, let's take a listen. share to view that this is an urgent situation. and we have, as i say, offered the russian federation, either a separate meeting today or to combine it with this one. and so as far as the
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presidency is concerned, we did everything in line with the provisional rules of procedure and with precedent, we have received no other complaints from council members on the subject. i give the floor to the russian federation of louis your book. thus used because i to school, we have evidence for clear sky, the good, factual whoo evidence pneumonia. ginger was that. so this was no less than 24 hours before the meeting that we requested. it shows a picture of this is confirmed and documented in documents. if anyone is interested, we could provide proof, but i want to express the hope that what you said to day means that you will not in the future refuse memory states of the security council to hold meetings when they request for thank you. i thank the representative of the russian federation,
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the presidency will not refuse to host meetings in the future. ah, and i hope that that no close is that point and we can proceed with the adoption of the agenda. the provisional agenda for this meeting is letter dated the 28th of february 2014 from the permanent representative of ukraine . choose united nations addressed to the president of the security council. s slash 2014 slash 1. 36. the agenda is adopted. i should like to start by taking the opportunity to pay tribute on behalf of this counsel to her excellency lawn, an essay by the permanent representative of the united arab emirates at for your service as the president of the council. for the month of march. i am sure i speak
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for all of us in expressing our deep appreciation to and bust, and sabre and her team for the skilful conduct of the counsels business last month. thank you very much indeed to your team. in accordance with rule, 37 of the counsels provisional rules of procedure, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided on behalf of the counsel, i welcome the participation of his excellency, mister velasmio zalinski, the president of ukraine. and just add that as usual precedent. the permanent representative of ukraine will also join the meeting, or in case of any technical issues. in accordance with rule 39 of the counsels
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provisional rules of procedure. i invite the following brief as to participate in this meeting. miss rose me decarlo, under secretary general for political and peace building affairs, and mr. martin griffith's, under secretary general for humanitarian affairs, emergency relief coordinator. it is so decided in accordance with all 39 of the counsels provisional rules of procedure, i also invite his excellency mister alo, scoop head of delegation of the european union to the united nations to participate in this meeting. it is so decided the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i
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wish to warmly welcome his excellency the secretary general, his excellency mister antonio, good terrace, and i give him the floor. madam president, excellency's de ward in ukraine is one of the greatest challenges ever to the international or the and the global besotted texture founded on the united nations charter because of its nature's intensity and consequences. we are dealing with a full fledged invasion on several fronts of one member states of united nations, ukraine by another. the russian federation, a permanent member, secretly concealed in violation of the united nations charter. and with several aims. including greed, drawing the international, recognize the borders between the 2 countries. the waters led to senseless loss of life, massive devastation in urban centers. and these the action of civilian infrastructure
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. i will never forget the notifying images of civilian skilled in boucher and they immediately called what an independent investigation to guarantee effective accountability. and i'm also deeply shocked by the personal testimony of rapes and sexual violence that now are emerging the high commissioner for human rights as spoken of possible war crimes, grave breaches of internationally with that in law, and serious violations of international human rights law. and the rational fancy has also led to this placement of more than 10000000 people in just one months. the fastest force population movement since the 2nd world war. far beyond ukraine's borders. the war has led to massive increases in its spray in prices of food, energy, and fertilizers. because russia and ukraine are leash beans of these markets. it has these rapid supply chains and increase the cost of transport station. booting
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even more pressure on the developing walls. many developing countries are already on the verge of that collapse due to the impact of the coffee, the 19th pandemic, and the lack of adequately quickly the in depth relief stemming ultimately from the unfair nature of our global economic and financial system. for all these reasons, it is more urgent by the they to silence the guns. that is why i asked the emergency lift coordinator martin griffiths with level to rush and the ukraine to press for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire. and the secretary general griffith will update you on the humanitarian situation and the results of his contact so far. and the secretary general decarlo will also. but if you on the political and human rights dimensions, better secondary gym of united nations. it is my duty to call the attention of the conceal to the cities damage being than to the global economy,
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and particularly vulnerable people and developing countries. madam presidents order now is, is, indicates that $74.00 developing countries with a total population of $1200000000.00 people aren't but equally vulnerable to spiking fools, energy and fertilizer costs dept obligations. take up some 16 percent of developing countries, exports earnings, and in small island developing states, the figured he said the 4 percent and rising because of increase the interest rates and the need to pay for expensive imports. in the past months alone, which prices have increased by 22 percent mays by 21 percent and bodily by city one percent. banfield price is on the 1st of april. we're more than 60 percent higher than at the same time. last year. the series of events have led to that, not only the present situation, natural gas and fertilizer prices more than double over the same periods. we're
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already seeing some countries move from vulnerability into crazies and signs of serious social unrest. the flames of conflict are fooled by inequality deprivation and then the fundings. with all the warning sign, all signals flashing grades, we have a duty to act. madam president, the global crisis response group on food, energy, and finance that i set up last months is formulated some initial recommendations for the consideration of member states, international financial institutions and others. on foods we are urging all countries to keep markets open, resist and justify than unnecessary exports, restrictions, and make reserves available to companies at threescore, hunger and famine. these is not the time for protectionism. you many that in it bills must be fully funded. people crop up in crises that on the worlds cannot pay the price for these wat oh, on energy. the use of synthetic stockpiles and additional reserve school help ease
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these energy crazes in the short term. but the only medium and long term solution is to accelerate the primary of renewable energy, which is not impacted by market fluctuations. these will allow the progressive phases of call and the forcing fools and the renewables are already cheaper in most of the cases. and on finance, international financial institutions must go into emergency molds. we need urge infection by the g 2 and the an international financial institutions to increase liquidity and fiscal space, so that governments can provide safety nets for the poorest and most formidable. the reform i've been calling for the global financial system is long overdue. all the sections are closely linked with the prevention agenda and with building and sustaining piece. madam presidents door in ukraine must stop. now, we need cd negotiations for peace based on the principles of united nations charter disconsolate charges maintaining peace and doing so in solidarity. i deeply regret
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the divisions are that prevented significance from acting not only on ukraine, but on other threats. the piece of security on the world's i ads the causal to do everything in its paula to in the water. to me think i did seem pecked both on the suffering people of you crime and on vulnerable people and developing countries on the worlds. and i thank you. i thank the secretary general for his remarks. i now give the floor to miss rose, me to call it. thank you, madam president. since i last brief this council on 17 march, the security situation in ukraine has seriously deteriorated. the number of ukrainian civilians killed has more than doubled. ukrainian cities continued to be mercilessly pounded, often indiscriminately by heavy artillery and aerial bombardments and hundreds of
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thousands of people including children. the elderly and disabled remain trapped in encircled areas under nightmarish conditions. the devastation wrought unmarried people and other u, craning cities, cities, cities, is one of the shameful hallmarks of this senseless war. the horror deepened this past weekend. as shocking images emerged of dead civilians, some with hands bound lying in the streets of boucher, the town near kiya formerly held by russian forces. many bodies were also found in a mass grave in the same locality. reports by non governmental organizations and media. also allege summary execution of civilians, rape and loading ensure in a heath harkey and key of regions. madam president, away from the fighting diplomatic efforts to end this war, including direct talks between ukrainian and russian representatives,
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have continued. we commend the government of turkey for hosting these discussions, as well as the efforts of many others engaging with russia and ukraine to help bring about peace. we welcome the willingness of the sides to continue engaging to reach a mutual understanding. this requires good faith and earnest efforts and progress in the negotiations should be translated quickly into action on the ground. while there has been reported, reduction of russian troops in attacks around key of ensure in a heath. such moves should not be merely tactical, repositioning forces for renewed attacks and ukrainian cities and towns elsewhere. the general assembly has twice called for russian forces to withdraw entirely from ukrainian territory and cease all military operations. we also take note of the reported withdrawal of russian forces from around the tr noble nuclear site. the
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international atomic energy agency reports that this development will hopefully allow it to conduct and assistance in support. mission to provide technical advice and to deliver equipment where necessary as soon as possible. all nuclear sites in ukraine must be fully protected and secured. military operations in or around these locations must be avoided. madam president, the numbers tell a tragic if yet incomplete story. according to the office of the high commissioner for human rights, at least 1480 civilians have been killed and at least 2195 injured. between 24 february and for april 2022 o h c h r believes that the actual figures are considerably higher. we are gravely concerned why the persistent use of explosive weapons with the white impact
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area in or near populated areas. such weapons are causing most civilian casualties, as well as massive destruction of civilian infrastructure, including residential buildings, hospitals, schools, water stations, and electricity systems await the jar has received credible allegations that russian forces have used cluster munitions and populated areas at least $24.00 times. allegations that ukrainian forces have used such weapons are also being investigated. as noted by the high commissioner, indiscriminate attacks are prohibited under international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes. the massive destruction of civilian objects and the high number of civilian casualties strongly indicate that the fundamental principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution had not been sufficiently adhered to in
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besieged cities. a significant increase in mortality rates among civilians can also be attributed to the disruption of medical care and basic services. people with disabilities and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. as of for april 2022, the world health organization. as reported a total of $85.00 attacks on health care facilities resulting in at least $72.00 fatalities and $43.00 injuries. madam president, we are seriously concerned about reports of cases of arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances of persons who have been vocal against the russian invasion as of 30 march o h. c h r. has documented the arbitrary detention and possible enforced disappearance of 22 journalists and civil society members and key of harrison law hans and operations regions. 24 local officials have also been detained in regions under
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russian control. 13 of whom have been subsequently released. we call for the immediate release of all individuals who have been arbitrarily detained, including journalists, local officials, civil society activists, and others also as authority. march o h, c h r, has recorded 7 journalists, and media workers killed since hostilities began. another 15 have come and come under armed attack, 9 of whom were injured. allegations of conflict related sexual violence perpetrated by russian forces have also emerged. these include gang rape and rapes in front of children. there are also claims of sexual violence by ukrainian forces and civil defense malicious. the, you and human rights monitoring mission in ukraine continues to seek to verify all these allegations. we're also concerned about disturbing videos depicting abuse of
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prisoners of war on both sides. all prisoners of war must be treated with dignity and full respect for their rights in accordance with international humanitarian law . madam president, the many credible allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, from areas recently retaken from russian forces must not go unanswered. we support efforts to examine these allegations and to gather evidence, ensuring accountability and justice for acts committed during the war will not be easy, but it is essential. the new president, we are hardly generosity of neighboring countries who have excepted millions of refugees and the solidarity of ukrainian people who are hosting their displace compatriots. with more than 10000000 people displaced either within ukraine or
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abroad has refugees. roughly one quarter of the population. the united nations is gravely concerned about the heightened risk of human trafficking. indeed, suspected and verify cases of human trafficking are surfacing and the surrounding countries according to the international organization for migration. madam president, this war is a devastating ukraine now, but it also threatens its future early assessment projections by u. n. d p. suggest that if the war continues, though 2022 ukraine faces the prospect of seeing 18 years of socio economic progress last. this would set the country and the region back decades and leave deep long term social and economic fisher's un agencies, including u. n. d p, are working to help preserve ukraine's hard warned development aims. gaines. this involves supporting the government to sustain stent,
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a central government structures and basic services, including emergency measures to sustain livelihoods, such as cache based assistance. madam president or in ukraine has damaged europe, security architecture. it's economic repercussions are already of it, evident far from the battlefield. the longer the war continues, the greater the risk that it will further weaken the global institutions and mechanisms dedicated to preserve peace and security. the war was started by choice . there is no eligibility to it or to the suffering it is causing. the united nations is ready to do everything when it means to help bring an end to it. thank you, madam president. i thank mister caller for her briefing, and i now give the floor to mister motion griffiths. thank you,
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meghan packaging me. and as you just heard from the surgery.


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