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ah ah ah ah, this is news, the line from berlin more must be done to strengthen ukraine and respond to the trauma from russia's invasion. need to be prepared for a long poll. we need to support ukraine, sustain our sanctions. strengthening our defenses under our determines nato. leaders meet in brussels to find new ways to get tough with russia over new
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evidence of atrocities committed by russian troops in new craig ah, hello everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you so much for making us part of your day. foreign ministers for nato countries are meeting as we meet in brussels, to discuss further support for ukraine. nader was warning, russia is said to intensify. it's offensive in eastern and southern ukraine and the coming weeks. secretary general, you installed births at the war was in a crucial phase, and warned the west to prepare for a protracted war. we have seen no indication that the present putin has so changed his ambition to control the whole of ukraine. and also to rewrite curbing natural order. so we need to be prepared for
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a long hole. we need to support ukraine, sustain our sanctions, and strengthen our her defenses under our determines that was the nato secretary general and storm burg speaking moments ago and were waiting for him to address the press. along with the u. s. secretary of state's at antony, blinking. any moment now, but in the meantime, as we wait for the press conference to get underway, we want to turn our attention to europe's efforts to push russia, ford to punish rather russia for its war on ukraine. right now you diplomats are debating. new tough sanctions targeting rushes energy sector. while this while as a proposal of the european commission to ban import of all types of coal from russia as part of a wider package of measures that would further restrict trade widths with moscow sanctions need to be approved. first by e,
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you government and we will let's say get you an update. now a barbara vessel is joining us from strasburg. barbara, have they been able to decide on banning a russian energy from the you? no, so far they haven't because the negotiations have hit the rocks. this should have been according to the ideas in the proposals, off the european commission, the 1st step into restricting and finally eliminating energy exports from russia. and so it happened during the talks off the ambassadors in brussels, and that they couldn't get onto the same line because it was germany that sort of stuck a spoke is sucking sticks into this folks and just talked about what if we eliminate cold. now what does this mean? does this only concern a current contract?
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no contracts that are already running, or is this only for future contracts that would make a big difference between because those, the contracts about delivery for energy usually run for years. so if it would be for future contracts, only, it would mean that russia could keep on exporting coal for the time, for the time being. and if it were immediate of, if a will for immediate effect, then all running contracts would have to be cut. if the devil is in the details, as you see here alina, and it's probably not unproblematic, politically, that it was germany who raised the issue here because they have been really on the brakes, particularly with regard to energy imports during the last weeks when the sanctions were decided upon step by step is this about economic possible economic hardship?
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is this about essentially some countries in the european union to put it crudely, are beholden to president putin. and because they need his gas and oil and co it seems that the cracks within unity off that you are really showing up north. and they are showing up increasingly the united states did to also sort of decide upon further sanctions, gunther russia today. and one of the representatives in washington said, now the easy part is over. now comes the hard part of the sanctions. he means the hard part that is also going to hurt the countries who decide upon those sanctions . and this is what really we can really observe. now, for instance, austria was really extremely reticent during the last days saying, yeah, we don't want to make decisions that hurt us more than they heard russia. and we know that germany is a very reluctant to sort of go further steps in the direction of energy imports
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very quickly. however, cold is something that really, everybody theoretically, could agree on and should agree on. and we heard today here in strasburg, from european top representatives, the commission president and also the president of the council was, speaks for member states that they said further measures will have to be taken. and very soon we will have to be talking about oil. and then even about gas, so member states really sort of have to get their act together. they will continue to discussions tomorrow and brussels. and maybe if we're lucky, we'll have a decision at the end of the day. by vase of reporting from the european parliament in strasburg, thank you very much. and her as we started out saying, when we opened our coverage for foreign ministers from nato countries are meeting in brussels as we speak. want to take us now to brussels, to correspondence harry schultz, who is the at nato h q, a. terry?
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what does a protracted war potentially mean for the transatlantic alliance? hi larry, this is something that secretary general still john berg has been talking about for some time. the fact that the situation we see today means a new normal for nato allies. instability right over its border for we don't even know how long. and he reinforced that today and his comments heading into the foreign ministers meeting, saying that the conflict itself could go on for months, possibly even years. so nato is going to have to reinforce it's eastern flank, now, possibly permanently. we have no idea what, what russia will do next. and so these, these bolstered troop presence is that we've seen along the eastern the eastern border. there may in fact be made permanent by nato. and as a, as sort out saying, as well, we are waiting for nato secretary general in stolen burger to deliver remarks along
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with usaa secretary of state to antony blank. and do expect mister blinking to press the members of the alliance to take an even stronger stands when it comes to russia. i think that does very important to the united states that the european union uphold the sanctions. but you know, we have seen the, you put forth a very strong and very quick sanctions packages. the 5th one currently under discussion as we speak. so i think that the united states is, is, is pretty satisfied with its european partners in this respect. and they will continue looking for ways to try to press moscow to try to, to make the price even higher for what it's doing in ukraine to try to convince president putin that he has no way out but to withdraw his troops. if he wants his country to survive economically, do we expect nato leaders to consider supplying ukraine with more military aid?
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this is something that doesn't go through nato. it is done by allies individually and we have seen, even in recent days, the united states announced more money for ukraine. other governments doing the same thing. you've seen countries that would never have done this in the past, finland and sweden now providing defensive equipment, sometimes even lethal aid to ukraine. so there has been a sea change in the mindset of allies and non allies alike in trying to help you crane to defend itself against what secretary general suttonberg called today, the brutality that has been revealed putin's brutality. what more can natal realistically do, terry? at this stage without risking a direct military conflict with russia and ukraine, there's been no change layla in, in the decision not to put any boots on the ground inside ukraine, not to establish a no fly zone. those are things that,
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that nato has determined would lead to a direct military conflict with russia. but you know, there's been a change in thinking on a lot of other things. they used to be more afraid that things would be seen as a provocation by moscow. but refraining from some of those decisions didn't stop ukraine from being invaded, doesn't stop a mosque for making threats to nato allies directly. so i think that nato allies have been much more bold in what they are willing to do and support for ukraine. but on those really, really strong measures, boots on the ground, no flies, and we will not see a change at nato. i just want to get your reaction in terms of what's your feeling talking to people there at nader issue in terms of these images is terrific image is coming out of a boucher i mean what, what is the general feeling there? i think you just run out of adjectives for, for how awful, how unacceptable, how atrocious, how barbaric these images are, and in briefings, leading up to this foreign ministers meeting, where we heard ambassador,
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after ambassador secretary joe general sultan broke himself, just say, how absolutely shocked and horrified, they are by these images at the same time, and i understand that this must be heartbreaking for ukrainians. it's not going to change nato's mind on, on the things i just mentioned on a no fly zone on putting nato troops inside ukraine's border. but i think we have seen just in recent days, certainly more support, more bilateral support between nato allies, to the government of ukraine for more weapons, for more money, for more promises to help rebuild the country. and certainly also in the call for a prosecution of those responsible president putin, himself and assistance also in collecting evidence from these horrific crime scenes so that a prosecution, a trial can take place there. israel for reporting for nato headquarters in brussels. thank you very much. well from the ground and ukraine,
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crumbs, an urgent, dire warning from keith. the government is warning residence in eastern ukraine to evacuate immediately or risk death. the region is bracing for fresh attacks from russian forces. the warning comes after evidence of russian atrocities were uncovered in the town of boucher. near the capital is alexander vaughan. aman visited boucher to hear 1st hand accounts from residents about what they experienced. a warning this next report contains graphic images on the road to boucher burnt out tanks and car wreck ski. the foreboding of the horrors this small town has lived through in a center of butcher residents came together like every day hoping for humanitarian help to life. food is scarce, here they said many seem deeply traumatized while
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a demeanor and his mother told me they saw their friends and neighbors detained and killed by rational forces, couldn't you signal wichita, they took him a march 7 in as it turned out he was shot him dead a day later took a done util closely. we found his body only after they retreated, and when actually it that they were killed, we found his body with his fingers broken their party and a shot to the head. if they prefer it in the hollow a yes, the kicker to little people were buried in the back yard still are in the forest family sousa had any here and butcher russian soldier stand accused of terrible war crimes. witnesses speak of summary executions of civilians killed at will. the ukrainian government is urging international experts to come to woodshop to investigate the allegations. they hope that what happened here will be a turning point in the international response to the war. at the ever and of butcher forensic scientists arrived at the spec yards to pick up
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the bodies of sick civilians discovered their recently authority say they were not killed by a born born messiah, but shall dat and then set on fire. eugene like olivia escort me, shoot in a war. all the soldiers kill soldiers. janna out watching it to the hotel. they been trained to her door. yeah. and are ready to die for their beliefs and ideals. yahoo bottled, woo! swear or through killing civilians. hazard pro fish are yet, i've almost seen that embrace within 3 color, but show freedom. the russia government dismissed the allegations as stage anti ration propaganda. but the evidence is mounting even though it full investigation could take time. and we have to get out of that report because nate, our secretary against oldenburg and u. s. secretary, state antony, blinking or speaking. let's take a lesson all
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saw, the strengthening all were collect to the friends here in europe who whitmore a us person. so in europe on the left and also thank you for tireless efforts to consult, to coordinate with natal, alice, and to share intelligence on the information throughout this a crisis us leadership has been outstanding and is indispensable. and that is so great important when we faced a very dangerous situation with the ongoing war in ukraine. so i'll look forward to sit down with you with the older foreign ministers in nato on to discuss a wide range of issues today and tomorrow of course, including ukraine. but also that you are able to see our asia pacific partners, australia, you see, learn japan and south korea on to address the global on vacation over the crisis in
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your grant. and how we are going to work together in the different data us with our asia pacific partners. and then of course, the night we will start to, to have a thought to our meeting with our discussion addressing the strategic concept. which is an important document for natal outlining how nato should continue to be the strongest alliance in history are facing him or a dangerous world on the new security galaxy. so once again, welcome, it's good to hear. thank you very much. and i was gonna say it's really good to be back except i feel like we never left in fact, i'm going to ask you if there are apartments available now headquarters because we're here so much that we probably need one. and that actually gets to something that, that in that, that is so important a hallmark of everything that we've been doing in the months leading up to rushes
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aggression against ukraine. and in the time since has been our extraordinary collaboration, coordination consultation on every element of the response. and that's exactly what we're continuing here today. and tomorrow we set out to do 3 things. if russia decided to pursue this horrific aggression against ukraine, one was to support or ukrainian partner were doing it too, was to put extraordinary pressure on russia. we're doing that. 3 was to make sure that we were shoring up the defenses of our own alliance. and we're doing that, and today tomorrow we'll continue to talk about not only how we can sustain these efforts, but how we can build upon 2nd, as the secretary general said, we're also at a period of tremendous importance for the future of our alliance. not just with regard to the russian aggression against ukraine, but more broadly going toward the nato summit,
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a new strategic concept that will be very, very much informed by what's happening now in europe. but also by other challenges that we have to face together as an alliance. so this is an important moment for us to come together to continue to do the work leading up to the summit, the new studio concept working with partners, all of which will be doing in the next 2 days. finally, let me say i'm, yes, i'm grateful for your kind words about american engagement, american leadership, but our expression is right back at you. we would not be where we are absent your extraordinary leadership of this alliance. and i think that's evidence of the fact that allies came together unanimously when our leaders met just a couple of weeks ago and asked the secretary general to stay on past his term. we are very, very grateful that you've agreed to do that. we've got a lot of work to do together and if you continue it right now. thank you. thank you .
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and what you just saw was this nato secretary general. he has told bergen u. s. foreign minister, antony blank in their speaking ahead of the meeting of foreign ministers, went to take her to nato h q. i did, of course voluntary schultz, i understand, is standing by terry a defining moment for nato. yes, certainly, nato believes that this is the time that it, it has to come together and it has to charge its own future. what it see is happening in ukraine. of course, nieto is not going into ukraine. it's not going to cross those borders itself. but this is going to define nato's own security for, for years to come. as secretary general stilton burger talked about what you know calls is strategic concept tonight, over dinner. the foreign ministers are going to discuss the plan that nato is drafting right now for the next 10 years. how it views its development. and this
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document is going to look a lot different than it would of 6 months ago, a year ago, before. russia's huge build up on the border with ukraine, certainly before its invasion, and its brutal assault on ukrainian citizens. and terry reading between the lines is the elias preparing itself for a protracted war in ukraine. it is secretary general stilton burke said upon opening the meeting, that this is definitely going to go on for months, possibly even years and already. and in the past weeks, during the invasion of ukraine, nato has started to say that the reinforcements of troops and equipment that were sent to its eastern allies, expecting that they would be there temporarily now may be made permanent. they've established for new battle groups, bringing the total number to 8, so that nato's eastern flank, all the 8 countries along nato's eastern flank. each has a nato battalion in it. of course the baltics and poland already had one closest there to russia's borders. now those have extended right down the eastern flanks. i
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certainly, nato has already made some tangible reinforcements to it's deterrence and defense posture. and those are certainly not going to be temporary and tara, in conclusion. on a related matter could we see nato also deciding in the weeks to come on in terms of enlargement of finland. a country you know very well is set to be deliberating, joining the alliance. is that something that could happen soon? it is when we, when we look at what's happening in finland and also we should mention in sweden as well, but not, not to such a huge extent. finland is definitely considering joining the alliance. and as you know, i lived there for a long time, and this, this is something i never could have imagined before. just a few months ago, russia's invasion of ukraine has completely changed the view in finland from a positive view of joining the alliance in the 20 percentile. now up to above 60
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percent. so certainly all the discussions that i have with finished friends and experts make it seem that in may in june with discussions in parliament, finland may very well decide to join the alliance decide for the 1st time ever that it does not feel safe without article 5 without this mutual defense guarantee that all the 30 allies would come to its defense. if russia crossed that border as it's done in ukraine, there is schultz reporting from nato headquarters. thank you very much for your continued coverage. terry. thank you. call i, as we started out saying ukrainian officials are now warning residence in the countries east and regions to evacuate immediately or risk death. it comes as the region, braces for an expected russian attack. when it comes after evidence of russian atrocities were uncovered in the town of boot shop near the capital, ukrainian officials say russian soldiers massacred hundreds of civilians in the town with many buried in mass graves. some appeared to have been shot at close
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range with their hands tied or their bodies burned. your grains resident has warned their boots. i was just one example and that worse atrocities are yet to be documented. dw rebecca reuters has spoken to a doctor who escaped the besieged city of matthew bolt. she described the horrors she witnessed there through almost 4 weeks of war and the most unspeakable conditions. anna, a neurologist worked and lived in the mary hugh paul city hospital. now in the relative safety of live, she tells me of her ordeal. it just natasha during the heaviest, bombardments we had around 50 patients an hour arriving a day. the hospital was so over crowded and the windows doors and roof wall destroyed stead. not long after it got even worse,
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the russians cut the water supply as but alice knew we would gather snow. rain water, use the water from inside the boilers and disinfect it so many patients were dying . she tells me they were forced to put the corpses outside in bags, asked her to have all the worst thing was when the relatives would come to look for their loved ones. and they had to open all the bags, the bitter cold. they saving grace as it prevented the worst of the stench. they showed by chill out what i saw. i think that even the most perverted minds wouldn't be able to imagine. it's unlighted, nay, bitten the night of the 20th of march. i named this night the genocide. yup. as wally this was the night when the bombings just wouldn't stop political, an issue. holla, every time we heard a bomb coming, chills i was lying and thinking. i would cover my head like that and think this one will be the one that gets us last. probably just a moment comes directly and it's hard to comprehend
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a moment when you want it all to be over there in a good way that she survived. i would say looking or in a bad way, and you die to rosa and you don't care how you die. just as long as it's all over among us to both can that so much. and soon it would be, she and a few of her colleagues took their chance to escape. were you wholly? we were driving and then in the distance we saw our flag of blue and yellow flag and ukrainian troops. public goodly proper tumble. one of them gave me a hug and it's weird, but i asked him, can i be a ukrainian here? is it safe? thought and he said yes, you're at home switched. nevada, dr. dormer sip alive. but dead inside. she tells me as she faces a life haunted by what she's witnessed. gully is it when the world sees what happens in mary, you pull it will be butcher multiplied 515100,
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which by 1000 to modern day such harry encounter from a doctor who escaped from valuable let's say. but the other stories related to the war in ukraine, germany is planning to speed up its production of renewable energy, economy minister, robert hob access, major reforms, aim to eliminate this nation's, his nation's rather dependence on fossil fuels by 2035. the move intended to help germany meet climate goals and become independent of russian energy imports. meanwhile, pope frances has received a ukrainian flag, sent from boucher and condemned what he described as the massacre of civilians there at his weekly audience in the vatican. the pontiff welcomed a group of young ukrainian refugees and called for an end to the war. and the one says more than 11000000 ukrainians have fled their home since the war began. that's
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more than a quarter of the population. under secretary journal for humanitarian affairs, martin griffith said more than 4000000 people left the country, while others are internally displaced. in washington, every news life from berlin up next is made in germany, looking at the economic toll of the war in ukraine on layla, iraq, on behalf of all of us here. thank you for watching. we'll be back at the top with ah, with
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who i ah, training between heaven and earth. always had meaning. and he usually knows exactly what that is. dr. kirk kramer,
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also known as monsieur been then one of the world's most renowned experts on church bells. in 60 minutes on d w ah, a joy ride through fascinating worlds into uncharted deb with our guides and know their way around with a strictly scientific trip to some pretty wacky places, with curiosity is required to morrow today on d w o does a moment a year and eternity time . it can be measured precisely. and did everyone experiences it differently as
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if there are different forms of time? time, a phenomenon, a dimension, we know, we won't live forever. an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d. w. you watching d w news asia coming up today, sri lanka is falling apart both economically and politically. it's a crisis years in the making. we look at how the country ended up in the current situation and the way ford plus for many indian students who fled ukraine and are now safely back home after their long journeys. uncertainty remains. we explain why ah.


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