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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news coming to you live from berlin. more evidence of the devastation left behind by russian troops and for their withdrawal from northern you print the small child of which you saw intense fighting between russian and ukrainian forces . d. w correspondent, nick connelly spoke to residence about their ordeal of a russian occupation. also coming in a native foreign ministers gather for a 2nd day in brussels, ukraine's foreign ministers. also attending is very clear about what he expects from the alliance agenda is very simple. it has only 3 items on it. it's
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weapons, weapons, and weapons. ah, hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. world leaders have condemned the growing evidence of war crops committed by russian forces in ukraine. authorities are still trying to identify hundreds of victims of atrocities in the town of boot shop outside the capital key up. as russian troops withdrawal from the north of the country locals are coming out of hiding and taking stock after nearly a month under russian occupation. dw nick connolly visited the small town of which it, which was in the middle of intense fighting between russian and ukrainian forces. he spoke to residence, they are struggling to make sense of what happened to them. this is be given a small town, it's just emerging from a month and
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a russian occupation month in which it was on the front lines between russian and ukrainian forces. toys was sometimes just the words people or children is as much as many residents of this ukrainian town could think of. a plea to the russian troops to leave them and their families alone. and they hid in their homes with the figure, but the same new people in this village spent 27 days without water on the 27 days without bread, we grew up when you i will a d man. his wife held out for 3 weeks until the shelling became too much to bear, and they were finally able to leave for a neighbouring village of them up when they got back of the cranium military had retaken the town. their home had been ransacked by retreating, written troops, applesauce, and they've got it. everything carried everything out. all that's laughter, the walls and the sofa, a sucker. he, unless you, they've taken all the electronics. i don't even know where they put it all.
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over the months they were here, the russians really changed for the worse. i am just disgusted at the thought that they were moving around and eating in my house. at least he didn't sleep here with the full doesn't look dilute. relo to put in the witness column. they just destroy things for the sake of it, that the refusal never even a little. but the impact on this community goes far beyond limited homes, while local, since they were kidnapped and detained in sellers for days on end. accused by the russians of helping the ukrainian military, several residents is still missing. fear killed, a priest arrives the neighboring village when supplies for those who have lost almost everything. yeah. but it's not food or money that the locals are asking for . that us, who am i and what was a look for to have the people here need tranquilizers were many of them have lost everything with me that they spent a lifetime saving for bothers with this, with their houses, thought their cars. it's all gone into separate from what you both shows is the
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damp seller when she, her husband and her neighbors spent some of the coldest nights of the year. no truth done yet. and i agree with linda. we weren't just hearing the shelling, we could feel it. everything was shaking the looming. all we could do is pray that it wouldn't hit us. we just kept praying. supplies like these kepler proven has been going during the weeks, andrew occupation where all the shops did shut and leaving home would have meant running a gauntlet, or was it that he has got us by the time you'd be knocking down these steps a few times, you lose the well to do anything else. they both tells us she and every one she knows is exhausted. her what you can always waiting for something they can't quite define. unable to ever let go. marson, they said we didn't use to understand what it was that people and on boss have been going through all these years stuck in our sellers. the last month has taught us what war is. his name's wizard. okay. for now,
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the russian army has been pushed back more than a 100 kilometers, but the fear they might return suddenly, as they appeared, was never far away. a corresponding economy of fall, their report joined just now from the craning capital chip. nick, you've now been to several town surrounding here in the wake of the russian withdrawl there. you've interviewed numerous eye witnesses. what have you pieced together about how russian forces are fighting this war? i think the overarching impression is one of chaos. so in that town where we just were that, we seen the report brick if locals told us that basically you had forces from all kinds of different regiments who are basically on the retreat, had sustained large losses in their 1st days and ukraine and basically didn't know each other, so they had a russian soldiers that had no experience of interacting. now suddenly grouped together again, having been surprised by that ukraine resistance, unable to make decisions, unable to really work out who is in charge,
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often under supplied into the food having to either ask the locals for food or just to take it, breaking his shops that seems to be a picture we're seeing across the country and not only shops, bottles, and private homes, we've seen images now from belarus, which is the can supply hub for lots of these. russian forces that were northern ukraine, of russian soldiers in uniformed, going to post offices in dollars, sending home huge packages and of pre obviously eluted stuff from ukraine of car batteries, electronics, even washing machines. and that really seems to be a pretty widespread picture in no sense that there is a lot of punishment from the kind of superiors the highs up in the russian army. if their subordinates do that. we did hear from locals though, that it was a mixed picture. they had had some positive interaction. some russian soldiers who had admitted them that they didn't want to be in ukraine, that they had believed their superiors who told them that they were just going on exercise to the ukrainian border. and that some had even apologized to them for the
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behavior of their fellow soldiers. and in put to the place of those mass killings that we've seen in recent days. one local told us that he had the impression that they were just scared they had not really counted on meeting so much resistance from the ukrainian army. and they basically saw any civilian out in the streets trying to get some food as a potential threat, as someone who might attack them. and so he said that the locals that they really felt every time they left their homes, that they were being watched through the sites of a russian gun, that every time they left the houses, they were likely to be shot. and it seemed like most the people who lost their lives boucher were indeed short randomly on the streets by soldiers offload tanks, rather armoured vehicles. and just taking pot shots at people with seemingly very little fear of any kind of accountability. nick russian forces have now pulled back from those areas around key of an increasing pressure on the dumbass region in the east ukrainian government is urging civilians to leave the east. the country are
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people heating that call well, the destiny. ah, lots of trains heading west still, especially taking people who've got out of mar pulled by by road, who then get to city like that, patricia in the southeast. and then make their journey west from there by train. but it doesn't seem like it is a mass exodus for now. and if the experience thus, you might say to go by people on the whole tend to heat those kind of warnings only when it's too late. only when they can hear the fighting. the shelling close to them, and just in the weeks and months going into this war. and there were all those warnings coming out of washington at western capitalist from western natalia south ortiz and time and time again, we went to places that were very vulnerable, that were on the border with russia, with very little in the way of fortifications. and you'd ask people, are you worried, what is your contingency plan? and people would say, this is old bluff. this is just a political game by the kremlin to put pressure on ukraine. a full scale war is unimaginable. the russians wouldn't take those risks. and as such, people just discounted,
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it would tell you they were actually more concerned about their job with the fact that their local shop was going to close down. so i think unfortunately, lots people, even though went down 2nd month was, aren't really able to imagine the war arriving on that doorstep. but it's too late . nick, thank you very much. our correspondent, nick connelly. they're in kia, german news, magazine dash beagle says more evidence has emerged of war crimes carried out by russian troops in the northern ukrainian town of boot shop. spiegel says, germany's foreign intelligence service to be andy has monitored russian military communications which troops can be heard discussing killings in boucher or more on this, i'm joined by our political correspond it. neither has it. if phyllis in here, what's in these intercepted communications from the russian military according to the speaker and the german intelligence service, b and d in full members of parliament here in berlin about those intercepted messages on wednesday. that's how they found out. so the b and d, apparently,
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according to those reports, intercepted radio messages from russian military personnel where they discussed the killings of civilians in butcher. now some of those radio messages are said to have a direct link to dead bodies that have been photographed in butcher to dead bodies found along the main street there. and one case, for example, one soldier is said to be telling another soldier how he and his colleagues had shot down a person from their bicycle. and we all remember that picture of the dead body on the bicycle in butcher that went viral. and in another message, one man, man is said to have said that soldiers of fest interrogated and then shot dead. and this is a russian soldier speaking in this radio message. so the findings also alleged that the russian mercenaries of the wagner group are involved in those atrocities. we do not know any more detail on that, but the gemini intelligence have is apparently, is also analyzing further radio messages from different locations. so not just
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boucher and they could of course be further evidence that atrocities like him, which are also happening elsewhere in ukraine in and around murray. you pull in particular so these findings do support the theory that those atrocities and not individual cases carried out by traumatized russian soldiers. and it's dead could point at a distinct military strategy by russia to inflict fear and horror amongst the civilian population in ukraine. you know, thank you very much, our political correspondence need a hasa. nato. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels today to discuss the western alliances response to the war and ukraine. the mid worries that the conflict could read on for months, if not years. ukrainian foreign minister to me, throat coolly. bob is attending that meeting. just a short while ago he and they told she just gotten back addressed reporters. it is an urgent need her to further support ukraine and a half hour meeting later on with the nato foreign ministers. i'm certain that we
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will address the need for more air defense systems. so, and to thank weapons, cert lighter but also heavier or weapons. and many different types of support to, to ukraine. my agenda is very simple. it has only 3 items on it. it's weapons, weapons, and weapons. we are confident that the best way to help you create now is to provide it was all necessary to contain poolgan and dor defeat russian army in ukraine. earlier dw corresponded. jack carrick told us that ukraine's for mr. had some tough words for nato member, st. germany on its position, sending arms to ukraine. it looks like the meter caliber is going to do a pretty impassioned plea to the nato foreign ministers through these meetings. he said some really interesting things. in this press conference. he pointed the finger directly at berlin for not providing as many weapons as they wanted. he said
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berlin has time. he doesn't saying that the bureaucracy in berlin to get weapons over the line and to be sending them to ukraine, is taking too long. he said that the decision by germany to export weapons was a revolutionary step called on germany, specifically to do more. he also talked about the difference between defensive and offensive weapons, because that some of the discussion around some of the nato member states. and also specifically in germany and labor, had to say that all weapons right now are defensive because they have been invaded by russia and there's no longer an offensive weapon of the for them. they see offensive weapons simply as weapons that they need to use to, to push that invasion night. he also talks specifically about the sort of some of the thinking around this. because nato members are slightly concerned about sending weapons to ukraine for fear of being dragged into the war in a more broader sense. but what could labor had says give there's a simple deal from the ukrainian side. give us weapons, he said,
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we sacrifice our lives and we prevent the full light from this war going out into other european country. so it's a pretty specific set of demands. he is here in brussels to try and get weapons from the nato allies. we have just time for a couple of other stories related to the war in ukraine since their invasion of ukraine, russian forces have attacked war than a 100 medical facilities. the world health organization says more hospitals and health care facilities have been attacked around the globe. this year than ever recorded un bodies calling on combat. still voice such towards and u. s. president joe biden has accused russia of brutality and inhumanity and announced new sanctions in the wake of the atrocities. biden has also spoken of war crimes. the latest measures drawn up by washington target russian banks and individuals, including the daughters of russia's president, our latimer boot initial warrior. russia wanted to take your christ. you're
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watching t w news from berlin up next. we've got a documentary film for you looking at war in europe. i'm terry martin from me and all of us here at d. w. thanks for watching the green. do you feel worried about the plan? me to i'm the old hosting the on the green fence post and to me it's clear we need to change. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you, for the plant.


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