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the fathers and starts april 16th on b, w. ah, ah ah, this is due to renew his life from berlin, united against russian atrocities in ukraine. the u. s. says nato and the west are standing behind keith, the revulsion at what the russian government is doing is problem. there is a greater determination than ever to stand with ukraine to shore up and revitalize the international order that moscow was trying to append after evidence of mass killings and gucci us secretary of state antony blank and warns it's likely russian
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forces are committing further war crimes elsewhere in ukraine, and also coming up an urgent plea from ukraine's foreign minister. either you help us now and i'm speaking about days not weeks, or you help will come to late as eastern ukraine, braces for a new russian offensive. keith asks the west for more weapons to fend off the assault and also on the show more evidence of the devastation left behind by russian troops after their withdrawal from northern ukraine. a small town of b keith saw intense fighting between a russian and ukrainian forces. he w a correspondent colony spoke to residents about their harrowing experiences living under russian occupation. ah,
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ah, hello everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you very much for joining us. nato foreign ministers are meeting in brussels, have agreed to send more military and humanitarian aid to ukraine. the pledge comes after ukraine's foreign minister made an impassioned plea for help to fight off a renewed russian assault in the countries east. he went secretary of state antony blank and says mounting evidence of russian atrocities in ukraine. i've given extra urgency to efforts to aid keith and i can say unequivocally from my discussions with many colleagues here in recent days, collies from around the globe. the revulsion at what the russian government is doing is probably there's a greater determination than ever to stand with ukraine to shore up and revitalize the international order that mosque i was trying to append to bring to bear even
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greater course on the russian government to ensure the people are held accountable for their crimes. yours, your secretary says speaking their moments are going. we can take it now to nato headquarters to dw correspondent terry shows. she is covering that meeting and the conclusion of terry. i'm the secretary of state doubling down on his support. any the u. s. a support for ukraine? that's right, said dimitra kula and antony lincoln hadn't had a meeting just before the secretary of state came out and spoke. and you know, before their meeting, they said we get along well and clever said that he appreciates the u. s. support, but that the timeline is the issue now. and despite numerous questions to secretary blanket, including one from me myself, we could not get him to commit to how quickly the u. s. could send more weapons and more heavy weapons. and i think that's really the question and, and the answer that the ukrainians, the ukrainians,
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want to hear from the u. s. and other allies. how fast can you get these weapons? they say that without a very rapid delivery of heavy weaponry, more boots as are just waiting to happen. ok, let's listen to your exchange with the u. s. secretary of state to antony of lincoln. and you yourself called what happened in boucher outrageous. everyone knows the secretary general says that we are preparing for more such atrocities and more you pull in and in. don bas, as, as a major offensive is coming on. how do you sit across the table from denito kula and said, well, we're looking at what else we think you might need when he surely comes with a list. and he tells us he came with a list, he gives us his list. so, and he says he doesn't have the days that you are taking to look at this. and how do you explain that to him? i talked to for mr clay book multiple times a week,
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and we're constantly going over what it is. ukraine needs, what it is we're providing what it is we're, we're helping other allies and partners are provide. and again, you'll have to, you know, ask him, but i think we were just together, maybe an hour ago. and i don't want to put words in his mouth. but i think he said very clearly the appreciation that he has and that ukraine has for the support that we have been consistently providing. so as we're speaking ah, we continue to provide a what you crannies. but it's also a constantly evolving picture. they are coming up, they're coming forward with a new systems that they think of that would be helpful and effective. we put our own expertise to bear, especially the pentagon, are to help determine what indeed we think could be effective. ah, what ukrainians would be ready to use as soon as they get it and what,
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what we actually have access to and can get to them. and there was the, the u. s. secretary say to answering, terry, shall says a question. they're very poignant question. i suggest willis a now to what the ukrainian foreign minister dmitri clay, by a said a short while ago, and then we'll go back to terry to get her reaction. i was pleased to hear to day a growing understanding about allies of the fact that ukraine is fighting normally for itself, but also for them. and the growing understanding of eastern o for the countries will belong to eastern flank of nato that ah, support. the ukraine should be stepped up and it's nature, oh, because we and they bring crease in a flat countries directly. i am ha,
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cautiously optimistic about the outcomes of, of our discussions. and i'm looking for the, the allies her to us. i was very specific in the requests and the timeline that these requests should be accommodated. so i will be looking forward to the followup from elyse. there was the ukrainian foreign minister speaking a short time ago where let's go back to terry at nato headquarters. you know, listening to the ukrainian, a foreign minister, cautiously optimistic, but what he's essentially saying is we are laying down our lives and you guys are not acting fast enough. he did. and that's why we tried to press secretary blink. and so hard on the specifics that collab mentioned, he said he went in there with a list, he told them, you know, we don't have much time. we need these now. and yet we got no specific answers from
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secretary blink. and he said he's giving those to the ukrainians. and one thing that the minister qu labor made clear and, and continues to emphasize, is that if nato allies don't help ukraine defend itself, they will be the ones that russia comes for after ukraine, m as minister, columbus said, you know, this is going to be a test of article 5, nato's commitment at all, for $1.00 and $1.00. for all collective defense. if you don't help us push, push russia out of our own territory. so that is of course, something that's on nato's mind all the time as its responsibility is to defend allied territory and not specifically defend ukraine. but yet this is a very, it's a very delicate dance here at nato, between helping ukrainians feel that allies are behind it. and helping it fight for itself, and really worrying about their own defense. in terms of delivering a arms, a terry, can you just clarify for us it's,
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it's not the alliance that delivers arms to ukraine. members are free to do that. if i understand correctly, has a decision been made, whether to also allow a members of nato to deliver offensive weapons to ukraine? well, nato doesn't have weapons. it's only allied governments that have them. and that's why these arraignment arrangements are made by laterally between the 30 allies individually and ukraine. because nato doesn't have an armory sitting around a waiting to be to be sent to ukraine to help. it does have some capabilities if needed air lift capabilities, it can coordinate. but in this case, it really is government's working with ukraine directly. and nato isn't going to make a decision to do anything as 30 as, as we, as we say, this isn't something that the alliance feels would be in its best interest or in ukraine's best interest. this is, this is what these decisions that we talk about,
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like a no fly zone that would have to be done with the multiple countries in coordination . and that's not going to happen. you're never going to see nato forces on the ground, like you did see in afghanistan, not going to happen in ukraine. so that isn't going to be a decision that even comes to be taken. it's not even going to be put on the table here at nato. right, so this very clear conclusion of terry, the world is reeling and nato is reeling from the images that we've seen coming out of boucher, i'm just wondering what kind of effect has that massacre had on nato? is it changing? is calculations at all? it's not changing these big decisions that i talked about. there really isn't going to be consideration of a no fly zone or, or other other measures that nato feels would actually increase the suffering and death not reduce it. but you know, really i was very struck in this press conference with secretary blinking that he started out by giving individual anecdotes of horrific situations being faced by
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ukrainians. he talked about a woman sheltering with her 5 year old child being raped, being having a knife to her neck. he talked about a young man being brought in, forced to kneel in front of in front of the villagers and then being shot to as they were told, this is dirt. and we, the russian troops are, are freeing you from the, from this dirt. he had, he had these, these stories that were just, you know, something you don't normally here in a state department press conference for from a secretary of state. so it's clear that these images are in the minds of everyone here as they have more technical discussions about about what kind of weapons might be most useful and how quickly they could be sent to key. if it's clear that that boucher is on every one's mind and they know that this is not the end, they know that that as, as ukrainians go back into into cities and areas liberated by the russians. we're
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going to see more of these mass graves. we're going to hear more of these stories, and not only that, another offensive is on its way. they all say, coming now in don bus. more killing is on its way to marshall's reporting from nato headquarters. thank you very much. well says invading ukraine, russian forces of attack more than 100 medical facilities. the world health organization says more hospitals and health care facilities have been attacked around the globe this year than ever recorded. and on world health day are you and body as calling on combatants to avoid targeting health facilities. ah, the moment a bomb exploded in the city of mary awful and this is what was hit. c the maternity and children's hospital
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since the start of russia's invasion, more than 90 health facilities, including hospitals like this one in the city of it's him, have been attacked according to the world health organization, brutal bullock and for some more than once. at the start of the war, the main hospital in the town of villanova was hit. days later, it was attacked again and then again, while dozens of civilians were hiding inside, trying to escape the shelling among them was andry key and hint of head of the hospitals trauma center who was there with his wife and children with the experience still haunts him. with
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a viewer, but it was shelling lasted about 20 to 25 minutes. and when we get near, you was clear and the kids just moved. it is my children and i didn't make it to the basement. we spent all this time in the corridor of the hospital after we experienced all the shelling 1st hand or she'd given us pavlo cove. tanya oak is ukraine's former deputy health minister . he now runs an organization that's trying to document each and every hospital attack. well, color main and primary goal is to help our content, our international community to hold accountable those people who would do those, the water cracks. and this is what to remains, or even really even want to rated as they feel that they're doing something very
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important for this war. but as the war continues, so to do the attacks, hopes of prosecutions seem a long way off. you're watching the w news live from berlin on behalf of all of us here. thank you very much for making this part of your day. we'll be back at the top with joy ride through fascinating worlds into uncharted our guides and know their way around with a strictly scientific trip to some pretty wacky places. curiosity is required.


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