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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2022 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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however, independent estimates put that number closer to 10000 watching t w news coming up next, the latest business headlines. remember, you can always get the latest news on our website. that's t w dot com. i'm here in total for me and the entire news team. thanks for watching old josh. i'm just kinda, i think that tags and in the end is a me. you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smudges with lions of the what's your story. ready i mean, wasn't, i was women, especially and victims of violence in take part and send us your story
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chain. always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in full migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, a 1st for the european union as it agrees to sanction russian energy and ports. but the new ban on coal purchases is unlikely to stop debate on ending moscow's more lucrative exports. oil and gas, we'll take a closer look at the new sanctions. also on the show, some ukrainians begin returning home. some businesses even open their doors again, despite warnings that the war is far from over. and wal mart is desperate for truckers. now the u. s. reach,
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giant is paying for its warehouse staff to get behind the wheel and offering them a 6 figure starting salary. welcome to the show, i'm see beard. the e u has a proven import ban on russian coal as part of a new package of sanctions against moscow. marks the 1st time brussels has targeted russian energy. you members have grappled with how quickly to in fossil fuel imports from russia, with pressure growing on germany in particular, to set aside it's objections to a ban on gas. the e u imports 20000000 euros of russian cold daily. but that's a fraction of what it pays for russian oil and gas whopping 850000000 euros daily. of the sanctions package is the use fit since the beginning of the war. and that includes a raft of measures. aside from putting a stop to coal imports at bands russian ships from you ports, add the russian bank v t b to a list of sanctions, financial institutions, and benz e u. exports of advanced computer chips and machinery to russia. the you also want
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to help the ukraine by sending it more money for weapons. 500000000 euros. to be exact. you council president charles michelle confirming the proposal in a tweet saying once approved, it would bring the total of e u funding for military equipment to $1500000000.00 euros or $4000000.00 ukrainians have fled their whole land since the beginning of the war . the majority of them to poland. now some are returning to areas defended or recaptured by the ukrainian army, such as around the capitol. keith, of a residence as well as businesses. little is like it once was ukrainian or sar, she's a warning against to premier to return to the capital cave. but the threat of fresh attacks from the russian army isn't deterring thousands from coming harm. the 1st hello vicky i miss cave. this is harm. so alpha okami here with the use of miss, i want to be close to my parents in tough marmontis,
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you should be close to your parents. they're very old, i'm their daughter, and you personally do it to you with good faith for relative safety. a one reason to return another worries employment many left the language skills needed to find work abroad. at least in key if stores restaurants and cafes have re opened an oasis of normality in the middle of a war. been loaded with the buffer, it was suggested that we open up the terrace and stop making coffee, at least for the soldiers who are close to the cafe. but this to the spirit in about awake we decided to open up more space and resume cooking food for our customers. so it would manuel that an ethical question arise as to whether we had the right to work and returned to normal life. while our country remained in a state of law for the fun, ukraine's interior ministry sire of
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a half a 1000000 ukrainians have returned since the war began. in the capital stretches. prayer is the source of the heart for those who have returned to us is he still under threat. let's go now to some of the other global business stores making headlines. warren buffett, berkshire hathaway has bought a stake in computer and printer maker each p, worth $4200000000.00. shares of h p were up more than 15 percent reaching a record high. h. p has benefited from increased demand, as people have spent more time working at home since the beginning of the pandemic . yost retail j. wal mart is offering warehouse staff chance to drive trucks for the company and offering up to $110000.00 as a starting salary. it's an effort to keep their 18 will is rolling as the country has a shortage of 80000 drivers. that's according to the american trucking association . are let's go over to ins, court in new york for more. yes,
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the situation that wal mart is facing is um, emblematic what we're seeing across the u. s. is incredibly tight. job market right now, isn't it? it definitely is, i mean, just recently we got the, the latest, the numbers on the unemployment rate in the united states was 3.6 percent. that is almost at the lowest level in about 50 years on thursday. we got the latest, the reading on unemployment claim, so they dropped it to the lowest level since 1968. and if you look at the job openings over all there are about to 5000000 more job openings than they are. people are being considered unemployed in the country. so a definitely there is, it's shortage on a job. so clearly it depends on of the industry. but overall yes, there was a big shortage. so wal mart is now turning to staff at its fulfillment centers and offering them these trucking positions. acquitted. i salary to begin with. how critical are these employees for wal mart?
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well, i mean, even it's very critical. and also the retail industry has changed tremendously in the past 2 years. e commerce, for example, at walmart, to pretty much doubled to since the beginning of the pandemic, and to bring goods to the people you do need drivers. and it's not just the retail industry of other sectors as well. that depends a lot on truck drivers. if you look at the energy industry, for example, for cranking you need to people driving truck for water for and just to give you one example, and you mentioned those, the hordes of an 80000 truck drivers last year that actually was a new record and maybe to add one more number, they are about 3 and a half 1000000 truck drivers in the united states, but it was all the high demand that obviously is not enough in quarter in new york . thank you very much for the supply chain, was the yet,
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was just talking about are only part of the people up he will of global trade. there was begun by the pandemic, and continued in recent weeks by the war in ukraine. however, some trade relations are holding firm. new survey shows the businesses in the u. s . and germany are generally positive about investments in the other country. 90 percent of u. s. companies surveyed expect an increase in revenue from their german investment half, and tend to increase their workforce and investment this year. that's according to a recent poll conducted by the american chamber of commerce in germany. and i'm joined by the mon and mina, she's president of the american chamber of commerce in germany. simone, welcome to the show. the war in ukraine is transforming trade around the world at this moment. is that an opportunity for us e u. business ties? it definitely is, and we shall take that opportunity. it's so important and our members are saying
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that the relationship is strengthened at the same time. this is a very complicated environment for trade. there's a backlog of shipping containers around the world. there's high energy costs, there's inflation and there's a tightening monetary environment. we look at the u. s. the interest rate hikes. could we see more downside in the future than upside? well, it will be difficult times. we have to face to answer. it should not be a surprise. we had a pandemic. we have a war in europe, and we have a high inflation. on the other hand, innovation, new ideas coming out of critical situations. so we have to find out ways with new technology to overcome all this obstacles and work on that together. and what we have seen with biotech and pfizer, the relationship on the trans atlantic, gives opportunities for foss development. and i hope we can really use that in
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light of the war in ukraine. there's been more talk of resurrecting the u. s. e u trade deal known as t tip. would you consider that a promising idea? well, of course it is very important that we abolish trade duties and to that we work on or having trade between the trans atlantic without obstacles. on the other hand, i would not start with a vent, a big contract like ti 2 has been bucked to work on more promising parts one by one. so that we make progress without negotiating for too long time we need speed. what is the biggest area where the 2 sides need to work together? and immediately in your perspective, what i see to one is energy and obviously both sides all working on that already. and we have seen far reaction here and i think what the u. s. has done and shown
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signals to euro, what's, what's really good. the 2nd one is digitalization because we only data every single enterprise us as well as europe, ian and german. so that is would be the 2nd step i would take. you've also written that climate is a common task for the u. s. and you, to what extent does it require a club of like minded economies led by the u. s. and e u. well i think that is, that is very important because what we need is the common goal of sustainability and to really meet the parents agreements needs working together. it is the global issue and the climate club between the us and the you could really already build the foundation for also future nations to join the club and have common rules when we talk about the carbon ovation pricing of field to and to further steps
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regarding new technology, so i think we would really enforce that as and gender many simone. i'm in a president of the american chamber of commerce in germany. thank you very much. thank you, steven. and here's a reminder of the top business story. we're falling for you this hour. the e u has approved and import van on russian cold as part of a new package of sanctions against moscow. it marks the 1st time brussels has targeted russian energy. the import, 20000000 euros of brushing coal daily. as a fraction of daily imports of coal and gas, meaning the debate over ending all russian fossil fuel imports in the e. u is likely to continue to for me and the dw business team here in valencia. as always, you can find out more about these and other stories online. check us out at g, w dot com slash business. were also on youtube. you can find us under the d,
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w. news channel, and facebook as well. i've seen, usually here in berlin is always likes watching. ah enter the conflicts own with sarah kelly. the world has been confronted with horrific images of atrocities against civilian, allegedly committed by russian forces in ukraine. we can find a car, and then paul, the genocide, how should western allies respond? my guess i'm complex. so in foreign minister gabriella land baggage. he joins me on the line with me
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to the point and strong opinions, clear positions, international perspective, rushes pull back north of kia has brought relief, but her as indications of a civilian bath, the car come to light, will the apparent war cry. it's germany to embargo, russian fossil fuels find out on to the to the point being 16, d, w. ah, how long does a war and eternity time? it can be measured precisely and did everyone experiences it differently as if
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there are different forms of time? time? a phenomenon, a dimension, if we know we won't live forever, an illusion. about time presenting futures past starts april 14th on d, w. d. the world has been confronted with horrific images of atrocity as against civilians allegedly committed by russian forces in ukraine. we can find the courage and then qualitative genocide because there are so much resemblance of the events of 20th century. how should western allies respond? my guest on conflicts own as lithuanian foreign minister gabriella lance bagus. he joins me on the line from bill nita's. if wooten ism, which is more than just one person, if it stays. that means that this country will be ready.


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