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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is d w. news coming to live from berlin. native pledges more aid for ukraine as further evidence emerges of the devastation wrought by retreating russian forces . we hear the stories of survivors in one liberated town outside the capital key is also coming up the you approves a new round of sanctions against russia, including a ban on russian, coal and vodka. plus the historic day in the united states as catan g brown, jackson is confirmed as the 1st black woman to sit on the u. s. supreme court.
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ah hello m terry martin. good to have you with us, you cranes present. it says there could be more gruesome discoveries ahead in the wake of the russian troop withdrawal from the north of the country. there is mounting evidence of civilian killings, rape and torture authorities, believe hundreds had been killed in one town alone. mass graves were recently uncovered in the town of boucher but president baloney. as lensky says, the situation in bora to yankee, 70 kilometers north west of kiya is much more horrific people. there are searching . the rebel for the bodies of loved ones are corresponded. alexandra phenomena went there and piled this report. they have began clearing the rubble, but any hope of finding survivors here is long gone. for
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a dan car lay on the main root of the russian, offensive on key of the scale of the destruction is so massive that even emergency workers seem shock. this sham of budget is while every but now we see with our eyes what the russians did to a peaceful time. there were no military bases here, means they shot people dead. bombed high rise blocks. so straightaway, i don't understand why really bad to pull over here, give issue. when russian planes dropped their bombs on the town in early march, these apartment buildings were demolished. local authorities feared that up to $200.00 civilians were killed. their bodies still buried under the rubble with marie holler in one of the blocks we meet alexander. he is back to sell with some items from his ruined apartment. somewhere with you, when the russian bombardment started, he managed to flee together with his family. oh,
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horrible. it's better than it looked like. i'm still right in same clothes i had on . when i left, at least i want to take some things with me. his pupil growth. will this used to be his children's room? his life. i don't really know what to say. don't have words left their bastard's, gra putin in his whole government. you've see, can you prove you to florida? oh, a few blocks away, a distribution center for humanitarian aid among the residents lining up nina and her family. they lived through a lot during the russian occupation of their home town, including hunger and constant fear. for africa, dawn must have known that they were pointing that guns at my daughter and the kids . i went down on my knees and screamed begging them not to rape. my daughter, you know what can happen? the seal was neither from of warner. many he told us, similar story is lena says she is still shaking when she thinks about the weeks
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under russian occupation, but she will not include them. we have to thank her soldiers, they're so brave, they are so brave that they freed up already anchor. look what they did to my town already unco was once beautiful and green. residents told us, now it lies in ruins. the town is free, but it has paid a high price for its freedom. she w corresponding to conway is in care of and joins us now. nick, ukrainian president vladimir lansky said that the horrors inflicted on that town borrowed yankee were even worse than what we saw in boucher tell us more about what's been found there. i think most people here in ukraine can't basically take their eyes off those images of those destroyed tab luxembourg junker . everyone's here, but he guessing how many people still trapped on those ruins or how many people
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manage to get out before those are homing. those shillings happened, and i think the real difficulty now is trying to work out the numbers, trying to get some kind of handle on the scale of this. and for now, you as you concern that report, and it's all pretty celtic, there are locals turning up, trying to salvage what's left of their property and other government organizations trying to d mind to make sure that if people go back, they're not going to face the risk of traps of minds, but it certainly seems like the kind of images we saw in boucher on no exception. that this was a more widespread thing in the territories around ki, if that were controlled by russian army forces for the best part of a month. and we're getting some very, very, very distressing reports. not only all that our shilling is the indiscriminate selling of residential areas, bombing of the kind we've seen america, but also off arbitrary killings on the streets of the car resort. future loss of sexual violence. and the war is continuing, of course,
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in other parts of the country. where is the fighting? concentrated now, nick? so right now it seems like mary pull is still the number one target because after will marapoo on the see of as of is basically be anything between russia and its self proclaimed republics in the hans cabinets and crimea and ix crimea. so that's the only basically a thing in the way of russia, basically having an easier time of controlling that se of ukraine. so is a lot of a fighting going on there. some you credit for still there. now, more than a month off that siege began and then further to the north or near city called zoom, which is based southeast of heart give you cranes, 2nd city at so base have sense now that russia is putting all its forces into the south, south east in hope of encircling a ukraine's forces in don bass. now that solar be so easy because don bass, as you remember, is the place where war has been are basically in full full swing since 2014 since
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rush supported those separatists or movements there said the ukranian army is very well defended. there has trenches has other con, defensive set up. so this is not going to be easy. this is going to be very hard, a very static, we've really had ukrainian government sources voting. this could be a battle on the scale and of the kind we sold at last, i guess in europe in world war 2 tanks, trench warfare and very, very high losses on both sides. nick, the he commission president and the blocks top diplomat are planning to meet with ukraine's present in t uh today. what quick specter what oversee for the ukranian side? this is about the optics is about europe showing that it cares about ukraine, that europe also believes in ukraine's ability to stand up for itself and to not basically a full a pot under this russian pressure. i think generally it's all about the weapons right now. it's all about the money and yes, but standards of the you and individual european countries, they are doing
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a lot more than they have done in previous years. but compared to the billions and billions of billions of euros that are being transferred to russia every day for energy, the sums are all pretty small and the crane is going to put more pressure on their guess. show them more of what's happening here in hope of seeing a certificate increase to that support and fast because the big thing you hear here, time and time again from ukrainian gum officials, you might, you know, make some plans to help us. but given how bureaucratic, how slow you are, that could reach us too late at so if whatever you are planning do it earlier, do it now because we need that help today and not tomorrow. nick, thank you so much. our correspondent economy there in keith and here are a few other stories related to the war in ukraine. the united nations general assembly is suspending russia from its human rights council over that war. it's only the 2nd time a member state has been suspended from the council. moscow has condemned the decision as politically motivated and illegal kremlin spokesperson. dmitri prescott,
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sir, said that russia has sustained significant losses of troops in ukraine, calling it a huge tragedy for russia. the country's defense ministry claims between one and 2000 russian soldiers have been killed. but independent estimates put the number closer to 10000 nato members have pledge to send more military and humanitarian aid to ukraine after its foreign minister made an impassioned plea for help. ahead of an expected russian assault in the east, he says, you crane urgently needs more weapons to fight off any fresh attack. european union member states have approved new sanctions against russia. they include a ban on imports of russian goods such as timber, bodka and coal. the new e u coal band is estimated to be worth 4000000000 euros a year, which is just a fraction of what spent on russian oil. and it's not due to be implemented until
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august, following pressure from germany to give members time to find alternative suppliers . the ears said to be working on additional sanctions position on the slide, them into clear and a brussels correspond. christine, what is covering the story? kristin, how much of a difference or these sanctions going to make when the e was still buying massive amounts of russian oil and gas. terry, when you think about the fact that the european union is still sending hundreds of millions of euro's every single day at sue russia, despite the fact that they're going to eventually van, our coal, you realize that this is not all that match. and the criticism here from many, many in the u, for example, is that the block is effectively continuing to fill and top up moscow's war chest with those energy payments that these energy payments are effectively undermining all these sanctions. add that have been put in place, which do show to be having some kind of an impact in russia,
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but clearly not enough to stop what we're seeing happening in ukraine short of an embargo on russian garson oil. christine, what leverage does that you have to persuade russia to get out of ukraine? not very much. sure. and this is why we are seeing efforts happening at all levels at political levels that the european union engaging a partner countries around the world to try and increase the sort of political isolation on moscow. we heard from the commission president was that if on the line that they would effectively go for oil and next our most likely, if not gas. so it's pretty clear that energy imports is, is where that this needs to be. but the thinking in, in europe are beyond the issue of the dependency, is that this embargo needs to be phased out rather than immediate ban on, on, on, on our, all of russia's energy at the thinking that, that, of course wouldn't help with european unity. and as well as the fact that it over
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a be more effective as a measure, but it appears that the european union is running out of leverage and, and as more pictures emerge, other ukraine at the likes of what we're seeing in butcher. the pressure is certainly increasing to do more cuz in unity in the e. u is often an issue. how unified or the 20 southern u. member states. now, in dealing with russia yet, terry, that the cracks are, are starting to appear and we're seeing, for example, the baltic states have, have gone out and they've become the 1st in europe to ban are all of gas and imports. of course gases is the main as sticking point here at the likes of germany, italy, slovakia, insisting on keeping at the the, the gas payments for, for self interests. they're looking at their economies and they're saying that, you know, it would hurt their economies more than it would rush and that was not the objective . and that is not the objective of leaves at sanctions. you have the hungarians, for example, or who this week said that they would be prepared to pay for their ration at
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imports in rubles, and going against what the blocks position is unsticking to what the contracts dictate which is to pay in, in the currencies, off of euro's all dollars, so the cracks are starting to peer because of self interests and, and, and different affiliations and relations with moscow. terry, christine, thank you very much. shar, correspond, christine was there in brussels, there to the u. s. were the senate has confirmed co turnkey brown jack jackson as the 1st black woman to sit on the u. s. supreme court quarters, including president joe biden, to have held her appointment as a historic day for america. but most republican senators voted against it. the age of 53. the names are $47.00, and the nomination has confirmed half to 2 133 year wait. a black woman will soon sit on the u. s. supreme court. get angie brown.
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jackson watched herself enter the history books from the white house alongside president joe biden, who hailed her confirmation as a historic moment for the us. just 3 her we can senators vote with the democrats to confirm. brown. jackson is only the 3rd black person and women to serve on us as high as court. the vote concluded bitterly part is an approval process. they were that so brown, jackson grilled by republican senators on hot button issues like race relations and abortion as well as her reco. as a judge, senate democrats were overjoyed by the result. it is just an amazing day. if i had to think of an adjective to describe all of us, it would be elated, elated because of this wonderful person going on the court. this has been a long, hard road as we try to get to greater equality, less bigotry in america. and there is often steps backward, but when you have a day like this, it inspires you to keep moving forward. frown jackson is set to play steam. brian,
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when he retires at the end of the cold current term. but with the conservative set to maintain that 63 majority, she may find it difficult to make much impact on the increasingly right wing court are watching d. w. news up next we got business for you. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching these places in europe for smashing the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on google maps. you too. and now also in book form . not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take.


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