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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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her answers for 2 years, the author accompanies a sophist, family in northern syria. insights into the isolated world of radical islamists, a film about family, faith, masculinity, of fathers and sons starts april 16th on d, w. ah, ah. hello and welcome to another new edition of echo africa, your weekly environment program. not all of our cupcakes to the are filled with good news. we're here balls how some cities the 2nd. but don't worry. there are also reasons to feel good about the well, how are you today, sandra?
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hi, chris. well, i'm all positive, innovative aunt environmentally friendly developments. do some looking forward to starting today's show. here is a preview of what we have in store. we'll see how rising sea levels are threatening habitats and we'll also look art at walks made from i'm a bones with a for drinking of funding. water is critical for human survival. it is in short supply in many regions of a world. and it is impossible to grow food without it. so now what conformists do, when hardly any rain falls, a fuss report, it takes us to the i wish a region into sonia when asia or is now putting a simple but effective idea into practice. with me here in anger, luca village,
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nod than tanzania. hardly any one has the t b. that's why linda limbo brings a small more bill cinema with her. she was here a few months ago on behalf of the lead foundation. it turns onion conservation organization. i am, i've never nobody to worry. lord, let me grab a spell. what i want, he sure if fume about key. see key high here to d q. seek ye high means leaving trees, tampa. we will start with the long lines in the village, and later in the evening we will show the fuel on it, not to us in america. but where is every one? it's till early afternoon and the village of lightning b, a fuel digging in the born dry it holes in the f as far as the i can see, it seems like all 7000 residents are out and about what's going on be are digging here because of another movie presented by in them both in the lead
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foundation in partnership with the dutch n g o holds just dick it john mooney. it remembers it. well, is he digs it trench and fuels it with grass seed a little felicia. rumba mazin get on the fuel towards me that you can do something about the dryness and drought of recent years. we can til the land and create water best since, which we feel with seeds to help the fields recover. but in the color, while my letter wasn't in recent, he is fields here have continued to fall victim to decertification. the persistent drought is a consequence of climate change. can anyone really fight back? it's 5 pm and linda 1000000 was colleague, makes an announcement about the film screening of taking place that evening. it's
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a welcome change for the villagers. the only get to see a film every few months. the children excited to see what's coming you. anything with one for her? her yearly. now the final touches linda 1000000 boy has been doing these for 3 years. for her. i yes, in emma. this feeling explains how to protect your land from drought. people have cut down the trees many times in recent years regarding the land became barren and that harvests got worse. so now we want to show people how to reclaim that moisture so that their yields increase in they have enough posture to feed their families shell. hm. and it's finally short time. it starts with j. montana is very popular. comedian interns idea. why is writing a bicycle through the fields?
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he's a mystery. what's more important is what he he is oh . well, get out of here and you've lost your mind to really you don't let me catch you cutting down any more trees. water. i'll fry you like an egg because i have the frying pan here. i declare war on you. let's do that together. if i catch one more
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piece and cutting down a tree, don't you want it to rain? and yeah, everyone in ingle rocha. once rain in the film is well received. people here have become familiar with drought over the past few years. what it means to be thirsty all day long. the feel should the villages are small shrubs or trees. toms can grow into large trees. if given a chance, 1st viable plans are selected. next, the approved so that the only strong as should remain. then the trees must be marked for every one to see, and importantly, the plant must be protected from hungry kettle. according to the campaign, this method is managed to save over $9000000.00 trees. intern zenia, a re greening measure of this magnitude has an impact on the local weather and can also bring rain. this means the country will pull down and crop yields will improve
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. at least in theory, in anger, it's still a dream thought. the last few months have seen 30 percent less precipitation than in previous years. which is one reason why the digging rein. bessemer, according to the campaign, they are now over $200000.00 such bisons intern, sonya, and kenya. and all these just because people saw a movie in reality, people here in one euro, 50 peson, diligent workers like dina, hosea can manage fife, eddie mckenzie in iman for one. the other thing with a we make money for digging. now, later when the grass has grown,
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it will benefit both our kettle in us because receive our cells the trouble of carrying food to the kettle. never mind anyone will them? because i was as evident. i ruined my land. wandering won't go if we employ these practices. they help us to take care of our life stock in and to say dear man, in full. rainwater normally evaporates on the dry soil, but now it can collect in the basins. this gives the water more time to see if into the soil, and this allows teaching to grow, not only inside the best sense, but also around them. this re greening program is in full swing and gaining in popularity. strategies like this one have an impact on the global climate and could even help to slow down global warming. and the people of anger luca a doing their part. wow, what a great idea. one that could is they be applied in other parts of africa to but for
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now we live to sonya and go to the neighboring kenya. to hear about another project that promotes ups and upholstered environmental awareness here ease. this week's doing debates, blah eva, one of the largest informal settlements in africa. unemployment is high, environmental pollution, severe. but local artists are brimming with inspiration. these works of art are made from animal bones. it depends with the descent. if you had made good some mix, isis, revoke our mel. and if you want to measure was as it just by coburn under you. from if you want mega 100 spoon, we go for go to bottle to ship. the african bone workshop was founded in 2013 the artisans collect animal bones, and fashioned them into all sorts of object from beat to spoons. the workshop now
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has more than 30 members. their craft allows the artisans to provide for their families and to pay for their children's education. despite the coven 19 pandemic, they managed to keep selling their work. the artisans hope to build a showroom one day. and how about you? if you are also doing your bit, tell us about is visit our website. oh, send us a tweet, cash tags, doing your best. we share your stories. those are really lovely pieces. the natural world is full of so many wonderful things, but we still insist on covering much of it in concrete bunk. it is becoming clear that that's not or is a sustainable, especially in the cities. yes, sandra, bats is becoming increasingly clear. the climate crisis is already having dire
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consequences around the world. as the levels rise in some areas of the world, densely constructed, megacities are starting to sink. this is been seen most dramatically in asia. let's take a closer look here. hundreds of millions of people live in drowning cities. if upgrade the how does it affect the, the, the likelihood of the people, the carbon dioxide we pump out every day is trapping the sun's heat and warming the planet. in the last 25 years, the oceans have absorbed thermal energy equivalent to over 3 and a half 1000000000 nuclear bombs. that's melted ice raised sea levels and made extreme weather even more extreme and more common in just a few decades. floods that used to hit once a century could strike some coasts every year. but that's not only due to climate change. ready in sprawling megacities from jakarta to legos,
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the bigger problem is that the land itself is literally sinking in some river deltas, it's subsiding 10 times faster than sea levels are rising dinky combined, the sea level rise. me was the area i'm inhabitable and few c b. if we are not get who will be well programming, that's because we've redirected rivers and built cities on soft soil. the ground is it just solid? there's also water and air beneath your feet. but people across the world have dug deep wells and pumped out the ground water. less water means less pressure pushing up against the land above it. so the sub strata get squashed in the city. think over the last century, bangkok has sunk more than one meter, shanghai by more than 2 meters. italy's po delta by more than 3 meters and eastern tokyo by more than 4 meters parts of california have dropped by the height of
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a house. the indonesian capital jakarta is worse defected in around 30 years. almost the entire coastal area of the city will be under water. crippling floods have struck jakarta again and again. a new year's eve 2019 boy rain fell on it than ever recorded in a single day. earlier that year, the president of what is the world's 4th biggest country had already announced he was moving the country's capital from drowning jakarta to the island of borneo. well, indonesia, ground water problems are worse than most like dhaka and bangladesh. jakarta is rivers are full of plastic and waste alga loan, which can only produce 60 percent of the supply of walker with the piping. so 50 percent of people are still rely under grow. what they're added to that is the fact that jakarta sits on swamp the land is home to 13 rivers
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and is among the most densely populated cities in the world. but jakarta isn't alone. most river dealt as our thinking faster than they would naturally. and the damage is rippling inland, destroying crops, and raising the price of staple foods like rice and wheat gain obese. i said it is like a silent gillett, and it will get worse. a major study found that scientists have wildly underestimated the number of people exposed to flooding. you would think that the scientific community and governments what know, validation of crystal land. but it turns out that for most of the globes curse, we have been relying on satellite data and satellites answers. and those answers, credit distinguish, route tops and tree tops from the grounds. climate central scientists estimate 3 times as many people are at risk of coastal flooding than originally thought. many
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live on the same river deltas that are rapidly subsiding. the study didn't account for close to defenses like sea walls berms are levies. so it's not like all the cities are doomed, but it shows there's less room for them to sink. and even after land is currently protected by weapons or bronze, it means that the bowl urine is deeper than your thought. all this spell's catastrophe, particularly for citizens who can afford to move as the water presses in easy what then, what sci fi is, let delta and bengal can land on this, as well as sampler of see these little fuel and can hide some cities that sank several meters last century have pretty much stop sinking. tokyo and shanghai restricted how much ground water citizens could extract and recharged water sources that had run dry. but in cities like jakarta, residents don't have easy access to other sources of drinking water. the government
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would 1st have to spend years cleaning the rivers up before it could pipe water across the country. instead, jakarta has mostly put its hopes in building a giant wall. but experts say this just delays the problem at high costs. if we do a lot of management is only 10000000000 yet. if we do this is see, well, he said, what did you scientist say we can limit sea level rise to less than half a meter the century by rapidly cutting emissions that much extra water would still be devastating for the cities and turn millions of lives upside down, but it means the cities themselves could still survive the century. rise in sea levels are indeed a global problem in france that having a serious impact on the small island. but the majority of the islands, residents find a location so beautiful. they don't want to move despite all the risks were paid
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them of visits. the small french island of edison is just under an hour off the coast of brittany. about 250 people reside here on about 60 hector's of land. most of them live from fishing, but tourism also brings in some money. the island is only just above sea level, which keeps rising due to the climate crisis. in the last 40 years, it's gone up by 16 centimeters. the consequences are plain to see as yet my sickle nearby century ago. we used to walk on the rocks out there. there were soil and grass. it's all gone yet, but there are a few places like it even on the eastern side of the island on the war. we talk about a friend told me his grandmother used to grow potatoes low. now there's no where left, where you to grow potatoes, me. the change is taking place before our eyes. yours. who knows?
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your call is, is asian human good sash caught. murray worked as the lighthouse keeper for a long time and knows the landscape well. storms regularly sweep across the island . huge waves then crash against the key wall of the village, the c as reclaiming more and more land. motion i q will appear, i'm worried about the planet in general, and ill design in particular call to can you comments as you of the wall? they were on the front my aluminum flu, but apparently some people are waiting for disaster to strike before they do anything well on soccer shoals memorial. the situation is similar in senegal, 5000 kilometers away in west africa. in the last 10 years, the sea level here has risen by 3.5 centimeters. entire stretches of coastline have been washed away. thousands of people have already had to flee the city of san louis because the sea is eroding the beach and destroying the neighbourhood behind
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it. many now live in makeshift refugee camps that are inland and far from the coast. back in france, very few people can imagine such a disaster happening for the time being they feel safe in their houses quickly. most is the san residence. want to stay with most people. i think we should be positive. and as i said, the next generation, our children and grandchildren are still site from this up with. so we did, of course there storms, but there always have been there not more frequent than before, but cruise we are, we good, i won't leave that. i've lived here since i was a child, but we were attached to our island, like little people have lived on air to san for thousands of years. but unless emissions are reduced and global warming has tackled effectively, the island could become uninhabitable within the next few decades. i've you
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ever heard of an official with it? officer lay bad we while they are pretty new and the supposed to deal with the rapidly growing problems of climate change, particularly visions. last year, ginia campbell was named chief heat officer for sierra leon's, capital freak tone. now she is one of the only 4 heath offices in the world. we went to see her and find out more about what she actually done. but my role is to work wheat, unseat the leaders and local leaders, both at the local and see to level to build and drag response plan to heat for free town. and to ensure that people who are most vulnerable have the opportunity to adapt to heaton rise. in temperatures, temperatures of 40 degrees celsius are not unusual in freetown for years now c williams capital has been getting halter. it's gina ta both job to find solutions.
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she is free towns, chief heat officer, one of jobs for world wide. and the 1st in africa. women traders at the markets exposed to the sun all day and suffered badly. so does everyone who lives in the poor quarters the most vulnerable people, people live in, in an informal settlement? people who and below a dollar a day and cannot afford the resources to buy coolant systems such as a seas and find the population of the town is more than double over the past 5 years. and that migration rule open migration is been driven by climate change in climate effect. eugenia cargo wants to provide market shade covers for women, selling agriculture produce that reflect the sun and doesn't heat up like a greenhouse. 2 thirds of the people in sierra leone depend on farming for their livelihood, with women making up to 70 percent of the agriculture will work for. another goal
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is to provide public spaces that a clean, safe, and cool. this used to be one out of town, many legal downside and what have done as a t a was for the community members to clean this area and plan. she said it's one of several garbage sides, not being converted into a public garden. the bushes and trees beautiful and have a cooling effect. the bomb a dumping site off before. what now? you know you can see now we are very nice my god in night view. just like a box. yeah. very nice. you've got we've got a lot. you can draw us regina carbo suddenly has her work cut down so high, but the mel fried sounds as
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a job is vital. yeah. yeah. one of the most important things about cheat is that nobody talks about it at the moment, it's a silent killer. there's just under the reader. the idea is to ensure that there's a focus, a very deliberate focus on the issue of heat, extreme heat and its consequences. eugena carbo was a former banker as an entire department working under her one initiative as a tree planting campaign. hold free town the tree town. it aims to reverse deforestation and reduce the threat of flooding and launcelot for aiming to plant a 1000000 a plant and grow a 1000000 trees by 2022. we've already planted about 600000 trees. i do want to get the whole city involved. if successful, the project will increase the city's green coverage by 50 percent and help stabilize local water sources. welcome to the gl madame in freetown. this is one of the areas where we're planting trees. and it's very important that we plant trees
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because trees help to call the atmosphere and help us to adapt to rise in temperatures. the project has created over 500 short term jobs focusing, especially on employing young people. these are the community workers. they are the growth and all of their work is been tracked on the app that they just a click of a button. you can know where the trees are, how many trees are alive and who is walking, and growing those trees. amazon come over seen a tree planting here. let me show you how to use it's. he took a happy you can snap. i save the photo and upload it. and you can he see incentive for the t planting trees because every registered tree generates a digital impact token. glances can sell or treat them to get micro payment. and the people of businesses can buy up tokens to offset their carbon emissions. it's
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hope this digital marketplace will generate revenue to form the planting. but it's not just the tree corporate stuff and focus 60000 more man grooves now technical slides hoping to support fish populations. eugenio compos committed to finding ways to make life in the city pleasant. despite the heat, i love being outside spending time with my kids and this is the future i in the stage to see for my children, but also. c for every children in pre town, a safe environment, not limited by the risk of extreme heat. i'm scared a we've run out of time for today. however, thank you for joining us, aunt. don't forget to check us out on all on social media platforms. for now, i am sandra, twin over you saying bye bye from compiler. here in uganda. i'm chris alone,
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and it's also time for me to read you a farewell from here in lake us or partially inspired you to discover ways in which you too can support climate action. i look forward to seeing you all again next week till then stay safe. ah, a ah ah, with
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who was making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa, the show the issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the street to give you enough reports on the inside. our cars funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent. all the trends doesn't matter to you.
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app. ah, ah . this is dw news, live from berlin, a deadly attack on civilians trying to flee of these 50 people, confirmed dead, and dozens more wounded. after miss ow! strike a crowded train station in eastern ukraine. keep in western liter state. it's another example of russian war crimes. and even chief ursula founder lion tells ukraine's president loaded me as a landscape. she'll speed up his country's member.


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