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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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donald the ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a deadly attack on civilians trying to flee of these 50 people, confirmed dead and dozens more wounded. after miss south strike of crowded train station in eastern ukraine, keep in western liter state. it's another example of russian war crimes. and even chief ursula founder lions how's ukraine's president loaded me as a landscape. she'll speed up his country's membership application as part of her visit to keith. she also sees 1st hand a mass grave in boucher and germany and britain. pledge cooperate sion on
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renewable energy as part of efforts to reduce the dependency on russian imports. ah, am abby club awesome? welcome to the program. we begin this hour with an attack on people trying to flee eastern ukraine. ukraine says russian rocket strikes, hit a crowded train station in crime, a tor square, hundreds of people had gathered to bore trains and leave the area. dozens of people are now reported dead dozens more injured. and ukraine is calling it another russian war, crime. scenes of tawny and destruction. in easton, ukraine streets littered with smouldering debris and the bodies of dozens killed.
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the governor often asked said at least 5 children are among the dead. after several rockets hid chrome, a tossed station on friday. already speaking to the finished parliament, president vladimir lensky, condemned russia for striking clear civilian targets. they hid. yeah, but little foolish. i will start with what happened this morning. when you write russian forces hit the train station in our city of cremmit, ask an ordinary train station with ordinary people channels, if there were no military personnel there. and there were people who are waiting for a train to get to a safe territory where mission forces hit them with military may, files will battle academy or lose the criminal has denied the employ. this type of projectile, but ukrainian military officials said they've been used throughout the wall
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on a visit to london to meet british prime minister barak johnson german chancellor. ola sholtes never called the attack. atrocious pleasure. after all commute the bid at the veils, but the images we have seen from bushels here from mario pole. and from many of the places the dramatic attack we have been told about to day to. it shocks us. and we must say here in clear terms. it is a cruel, cruel wall loudon von gazette than garza. as the sun calls on my creek, around $4000.00 people were thought to be at the station. they came with their pets and personal possessions, hoping to escape the worst hazards of wall european commission. president ursula fonder lion is in ukraine, as part of an e u delegation. the visit is meant to send strong message of support for ukraine, including for it's e u. membership bid along with the blocks foreign policy chief
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joseph barrel, founder lion met with ukrainian president water mirrors the lansky in. keep earlier she had visited a mass grave and boucher i town outside the ukrainian capital. here is a part of what the european commission president had to say. i started my day to day with a visit to woodshop because being an gotcha and seeing what has happened. you can tell that our humanity was shattered in boucher and it is right. and just that the world has voted to suspend russia from the human rights council. it is a war, yes, that russia unleashed against an innocent ukraine. but it's much, much more than that. on top, it is these big questions that will be decided in this war. so your fight is also our flight. and i'm here and kiff with you to day to send a very strong message that the european union is by your side. we stand by your
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side. this is the message that you have. a lot of me i want to bring to you, but also to the ukrainian people for more were joined by d. w, corresponded alexandra phenomena who joins us from the ukranian capital. alexandra talk to us about the significance of this visit by top european union officials to ukraine. well, i think it was very significant to see the president of the european union and the ukranian president stand side by side during the joint press conference. it is, was important to hear those words from all the la funder lion, that the european union is standing by the side of ukraine. data, verify it is our fight. and to that, sir, they you appear union acknowledge that they can never match the sacrifice of the ukrainian people. and i think the fact that she was here in kiev was appreciated by
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the ukrainian government and the fact that she decided to visit boucher despite significant security risk. what's also appreciated, but let's have a listen to what the korean president had to say. doing this joint press conference of dutch in vom a daughters, i sure would miss me, but he is. i would like to thank you madam president, for this very special visit and those for your visit to butcher me, see now or it. but this is a very powerful signal which shows the world that ukraine in the new stand together in this fight for justice, visits, dignity of values and human life sees newton ordered. it shows that we are working together. but you are, there are awesome. was that the um seller deliver or will it is very important to have so many visitors that it's important for every ukrainian family, for every ukrainian person,
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for all our children who can see their lives in the future in ukraine, in our future country is strong and united as it is now, but in the european union place, that is where we belong to when it is done, solid xandra again. president lansky reiterating a strong signal that this trip sands. what more dead ponder lion have to offer ukraine to day other than the eas support? we know ukraine has made consistent, appeals for more weapons and more sanctions. what was left on the line had in her luggage was a 5th sir. package of sanctions, including a ban on coal imports from russia and other measures of this is of course not enough from the ukrainian perspective. they would like for instance, to see a total ban on energy importance, all energy input from russia. however, we also have to acknowledge that those sanctions imposed by the european union against russia are taken altogether the toughest measures that the european union
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imposed against russia ever. so that is also something that we have to acknowledge . and to award cert was a le funder lion didn't bring to key of was a concrete perspective, a concrete date for a potential you membership of ukraine. however, what he, what she brought and handed over to the lensky was a questioner. and so she said that the european commission is going to help ukraine answer all the questions, and then they will make a recommendation. and we can expect the european union to propose to accelerate the proceedings so that ukraine could become a candidate for e u. membership. alexander a crucial vivid but the war continues to rage. there was an attack on a train station today. that station is part of a very known evacuation route in cram and taurus thousands of people. civilians
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where they are. russia repeatedly says it does not bomb civilians, but that's not what we're seeing, alexandra, that it's true. that is not what we are seeing. and that is, of course, what russia is saying of all the time. it wasn't us, it was a provocation. the ukrainians are to blame, however, we have to stress that a russian, the russian army has, according to x. it has, according to experts, systematically targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure during this war. and we also have to stress that we know that russia is intensifying. it's a attack on the east and the south of u quade, and of course it is just devastated, devastating news to, to do and awful pictures to see people who are trying to flee and to understand that those people were killed while waiting for a train to tell your correspondent alexandra phenomena,
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thank you. as russian forces retreat from northern ukraine, more details are now emerging about what people in those areas have endured. the mayor of sharon, he has says about 700 people were killed by russian attacks, including soldiers and civilians. he also said 70 of those bodies have yet to be identified survivors. there are haunted by the memories of the past 6 weeks. abandoned weapons devastated buildings. the russian soldiers might have withdrawn from chinese, but they have left an indelible mark on the town. and on the minds of the people, as homes were attacked and destroyed, the people here took shelter together in places like this, sharing the relative safety of underground spaces. but now that the bombing has stopped some of finding it hard to leave the places that save their lives, some have nowhere else to go. others feel unsafe,
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going back like eula and her 8 year old daughter. and the family saw the la sylis of now there are approximately 60 people here, mostly people who lost their homes and people whose houses are not livable. at some point, there were up to 600 people. they were sleeping all over the place at that time with his father, boston. the bullhorn in the besieged town of maria paul bunker living has become a way of life. 12 year old masha and her sister valeria have dead to come out into the courtyard. they spend most of their time in the shelter i before i was afraid of everything of the slightest noise, but little by little you get used to it. a few weeks ago they tried to leave by car in the middle of a battle, but had to turn back after a few meters. another shelter had been fatally hit. yeah, i mean, we are on our way,
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the children and grandparents in the back. i was in the front of them with them. so when we turned in front of the theater, was that about something exploded in front of us and the windshield was blown out with us. now they have been living under ground for several weeks, with little light and 12 other people. there are a few home comforts, but masha longs for her old life. personal for them, i just want to go home and go back to school to my activities to live like i used to, while millions of displaced ukrainians have fled to europe for safety. those left behind have little choice but to shelter from the storms of conflict. here some of the other stories were falling for you that are related to the war and ukraine. slovakia says it has donated its air defense system to ukraine. the as $300.00 dates back over 3 decades to the soviet era and is designed to shoot down aircraft
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and cruise missiles, the united states says it's sending so lakia of patriot missile defense system. germany says already russian diplomats have left the country. the foreign ministry confirmed, they've departed berlin biplane, on friday. germany ordered their expulsion earlier this week saying they were working as spies and posed a threat to public security. germany chance or olaf shoulds and british prime minister boris johnson have put on a united front after their 1st bilateral meeting in london. the war and ukraine was top of the agenda with the leader saying, russian president vladimir putin was wrong to assume europe would be divided on how to respond to his invasion. schulte said, germany is serious about ending its dependence on russian gas and oil for that. it will take time to transition to other energy sources. are correspond,
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charlotte shall some pell standing by in london, charla. good to see you now. shoulds and johnson putting on a united front. what was the key message from the t leaders today? absolutely obvious. i'm sure you can imagine it was the conflict in ukraine which dominated those 1st talks in london between the 2 leaders. both of them united in their condemnation of the images that have been emerging from ukraine today. and over the last few weeks at both stressing that they are united on the fact that person must fail in his efforts. both of them as well as talking you bounce of the energy sector, europe's dependence on russian energy, and also the sending of defensive arms to ukraine, the to sign stressing that both of those issues remain very important, but it really was the unity that they wanted to put on display today, prime minister boris johnson, saying that the relationship between the 2 sides,
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the friendship, if he called it, is more critical than ever. and it shows the german chocolate saying that the conflict had in fact united, the west, more than ever. something that he said bruton may not have reckoned with, and we know london and berlin haven't necessarily seen eye to eye when it comes to military aid to ukraine. what came out of today's meeting on that regard? yeah, pamela subarus, johnson use the opportunity of the press conference today to make a new announcement on the military equipment to the aid that was being sent to you . crane. he announced a 100000000 pounds worth of high grade military equipment. that's in addition to what is ready being sent. he said britain would consider whatever was necessary in the way of defensive military equipment going forward. it is indeed made much of the support that it's given so far. germany for its part also stressed. the need to continue sending defensive weaponry, no new announcements today, and we know that germany has come to some criticism. will scrutiny, should we say,
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will be pace, that it is gonna fall with sending weapons. but of course, it must be pointed out that sending any weapon to ukraine. does mock hides, make shift for policy for germany, but absolutely. ukraine will welcome the new to new k today. we know foreign minister, foreign minister, thank nature yesterday that will you crane when he needs a weapon, weapons weapons. germany has also been criticized for weeks now about its reliance on russian energy. shorts was pressed about that today. what was his response? charlotte? quiet jim chocolate face and pretty difficult questions when it came to germany's dependent dependence on russian energy. he was asked particularly about the fact that germany and energy import had essentially been funding the russian a war machine over the last few weeks. shots defended germany position,
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essentially saying that ending the dependency. the energy was not something that was going to happen. i was nice, it takes time, but he's stress, it's something that we have done or we count on doing a lot on he, for example, was coming to the table today in the knowledge that the e u has announced an embargo on colon due to come into effect in mid august, but of course he said that a lot more can still be done that they all working on doing more gas being a key issue. jim gets about 40 percent of its gas from russia. he said that he was confident that germany would be able to win it so that they would be successful. we have a little bit of time left. charlotte talked to us about what britain is doing in inst, attempt to win itself off russian energy. what do you have less reliant than jimmy washington and you particularly on when you're comparing the numbers on russian gas u. k, getting just 4 percent of its supply from russia,
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but it is no. nevertheless, already introducing new measures is said that it wants to stop the import of oil and coal by the end of the year and talking about gas, it says that hope to achieve that as soon as possible. in order to do that, it has announced a new energy policy to try and move away from a russian energy including building a nuclear power plant. so a lot of announcements in the u. k. over the last few days on the energy sector, d. w, correspond to charlotte chelson pill reporting from london. thank you. the warren ukraine and a threat of a larger war in europe. those are the biggest concerns among people here in germany . according to the latest poll public broadcaster a r d. the survey also found that a large number of germans think their government should be doing more to help and the conflict d. w. thomas sparrow reports
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a regular c nowadays in burlington protests against the war in ukraine. people here in germany, a clearly worried that the biggest concern is further escalation offered us do a europe, a nato fall apart. austin and offer unclear the biggest hears at the war will come here for a new paul seems to confirm those feelings. a vast majority of germans are concerned about the well being of people in ukraine, but many are also worried about they can amik situation at home, energy supplies, or an even bigger war in europe. so german authorities have been helping ukraine, for example, by sending weapons like a clear minority thing. the government's response has gone too far. just over a 3rd say it has been appropriate, but nearly 50 percent believe it hasn't gone far enough. this is also evidence on the streets of berlin acreage,
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to meal cost on all powerful weapons or should be supplied with often with at and i am in favor of an oil embargo i was a fender. stronger action against authoritarian regimes should have been taken before. full games. oil pressure is increasing on gemini authorities for them to do more. but it's unclear just how far they will go to italy correspond. thomas sparrow joins us now. thomas, a very complex look at how people in germany are processing this war. what kind of gap, or is there a gap between exactly what the government is saying and how people are here are feeling all the german government has indeed undergone a very important shift in terms of foreign defense policy since the war began when he comes, for example, to sending weapons to ukraine, increasing defense spending, supporting sanctions. and yet many people here in germany want the government to do
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much more. that was something that we clearly. busy so when we were on the streets in berlin, and that's also by the way, something very evident in this latest poll. there are, however, differences. when you look at what exactly people would like the government to be doing it. there is no specific clarity on the issue of an embargo. other people told us that they would like more weapons to be sent to ukraine. and yet there were others who specifically told us that they were unsure about this military component . because they did not know whether that would actually help to stop the war in ukraine. so there are different opinions here in germany as to what the government should be doing. but it does seem clear that a large number of germans actually want the government to do much more than what it, what it already has done to try and stop the war and ukraine. and the government has said it will do more of is boost military spending. talk to us about how this
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war has impacted public opinion on how the military here in germany ought to be. it has absolutely impacted public opinion. you can clearly say that that shift in germany when it comes to defense spending, when it comes to sending weapons to ukraine, has been accompanied also by a shift in public perception. if you look at polls before the war began, you can clearly see that a majority of germans were actually against sending weapons to ukraine. that wasn't the time when the german government was very much against the idea of sending weapons to ukraine. when that changed, as the war began, public perception also changed. and now you see that actually a majority of germans believe that weapons should be sent to ukraine. there are, however, some differences about the level of those weapons, the, whether they should be stronger, weapons send to ukraine. but in general, you can see that the decisions made by the german government have been accompanied also by a change in public perception,
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which is something particularly noteworthy. thomas, we speak extensively about germany's dependence on russian energy allies have in warning berlin about this for years. we recently heard the german president, frank, walter shy, myer, apologize for this mountainous calculation. he used to be the foreign minister of this country. what is the sense here in germany about this reliance? all essentially, they are concerned people here in germany about the possible economic impact of such an embargo if there were, for example, an embargo on russian oil, a russian gas. but germans are essentially divided on whether the embargo is a good solution or a good decision for germany. and that's also something that, by the way, we can see among people who vote for different parties. there are some who say that that is an important signal that should be sent to russia. that idea of an embargo where the others believed that it would be a big problem here in germany. if such an embargo were implemented because germany could suffer as the government has stressed economically. for example with poverty
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or mass unemployment. busy so the issue of an embargo on russian energy, specifically oil or gas germans do seem to be divided. but as i stressed earlier, there is also an idea among germans that more needs to be done when it comes to the german government's reaction to the warn you crate, dw correspondent, thomas sparrow. thanks for breaking that down for us, thomas. take a look now, some of the other stories were falling for you. this hour. thousands of palestinians have gathered in jerusalem for the 1st friday. prayers of the muslim holy month of ramadan. security is tight in the city after a wave of deadly attacks. and israel authorities have eased some restrictions in a bid to calm tensions ahead of the muslim and jewish holidays this month with just 2 days till the 1st round of voting in france is presidential election. the latest polls show the race is tightening. some survey show far right challenger
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marine le pen now within just 2 points of president emmanuel mccall across who seeking a 2nd 5 year term announced that people will have to work longer to pay for retirement benefit. soon with space x has launched its 1st private flight to the international space station from nasa space center in florida. the spacecraft will bring 3 executives from the united states, canada and israel to the i. s, as for a trip, which will take longer than a week, each of them has paid $55000000.00 for the opportunity. us actor roll smith has been banned from attending the academy awards for the next 10 years . it's punishment for slapping comedian chris rock at this year ceremony. smith has not, however, been stripped of the best actor oscar. he also won that night. former german tennis star boris becker has been found guilty in
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a london court on 4 charges of failing to declare assets that 54 year old was declared bankrupt in 2017 but was accused of hiding millions of pounds worth of assets including tennis trophies, becker will be sentenced on april 29th and could even face a prison term. you're watching dw news. here's a reminder of our top stories. at least 50 people, including 5 children, have been killed in a rush, an air strike on a train station in eastern ukrainian city of crime and tourist. thousands of civilians were at the station at the time of the attack attempting to evacuate to save for parts of the country. european commission president ursula fonder light has visited a mass grave in boucher as part of a trip to keep for talks with president low. the mere zalinski, after their meeting, the e u g. pledged to speed up your brains membership in to the you
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how much was can really get we still have time to work. i'm doing with his subscriber, along with the devastating horrors unfolding in ukraine in cramming tours. rocket strikes, kill dozens of people fling an imminent russian offensive and eastern ukraine, and bore the young, caught the search for bodies in the aftermath of russia withdrawal. and from around the world outrage aimed at the kremlin. am abby qual dawson and this is the day? ah.


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