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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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from a russian energy including building 8 nuclear power plants. so a lot of announcements in the u. k. i the last few days on energy sector dw, corresponded charlotte chelsea pill reporting from london. thank you. this is g w a news? my colleague steven beardsley, will be with you shortly with a full business update. i'm abby called us and for all of us here in berlin, thanks for being with us. people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families played on tags in syria to these correct only, with people lean extreme around around $200.00 people around the world. more than
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300000000 people are seeking yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. made for mines with. ah, you sanctions are not enough. that's according to ukraine's president's lensky. less than a day after member states agreed to target fossil fuels for the 1st time. we'll hear from an economic advisor for the president about what ukraine wants from the you. also on the show, the french presidential race is tightening. the economy was supposed to be a strength of a man when the crowns at rising prices are changing the calkins. welcome to the
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show. i'm from beardsley. new sanctions on russia including an import band on coal, are not enough. those the words of ukraine president, florida mids lensky on friday as he welcomed you, commission president or sl of underlying to keep you members approve of sanctions last night. it's the 5th round of measures against moscow and the 1st target russian fossil fuels you cream president joins a growing chorus of products. the, you import, 20000000 euros of russian called daily. that's a fraction what it pays, russian oil and gas. here's what zalinski had to say. you're judging on personally grateful for the 5th package of sanctions, but i believe that it's not a novel is a model. the russians took a lot away from us, lot of shows abroad. to more pro. that's why i'm asking for help in the form of sanctions. they have to be strengthened when if or when otherwise russia won't listen to anything or anybody. mitchell in you go over the coaching, should we have, as you said,
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imposed 5 waves of unprecedented sanctions against russia. and we are already preparing the next wave. we are now moving into a system of rolling sanctions. and the sanctions are biting heart. alexander rodney lansky is an economic advisor for president lensky. he spoke to my colleague chris cobra, earlier today to explain why keith was underwhelmed by the new sanctions a step forward, but it's not sufficient. so a sanctioning co call is about 4000000000 years and imports per year. that's nothing compared to the overall fossil fuels and energy inputs that are coming from russia. this year is projected to be somewhere around $321000000000.00 that russia is going to make by him by exporting or i'll gas and call to to europe. no call is banned. so you know, that's the numbers and for 1000000000 and coal is really not, not sufficient. we need more. we need sanctions on oil sanctions on gas. oil is the
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place to start the substitute away from. and that's what, that's what needs to be. and there is other sanctions that have been introduced on individuals will have to see, you know, the list. exactly. but that's also good stuff for alexander. i want to talk to you about the situation in ukraine despite the fighting the war, the hardship, the death. is there still economic activity? yes, there is still economic activity impact. some of the economic activities know resuscitating, especially around kias. because we've freed, we basically, you know, hit back at the russian made the russians withdraw around key of in the north of ukraine. so certainly, life is starting to return slowly. and in some other areas west, the ukraine has not been that badly hit, although there were bombardments, of course, and still are, but people were still working. so we see, for example, agriculture is very much, you know,
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the production going on. now it's the planting season and people are, are workers, agriculture workers and farmers are planting their seats. they're even coming to our banks and asking for working capital loans. so that's, you know, we see signs of activity a german government has outline new plans to help domestic businesses affected by the war as well as the resulting sanctions. the package includes 5000000000 euros worth of grants. as was 7000000000 euros, low interest loans and loan guarantees. some businesses worry that it still will be enough. the thumb keys the shine based in east and germany specializes in wire making machines. it's dependent on the russian market for much of its business. the company has 45 employees, but managing director against kissell shine doesn't know whether he can keep all of them. well, of course we have to look fall, turn it of customers. that'll take time. it could lead to
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a cut and working hours in the worst case scenario to lay offs. the german government is offering billions of euro's worth of low interest loans to industries affected by the war and ukraine shelters for new. i believe it's necessary now. they are certain companies and industries which won't survive if we don't make this type of support available during the 8 isn't just for companies cut off from the russian market, but also firms struggling duty arising, oil, gas, and electricity prices. many companies welcome the support, but kieslein worries about the long term effects. the government cannot take care of. he's afraid he'll lose russian customers in the long run as they turn to asia to buy their machines. let's go now to some of the other global business stories making headlines. world food prices jumped nearly 13 percent in march, largely due to the word ukraine, u. n. food and agriculture organization warns that cost could continue to climb up
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to 20 percent. this puts much of the world's population at risk for mound attrition . microsoft says it has disrupting hacking, attacked by a russian group. it says the hackers connected to russia's military intelligence agency, tried to spy on ukrainian institutions and media, as well as government bodies and think tanks in the united states in europe. a boeing 737 cargo plane flown by german carrier, d h l. as national close rica, the crew was unharmed. the pilots learned air traffic control to a hydraulic problem shortly after take off the plane return for landings. getting off the runway breaking into 2 pieces with or france holds its 1st round of presidential elections on sunday. all show a tightening race. as president manuel mc han gambles on his economic record to win reelection, the french economy has enjoyed a strong post pandemic come back and miss lacroix has pushed through business
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friendly reforms, but with inflation rising. so could the number of voters feeling left behind the dubious? sonya found a car reports from paris. dom your mark is a big believer in the future of french manufacturing and he, inside here we will manufacture the product. his company mix locking systems for aircraft engines using smart technology solutions that the firm received generous financially from the french government during the call ford crisis. that helped it, whether the crash of aviation sector and hold on to its workforce of technicians, engineers and developers, and the specialized no, ha, ha, ha ha. and we saw my crosbie very present at the feel smell and for the entrepreneur. ah, to help them out to grow since 2017 industrialization is back in france with new projects, new manufacturing. and these momentum has been increased during the covenant due to all those helps from the government. and this gave us
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a very strong position on the market. his optimism is borne out by data, unemployment has fallen. consumer purchasing power has grown, and the french economy has been the company. but have the economic gains trickle down lower and put a ticket to support macros. policies have been quite pro witness and internationally. frances economic attractiveness has definitely improved more than that. but despite the strong figures menu, households to feel like a situation has not improved. when i, there's a gap between the economic determined and people's perception, which is always threatened when she frequent image it was on to you were wise, it's roy little imaging. at this market in southern paris. supporters of macro are hoping to swing voters as elections loom people here and divide it over as economic ponce's. her ladyship also to gap between the richest one percent and the point is 30 percent has white in toronto. is that what you call an improved stranger economy? you really couldn't leave, was wish bosky separately. but what i do,
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given the circumstances, macro hasn't done too badly and the economy he achieved what he was elected to do with the liberal program. you can silly be either ace or the time you're in paris. you can always find work, but the rest of the country, things are more difficult either. some french companies have relocate to the elections will provide one verdict on macros, economic record. the next crisis is already looming, as fonts in europe brace for the knock on effects of the russian water decree over the markets now whilst refocused. very much on the federal reserve and its plans for the month ahead. that's made for something of a volatile week and trading as koreans corridor in new york for more years. investors have every reason to believe after this week that the fed is going to tighten monetary conditions tighter and faster. and yet, there still seems to be this kind of uncertainty there on the market. what should we take from all of this? now wells, even the federal reserve gave us
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a pretty good idea what to expect in the next couple of months. but clearly that is still no guarantee. and even if we see further tightening of monetary policy, we also have other issues to deal with the war in the crane inflation and so on and so forth. so what we did see in the past couple of trading days that investors are going to be to be a bit more on the cost side. for example, for the week we saw and stop it started to talk to the health care industry. consumer staples, energy stock's trading to the upside. and then on the other side, the technology share. so look at the nasa composite for the recreating balance by almost 4 percent. so those are interest rate and monetary policy rate. the tentative stock is there's even these whispers. now the r word recession, should we believe them? well, even it's not just only a whisper. i would say we have leverage commerce. the former treasury secretary
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talking about inflation in the future. the same. we hear the same from experts from bunch of bank, from bank of america from philadelphia, and the economy has cycles, right? so sooner or later we will see recession. the only question is when and how deep that will be. and nobody really has an answer to that. at the moment, most economists do not believe that the recession is imminent, but could happen toward the end of the year at some point in 2023. and you already got some early warning signs. i mean, with interest rates increasing the pressure or use your mortgage rates, increasing the pressure on the housing market, and we have to wait and see until when that translates into the consumer. because that's when it really gets dicey. here in the united states or a quarter in new york wrapping up that we can wall street. thank you very much. his reminder of the top business story were falling for you this hour. ukraine's president florida mid zalinski said new
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e u sanctions were not enough. as he met commission president, font line, and keep on friday, new measures approved by member states on thursday include import bands on russian, coal, timber, and vodka. untouched so far? russian gas, several you conduct economies putting germany's depended on it or you can find out more about these and other stories online. d, w dot com slash business check is on youtube as well. see beardsley with making the headlights and what's behind van d. w. news africa, the show that the issues shape in the continent life is slowly getting back to normally where on the street to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars, funding was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff. the mazda to you next, on d,
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you'll discover the world around you subscribe to the w documentary on youtube. this is dw news africa coming up on the show. why is an indigenous group in a democratic republic of congo being attacked and pushed off their ancestral land? an investigation finds that d r c park authorities are burning down villages and murdering indigenous. but while people we find out who's ordering these attacks and funding such human rights abuses are to almost 2 decades of delays. the international.


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