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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, a deadly attack on civilians fleeing war battered, you crank, at least 50 dead and dozens more wounded is missile strike a pack train station. ukraine condemns it as another russian war cry. and as france prepares 40 it's presidential elections on sunday. many young people feel disillusion with their politicians, but one young woman has made it her mission to change all that
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ah. and a warm welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm michael. ok. ukrainian president . volume is a lensky says, a russian missile attack on a train station in eastern ukraine that killed at least 50 people, amounts to war crimes. the president is demanding more weapons and a tough global response. french and german leaders have condemned the attack and the white house is called it a horrific atrocity. scenes of tawny and destruction. in easton, ukraine streets littered with smouldering debris and the bodies of dozens killed. the governor of damascus said at least 5 children are among the dead. after several rockets hit from
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a task station on friday. edward it speaking to the finished parliament, president law me is the lensky condemned russia for striking clear civilian targets . they hit yeah, but little foolish. i will start with what happened this morning when you were a russian forces hit the train station in our city of cremmit tossed an ordinary train station with ordinary people, candidates. and there were no military personnel there, and there were people who are waiting for a train to get to a safe territory where mission forces hit them with military miss aisles will battle or occasionally or lose the criminal has denied the employ. this type of projectile. but ukrainian military officials said they being used throughout the wall on a visit to london to meet british prime minister barak johnson german chancellor. ola sholtes never called the attack. atrocious pleasure. after all commute the bid at the veils,
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but the images we have seen from bushels here from mario pole. and from many of the places the dramatic attack we have been told about to day too. it shocks us, and we must say here in clear terms. it is a cruel, cruel wall clock in vault gazelle than garza. as the sun calls on my creek, around $4000.00 people were thought to be at the station. they came with their pets and personal possessions, hoping to escape the worst hazards of wall. i'm doing now by nick connelly in kiva . nick a missile attack kills people trying to get on trains to flee the fighting. yet russia is still insisting it does not target civilians. what do we make of this? well, it's kind of extraordinary. if you look at the russian state media, they are even saying that this was ukraine hitting ukraine. there are reports in russian media of
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a supposedly ukrainian missile divisions to the south west of this station in chrome, a toss in don bass in the east of the country. and they're not quite sure in their message. if you look at them, if in their reports, whether this, they claim this is a mistake by the ukrainian forces or whether they were doing it on purpose. but certainly they are definitely saying repeatedly in different sources that this was the ukrainian side and then other rush media. i'll just trying not talk about this at all. it's pretty extraordinary that this is even possible a time where it is well known by everyone that lot to civilians all get handed on bass. now, a regional governments in that part of the country are now calling on all civilians who can't get out before it's too late before it becomes too dangerous to leave. in recent weeks, the, the situation there in dumbass, which has been the scene of fighting since 2014, had been comparatively quiet, at least in that part of dunbar, surround crematory had been less dangerous. now the pots, the country, but people now increasingly panic, increasingly convinced that this could be situation where the russian army will try to,
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in circle ukrainian forces from the north and the south and the east of us from those separatist l territories. there. so lots people try and get out in a hurry and basically for most people, the train, the rail road is the only way out. and now increasingly we've seen attacks on the actual railroad tracks themselves. so increasingly fewer options to get out and more people try and get on few trains and seemingly it's not even safe while the, with you on the trains. how is ursula from the lines of visit received in keith? does ukraine think the e was doing enough? i think it's always going to be difficult to meet expectations here, but there is a sense that you're is waking up to the scale of this. i think this was, it was taken a very well of was received very well, but also ukrainians who had been frustrated with what they saw as fairly meaningless can message of solidarity and sympathy from the west that weren't backed up with real action and real promises of action,
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i think the words we heard from was on the line basically promising ukraine at turbocharged kind of fast process in t e. that was something that was very well received was received with yeah, the some positivity unexpected. positive t given by c. the nato is finale seemingly close to ukraine. i think you membership is the one kind of process towards closer ties of the west that people think is tangible is realistic that maybe you crank and end up with the status like finland, for instance inside the you. but outside nature, having said that finland, now off to decades, new trotty is trying to get into nature itself. so i think people are acutely aware that you doesn't bring security guarantees in the way that nature would. and all these attempts now to kind of organize bilateral security guarantees from the u. s . so germany or other countries aren't quite the same deal as nature would bring. nick, you've made a reference to this already, but i want to get a little bit more detail from you on it. it's believed russian group, sir. forces are regrouping for major assault in eastern ukraine. what more you
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hearing about that? but we definitely hearing a of an uptick in activity, an uptick in attack shelling along those front lines. and we're hearing of more russian hardware being sent towards those borders with ukraine and into those areas . and it does seem that if mario paul were to fully for full into russian hands, which is still hasn't been under siege since to march, then of see there will be a lot of russian forces freed up to try and push further into those territories in low hans convenience, co bless, or blood regions that are still under ukrainian control. and at the beginning of this, russia recognized those self became such as reasons in the borders, the entire regions. so there is the, the, the sense that maybe that is the kind of mid term goal, those russian forces to take done yes. kind of house regions in their entire it's been maybe come back to the negotiating table and say, okay, now you can, if you recognize though separatist regions in the entirety of the church, they knew they controlled and maybe there's some deal to be done. got it. that is
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a nick connelly in keith many, many thanks. fiercely growing in the ukrainian port city of odessa that it could be con rushes next target. the city has imposed a weekend curfew after the missile attack in crime. a task odessa is on the black. she, which is strategically important to both sides in this war. over the last few days, russia has launched 2 attacks near the city even before these latest attacks, many ukrainians, mostly women and children, have been leaving odessa. and for some, it's been a hot breaking decision. look to zillow, it though it is hard, very hot. my pleasure. we sent my daughter in law with the kids, and we'll stay here. i don't know how it's going to be. i hope we'll meet again with the, with the,
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with the 3 the city looks calm. but on friday, russia launched to attacks on the region war of a woman with murder. our enemy conducted an attack with the shore miss al complex bastion on the village of crest. nor silica, unfortunately, people were killed and wounded infrastructure was damaged. her court would also the enemy launched another massage attack near dasa. fortunately, no one was wounded on a desert shore line. there were warnings of mines, but that doesn't stop people from being outside as much as is allowed a car few between 9 pm and 6 am is now in place because of fears of more attacks. for those still here, life goes on. but no one knows what will become of this city.
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all to those who were left behind. some more stories now making headlines around the world at the shower. in pakistan, there were angry exchanges between lawmakers over plans to oust a prime minister in ron con. opposition lawmakers, bang tables and shouted as the expected no confidence vogue was delayed. the former cricket store has become the country's premier and says he is a victim of quote, regime j. saudi arabia says it will allow 1000000 people to make the harsh pilgrimage this year as it eases covered 19 restrictions. pilgrims must be fully vaccinated, and under the age of $65.00, before the pandemic, several 1000000 muslims would make the journey to mecca every year. space x has launched its 1st private flight to the international space station, the crafters taking 3 executives from the us, canada and israel. on a week long trip,
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his face tourists have each paid $55000000.00 for the ride. france is holding its 1st round of presidential election sunday and the warn ukraine is one topic influence in voters. choice president emanuel mack hall has established himself as a leader on the international stage which had helped lift him in the polls. but far right challenger marine le pen has tightened the race by portraying macklin as out of touch with the needs of ordinary people. all this mid fears that young people will not vote after a high rate of non participation in the last election. d w's. lisa, we met with some young activists trying to change that this is the suburb of place. she so what? part of francis poorest department, it's known as
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a place of rights and disaffection. it was home to low and low low for most of her youth. and felt a long way away from politics. the law done. that's where used to live up there. but it was always on. she said, i always felt it would be illegitimate for me to take part in political life. also because i'm the daughter of immigrants on a sat, you're constantly being told, this is not your country. you should work hard and not because i thought the in order to talk about politics, you know, study that renamed universities on the, on the truth. when she was 16, a medical issue, men doctor sent her to a hospital in a rich part of paris. she went to school there for 6 months and everything changed . so i will go to said i met people my age from a completely different background. why was the only one who wasn't informed when it came to politics? sometimes they were talking about fashion ministers, whose names i'd never heard of. so i realized, but not all french people have the same starting point. even though we all have the
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right to vote. obviously remember, i guess office and i decided i needed to do something about like, what if i take her through? because you told me. and so in 2018 low law co founded a group that organizes events with young people in the kind of suburbs where she grew up. the idea is to convince them to vote they today, she's in ga, nes, north of paris. they really mostly my math. what you've all seen, the pictures of president micron negotiating with rushes vladimir putin at that huge table. whether we want it or not, the president's actions have an impact on our lives. for example, how he'll deal with rising fuel prices, him to do much at home, yet, exit the lock. some of those will. i'm not interested in voting. our president's never keep their word plug school should people i lectured with that one that we might not feel the impacts of most government measures. now butting 2 or 3 years, it will become more relevant when we start working. i wouldn't want to regret not
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having voted on weeks with hill is with a bowl with him on his. you know, law doesn't only talk about getting young people involved in politics. she did it herself last year h just $23.00. she ran for the municipal council in another suburb and one the seat . a job she feels is particularly important in times of war. only logging in ballard, v i very tens times in europe. will need to bring this conflict to an end in a peaceful way. level of voting is now all the more important. it's a peaceful way to express one's opinion. why you know, to plead in favor of our common values, are doubly the poor, poor development them on the value of the bet. you lose group plans to take the youth engagement events to other parts of france. she herself, is determined to continue in politics and perhaps run for more prominent roles.
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you're watching d. w. c. as a reminder of our main story. ukrainian president, a lot of mr. lensky says a russian missile attack on a train station in eastern ukraine that killed at least 50 people amounts to war crimes. the president is demanding more weapons and a tough global response. after a short break, sports life is next. please stay with. with how long does a moment a war and eternity time,


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