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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2022 2:00pm-2:15pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, a deadly attack on civilians fleeing war battle ukraine. at least 50 dead and dozens more wounded as missiles strike, a patch, train station. ukraine condemned it as another russian war crime. and as france prepared for its presidential elections on sunday, many young people feel disillusioned with their politicians, but
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a young one young woman has made it her mission to change all that ah. hello monica jones, welcome to the program, ukraine and president of a lot of mr. lensky says a russian missile attack on a train station in easton ukraine that killed at least 50 people. amounts to war crimes. the president is demanding more weapons and a tough global response. french and german leaders have condemned to the attack and the white house has called it a horrific atrocity scenes of tarnish and destruction. in easton, ukraine streets littered with smouldering debris and the bodies of dozens killed. the governor of damascus said at least 5 children are among the dead. after several
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rockets hit from a task station on friday, edward speaking to the finished parliament president vladimir lensky, condemned russia for striking, cleared civilian targets. they hit yup, with a little foolish, i will start with what happens this morning when you write russian forces hit the train station in our city of chrome at oscar, an ordinary train station, with ordinary people cannibalization. there were no military personnel there, and there were people who are waiting for a train to get to a safe territory where russian forces hit them with military missiles. would that only academy or lose the criminal has denied they employed this type of projectile . but ukrainian military officials said they being used throughout the war on a visit to london to meet british prime minister boris johnson. german chancellor,
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ola sholtes, never called the attack. atrocious. pleasure after welcome you, the buddha reveals will be images we have seen from bushels here from maria pole. and from many of the places the dramatic attack we have been told about to day too . it shocks us, and we must say here in clear terms. it is a cruel, cruel wall loudon von gazelle, didn't garza, as the sun calls on my creek. around 4000 people were thought to be at the station . they came with their pets and personal possessions, hoping to escape the worst hazards of war. and fiercer, growing in the ukrainian port city of odessa, that it could become russia's next target. the city has imposed a weakened curfew after the missile attack in chromatic. odessa is on the black sea, which is strategically important to both sides in this war. over the last few days,
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russia has launched 2 attacks near the city for more than that, when i joined find he w correspondent, anthony shells, who is in ukraine for i say, i am faced with the images from maria pole and the latest daily attacks on civilians and grandma toys, when odessa be next. well, it's definitely a possibility and the atmosphere in the city is very chance at the moment. a lot of people say that the port city is probably very high on put in new priority list as part of his plan to catch off for ukraine from the black sea. but at the same time, people in the city are not panicking. they believe in the power of the military. the city administration issued a new curfew for all of sunday. sunday is a very special day for odessa this coming sunday because it's the day
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when people in the city usually celebrate the liberation from the nazi forces. so it's a very bitter irony that at a time where they should be celebrating, they have to worry about a possible new occupation. i. yeah. how well prepared is the ukrainian military to protect this city odessa? i think it's very well prepared. so from what we hear, the road blocks are in place and a tank or barriers are in place. the air defense systems are operational and also the city is prepared for a possible blending attempt from the sea side as well. so people are prepared, they are willing to defend their city, and they have a very strong belief and the power of their military. oh, european commission president was the laugh on the line. has just been to keith, offering ukraine
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a fast track in to the european union. what does this mean for ukraine? it means a lot. a visit was highly appreciated, especially also the fact that she personally came to kia. also, of course her announcements to speed up the you application process a was very well received by the ukrainians, even though no concrete promises were mates. and of course the, the main issue, or one of the main issues for the ukrainian sites remain unsolved. and this is a europe's continuous import off of oil and gas from russia. mirage. anthony schultz, they're reporting for us from ukraine. thank you so much. thank you. and here are some of the headlines on the war in ukraine. the german government says 40
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russian diplomats have left the country but in order to their expulsion saying they were carrying out espionage and where a danger to public security. slovakia has donated its air defense system to ukraine. the soviet era, as 300 system is already in use by ukrainian forces requiring no extra training. it is ukraine's only defense against ballistic missiles. the u. s. s. it's re equipping slovakia with a modern patriot missile defense system. the war in ukraine pushed world food prices up by nearly 13 percent last month. united nations is warning that costs are likely to rise further. you and food agency says the increase puts much of the world's population at risk of malnutrition. so far, almost 2 and a half 1000000 ukrainian refugees have made it across the border to poland. most have stayed in warsaw alone. help us look after around $300000.00 people, which takes
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a lot of organization as well as compassion. i'll report this. it's the largest refugee center component. she may be safe now, but she's still somewhat lost. diana fled the car, keith region, 1st to western ukraine than to warsaw rubbish. coming out of scholarship book on grandma told me that after we had left, that she saw tanks driving past her farm, so was ashford. what operating up to 20000 people can be accommodated here at this exhibition center near warsaw. it's a private initiative supported by the local government. the trade fair employees now work as helpers for the ukrainian refugees claim shebra poems on you. so they need help that they are the victims, ripple coverage, masha, we have to show our compassion in case potent knocks on our door. sure, but she brought him putting his apple golden ashes, the refugees get checked in at
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a reception desk. many of the trade fair employees are also ukrainians, who've been in poland for years, which makes communication easier. ana is from outside keith. she came here with her son damira, who is nearly 4 by you is like duncan. he said, i'm afraid of the mean tanks and he hid under the covers from the sound of the bombs. well, hopefully we'll forget all of this. he himself thought that he'd done the exam. we did that. so anyone who is registered can get free plane or bus tickets at various counters headed for germany, for example, italy, or like here, sweden. there's a need for people to me and you know, for as me, so to information have received so many refugees, but we need to generalize them according to officials. in warsaw the capital alone has taken in 300000 refugees given to me. if we are faced with further waves of refugees, every one in europe must share the responsibility for his honors. around 2400000
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ukrainians have fled to poland. most of them are staying many ukrainians, have relatives in poland, ships at the chance of the g. folsom and 800000 people can be easily integrated into polish society. this won't cause tension or potential aversion sheet, but it depends on the number is needed. okay. there's medical care here at the exhibition center shower facilities, a bit of respite after a dangerous escape. and it won't be ending here as more people continue to arrive and hear some more stories making headlines around the world. in pakistan they were angry exchanges between lawmakers over plans to oust prime minister im wrong con oppositional. lawmakers banged tables and shouted as they expected. no confidence load was delayed. the former cricket star who became the country's premier says
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he's a victim of quote, regime change, protest injury lancoste, capital colombo, have continued to this weekend. thousands took to the streets, calling for the presidents resignation of alleged economic mismanagement. sri lanka is suffering from an unprecedented economic crisis. the anger, summering for weeks boiled over last thursday, turning protests violent. frances holding its 1st round of presidential elections on sunday. and the war in ukraine is one topic influencing vote his choice. the president in manuel macklin has established himself as a leader on the international stage which are held to lift him and the poles. but far right to challenge a marine le pen has tightened the race by portraying my call as out of touch with the needs of the people. all this amid fears that young people will not vote after a high rate of non participation in the last election. did others you sir, lisa lewis, met to with some young activists trying to change that this
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is the suburb of police. she swore part of francis poorest department. it's known as a place of rights and decent faction. it was home to lorenzo law for most of her youth . and thought a long way away from politics is to law. oh, down here. that's where used to live up there. and google was want to say, i always felt it would be illegitimate for me to take part in political life. her also because i am the daughter of immigrants and as such, you're constantly being told, this is not your country. you should work hard and not because i thought that in order to talk about politics, you need to have studied at renowned universities hockey, the guam the true. when she was 16, a medical issue, men, doctors sent her to a hospital in a rich part of paris. she went to school there for 6 months and everything changed . so i will daughter, i met people my age from a completely different background. i was the only one who wasn't informed when it
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came to politics. sometimes they were talking about certain ministers whose names i never heard of it. so i realized that not all french people have the same starting point. even though we all have the right to vote, obviously remember guys off it. oh wow. and i decided i needed to do something about that. what, what if i decor through gorman's or resort? oh, in 2018. lulu co founded a group that organized events with young people in the kind of suburbs where she grew up. the idea is to convince them to vote. to day, she's in gone ness, north of paris. they really mostly my math, what you've all seen, the pictures of president micron negotiating with rushes vladimir putin at that huge table. whether we wanted or not. the president's actions have an impact on our lives. for example, how he'll deal with rising fuel prices. he might have come yet exit the law from of those will. i not interested in voting. our president's never keep their word plug
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school should people i lectured with it will that we might not feel the impact of most government measures. now butting 2 or 3 years. it will become more relevant when we start working. i wouldn't want to regret not having voted or not feel. sean wakes with hill is with her bold at the my this, you know law doesn't only talk about getting young people involved in politics. she did it herself last year age just $23.00. she ran for the municipal council in another suburb and one the seat. a job she feels is particularly important in times of war. only logging in badly, i very tens times in europe. will need to bring this conflict to an end in a peaceful way. level of voting is now all the more important. it's a peaceful way to express one's opinion. why you know, to plead in favor of our common values. her dablin, the poor, poor, the value of them on the value of the bed. you lose group plans to take the youth
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engagement events to other parts of france. she herself, is determined to continue in politics and perhaps run for more prominent roles. slant dw selisa lewis sent us this report and that's it for now, after short break our documentary series don't film ah, will be this time with a title, the weight of water. i see your back at the top of the hour on the green. do you feel worried about the planet missing? on the old hosting, the on the green fence podcast and somebody, it's clear remains to trade. join me for


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