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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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it's $55000000.00 for the ride. you're watching the w news up next we have our tech show shift living in the digital age and stay tuned for that . and of course, you always get the latest from d, w dot com or follow us on instagram and twitter. and do you have the news? i'm laying bluecross with more for you soon. so stay with ah, what people have to say matters to us. and that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d. w. how long does it last or an eternity time. it can be measured precisely. and yet each
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person, it seems it differently as if there are different forms of time time, a phenomenon, a dimension and illusion. about time starts april 14 on d, w. d. hanging out at the beach without needing to book a flight or hotel. sounds pretty gl dried, especially if you could actually feel the water and sand. a futuristic dream. well, not necessarily how good is varieties days. that's our topic on shift today. ah shoot. most of you know that video headsets, you can virtually flow through space or kill monsters, but virtual reality is about to take immersion to the next level. developers, i in
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a raised to make it even more realistic by incorporating more of our senses like catch, the new buzzword is happy. we are picking something up with your hands, running your fingers over most or reaching out and shaking hands with someone else in the matter of us. virtual reality developers are working on making all v r experiences more massive and thus more realistic. but this is no small feat, so there are a number of outstanding challenges. first and foremost is this optics. that is a fundamental issue because the way that we interact with the real world is, is driven by it sort of a sensory motion system. so we, we are actively gathering information from the world around as to interactions and that, that was the key thing for the article. the university of chicago is even looking
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into so called chemical hap tics. this wearable contains an integrated mini pump, which transmits chemical substances under the skin that match a given d r experience. the researchers have identified to find substances that cause specific sensations, all of which is said to be homeless and small doses. for full body haptic feedback company such as tesla met at an amazon on developing suits. so that uses can feel touch force and thermal feedback on their entire pony. this would make the art training more realistic and thus better at engaging on muscle memory. but it will still take a while before such suits become readily available. i imagine it probably will be a we're a day where we do have that's the reality of so body suits sensor and monte displays . but in the server symbols teacher glowed sensor rubacheck devices are probably
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are the sort of short term solution to do agree. yeah, i one full body should, is the task lawsuit which provides tactile feedback through electoral stimulation. it can even recreate the feeling of rain on skin or temperatures, arranging from $20.00 to $40.00 degrees celsius. that's pretty incredible, but the sued also costs several $1000.00 euros. a cheaper option. i have to gloves, like the ones being developed by meta. these simulate the feeling of pressure on your skin, which isn't just useful for playing games, but even without ap. thanks. karen, we are is already impressive. so long as you have the right equipment, games are still the largest market for v r and right now, 40 gains in which a player can move freely in the room or especially popular warmth, wind, smell, and object directions make the v r illusion. especially convincing. but v r can be used for much more, such as a museum visit, include stepping right into a painting,
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or a virtual vacation. in spite of pandemic travel. you can claim the famous with mountain the matterhorn or bungee jump of a new york statue of living. there are certain sort of experiences that you can get you in a virtual world that would be impossible and any otherwise. and, and those that's where i think this is an interesting b r as a real sort of game changer getting last into a you otherwise would not have access to vcr and e r technology are becoming more interesting for other fields in areas such as medicine. the tech is playing an ever larger part in education and training. v r is especially useful for practicing rear procedures or emergency responses, such as a fire in a tunnel. the russian academy of sciences even simulated an entire mission using
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beyond the real value of the thing is you, you get to experience situations that might happen very rarely on the never happen in your life. so for example, senior meeting raster social cases that perhaps assertion my own, you have a lock rate on on. once. if you're able to simulate that you improve instantly is, is, is going to be changing jennifer for health care, practicing operations and v r is clearly useful. but how well do surgeons learn in beyond what actually happens in our brain when we are in a virtual world? and what other effects does be i have on the body. our brains process real world and virtual world information through all senses. for example,
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all hippocampus is involved in spatial navigation. it creates cognitive maps that help us understand our surroundings. thus far via has been a primarily visual experience. dizziness image dark, says this site is the most important to us and it would be much of our brain is dedicated to processing visual information, which is why it's normally enough to create primarily visual environments auditing, supposed. but every one knows a real experience involves more and bouts of our brain receives input from all of our senses. and we can combine it. cuts examine how our brain reacts to viani strongly depends on how many of our senses are still ate it. studies on rats showed that when they were placed in sympathy, all surroundings only 40 percent of than euro pathways were active compared to real life. the more realistic, the v r experience, the more similar the brain activity became. in an experiment where rats were put on the, our treadmills,
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their brain activity closely resembled brain patterns they have when they run on treadmills in real life. this shows that the more immersive, the experience, the better our in response. if what we hear, taste, touch and smell doesn't match what we're seeing in via then the experience feels less real and will also learn less well. nonetheless, the brain does trying to process v all similarly to how it would really experiences mother from the shed. some the most of you and get him out of the brain patterns are actually quite similar. that is a feeling of anxiety is process pretty much the same in a virtual and i did when and the real world from fear to gratification. the physiological responses resemble each other. oh, trait increased skin conduct changes, a bodies release hormones, and our rewards center is activated. virtual reality can be fun. oh,
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and diety inducing. there are other ways to make the are more immersive cambria meadows new mixed reality had said in can what's built in front cameras, these film the real world and mix it with the virtual one, which can be useful for things like if you want to quickly write something down without removing that had said i tracking is also being used more and more for this special sensors inside the head said, track where the user is looking. this has a number of advantages. ah, i contact is no possible between avatars and the mit averse thanks to the latest v . r headset, which track users i'm with the headsets use harmless, infrared light to ascertain where users looking. the addition means of avatars can make eye contact. plus, operating menus are aiming at objects can now be done with i movement saloon in v r
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e i tracking tech should also help speed up your gain graphics. oh no. is it human either? this is the age of your vision is a low resolution. so you can approximate a computing policy, dr. brenda, the actual well you can just render where the user is locking in rendering right now e, i can't reliably predict where user next. so currently little computing time is being seen. however, it looks like that could soon change in, so i tracking is useful, but it also has downsize, our eyes produce highly sensitive data, which can be saved, analyzed, and sold research to say our agenda, age, weight, and even personality traits can be gleaned from i data was more they want the data can be used to predict our emotional state drive consumption habits,
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skills and sexual preferences. plus, that's another problem. this tech is affected by ethnicity and it's been found to be less good, a tracking asian people's eyes. we know definitely you know, much of the research happens in weston educated industrialized reach, other countries, a sort of bias for when you're trying to develop a technology that his medications for humans. yet last one body pod that the audio help us long overlooked our legs. there was no affordable leg tracking device for a long time, but that recently changed thanks. also to kick started campaigns, even once expensive the odd treadmills on now somewhat affordable. these b r shoes are called actors one. they're still just a prototype, but they are the only shoes you can walk through the metaphors. well, almost moon walking in real life. the shoes server motors go in the opposite direction to keep the crashing to
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a real wall. the so called cyber, she take a different approach. we were develop the help of the crowd funding for just a few 100 use more. you can get the swivel chair to go with the comfortable, i'll be unexpected. with that in the midst of a few years of your gamers and also be interested in treadmills. they provide a different level of immersion and they're also much more expensive with a price tag of around 1200 years, best in consensus tracking movement and your security to avoid being injured in real life while you're in p r. for those who can't afford or don't have space for treadmill, there's the slain v r fool body tracker is much cheaper option is probably the best value for money,
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but user should know it doesn't stop you. so you may want to be weary of well. but be careful because be our home accidents are now a thing in the u. k. the insurance company, aviva said the average b r related claim for accidental damage was around 800 euros, think smashed tv sets, and they have also been serious injuries. clearly, me, our safety isn't really safe yet. but what do you think? do you have a favorite via devise? a one you'd like to see develop? do you think other dangers are bigger or do you not care about v r and preferred to focus on real life as no one youtube or by email by and see you soon? ah, the ah. the war
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has forced more than 4000000 ukrainians to flee their country. like alexei 360 business with who left his company and employees behind people who continue to rely on him for a salary. will his enterprise be able to survive the war? a d. w business special. clicking the next on d w, making the headlines and what's behind them. d. w, news, africa. they show the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. well, the street to give you in the report on the inside our correspond with on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends doesn't matter to you in 60 minutes on
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d. w in form to live and on demand gas in language courses with video and audio. any time anywhere. the d w media center ah, abandoning nearly everything a fade to death, millions of ukrainians have had to encounter so far. on the show, we meet a filmmaker who managed to flee the war and is now worked not only about his business, but about the lives of his employees. for 70 percent are still in the crate and against some of them are in territorial champs.


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