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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2022 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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you're watching g w news up next efforts to help ukranian refugees in the neighboring republic of moldova. that's enrolled stories the week in report to remember. you can always get the latest news on our website, d, w dot com, a michael o cook from me in the entire news team here in berlin. thanks for watching. i'll be back with more news at the beginning of the next every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable
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smart news solutions. overstate said in our ways or is truly unique. and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive global ideas. the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w and online. ah, this week on world stories. moldova, a poor country helps refugees, france exiled russians take a stand against putin. we begin and ukraine on a doctor had to leap or devastated hometown and fled to levine like many others
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through almost full weeks of war and the most unspeakable conditions. anna, a neurologist worked and lived in the mary hugh paul city hospital. now in the relative safety of love, if she tells me of her ordeal, had chosen natasha during the heaviest, bombardments we had around 50 patients an hour arriving a day, the hospital was so over crowded and the windows doors and roof wall destroyed stead. not long after it got even worse, the russians cut the water supply as but alice knew we would gather snow. rain water, use the water from inside the boilers and disinfect it so many patients were dying . she tells me they were forced to put the corpses outside in bags, asked her to have all the worst thing was when the relatives would come to look for their loved ones on him, they had to open all the bags, the bitter cold. they saving grace as it prevented the worst of the stench. they showed by chill out what i saw. i think that even the most perverted minds wouldn't
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be able to imagine. it's unlighted. no bit of the night of the 20th of march, i named this night the genocide blotted me up as wally, this was the night when the bombings just wouldn't stop political, an issue all every time we heard a bomb coming. mitchells i was lying and thinking i would cover my head like that and think this one will be the one that gets us lost. just a moment comes sickly and it's hard to comprehend. a moment when you want it all to be over. in a good way that she survives a butcher as a king or in a bad way. don't you die to rosa and you don't care how you die. just as long as it's all over among us to both connect to motion and soon it would be she and a few of her colleagues took their chance to escape. were you hollow? we were driving and then in the distance we saw our flag of blue and yellow flag
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and ukrainian troops. public goodly proper tumble. one of them gave me a hug and it's weird, but i asked him, can i be a ukrainian here? is it safe? thought and he said yes you're at home has bridged no for the doctor dormer said alive but dead inside she tells me as she faces a life haunted by what she's witnessed. ah, moldova is one of the poorest countries in europe. here 2 people show great willingness to help and taken refugees from neighboring ukraine. it's humble homes like these in this village in all hay whose doors have opened to ukrainians, fleeing the war in their country. this is maryanne, his house. 10 people live here now, sharing the little her family has fill out anything. i earn a small salary,
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electricity is more expensive. groceries are more expensive. we can't afford everything we need. despite that, she's taken in 2 families from ukraine, including her sister in law, oksana, husky. me sca fled her home in odessa in february. she's here with her daughters latter, who wanted to show us that she can do the splits up. goes letter. oh, i miss our home, my husband, the 30th the most. when i built our house with our suburbans, they only thing we have left is our home, put it on. no clue. from lab people, it was in a blue sky, was moved by the plant of ukrainian refugees and decided she had to help. she's
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using her hand making factory to store the donations she's collecting for women and children. it's not so much, but you know, lethal and we are collecting the help that we need. i am a mom that i have 2 boys and i cannot imagine what feels that mom does not live there. how says at this christian camp more help for ukrainians here. they can also get medical attention from volunteer nurses. we met an yes of it's guy here. she's longing to go back home. one dreamed that i have just come back to craig. i know is it? i want to be stay in ukraine and to we have the plan and just to rebuild gone. 3 of the full 100000 refugees that have passed through moldova since the war began in february, about 100000 are still in the country. moldova authority said they need help looking after them. the 1st responder for the support was definitely the government
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of republic of milan. at the same time, i saw a b, g, a port from the population civilian population, without with the international support, we cannot face entire the fuji's to support them. that support is now slowly coming in, and it will go a long way in helping the ukrainian refugees and the modal vins, who helped them. ah, 8 con boys regularly travel from germany via poland to the ukrainian border organized by volunteers. not only do they bring 8 supplies to the region on the way back, they take refugees to safety via transport or follow, need seen poor doctor, and having to initial cancer. alice been often looked vague,
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finds him at least feeling afflicted to mit niemen. vin peters is at the wheel, she's from munich, and normally works as a tool manager for musicians and bands. but since the war broke out, she's made it her mission to provide humanitarian aid. and then again, when i see all the children definitely hits me. but i'm not like, oh this poor kid needs my sympathy or i'm thinking, let's get this kid out of here. get off. the drivers are all volunteers from across germany. some knew each other before while others joined up to form the convoy. they can't just sit back and watch what's happening in ukraine. as isn't, is ours. i'm not afraid to think of think of as long as they certainly have a degree of respectful situation. but my motivation to help is far greater than any fear. something like happened with program cuba and had to literally elworth it right next to us. we'd have to make a quick getaway than most, most medic, vaughn,
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for their 1st off the visiting knute bowski. though berlin is renting a room in a hotel in southern poland, from here he crosses the ukrainian border with private aid transports. once a day. as usual, cargo consists of medicine, medical supplies, and devices. he urgently needs all the donations from vilma, peters, his convoy, and her father. thus complex law live. this will go to a children's hospital and believe this treating many children from the conflict areas and they absolutely need the supplies are good for off ski and his crew immediately set off for ukraine. the helpers convoy from germany is continuing onward to a refugee camp for new arrivals, imps amish. they all have to register to journey onward. the same goes for dr. is coming here to pick up refugees. they must provide their personal data to help
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prevent human trafficking. these refugees, like most are women and children. they are from near hockey and eastern ukraine. one of the hardest hit regions after over 2 days of traveling by bus and train, they want to reach germany. both they're out there with and another slowly and 3rd box. oh, oh, okay. in all with all was the booms in the cit center. how hot our house is. okay. but it's so scary. these refugees have a 10 hour drive ahead of them, but they won't be stopped at the border. they can stay in germany for 3 years and to work, and their children can go to school there. ah, over throwing putin is the goal of a group of russian intellectuals in france. their weapon is information. they
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publish the events of the ukraine, russia war, and have a growing readership also in russia, the ukrainian national anthem at the plasty louder pu bleak in the center of paris . gallia ackerman is showing her solidarity. she was born in russia but has lived in exile and france for more than 30 years. she is popular among ukrainians because they know she has been mourning about putin for a very long time since long before the war. exec. this is exactly the new attempt to stifle, not only to liquidate ukrainians, but also to extinguish the ukrainian culture. n ackerman began her political activism from her paris exile. last year, she found a desk whose see an online publication by well known russian exiles and russia, experts. their articles describe how potent has grown increasingly authoritarian
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over the years how he has extended his influence. and how he's toyed with his foreign counterparts. pung, all this, and there are some yell for years, both in france and germany, and there has been a strong pro ration sentiment able good. jo, you, there have been many real agents of influence, and many people who have simply acted in good faith. the swan lift, believed, wanted to believe that russia wouldn't be a good partner. so hale bull back to now and don't put ciboney, but all they're well meaning words have made a slow to recognise the extreme danger represented by the russian regime. kendall fe, gurgle puzzled. norbish in lucas does, cuz she has attracted a large audience up to 150000 readers. click on the analyses and opinion pieces, some of them in russia. the fact that the ukraine invasion is turning out differently than put an imagined gives ackerman hope. if a quirky looking man mud, i think he might even be overthrown because he has been
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a great military failure unconditioned me to death. gallia ackerman fled the communist dictatorship of the soviet union for paris. she had hoped for a different future for russia, but potent has returned her former homeland to a dictatorship. she says, while ukraine has experienced a different development but decor, kenyon, i am ukrainian by adoption. so i have always felt morally and intellectually more at home there than in russia. and especially in putins, russia with ackerman and dust co, c are determined to work even harder and to be a voice of the russian opposition and of ukrainians in this war. ah
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ah ah, to work a weapon to music, the consolation of proteins living with displacement, destruction and i a 21 next on dean olu with russia's attack on ukraine. how did it come to this? a conflict that's been brewing rejected spiraling political interest, grievances and violence reached a tipping point in our escalating further war in europe. drama in ukraine. in 45 minutes on d. w. these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped
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into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters, discover some of europe's record breaking sites on google maps. you too, and know also in book form or oh, jeez, listening to this is when kids have to run through the basement that you can't. yukon billeted from his brain. you conducted from the, his memory like music and ta, nice, nice of light that help the sole survivor who i need to get out. and she is still in or was not that long ago in it sheets or society to this day. that would be what in this melinda situation, the only thing that can give hope is love to learn more.


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