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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, victory for emmanuel mac corn in the 1st round of france as presidential election. this interests leader fired off a strong challenge from the far right. nothing left pen. both contenders now go through to the 2nd round in 2 weeks time, also coming up ukrainian presidents lensky, ward warns of difficult days ahead as russia prepared for a full scale assault in east im ukraine.
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ah, i'm jared read. thank you very much for your company. french president emanuel mack long has emerged as the clear winner of sunday's 1st round of the country's presidential election. initial projections gave my con, 27.4 percent, and his bar right challenger, mainly pen, 24 percent. both contenders now go through to the 2nd round. on april the 24th 10. are the candidates from different parts of the political spectrum have now been eliminated. a cron headed offers stronger than expected challenge from the pen who dramatically narrowed his lead. in the opinion polls in recent weeks will polls taken after the 1st round of voting, put my crown on cause to defeat le pen in 2 weeks time, but the president appealed for support to stop the far right. coming to power. no
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cinnamon. this easy at this decisive moment for the future of the nation. nothing must be the same as before, wilma. this is why i extend my hand to all those who want to work for france as evil father, you will have hoss missy. i am ready to invent something new to bring together the various convictions and sensibilities in order to build with a common action in the service to our nation. for years to come. your next your goodman, or sale of is the not harness you all is nicky. n. what is the is bob with i visa was at president microns headquarters in paris and she explained what he needs to do now to win the 2nd round. he needs the campaign, of course, in hardly had he ended his speech cheered to night at that we received a message said every one who wants to accompany him tomorrow on monday on the
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campaign trail should gather at 8 o'clock on new morning, had party headquarters in order to go wizard monro, no cross to the deep mon or pop not or to descend, which is not far from paris. bob, decidedly provincial. so obviously, his advisors have convinced him and he has himself recognized there. what he needs to do now is go out and get his hands dirty. he needs to talk to people. he needs to talk, go to the small french market towns. he needs to go to the market, places into the shops and simply give people the idea that he is listening to them . because that was his big strategic mistake. in the past 2 weeks. he thought he could sort of have an election campaign without leaving the l. a. z palace being it just presidential and to be re elected for that. it's not the way it works in france. people want their president to be there and to be sort of on their side and, and to be
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a human being. not this sort of very alien creature that presides over the country from a, from a distance. so he will go out now and he has to gather votes as well on the relatively far left. because the john mcmillan shown the old, the far left firebrand. he made 3rd place, he gathered 20 percent of the vote. and also from conservatives and socialists and greens, who endorse him and he said, please give your vote to mac wrong. we have to block the far right. so he really has to write the tiger again and sort of straddled the middle of french politics in order to gather enough votes to win. the 2nd round, bob rosie sold there in paris. well, the far right leader makin le pen has gone through to face macaroni in the 2nd round. she says that if she's elected, she will unite france. republican 1st,
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excuse me. the french people gave me the honor of qualifying for the 2nd round against the outgoing president. i wanted to express my most sincere gratitude to the millions of voters who trusted me. but you saw said gratitude. dollars, if one is due on it, during this 1st round, the french people have clearly wanted to arbitrate a fundamental choice between 2 opposite visions of the future. your either the division, the injustice and the disorder, imposed by emanuel and my call for the benefit of a few or the gathering of the french people around social justice and protection. guaranteed by a fraternal framework around the age old idea of nation. and people who do perm, well, j w is lisa louis was that nothing le pence headquarters. she told us that her support is there. we're optimistic going into the 2nd round. i talked to some people here who said no, really happy about this resolved. and we believe that we can win the 2nd john of faith. now when you look at the other candidate,
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only at couple of them have actually expressed the outright support for moving the pen. that includes exit more from the very, very far right. and at that to the kind of the candidates together early gather about 10 percent of the base and really pen and try support us. we'll have to do more work and gather support from other candidates, for example, supporters of felony because from the center, right, republican party, who said that people should vote in favor of my call. but obviously, marines at people i want to convince they have a chance to rally that also. and marine, the pen is a pre hoping to, to fight some people among space that have they do full far left is wanted me longsol to date in her favor in the 2nd around the voting. but when you look at the other candidates, i didn't get through to the 2nd round of agent support team. i clearly marina pan
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has some work to do here. lisa louis in paris. when out to the latest news on the war in ukraine, east in areas are bracing for what they fee will be a new russian offensive. and a televised address, ukrainian president volota me, zalinski warned that russian troops are moving to carry out large scale military operations in east in ukraine. now his commands come a day after he met with austrian chancellor kani, hama, who is juice and meat we. the roches president vladimir putin in moscow on monday. meanwhile, as russian troops withdrawal from areas around ukraine's capital ki, if more and more civilian casualties are coming to light hulu. a father's body, we covered a daughter's inconsolable grief. and then
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a 2nd body is found. emergency crews in blue silver have gone from searching for survivors to recovering the dead. russian forces have reduced this village, just north of ukraine's capital to rubble. officials have uncovered the bodies of hundreds of civilians and towns outside keith, where the russian army has recently retreated and the northern region churned a heave. almost all is lost. no matter where those good. we have a folding that here. this is how we survived a war road. nothing is left of natalia t to this family home. the pensioner now depends on humanitarian aid. to remove a wheelchair for such a long time. over 30 years, our house was bombed. all of our things,
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a ukrainian lives had been lost or completely up ended, but also given the actions of the russian soldiers and ukraine are barbaric, just barbaric rovers. still, russia has fail to take any major cities, said fitz invasion on the 24th of february. the west has shown solidarity by leveling unprecedented sanctions against russia and donating financial aid and weapons. but president bolo, demure zalinski, is begging allies for a total ban on russian energy products to reduce the kremlin war chest. and to save his people for more bloodshed. and his the mother news about the war in ukraine, ukrainian prison in florida may zalinski spike buy fine with german chancellor, olaf schultz on sunday to discuss further sanctions against russia. zalinski said
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he was glad that germany had strengthened it. supportive ukraine recently and said he and sholtes agreed that perpetrators of war crimes in ukraine should me identified and punished. was working in mexico city. dozens of people have been protesting the war. they marched the russian embassy, carrying a 30 mesa, ukrainian flag, singing the country's national anthem, and shouting slogans, calling for an end to the conflict. in other news now, pakistan's prime minister has been ow stood in a vote of no confidence in ron khan had earlier tried to dodge the void by dissolving parliament, bought the supreme court through. now, she's the champs former allies, blame con for a crumbling economy and say that he failed to deliver on some of his case promises . oh yes ma'am, a bad residence gathered around parliament as assembly members left after the historic late night vote. some celebrated the ouster of prime minister in ron khan,
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while others protested opposition leaders, shabazz sharif is likely to become pakistan's next prime minister. he's the brother of disgraced former prime minister. no. was sharif long. you shabazz sharif, who leads the pakistan? muslim league crazed. the no confidence voted was go, no joanna, allah hassan said the prayers of millions of pakistani mothers, sisters, daughters, elders and youth. in the meanwhile, in mine con has accused the u. s. of conspiring to topple him over his ties with russia and china. that has angered his supporters. are ye among him ran com has been removed through a foreign conspiracy. god willing we will fight back to make him prime minister again. we don't. will these thieves in power? i mean it all those suffering under pakistan's crumbling economy. feel it was high time for con to go. all it had to happen because conditions in the country has become very bad. inflation has reached
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a peak and it has become difficult for the poor man to feed his family. as pakistan woke up to a new reality, police forces were on the alert. divided opinions means protests are likely to continue until parliament meets on monday to elect a new prime minister. let's get a quick round up of some other headlines now. around 20 migrants were rescued off the spanish island of gun canario and sunday night. the area has become the main destination in spain for african migrants trying to reach europe. a local in g r say is more in 4400 people died at sea trying to reach spain last year. australian prime minister scott morrison has called an election for may the 21st. the campaign is likely to be fought over the cost of living climate change and political integrity morrison's conservatives are currently trailing the opposition
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labor party and opinion polls. after 9 years in power. israeli forces carried out rides in the occupied west bank following a series of terror attacks. tensions between israelis and palestinians have escalated during the muslim holy month of ramadan. it coincides this year with major jewish and christian holidays will against the backdrop of the war and ukraine. germany is marking the anniversary of the liberation of the book on file concentration camp at the end of world war 2, holocaust survivors and jewish leaders gathered to remember nazi crimes that were committed there during the whole course. american forces liberated the camp in april $945.00 representatives of russia and bella roost were asked not to attend the memorial after a russian attack in ukraine, killed a holocaust survivor, political correspondent,
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thomas barrow file. this report from booking vide the atmosphere is always heavy. always difficult in full manase concentration comes like this one, like we can buy 280000 people from all over europe was sent here by the nazis 56000 people were killed and the atmosphere to day is even more difficult because events here had borne by have been overshadowed by the wool in ukraine. camp survivors have condemned the russian invasion of ukraine, and in fact, russian government officials were uninvited to ceremonies. here in book advice on this also has to do with the death of boris from our jenko 96 year old. he survived for concentration camps including book invite, but was killed in the ukrainian city of hockey in march. therefore,
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it is particularly important that participants here to day in book by renewed a pledge for a world in peace and freedom. thomas barry, they're well you're up to date here on t. w willed stories will take you through the week and reports next is more of course on our website, w dot com and on twitter and instagram too at j. w. use, i'm jared radian building, thanks to watch. what does war do to people? are hatred and violence inherited from generation to generation and award winning documentary searches for answers for 2 years. the all camera companies are sell a fist family in northern syria insights into the isolated world


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