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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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presenting teacher's class starts april 14th on d, w. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, tens of thousands have been killed in the ukrainian city of murray or fall, that's the estimate from ukrainian president. what i'm here is a lengthy, after more than a month of relentless shelling by russian forces on the port city. also coming up austrian chancellor, karl new hammer spells brushes, vladimir putin, the war, and ukraine must. and he's the 1st european leader to me put him in moscow since the full scale invasion began. but his visit isn't without controversy. and even
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foreign ministers meet in luxembourg to discuss further action against moscow walk remains divided on whether to impose the measures that would hurt russia the most boycott of russian oil and gas. ah, i'm adequate us and welcome to the program. we begin this hour with the ukranian city that has seen the most intense fighting since the russian full scale invasion began. more than 6 weeks ago, tens of thousands of people are dead and mary or ball. according to the ukrainian president, florida mirrors the lansky speaking to the south korean lawmakers today he appealed for more weapons to defend his nation. the port city has been under relentless, russian bombardment for weeks. officials say much of mary, opal lies and ruins,
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and tens of thousands are trapped with little or no food and water. russia has said it will focus on eastern ukraine and intensify its military efforts there. our correspondence, yon phillips schoultz is in the port city of odessa in the south of the country and he earlier explained the current situation. there. people are definitely getting prepared for the worst sir. the city has been hit by several missiles in the past days, and an additional problem for the city is that the russians could take from the lens site as well as from the c sites. so the situation for the city is very difficult, but to really start a major take, the russians would have to take over the city of fermi core life 1st, or which is about 100 kilometers east off for a year. and there still seems to be a lot of resistance from the ukrainian sites. talk to us about the security
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measures being taken in the city right now. yeah, i just talked to an official from the ukrainian military. and he says that they feel very well prepared for a possible attack at tank barriers in place. air defense systems are in place, and they are also prepared for a possible attack from, from the see site and also ordinary people here in odessa, ready to defense their city. to the last, we just met some young people who are trying to renovate a very old system of catacombs underneath the city of odessa, at the moment, to make shelters for 4 people. why is this city so crucial for russia? what would be the significant if russian forces were to seize control of odessa? i think the significance of this, i really can't be underestimated economically,
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militarily. and also culturally, if the russians take over odessa, they basically cut off ukraine from the sea. and odessa is also the most important commercial harbor around 50 percent of all imports and exports go via odessa. so for sure that the city is very high. on 14th priority list daily correspondent yon full of shoulds there and i guess are short while ago . the city of shiny have in northern ukraine was besieged by russian forces for weeks following the russian withdrawal from the region. the horrors of what happened. there are now coming to light. our correspondent alexandra phenomena filed this report from jenny this city of journey here of 2 weeks of siege and having shelling by russian forces. we meet cit lana and
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valentino sipping coin and local hospital where they survived, but were both injured in a nurse strike that hit their house. the ballistic wounded some one logan took less than a 2nd. loosely, sweet. we just heard a whistle yet. greek boom shim, i screamed. get down and covered. my son seems like little savoy. he's in school. valentin still has surgeries ahead of him. sit lana is doing a little bit better. she shows me pictures of their house before and after the attack. this done up on why did they attack us? i don't know. we didn't do anything bad. where civilians are still the quinn, islam. the hospital itself was not spirit either bought and rashi low. the hat of the trauma center here tells us after russian strike his team struggled to keep going. for 2 hours before we worked without water and electricity,
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willingly put headlamps on and took care of those seeking medical assistance. also, it was very hard on me, but we stayed here and did what was necessary. raleigh will of social wellness and the situation worse than when russian forces completely encircled the city. residents tell us journey heath and you are to weeks of russian siege and just barely came through. water and electricity were almost completely cut off. no age could come in. local officials say at times the city buried up to 100 people in a single day. some of them were killed by russian troops. others died because they could not reach the hospital. due to heavy shelling and a local morgue, edward slept with using refrigerated trucks for the bodies that still needs to be identified or pick up by relatives due to bother. they were, you follow, many people left the country to escape the fighting is that they are not in ukraine
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for them and cannot get back to bury their relatives escaped from warner. so that's why there are still many bodies here to preserve the right. listen. here was that would be those who come here to claim their loved ones are overwhelmed by grief. like ego's family, he was a husband, a father, a brother, shut debt by russian soldiers. whenever he was the best buy there, he could have, i was so proud of him. and now something this terrible has happened to us mother wouldn't. death and destruction is all that is left of to the withdrawal of russian forces from trim, the heath. and what those who survived fear most is that the russian army might return austria's chance are karl nay. hummer has met with russian president vladimir putin in moscow. he's the 1st e leader to hold face to face talks of putin since the start of the full scale
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invasion, ne hummer says he did not get a positive impression from the talks, but did say he told putin to end the war. me of early enjo house, and it was important to me to state clearly that the war must end for the people in ukraine. thus, from great under the crimes taking place must be investigated by international organizations, the united nations funding them as well as international criminal justice system, which works slowly but steadily. and we have seen how successful they can be in. we have our guys as a sangha short while ago we spoke to d. w, a reporter and russia analyst konstantin eggers. and he provided this assessment as to why austria made the controversial decision to habits chancellor visit putin in moscow. well, author is probably tried to kill the shoes of finland, or which was always there to talk to russia even more than germany. i would say no
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author is probably the only country in europe that i could do that. but the results, i think it's pretty predictable, tutoring, and also chocolate met one on one without translating german with well, without secretary. so we really don't know what happened there, but it seems it was kind of mediation attempt by the or by the austrian kind of government. lots of european leaders have this illusion that they can come back to influence to including quite a few or 2 in charlotte. i would tell me about the home or is the town to charleston for his life. so he is definitely not the 1st to try and persuade to do something. i was absent this at the beginning that this will go nowhere put in is a no move now to change anything in his policy with regards to austin, oscar, and chance, or before this meeting said he was going to build bridges. germany has tried the strategy for years with russia and clearly
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a gross misconduct calculation. it hadn't stopped putting from attacking his neighbors. what was vienna trying to achieve with this trip? knowing that engagement has not worked well. and 1st of all, or 3 peddling dependence on russian oil and the chocolate said that any, any you sanctions will do apart from stopping or parts. and margaret essentially, secondly, very close ties between the banking sector on, on the 2 countries, including authors biggest bank, right. by some bank we just got prominence in russian which has been suspected. if you're times of, let's see, being too cozy with a crime and, and i think that this, this only pushed the chancellor to try and meet the food. but i do think that the delusion dw russia analyst konstantin accurate in virginia. thank you. european union, foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg to discuss ways to expand their
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support for ukraine. you foreign affairs chief, joseph burrell, had already proposed an additional 500000000 euros in weapons, and other military equipment. ministers are also eyeing further sanctions options with a plan to phase out russian oil imports quicker. the you announced a ban on russian coal last friday. after the meeting. brown also said that you would do all it could to facilitate an investigation of possible war crimes. committed by russian troops and ukraine. these money we have had a meeting with a general procedure on the international criminal court. shall do 1st thing russia, how to make russia accountable for the gross gross regulations of international law. we will provide assistance in documenting their woke crimes. here are some of the other stories that we're following for you
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that are related to the war in ukraine. the world bank says ukraine's economy will shrink by as much as 45 percent this year. the war has forced around half of all businesses to close. an exports have plunged the bank as calling for global financial support. in mexico city, dozens of people have been protesting the war and ukraine. they march to the russian embassy, carrying a 30 meter ukrainian flag, singing the country's national anthem, and shouting slogans. calling for an end to the conflict. a shipment of artworks has arrived back in russia after being held for a short time by finland. the works had been on long to european museums, but were seized by finished customs officials last week. finland released the works after receiving assurance, as they were not covered by you. sanctions related to the ukraine war pakistan has a new prime minister, shabazz sharif,
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was the only contender after lawmakers removed his predecessor, enron. con, in no confidence vote. sharif will form a new government and elections are planned for next year. mia mohammed shipped shabba should isa is declared to have been elected as a prime minister of this moment. he was the only candidate left standing after ousted prime minister embrun khan, and his party members walked out of parliament. okay, this is the 1st time in the history that a vote of no confidence motion has succeeded. gone. it's a victory of righteousness. evil has been defeated. gone robbery or bob enclosure, gasoline. pakistan's new interim premier shabazz sharif is no stranger to the country's thorny politics. his brother is disgraced, former prime minister,
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noah sharif. both are members of a family dynasty that has been prominent and government for decades. during that time, the sheriff's up and accused of money laundering and corruption charges they deny. the leader of the centrist pakistan, muslim league, has served 3 terms of punjab province. but serving as prime minister until 2023 sharif. we'll have to navigate the country out of a near historic budget deficit and revive a shaky ruby sharif announced a wrath of measures that includes increasing the minimum wage and civil servant salaries. he's also pushing for more development projects and rural areas. aside from targeting, the troubled economy sharif wants improved relations with india into devoted rob, or we need dialogue. not deadlock, if we are to take this democracy, process, and economy forward. obviously. oh,
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what enron khan will not make the job easy. his supporters have taken to the streets to protest his removal. con insist that he is the victim of a regime change, orchestrated by the united states. an accusation washington denies. this is all the news i'm having quite often my colleague rank office coming up at the top of the our thanks for being with us. bye. for now. i just got it all say what great a.


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